Thursday, February 4, 2010

Let's Shake Weight Our Way To Lean Sexy Arms For Summer

Lean, sexy arms, ladies! And if that is your mission in 2010, we can get you there by the summer. Maybe you can even Shake Weight your way. More about that later.

If we start now, those arms will be looking firmer and fitter in weeks. But exercise is a must. You cannot get away with lean, sexy arms by not doing strengthening workouts. Look at First Lady Michelle Obama, a year ago at her husband's inauguration party. Michelle Obama hits the gym every morning and the proof is in those trademark sleeveless fashions she wears.

If you want attractive, sculpted arms, you have to target certain muscles. We have written about this before, and it's all worth repeating:

Developing the triceps muscle is the key to a nicely toned arm. Where are the triceps located? We like to call that area the 'dingle-dangle.' Yep. That's the flabby part you can feel under the arm. One of the toughest places to firm up. When you go to raise your hand and wave good-bye, you can feel that muscle flapping in the breeze. Well, hopefully, not too much.
The triceps muscle can best be described this way by

"The triceps are probably the most important muscle to develop when you want to achieve firm toned arms. The reason for this is that the tricep muscle takes up 2/3 of the arm. If it is underdeveloped it looks wobbly and soft but when it is firm and lean it makes the whole arm look that way."

You can't just exercise your arms for two weeks and expect big changes. The triceps and biceps muscles need to engage in resistance exercises continuously. If you want toned arms with a little 'cut' in them, you're going to have to adopt this regimen as part of your life.

You can create lean, sexy arms by jumping rope, doing push-ups, jogging, boxing, and working out with small dumbbells (3-5 lbs. each).

Or you can try Shake Weight ($19.99) and "tone your entire upper body in just 6 minutes a day!"

Maybe you've seen the infomercials or heard about this new concept in workout technology, called dynamic inertia. An exercise physiologist explained it like this: "One of the reasons Shake Weight works, is that recent exercise research shows short bursts of faster movements can burn more fat than long slower movements. The muscle has to fire and then stop and then fire again."

The Shake Weight company says their little device, which weighs only 2 1/2 lbs and measures 13" long, "constantly engages your upper body muscles while you hold it. It ignites the muscles in your arms, shoulders and chest, so you will feel them tightening and toning instantly."

And according to the Shake Weight website, Scientific studies prove that the Shake Weight™ increases upper body muscle activity by more than 300% compared to traditional weights.

You can laugh all you want, but we will definitely try this one. It might look a little strange to 'shake weight', but the science appears to be promising!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Beyonce Obsession: About Her Height, Size, And Weight

Beyonce is having a good fact, a very fine year, and 2010 has just begun.

Let's face it: There is the Beyonce obsession. What is that you say? People want to know everything about her. She is a superstar. And after taking home 6 awards (being nominated for 10 Grammys) Sunday night, you have to admit, Beyonce is a mega-star! She has shattered Grammy records, and she has done so in a most gracious way. She is a class act.

And there's no looking back. Beyonce was in NYC Tuesday night, promoting her debut signature fragrance, Beyonce Heat. The songstress looked beautiful in a sexy, red dress. Most importantly, Beyonce looks healthy and fit. And this is where the Beyonce obsession begins.

Take a look. There are tons of websites devoted to Beyonce's height, size, and weight. We were stunned by the theories and arguments over this young woman's stature.

For the record, Beyonce is a 'petite 5'3" tall.' That's according to a 2009 magazine interview with the singer in Ebony. And we trust the writers of Ebony magazine. If you take a look at tons of articles about her, Beyonce ranges in height from 5'3" to 5'7". And folks talk all day about her curves and possible weight. We haven't been able to get the facts about her time on the scale, but back in the Destiny's Child days, Beyonce herself, claimed she was 135 lbs.

As for her dress size, who knows? Articles have pegged her at a 6, 8, 10, 12, and beyond. All we know, is that Beyonce is a healthy skinny, and not a size zero, and probably not even a 2.

What you see in Hollywood, is often times, 'smoke and mirrors.' In other words, most celebrities are actually shorter than they claim. So, if a celebrity is listed at 5'9",chances are, she is more likely 5'7". Fudging the facts are common in Hollywood. And as far as weight goes, women have become tinier and tinier each year, so most actresses and singers are very slender in person.

