Saturday, November 7, 2009

Rachel Bilson Super Star Style And InStyle Columnist

At 28, actress Rachel Bilson already exudes, sophistication and star style. The petite, brunette beauty has many fashion followers. And even InStyle magazine can recognize a young fashion icon in the making. The publication has given Rachel Bilson a monthly column called, Ask Rachel. Readers can submit style questions for Rachel at

What fans adore about Rachel's style is her confidence, her preference for lots of scarves, boots, and blazers, and a boho-vintage edge with casual wear. Like British model Kate Moss, Rachel is unafraid to set a trend.

Rachel Bilson looks at other celebrities for fashion inspiration:

"I love to admire other people," she says. "Ashley Olsen I think is great, Diane Kruger, Sienna Miller - all those people obviously have good style, so it's nice to see that around you. Your peers surround you, and they all look good, so that's great."

Rachel loves being seen in styles by Chanel, Zac Posen, Stella McCartney, and Marc Jacobs.

And when it comes to beauty tips, Rachel favors a smoky, lined eye and soft-colored lips. Here are the 4 Beauty Essentials Rachel Bilson can't live without (as told to InStyle):

1. Dr. Pepper Lip Smacker ($2, drugstores, and "Tastes great, and gives lips a subtle reddish tint."

2. Bobbi Brown Bronzing Powder in medium ($33, fine dept. stores, and "I dust my cheeks and eyelids for a natural glow."

3. Kerastate Lait Nutri-Sculpt ($29, "A lifesaver for unruly hair. Work a little through to make it soft and tamable."

4. Tarte Natural Eyeliner in Starry Night ($18, "I line the inside rims of my lower lids; the pencil's creamy texture doesn't smudge."

Thanks for the super style and beauty tips, Rachel!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Finally, New No Handles Eyelash Curler By Laura Mercier!

Eyes wide open, ladies! It has finally happened:

A new, 'no handles' eyelash curler is on the scene by Laura Mercier.

Move over, all-time favorite, Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler ($19). The new Laura Mercier pinch-free curler is even cheaper, at $16. And look at the shape. Small without the traditonal clumsy, metal-scissor handles. Instead, you get an easel-style lever that flips down to provide the perfect amount of pressure. And lashes rest on a cushiony pad that adds the perfect curl without grabbing or pinching. This curler just feels better in your fingers.

Mini, too, at dimensions of--2.5" X 1.5" X .75".

You say you don't need an eyelash curler? Oh, really? If you want big, beautiful, wide eyes, then, yes, you do! Even if you don't wear mascara, do curl.

And if you're going to wear mascara, then you need to have an eyelash curler in your daily beauty routine. The two go hand in hand. Unless, of course, you were born with curly lashes, then forget our advice.

What does an eyelash curler do? Any professional makeup artist will tell you, that curling your lashes opens up the eyes. Your eyes will look bigger. Stubborn lashes will look more even. And short, wimpy lashes will take on thickness and appear longer.

We love the compact size and shape of the Laura Mercier Eyelash Curler, but it looks like one we first bought a couple of years ago by Wet 'n' Wild cosmetics. That one is very economical at $1.99, and it does the trick. Unfortunately, we have bought three of them from Wet 'n' Wild in the past, and each one has busted after only about a month's use. I guess you could say, we got what we paid for.

Japonesque has also had a mini eyelash curler out for a few years now. We found one at, for $11. And many women love this mini curler, too, because it curls and lifts even the most stubborn lashes.

And here's a neat trick from the folks at Kevin Aucoin cosmetics:
Kevin Aucoin's experts gave this special beauty secret for curling bottom eyelashes:"Turn (curler) upside down and curl bottom lashes downward. Trick of old movie stars from the 30's and 40's."

Caution here. We would advise using a traditional metal-scissor handles curler for this technique. We tried it, but we couldn't even manage it, ha! Be careful you don't poke your eye. It can be done, we are sure.

Maybe you really like using the metal curler. And that's fine, too. They wouldn't be on store shelves if no one used them. There are all kinds of eyelash curlers out there. Some are heated. Metal. Plastic. Big. Mini. And every set of lashes are unique. So you just have to go through a bunch of them, until you reach lash heaven. We are so sick of the metal curlers, we're happy to see Laura Mercier give us a new beauty option.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Ansr: Palm-Sized Wirelss Disc That Zaps Acne With PhotoTherapy

We've talked a lot about acne, pimples, and break-outs here at Beauty Tip Today. And usually, we have featured over-the-counter topical treatments, prescription solutions like Retin-A, and even the supplement zinc.

