Tuesday, May 26, 2009

We And Demi Are Tweeting All About Teeth And Bright Smiles

If you haven't seen the un-retouched photos yet, here they are:

The always glam and ageless Demi Moore showing off a less than perfect smile over the Memorial Day weekend.

Yes, that is 46-year-old Demi in the dentist's chair. And we know that for a fact, because the actress tweeted all about it on Twitter to her adoring one-million-plus Twitter followers.

Demi told fans that she's "happy to share and always appreciate the opportunity to find humility."

TMI, or too much information? Maybe, and some people are chatting about the sexy, dark-haired Demi, saying she shouldn't have shown everyone her missing crown. But we kind of like it. The photos make Demi Moore appear more 'human' or accessible. It shows women, both young and old, that not everything in Hollywood is perfect.

Meantime, if your own teeth are looking dull, and you would love a bright, white smile, we have a whitening kit that can deliver the high wattage. And it was developed by a famous plastic surgeon, Dr. Michelle Copeland.

We have interviewed Dr. Copeland twice at BeautyTipToday.com. She has talked about her skin care line and given wonderful face and body care tips.

Today, we are looking at her Dental Whitener kit ($99, http://www.drmichellecopeland.com/). It's designed to "brighten teeth three shades within seven days!"

Dr. Copeland's Dental Whitener kit comes with convenient 20 pre-filled disposable trays. And it features a mint-flavored 6% hydrogen peroxide gel to whiten teeth. This is the first whitening kit we know of, to offer the pre-filled disposable trays.

Developed by dentists and patented (3 patents)
Clinically tested
In a single clinical study (31 subjects), 50% improvement in whiteness scores (statistically significant) or nearly 3 shades after just one week
In a single clinical study (31 subjects), 71% had noticeable or very noticeable whitening after just one week
In a single clinical study (31 subjects), 93% found the product easy or very easy to use after just one week

Whether your teeth are all real or beautifully lumineered, any smile that is white and bright, is what counts.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Tinted Color Metal Shades Summer 2009--Instant Glam

Think metal and tinted-color lenses, when it somes to sunglasses this summer 2009.

And if you can't afford the $500 Chanel pair that Lindsay Lohan is sporting above, you know, the gorgeous shades with leather woven right into the lenses, that's okay, too.

There are tons of beautiful tinted-color lenses available. From shades of purple, pink, rose,and blue, to your old classic stand-by of browns and grays.

The prices range, as all sunglasses do, from super-cheap to the $500 plus tags on Chanels and Diors.

Most of us are trying to save a buck or two these days, so if you're looking for a deal and some instant-glam, try these 3 stylish brands for tinted-color metal sunglasses:

1. Mossimo for Target ($17, http://www.target.com/)

2. Fantas-Eyes ($20, photo#2, http://www.fantas-eyes.com/)

3. Club Monaco ($79, aviators, at hut stores)

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Perk Up Sagging Breasts With Clever Box Of Pick-Me-Ups

The gals at Glamour magazine have been raving about this clever, new breast lift-in-a-box, so we just had to investigate further.

At $17 a box, you can defy gravity, by lifting your sagging breasts up to 2 inches!! OMG!

The company that makes this instant breast lift is Purestylegirlfriends.com. And the tape is sold for sizes A-D.

And it's quick and easy to use, as the girls explain at http://www.purestylegirlfriends.com/:

Simply place the Pick-Me-Up tape over your breast and pull up. Voilá! The best part? The area that goes over your nipple is non-adhesive so it doesn't hurt when you take it off. The adhesive strips are sweat-proof and waterproof, which means staying radiant on the red carpet, and sassy, yet supported on the dance floor."

This is what you get in each box of Pick-Me-Ups:

Breast lift tape
Hypoallergenic, surgical-grade tape
Lays flat under your clothing
Fits A - D cups
Perfect for strapless, backless and halter styles
Waterproof and sweatproof
3 pairs in each box

The Pure Style Girlfriends company sells all kinds of breast beauty products like nipple concealers, double-sided fashion tape, bra inserts, and other clever bosom solutions.

The gals at Glamour suggest that the Pick-Me-Ups are wonderful. And one fashion assistant raved,"It offers better support than my strapless bra."

Check out their website for stores near you.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Coppertone Calling On Brooke Shields To Promote NutraShield

We like actress Brooke Shields. We find her glamorous and healthy, and looking great at almost 44. She is the happy mom to two little girls. And in the crazy world of Hollywood, Brooke Shields is a refreshing breath of air.

Brooke comes across as a sincere human being. And even sun care giant, Coppertone, decided that Brooke Shields would bring her own brand of integrity to the company's new NutraShield, a sunscreen containing antioxidants that promote natural skin repair.

Brooke Shields told People magazine at an LA launch for Coppertone's NutraShield, that she recently experienced a skin cancer wake-up call.

"I had a spot on my face. The doctor scraped it, and it turned out to be precancerous," Brooke Shields tells People. "I was scared."

Like many of us, Brooke took in the rays as a youth, slathering on the stuff we all used to baste ourselves with.

"Baby oil and tinfoil and lemon in your hair," she says "All my girlfriends and I would go up on the roof in New York; we didn't have to be at the beach."