Beyonce has been clever to fool her admirers by extending the length of her legs through killer heels. Check out the photo below. Beyonce loves high heels, and it's not unusual to see her walking around in 4-6 inch heels!

How else does Beyonce stay looking so gorgeous?

Beyonce once told In Style magazine that when she's hanging out at home, she keeps it real and simple. Just a little pink lip gloss and some black eyeliner. And we also learned that she is a big fan of moisturizers from Carol's Daughter.

And she keeps her shiny hair healthy with Kimble Hair Care Shape and Hold Spritz ($11, 8 fl. oz., dept. stores like Target).

Beyonce won't go anywhere without her eyes, so to speak. She adores L'Oreal Original Voluminous Mascara ($8, drugstores). "I never leave the house without mascara," Beyonce has been quoted.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Bobbi Brown's Pretty Powerful Mission Takes Real Women To Higher Level

Makeup artist Bobbi Brown is on a new beauty mission this spring, and you can join in.

This time, the beloved artist has launched a new campaign 'Pretty Powerful' for her friends, and not the models she frequently applies makeup to. Bobbi Brown says her friends "are pretty to begin with, but with a few simple tweaks, they look their absolute most confident best---that's pretty powerful!"

Bobbi Brown isn't saying that women need makeup to be more powerful, but that cosmetics can take women to a higher level of self-assuredness and appeal.

"My mission has always been to give women the tools and skills to look and feel their absolute, most confident best. Which made me curious: How do YOU go from feeling pretty–to pretty powerful?"

"Enter my contest and show me your strongest makeup look and favorite beauty tips. Three of you will win a trip to New York City and get a personal makeup lesson from me. But right now, I want to learn from you. I can’t wait to see your video.”

The Pretty Powerful campaign features real women(top photo), or “Friends of Bobbi,” and their before/after photos, videos and testimonials as the main focus of the campaign, which you can see on

For Bobbi's video contest, she would like to hear how you go from Pretty to Powerful using Bobbi Brown Cosmetics. Now through February 9th, you are invited to share your transformative stories and tips by submitting videos. Fifteen finalists will be chosen.

In March, you can click on the gallery of Pretty Powerful videos and vote for your favorite at Pretty Powerful. And for every vote that is cast in the Pretty Powerful contest, Bobbi Brown will donate $1 to Dress for Success*, an organization that Bobbi adores, because it provides underprivileged women with interview suits and career advice.

We've always admired Bobbi Brown, not only for her makeup magic, but also for her beauty philosophy. Bobbi would remind us all, to try and be the best we can. In other words, don't try to look like someone else. When she was growing up, all-American model, Cheryl Tiegs, was Bobbi's beauty icon. Cheryl was tall, slender with blonde hair and blue eyes. Bobbi Brown looked nothing like her and was disappointed in not resembling Cheryl Tiegs, until she saw actress Ali MacGraw with her long dark hair and eyes. Bobbi then finally "saw the possibilty of my own beauty."

Well said.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Beautiful Hair Tips From Master Colorist And Shear Genius' Kim Vo

Kim Vo is a true artist. And every head of hair he touches is a reflection of his knowledge of color, his passion, and his enormous sense of style.

Kim Vo is a master colorist to the A-listers in Hollywood like Katherine Heigl, Britney Spears, and a long list of gorgeous movie stars. And although our interview was brief, and we did not actually get to meet the colorist in person, we did learn quite a bit about this gentle and compassionate man.

His background is in art, and color was the 'language' he was drawn to. Kim Vo was born in Vietnam. Although he spoke both French and Vietnamese, English was his third language. "When I came to the states I was challenged by English. Painting with oils on canvas then progressed into haircolor. Color is the language of beauty," Kim Vo explains.

During our interview, Kim Vo taught us a lot about hair color and its complexities, and graciously gave us some beautiful hair tips. He's quite poetic about color in nature and how a woman's head of hair reflects that richness.

