Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Sunkissed And Bold! Orange Lips Are Hot For Spring 2013!

Ladies, we're not sure all of you can even wear orange lipstick or feel comfy in it, but as you can see from all these recent photos, it's THE sunkissed lip trend for Spring 2013!

Not wild about the orange?!

Wasn't this lip shade already HOT last Soring?!

Several celebrities are looking luscious in their orange lips. Jessica Alba for one.....

We probably won't get on the orange kissable trend unless we have a deep, glam tan.
If you're brave enough, you might want to sink your smile into some MAC Morange ($15, at Nordstrom's).

Or how about Sephora's Latin Lover ?!

Rouge Shine Lipstick  ($12 )    
Color No. 29 . Glossy - semi-sheer bright tangerine

Monday, April 8, 2013

Airelle Skin Care: How Blueberry Extract And Other Powerful Antoxidants Can Make A Difference

We'll admit it. We have a big girl crush on Airelle and everything she stands for. Apparently, popular celebrities like Brooke Burke, Adam Levine and Carryann Inaba feel the same way about Airelle.

We're talking about AirelleSkin. The anti-aging beauty line has both New England and west coast roots. And somehow blueberries play a role in the company's excellent skin care system.

Airelle Skin is based in California. The east coast connection includes Maine blueberries. Beauty science has shown that blueberry extract(Berrimatrix) makes for a strong + effective antioxidant in skin care products. The blueberry formula can improve the skin by repairing sun damage + wrinkles. The extract has been proven to encourage collagen production, promote skin firmness and deliver a radiant complexion.

The entire Airelle Skin line includes other potent antioxidants like Alpha Lipoic Acid, Copper, Hyaluronic Acid and Manuka Honey, to name a few.

The popular Berrimatrix Firming Gel with Seaweed & Blueberry ($124) is an amazing skin care product. It's gentle and REALLY tightens and firms!

Airelle Skin features a powerful anti-aging skin care lineup of cleansers, exfoliating serums, hydrating treatments, tightening + firming formulations, and eye + lip treatments.

Airelle skin care products are used by celebrities on American Idol, The Voice, Dancing with the Stars, Maroon 5, 1600 Penn and Newsroom.

We think Airelle is a worthy investment for younger-looking, healthier skin.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Revlon Baby Stick: For Big Girls Who Want A Pop Of Color Fast!

Okay, these are adorable + super cute!

We're talking about Revlon's newest, little beauty creation, called:

Revlon Baby Stick!

When you don't want to fuss with too many makeup pots, this one's a smart idea. The Revlon Baby Stick takes care of lips + cheeks. A swipe here and a swipe there, and you're good to go.

Revlon Baby Sticks, which are in the shape of swivel-up gel blushes, have just popped up in drugstores in collaboration with the Pacific Coast Collection by Gucci Westman.

Each Revlon Baby Stick is selling for about $9. These are 3 sheer shades in pretty colors + names like Pink Passion, Tahitian, + Sunset.

If you like the quick, natural sheer look for makeup, then give these little babies a try.

Check out this YouTube demo of Baby Sticks by ohgeeitsbri.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Nip + Fab Launch The At-Home Facial Peel On A Pad

We LOVE exfoliating skin care products. So every time we find a new one, we talk about it.

Nip + Fab is bragging about their new Glycolic Fix.

You get a little jar with 60 exfoliating pads. We hunted down some at Target ($12.99).

That's a 1 month - 2 month supply depending if you use a pad once or twice a day.

What's so great about an at-home mini facial peel?


You're getting rid of dead skin cells. The glycolic acid helps stimulate cell turnover for brighter, younger-looking skin. Skin tone + texture eventually improve.

It's so easy to do----Wipe the pad across your  face, neck + décolleté. Apply the pad to cleansed skin once or twice daily.

Certainly, a chemical facial peel done by a dermatologist is more effective, but any time you can exfoliate, it's beneficial for better skin. Period.

We think this is a nice facial peel for beginning peelers.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Post Lorenzo Baby: Mama Snooki Undergoes Major Makeover

Snooki, last night, New York City at a Sandy Relief charity event.

Good for her in supporting a very worthy cause. But would you have guessed this were the same, pint-sized reality star of the Jersey Shore show?!

Look at Snooki's new smile.

Look at her new face---sculpted chin, high cheekbones + brows.

And look at her new, slimmer figure!

Has Mama Snooki gone and had a major makeover??

She's only 25, and yet the pressures of being a popular celebrity can do a number on women in the TV spotlight. There is so much crazy emphasis on looking perfect.

We cannot prove the tiny star has undergone significant plastic surgery, but there's a lot of buzz about the rumors. And last evening's appearance keeps sparking the buzz.

We think that getting an improved smile is certainly possible, if you look at the Before + After pics.
Then there is the alleged lip augmentation from a while ago.

Do you like the beautification of this reality star?

Or is it a bit much?

Snooki's close pal J Wowww also appears to have undergone some major plastic surgery on her face + figure BEFORE Snooki altered her appearance, allegedly, we might add.

These young women are just that---young. We could understand if they were hitting late 30s + beyond, but who are we to judge.

Does Snooki look the same to you??

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Scarlett Johansson Adores This Hair Treatment For Blonde Delicate Tresses

When you've got very light hair and undergo lots of peroxide processes like actress Scarlett Johansson, then a great hair conditioning treatment is essential!

Coloring hair blonde is not easy. Your tresses get hit from all sides. Dyeing is brutal to the health of every gal's hairBlonde locks like Scarlett's are so pretty + sexy, but there is also damage + weakness to the hair shaft.

Scarlett says she's good with makeup, but when it comes to her hair, the actress told Glamour mag:
"I'm a disaster. I don't even know how to blow-dry it."

But she DOES know a luxurious conditioner. This is Scarlett's hair addiction:

Kerastase Maque Chroma Riche ($61, at kerastase-usa.com).
  • Nourishes leaving hair soft and supple

  • Maximizes longevity and radiance of hair color with reflective shine

  • Protects against anti-oxidant aggressors and premature color fading

  • Provides UV protection

  • Wednesday, April 3, 2013

    Proud Mama Gisele Bundchen's Supermodel Style Travels to Brazil

    A lot of women LOVE to hate the supermodel of them all--Gisele Bundchen.

    Look at her!! She just gave birth to cutie-pie Vivian just 5 months ago, and yeah, she is still in phenomenal shape.

    There walks Gisele through the airport having just landed in Sao Paulo, Brazil  for a modeling gig. We like her traveling proud mama style.

    First, the signature beach-wavy hair is spot-on.

    Secondly, Gisele is hiding behind a pair of aviator sunglasses. That is the key to a glam, classic sense of style. That's what American sportswear designer Michael Kors says:

    "Aviator Sunglasses make any outfit sexy."
    We couldn't agree more. Maybe you can't afford a gorgeous pair of Michael Kors aviators for $150 a pair. But you can still be a cool jet-setter with a cheaper pair.

    We found a bunch of aviators to choose from at WetSeal. The photo shows the Twisted Temple Aviator Lenses (just $7.50 a pair, or 2 for $10). Can't beat the price, and if the cheaper copy-cat sunglasses last well into the fall, then you've done alright.

    Let's be honest, Gisele doesn't have her breasts hanging out or a super mini hemline exposing her butt. She is dressed casually in a sweater with low-riding skinny grey skinny jeans  and suede boots.

    She looks great. Plus, she isn't even walking along with her most handsome accessory--Tom Brady
    . Otherwise, we would have included the photos!