And yet, here is one more method to zap acne, and bring back smooth, clear skin. It's called Ansr ($185). And it's high-tech in the war on pimples. It also involves sophisticated science, in the name of phototherapy. It's safe, effective, painless, and uses the 'healing power of light,' to zap blemishes and the bacteria that causes them. And you use Ansr in the privacy of your home for just minutes a day.

According to Ansr, you are treating your acne with a 2-step punch: red LED light and blue LED light:

The ANSR: BEAM’s penetrating RED light and anti-aging SERUM work together to rejuvenate the skin, helping to even skin tone, smooth texture, reduce redness and fill in fine lines and wrinkles.

The ANSR: BEAM’s BLUE light treats acne by attacking bacteria beneath the skin. The PREP exfoliating cleanser, and DAY and NIGHT acne lotions work together to treat blemishes by preventing skin’s natural oils from clogging pores that cause acne infections.

Just 5 minute per day using the red light, and another 5 minutes per day using the blue light.

How exactly does one use the Ansr palm-sized device?

Simply move the BEAM light along the skin. Use a slow, back and forth sweeping motion across the affected areas. Don't just hold it on one area of your face. The BEAM is designed to be placed along the skin, touching but not pressing hard. No heavy hand is needed to get the job done.

What we like about the Ansr acne zapping disc, is its compact size. It fits in the palm of your hand. And you can toss it into a travel bag when you want to continue your clear skin routine. It's wireless. You don't have to have it plugged in a wall to use it. And it charges up just like a cell phone. And you will see significant results with a week or two. And those with severe acne, will see big improvement within a month or more.

Want pictures? Well, the proof is in the pudding, as the saying goes. Take a look at Ansr's before & afters.

Sure, $185 might seem like a big amount to spend on battling acne, but if you've tried a lot of products and still can't control the break-outs, why not give Ansr a try. The science behind it, is pretty high-tech. And there is a 30-day money back guarantee. Plus Ansr is one of the most wallet-friendly light therapy devices on the market today.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Curious How Kate, Kardashians, And Other Celebs Lose Weight Quickly?

How do these glamorous celebrities lose weight so quickly? We know we're curious.

We're talking about Kate Hudson, Kardashian sisters--Kim and Chloe, and how about Adrianne Curry, just to name a few.

Let's be up front here......None of these lovely ladies has ever had a severe weight problem, while we have seen them in public. The most we would guess any have shed as pounds. might be 25-30. Still, these celebrities look gorgeous, and each of them has used very different diet plans. And yes, these women all have the money to have the best access to great trainers, special diet foods, stylists to advise them on looking their most attractive in clothing, hair and makeup, etc.

But as most of us are aware, it isn't easy pushing away delicious foods and beverages. Just ask our first diet darling Kate Hudson.

The 30-year-old mom, has revealed to British Elle magazine in their December issue, that she has dropped 20 lbs. to play a terminally-ill patient who falls in love with her doctor for her latest film role. And she claims it was giving up alcohol that melted away the extra weight:

“I love my glass of wine. I love tequila. To be in New York for two weeks and not have one beverage, I’m not sure I’ve ever done that!” Kate Hudson explains.

Kate is also working out and adding some curvy muscle to her already petite-frame. And maybe her romance to Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez is keeping the actress toned and trim.

We all enjoy a glass of alcohol, but the calories do add up. A simple glass of white wine has about 120 calories and a shot of tequila will cost you about 100 calories. Have several and you can ruin any diet.

Meanwhile, two of the sexy Kardashian sisters, Kim and Khloe, have both credited their recent weight loss to a diet plan they are proudly endorsing: Quick Trim. There are 4 items in the cleansing program:

Celluslim sculpting gel
14-day Burn and Cleanse
48-hour Fast Cleanse
and Extreme Burn, an "8-hour weight loss formula that burns calories 300 percent times faster!"

Khloe recently shed 20 lbs. in 4 weeks on the QT diet, and booze wasn't a no-no for her. "I eat whatever I want until noon. Then from noon on, I watch what I eat,” says Khloe to Us magazine. “I only drink champagne. 100 calories in a glass, and I’m good.”