1. Which head of hair poses the biggest challenges for coloring---blonde, brunette, black, or red? And why.

Kim Vo: Although blondes are very tricky, not all blondes are created equal. Matching skin tones is crucial to create the perfect blonde. The biggest challenge are reds. The red color molecule is the smallest of all colors. It's like a tropical rainstorm. It's tempest and dramatic at first and then quickly fades.

2. So then, is skin tone the most important factor when considering hair color? And can u give us tips?

Kim Vo: Skin tone is the most important factor in deciding your perfect color. It takes a professional eye to determine, but for a simple read, use the veins on your wrist. If your veins are blue, warm tones like chestnut and auburn tones are for you. If your veins are more green, caramel and golden hues will compliment you. If your veins are blue/green, then warm and cool tones can be added seamlessly.

3. Women do color at home. Is there any brand you would recommend, if you want to brighten hair color or cover grays?

Kim Vo: The rule of thumb for at home color is--- the least amount of time to process, is healthiest for the hair. Clairol perfect 10 is perfect for clients that want shine and grey coverage w/ out the risk of over processing.

4. Is it ever okay to get a perm and get permanent color? Or, are both processes too harsh?

Kim Vo: A perm and a permanent color in a same day process is like killing a fly with a shotgun. A perfect alternative is a semi/demi- permanent color. This will provide rich, shiny, longlasting color.

5. Any tips about maintaining color? Is it true a vinegar rinse right after coloring keeps dye in longer?

Kim Vo: The best way to maintain color is to not re-shampoo for 36 hours. Hair is like bacon, it keeps cooking after it is off the grill. Vinegar can help to stabilize the alkaline in haircolor, but simple sealers are the best alternative. They are ammonia free toners that neutralize and give hair shine.

6. Tell us about your Kim Vo hair line. Which product is your favorite and why?

Kim Vo: The Kim Vo product line is created from a colorist's point of view. It is for natural or chemically treated hair. If I were on an island with only two products, they would be my Moisturizing Masque and my Radiance Creme. Both are moisture packed and would make any stranded person style-savvy.

7. Okay, let's dish....give us the name of one celebrity, whose hair you would love to style?

Kim Vo: Carrie Underwood's. I have a soft spot for blondes and music.

We are all very excited about 'Shear Genius 3' on Bravo this Wednesday, Feb. 3rd at 10 PM. Twelve new stylists are armed and ready to 'blow away' the competition!

8. We hear there are quite a few changes for your popular show. Camila Alves will be hosting. And celebrity stylist Jonathan Antin will join you at the judges' table.

Kim Vo: Yes to all of the above! The goal this year was to turn up the heat, the candidates are under a lot more pressure. Exciting stuff!!

9. And lastly, what are the trends for hair color and style in 2010? Is the Mariah spiral out? in, etc?

Kim Vo: The trends in color for 2010 for blondes are the sunset golden blonde that reflects boho color. Great example-- Blake Lively. For brunettes, Penelope Cruz strikes a perfect balance with a rich base and light caramel ends. For reds, Amy Adams radiates a girl-next-door approachable color. Spiral curls are out, but tousled and no frizz are in, beach inspired. Grow out that short hair!! Forget the bob, introducing the “LOB”. A grown out bob with long layers.

Some beautiful hair tips by one of the best in the business. Thank you, Kim Vo. We can't wait for Shear Genius 3!!

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Smashbox O-Glow Blush Warms Up Cheeks For Spring 2010

Want to look soft and pretty?

Think pink this spring. And do it in the most flattering way we know---through a simple swipe of blush. And Smashbox cosmetics puts the O in glow!
As makeup artist Trish McEvoy once said, "Certain shades of pink are universally flattering. They tend to be pinks with a hint of brown--which are very natural and will blend with most skin tones. And any transparent pink is also easy to wear."

There you have it. A super beauty tip from Trish McEvoy. A touch of pink can do wonders for your complexion, giving you a lovely glow. Pink is also a color of playfulness, youthfulness, and passion. Pink can range in bright candy shades to light dusty, barely pinks. There are so many choices, and there is a pink for everyone.

