Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Chandelier Earrings Still A Top Trend Going Into 2010

Nothing says 'holiday parties' like a great pair of chandeliers! Chandelier earrings, that is!

These statement earrings have been a hot trend in 2009, and will swing their way into the new year. In fact, Harper's Bazaar is calling chandeliers one of the 20 Top Trends for 2010.

Don't worry. You don't have to wear huge, clunky chandelier earrings. You might want to leave those for the models on the Zac Posen runway (see photo). But you can wear these long earrings---any face shape is flattered by a pair of chandeliers, because there are so many sizes and shapes to choose from.

And you don't have to pay hundreds or thousands for a lovely pair. Unless of course, you could fancy yourself sporting these opulent, silver beauties by Oscar de la Renta ($350, Saks Fifth Avenue).

Beyonce has always been a big fan of chandeliers. Many celebrities don them for red carpet events. And when you've got a statement piece of jewelry on, you don't need rings, bracelets, or necklaces. The earrings tell the story.

But chandeliers go casual, quite nicely, too. Kate Hudson was often seen in a pretty turquoise dangling pair at the Yankees games, cheering on A-Rod and company.
We believe in going cheap, when it comes to chandeliers. That way, you can buy lots of pairs and styles. And if a bead or chain breaks off, you can toss them away without feeling intense guilt.

Here are a couple of wonderful online shopping sites to find some super chandelier earrings on a budget:

These are gorgeous Gold & Topaz Beaded Chandeliers (top photo). We located them down at Trinket Central. All chandeliers there for under $15 each. Crystals to beads and pearls to silver and gold. Very nice styles, all in a beautiful array of colors.
And you can also find tons of chandeliers at Forever21. You can pick up a pretty pair for under $6. Lara Spencer has worn many chandeliers from Forever21 on her nightly 'The Insider' television show.

What pair will you wear? Happy hunting!


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