And we all know how sister Kim Kardashian is serious about going to the gym on a regular basis. She often sends tweets to her Twitter fans about working out, and how a fitness routine is necessary to keep the body slender.

And you all remember the very first winner of America's Next Top Model, Adrienne Curry. She later went on to marry Brady Bunch's Christopher Knight. We recently caught the tall beauty showing off her beautiful toned back and butt on her Twitter page. She's been working out like a fiend, and she looks amazing.

Was the pretty model Adrienne Curry, ever over-weight to begin with?

According to what she told Tarts, Adrienne was embarrassed to be seen.

“A few weeks ago I went in for my yearly womanly exam and I weighed in at 150.5 pounds and I crapped my pants,” Adrienne Curry says, “I am on a no-carb diet. So I’ve started eating fish, steamed vegetables, no butter, no sugar, no bread, and no fun and now I’m at 136 pounds. “

So there you have it. There are many diet programs out there. And even celebrities fall off the diet and gym routines. Our advice: Keep moving, and one tequila won't hurt you. We said, one.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Eating White Button Mushrooms Daily For Good Breast Health

Everyone knows what cute, little white button mushrooms look like. And they sure taste good. Go into any grocery store, and you will find packages of these little veggies all year round.

And we just stumbled onto a little beauty tidbit, that came out in the news in early October, which is, of course, breast cancer awareness month. And yet, this morsel of helpful advice didn't receive the attention it should have. Did you know about this?

Eating just one white button mushroom daily, can lower your risk of developing breast tumors by a huge 64%. That's according to a new study in the International Journal of Cancer.

We think that's pretty amazing beauty news. We love exploring all facets of beauty, and we believe that healthy breasts are a thing of beauty, so today, we are putting our lip glosses and hairspray away for the moment.

Now let's take a further look at mushrooms and estrogen. Science shows us that too much estrogen encourages the growth of breast cancer cells. And there is a compound found in mushrooms called L-ergothioneine. This L-compound helps the body block excess production of estrogen, and in turn, halts the development of breast tumors.

And white button mushrooms, especially, have lots of this L-ergothioneine in them.

The reasearch was conducted in China, which also revealed that:

Women who combined a mushroom diet with regular consumption of green tea saw an even greater benefit.
The risk of breast cancer among women in this group was reduced by almost 90 per cent.

We think this is incredible science. Of course researchers don't want us to get overly excited, since more and more studies will be conducted. But so far, laboratory tests on animals do show the mushrooms have anti-tumor properties and can stimulate the immune system's defenses.

Some evidence suggests that mushrooms act in a manner that 'mimic' breast cancer drugs called aromatose inhibitors. These inhibitors block the body's production of estrogen. And we think it's wonderful when a simple vegetable can perform the same magic in a natural manner.

In past Beauty Tip Today articles, we have also talked about the breast health benefits of eating an apple a day and adding turmeric powder to foods. Both have shown amazing value to good breast health.

The way we see it, eating white button mushrooms, apples, and the spice Turmeric powder, can not hurt your body. There are lots of excellent nutrients in all three. And when there is the hope of good breast health found in the wholesome naturalness of a fruit or vegetable, or spice, we think it's smart science to bring it your way!

Monday, November 2, 2009

How To Tone Down Cellulite And Bring Back Smooth Taut Skin

Cellulite. It's big in the beauty business, because most women have it. At least 80% of us, and we believe the stats are actually higher than that.

So, who develops it? Thin, heavy, young and old, runway models, and the buffest bodies, too. On thighs, belly, and rear. Weight doesn’t determine who gets this lumpy fat and who does not.

Cellulite is a skin condition of swollen fat cells jammed together, that cannot be exercised off or dieted away into nothingness. Of course, a taut and toned body will definitely make a difference in how you look. So it is important to always have some kind of exercise regimen going.

The real skinny on cellulite, and the most important thought to take away from today's article:
There is absolutely NO way to get rid of cellulite permanently. That’s the bad news.
The good news is this: We CAN reduce the appearance of cellulite and STOP further cellulite advancement.

We know these facts, because we once asked Anushka, a cellulite expert, point-blank about getting rid of this lumpy fat, and that is what she told us. So the key words here being....reducing appearance and stopping further advancement.

So what's a smart gal to do?

Anushka who operates world-renown Cosmedical Centre, Spa, Salon & Cellulite Clinics in New York City, has been an authority on cellulite and its prevention for more than 3 decades. And her wonderful website AnushkaOnline features cellulite treatments, target exercises, nutritional recipes, the ABC's of cellulite, and more.