Today, we are looking at one of our go-to favorites and beauty editors' pick included in the Smashbox Heartbreaker Spring 2010 makeup collection: O-Glow Intuitive Cheek Color ($26). Get a feminine, flirty flush with this universal cheek color. The texture features a pinky gel which glides onto your cheeks. And the best part of this Smashbox blush, is its ability to react with each individual skin tone, to impart a natural and pretty customized glow to cheeks.

To take a further look at O-Glow and the rest of the Heartbreaker Spring makeup collection, visit Smashbox.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Weirder Mascara Wand Brushes Like Clinique Pop Up In 2010

This beauty science is getting weirder and weirder, especially when it comes to developing the perfect mascara wand brush. The brush that can coat even the tiniest and skimpiest of lashes and the mascara that can make average lashes look their longest and thickest, are the details that make any women want to buy the product.

Last year, we 'spiraled' our way in the mirror, as we saw an explosion of vibrating brush mascaras introduced to give us all an unbelievable makeup experience. These moving mascara wands were designed to boost the method of coating each lash. Some women loved the new wands, and others hated the mascara gizmo, knocking them as mere gimmicks.

And now in 2010, make way for the, well, newest in wands: Clinique's High Lengths Mascara ($14) with the unique and green 'willow wand.' You can actually bend this wand brush. Yes, it's a curved brush, as we can all see, and Clinique says the top side contains three rows of tines. Apparently the brush is scientifcally designed to pick up just the right amount of mascara each time you dip it into the tube. And the brush coats the lashes all the way to the very tip, giving you a beautiful wider-eyed look.

The new Clinique High Lengths Mascara comes in your choice of black or brown, and the mascara quality is said to be very good.

It's out right now at a Clinique makeup counter near you, or at beauty stores like Sephora.

No, we haven't tried this new fangled and weird-looking mascara wand brush yet. We do like that it's curved because we think that makes a difference, but we're not sure about the tiny rows of tines. Hopefully someone out there reading this, has given the Clinique product a go, and will leave us a review.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Lauren Luke Lucks Out As YouTube Sensation And Visits Today Show

If you know makeup, then you probably know Lauren Luke. And if you don't know, let us tell the story, because it's a great one.

The lonely, young British woman who swears she had no friends, shot to super stardom last year on YouTube. Lauren Luke made makeup tutorials, using her own pretty face as a guide, and instantly gained more than 56 million views by 2009. And now she has her own official site and a line of makeup kits sold exclusively at Sephora stores here in the United States. You can also purchase her line here.

And this morning, Lauren Luke's popularity went up another ton of digits with an appearance on the 'Today Show.' She showed host Meredith Viera, how to create the look every woman asks her for----the smoky eye. This time, Lauren demonstrated her marvelous makeup skills on a model. Her beauty tips today: Use a primer before applying eye shadow, so it glides on smoother and stays put. A smokey eye is sexy, Lauren adds. You can go lighter with the smokey eye for daytime and then build it up with stronger color for evening.

You can try Lauren Luke's My Smokey Classics kit ($32.50). This is what you get inside:
Shadow Primer / Nude Slip DarkShadow Primer / Nude Slip LightEye Shadow / Antique PewterBlush / Peach GlowEye Liner / Raven BlackEye Shadow / Twilight AshEye Shadow / Cashmere CreamLip Color / PlumberryLip Color / Cranberry Stain.

Lauren Luke is a 27-year-old single mom who started 'vlogging' while her son was at school. And the rest is history, as they say. To check out Lauren Luke in makeup action, just visit her YouTube site. She's got a friendly, sincere manner with a charming British accent.

Here are Lauren's reasons for showing the world her makeup tutorials:

"I am very proud of myself considering my average size for a women it is very hard to get this much notice. I want to make a huge change to the beauty industry and with all of your help through YouTube I hopefully will be able to do so.
Lets show the world together that everyone is just as beautiful if not more with just the confidence we hold.I dont know about you but I know I have had enough of being made to feel inadequate by today's beauty standards.
"I just think there is a standard that is set by the beauty industry that is unobtainable by the vast majority of us normal people who pay for it. We are all entitled to have products that work and bring out the best in us and create looks that we can actually wear"Please Subscribe to show your support, it really does make a difference.Zoom Zoom!"