Sunday, November 20, 2016

Copy Kim Kardashian West's Affordable Denim Choker Accessory For LESS Than $10!

The most famous reality star on the planet  ALWAYS seems to be miles ahead of fashion's trends.

You might not like ALL the ensembles Kim Kardashian West puts together, but you have to admit that girlfriend is keen on premiering stuff many women want to wear.

Let's look at the choker trend. It remains HUGE. Some people hate the look, because NOT every woman looks gorg in a choker, or feels comfortable wearing one.

But----KK LOVES her chokers, and already last August, she was showing off the DENIM choker.

Some girls laughed at it, but it became a cool + affordable fashion accessory. It's not really jewelry, but, it's very now.......and if you can CUT + SEW, you could make your OWN denim choker.

For lazy chicks like myself, you can buy one for CHEAP here at Forever21. Just $9.90.  A great budget fashion buy.

Not a bad DUPE, for LESS than 10 bucks!

Are you wearing the DENIM choker trend, a la Kim Kardashian West?

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Does Daily Sunscreen Go On Before Or After Moisturizer?


You're SUPPOSED to wear it daily, especially on the vulnerable face, neck + decolletage.

But if you also like applying moisturizer, too.......

Which one goes on first--------the sunscreen or the moisturizer?

According to the skin care experts, it depends what ingredients are in your sunscreen, to begin with.

I did some beauty research, and found this great advice from beautifulwithbrains.

CHEMICAL SUNSCREENS......(ie those that contain chemical UV filters like avobenzone, mexoryl, oxybenzone, and octocrylene, to name a few) should be applied BEFORE you put on your moisturizer.

PHYSICAL SUNSCREENS......(contain minerals titanium dioxide and zinc oxide). That means these sunscreens DON'T have to be ACTIVATED, so can be applied AFTER you put on your moisturizer

 My favorite FACIAL sunscreen is by MyChelle----Sun Shield Coconut SPF28, $20.

 This one is worth every penny, absorbs well, is lightweight + smells really good. 

Because MyChelle's contains Translucent Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide, it goes on AFTER my moisturizer. Those 2 ingredients are minerals.

Check out MyChelle Dermaceuticals for more information here

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Best Drugstore Eye Shadow For LESS Than $5---NYX, Of Course

High intensity + loaded with pigment.

Those details make for great eye shadows. But maybe you don't have the $16 for a MAC.

So-oooo, why not shop drugstore for decent shadow.

NYX Cosmetics Nude Matte Eye Shadow is fantastic! We have raved about this brand before, and just bought a couple more.

Best of all.......Each little pot costs UNDER $5.00! We found them for $4.99 here at

Even CHEAPER at other outlets

There are MORE than 20 pretty shades to choose from:

You will LOVE these NYX shadows if you haven't already tried them. They've been in stores for at least the last 4 years.

Popular YouTube makeup guru Wayne Goss ADORES these matte shadows.

Watch his brief review here at GossMakeupChat.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Popular Texas TV News Anchor Uses "This" For the Perfect Lip Balm!

We LOVE YouTube and watching the beauty gurus give some fab tips + tricks for great-looking skin, hair, makeup and more.

We started subscribing to Dominique Sachse. She is a stunning TV news anchor for Houston's  KPRC Local 2. See more about her here.

We like Dominique's down-to-earth attitude about life and beauty.

We also like her take on the ultimate lip balm.

Dominique discovered this one once while breast-feeding. The product is known as Lansinoh HPA lanolin cream. We found a tube for $9 at Target.

Yes....It's a cream that soothes, heals and protects sore, cracked nipples.

Dominique applies it EVERY night at bedtime---- NOT there, but on her LIPS, and it is the most amazing lip balm, too.

The cream is 100% natural, containing no preservatives.

It's SAFE for Mom + Baby.

That also means, it can be applied to the lips without any worries.

This is a super beauty tip and two-fold, for those also breast-feeding and wanting softer, smoother lips.

Click on Dominique's YouTube channel here.

Bye-Bye Chapstick.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Kristen Stewart Wows In Smoky Eye With Touch Of Blue

We are LOVIN' this TRENDY smoky eye. And it doesn't appear difficult to create yourself.

Kristen Stewart is showing off the eye shadow look here. Now examine closer, her inner eyes, right by the tear ducts:

We think her eyes look beautiful with just a HINT of blue carefully applied around the tear ducts.

We saw the beauty trend at

Sometimes, you want to try new makeup looks but don't want to go too bold or too trendy, but we think this adds just the perfect blue touch that enhances Kristen's otherwise, black smoky eye.

"I thought it would be a fun twist on a smoky eye to concentrate a color around the tear duct,” explains Stewart’s makeup artist Beau Nelson, who advises that “when anchored over black, a bright color creates a jewel-like effect that's easier to wear than that color alone."

To COPY the look, we suggest a liquid liner in Lancome's LE STYLO WATERPROOF - Long Lasting Eyeliner, Sapphire Blue ($27, at Sephora).

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Findation: Cool Website That Finds Your Perfect Foundation Match In Another Brand

If you wear makeup, then you realize how very important a great foundation is for your complexion.

The ideal base will offer protection from the elements, balance to your skin tone, coverage for imperfections, and so forth.

It's hard enough trying to find the perfect foundation that enhances your complexion + bone structure, and when you do choose the perfect foundation, you want it to be available forever.

But unfortunately, sometimes beauty brands discontinue favorite makeup, change the formula, etc.

Now, what?

Thanks to an Australian website called Findation, the company does EXACTLY that. They FIND your favorite foundation shade in ANOTHER brand.

For example, I have worn Revlon's ColorStay foundation in NUDE for combo/oily skin for so-oooo long now. And guess what?

Revlon has RUINED the makeup now, by INCREASING the SPF from 6 to 15.

It's TOO thick a texture + makes my skin OILY now. I knew the brand had MESSED with a really good thing.
Look at the original bottle with the SPF 6, below:

If I insert that brand into Findation's HUGE database, the company will IMMEDIATELY list for me other brands with the SAME nude shade.

I have NOT tried those DUPES yet, but it's wonderful for a girl to have makeup options, right?

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Okay.....It's K-Beauty South Korean Style To the Rescue, Ladies

Looking for a flawless, clear, youthful forever complexion?

Well, who isn't?

For us, good skin is NOT a given. We've had to battle back from the sun damage, general aging and whatever else causes imperfect skin.

We have NEVER tried K-Beauty, but younger people seem to know plenty about it and are addicted to the awesome results.

Even the ultra-conservative WallStreetJournal took a good look at K-Beauty.

What is it?!

Here's a great WSJ description:

...."K-Beauty---the umbrella term for all South Korean imports in the skin care, makeup and bath-and-body categories—has been attracting fans in the U.S."

K-Beauty is all about the unusual + supposedly scientifically-advanced formulas,
including stuff like---- moisturizing starfish extract,  firming-and-tightening pig collagen + snail mucin.
Check out this K-Beauty shopping website with tons of complexion beautifiers ---PeachAndLily.

This MIZON SNAIL REPAIR INTENSIVE AMPOULE ($38) is SOLD OUT at the moment, because it's so popular, but they will re-stock soon.

The serum is designed to reduce the appearance of acne scarring, fine lines, and troubled skin..

The customer reviews rate the product highly.

Will you try K-Beauty products for a flawless complexion?