And she told People, that she stopped actively tanning 10 years ago. And now she puts on the sunscreen when she heads outdoors, and is especially concerned for her two fair-skinned daughters.

That is why Brooke Shields is proud to be the face of Coppertone's new NutraShield.

The line includes an SPF 70+ Faces lotion ($10.99), as well as SPF70+ and SPF 30 lotions for the body. The product line is available online and at mass retailers across the country.

What's so great about this sunscreen?

Patricia Agin at the Coppertone Solar Research Center explains:

"Our legacy of continuous innovation led to the development of COPPERTONE NutraShield and its Dual Defense technology, providing women an affordable skin-care option that delivers a high level of sun protection as well as antioxidants to help nourish skin."

Friday, May 22, 2009

Get The Same Turquoise Necklace Lara Spencer Wore For Cheap

Bold turquoise necklaces are very hot for spring and summer 2009!

And no one is telling you that you have to wear real and expensive turquoise. You can copy the beautiful runway styles with a little flair, imagination, and some budgetary restraints.

And The Insider's Lara Spencer shows you how, at her "Lara's Wardrobe Cam & Look For Less" segment. Along with her head fashion stylist, Anya Sarre, we've got a cheap and gorgeous turquoise necklace that Lara was wearing on Wednesday evening on The Insider. We've even seen Anya rockin' the same necklace on the set of the show. So it must be a great jewelry find!

And this bold turquoise necklace can be yours for less than $20. That's right. The cost is only $17.80 at Forever 21 stores and at their online site: http://www.forever21.com/. Now that's what we call a beautiful bargain.
This Forever 21 piece can really make the dress or top you're wearing.

The Faceted Floral Pendant Necklace
Polished metal necklace featuring faceted rhinestones on a floral background and a lobster clasp closure. - 14" approx chain length x 4.0" approx length floral drop - Imported

To check out The Insider's Lara Spencer and stylist Anya Sarre, and the bold, turquoise necklace, just visit:

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Get Pretty In 7 Minutes With Cargo's New 7 In 7 Kit

You can get out the door and look pretty in 7 minutes flat, with Cargo's new 7 in 7 kit.

Now that's what we call using your beauty time wisely!

We've written about Cargo makeup before, and we adore this Canadian cosmetics company for its really good makeup, easy-to-follow applications, and great value.

In the new 7 in 7 kit, you are getting $170 worth of Cargo cosmetics for the budget-savings price of only $59. And these are 7 full-size Cargo best-sellers.

Here's what you get:

CARGO 7 in 7 Kit - (Application instructions are included with a convenient static-cling decal that you can stick on your bathroom mirror).
OneBase™ (02)
Essential Palette (Warm Neutral)
Eye Pencil (Brown)
Lash Activator
BeachBlush™ (Sunset Beach)
Reverse Lip Liner (01)
Classic Lip Gloss with Timestrip Technology (Tobago)

The kit is available in 3 shades:

Light medium
Warm medium
Deep medium

Nothing too loud or over-the-top in this Cargo makeup kit. Just warm and natural colors to give you a polished, pretty look as you head out the door.

For more information, visit, http://www.sephora.com/. And by the way, this item ships for free!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Sacha Cosmetics Perfect For Yellow Based Complexions

Are you wearing the perfect foundation shade for your skin tone?

We will be honest here. Unless you have a professional makeup artist at your side, picking the right foundation shade is very difficult. And if you have a yellow-based complexion, it's even tougher, because there aren't too many yellow-based foundations being offered these days.

Thank goodness for Sacha Cosmetics. The company has been chosen in the past, as the 'official cosmetics for the Miss Universe and Miss USA Pageants'. And those beautiful participants always look so gorgeous, their skin and makeup flawless.

So what does yellow-based foundation have to do with a woman's makeup? Plenty, if you realize that the majority of us do have yellow in our complexions. According to the Sacha Cosmetics website:

"Most Caucasian and all Asian, African and Latin women do have yellow skin undertones."

And the website offers a wide variety of makeup, including lip glosses and eye shadows. The Sacha Cosmetics people also give you valuable advice when it comes to choosing the perfect foundation:

"Apply foundation evenly along the jaw line and blend. The foundation should perfectly match the color of your neck without any silica residue. Testing our Sacha foundation on the back of the palm is also a quick substitute, though not as accurate as the jaw line test!"

Should every woman wear foundation?

Most makeup artists say, yes, even if your skin is almost flawless. First of all, foundation covers imperfections and also adds a bit of warmth to your complexion. And it also provides protection from the strong rays of the sun.

But you don't have to pile gobs of makeup on. There is a right foundation for all types of skin--oily, dry, mature, young, large pores, blemishes, scars, rosacea, etc:

"If you have fairly flawless skin, go right ahead and wear our liquid foundation. If you have normal to dry skin and require extra coverage, our Cream Foundation will be perfect for you. If you have normal to oily skin, then we recommend our Dual Activ Powder Foundation. If you have severely blemished skin, then we recommend our Kamaflage Foundation."

For more information, visit their website at http://www.sachacosmetics.com/.