Circulation, diet, and topical treatments can all help tone down cellulite and bring back smooth, taut skin.

1. Keep moving.....She's a firm believer in taking a large natural bristle brush, and using the brush daily to give those areas special attention. “Dry brushing helps eliminate dead skin cells which make the skin look smoother. And it also improves lymph and blood circulation. I recommend a soft, natural bristle brush. Start at your feet and continue upwards in a circular motion towards the heart. Use once a day.”

2. Diet. We are what we eat.....Anushka is an expert in nutrition and her website offers sound dietary advice and healthy recipes from her own kitchen--- like Turkey Spinach Lasagna, Marinated Grilled Tuna Steak, and Anushka’s Signature Salad.

She also can’t stress enough the importance of water and how excellent it is for your body. And Anushka even has a secret drink that promotes beautiful skin.

"Raspberry tea," Anushka says. "It is wonderful for women, in general. In addition to acting as a diuretic which helps reduce bloating (leading to a slimmer silhouette), it also helps alleviate menstrual discomfort and cramps, reduces heavy bleeding, promotes healthy skin, bones, and teeth, and when combined with peppermint, can help with morning sickness. Raspberry tea is absolutely refreshing and delightful to the palate. You can drink it hot or over ice with a leaf of mint."

3. Topical treatments...Creams and serums feel soft and silky, but these cellulite topical treatments can not completely erase the dimples and the ripples. Still, many women find these lotions useful because the appearance of cellulite can be strongly diminished and the appearance of smoother skin can result. But patience is needed and frequent application. What’s nice is you can use these topical treatments at home and they aren’t too expensive.

Any time you see a topical cellulite treatment that includes caffeine, butcher’s broom, or even seaweed, these items are placed in such creams and serums to boost circulation.

Check out Anushka's website. It's the best one we've found on cellulite.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sexy Sophia Loren Needs Facelift At 74? You're Crazy!

We decided to spend some quality time today with Sophia Loren, the Academy award winning actress. Unfortunately, we have never met her, but we are excited the internationally-acclaimed film icon is still acting at age 74, and still looking sexy.

Sophia Loren has a starring role in the much-anticipated movie musical Nine, set for release on November 25th. Also adding beauty and glamour to the cast are: Nicole Kidman, Kate Hudson, Penelope Cruz, Marion Cotillard, and Judi Dench.

And check out the beautiful Italian actress in the pages of your November Vogue magazine. Sopia Loren really looks amazing all these years. That is why we are puzzled at the critics, suggesting she needs a facelift.

Are you kidding us? You're crazy!

Our top photo features Sophia at last year's Academy Awards Show, February 2008, outdoors in strong sunlight.
The middle photo shows Sophia at the Rome Film Festival in 2007, being recognized for her lifetime of cinematic work.
And the bottom photo shows the gorgeous Sophia Loren with those trademark cat-eyes at a much younger age, maybe her 30s or even early 40s.

We were stunned to read what the so-called experts have decided, are the new cosmetic procedures the Mediterranean-featured actress supposedly needs at age 74. We found these tidbits at the

"Dermatologic surgeon Dr. David Sire of Fullerton proposes a facelift for Loren’s cheeks and jowls. He also suggsts a neck lift, called a corset platysmoplasty, to eliminate slackness there.
Next, he would resurface her face with a fractional CO2 laser. Finally, he would inject dermal fillers. His summary:
Lots of work, but for such a beautiful lady the results would be great.

Plastic surgeon Dr. John Di Saia of San Clemente also proposes a facelift:
At some point she has likely had at least one facelift. She might be ready for another one. At 74, I would probably keep it simple to reduce her risk."

How silly and insulting. And how about these comments:

“When we speak of great beauties of all time, Sophia Loren is at the top of the list. Her stated age is 74, but she now looks older than her stated age,” says plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Persky of Encino.

We certainly don't know what cosmetic procedures Sophia Loren has had during her long, celebrated life and career. We can only assume that she has had work done, as most great beauties in Hollywood have resorted to. There were rumors a number of years ago, that her famous, not-small-and-perky nose was altered ever so slightly.

And if it were, big deal. At age 74, the woman is still a classic beauty. And how dare, people expect or demand an older woman to appear 'forever frozen in time.' If you blow up a photo of any attractive face over age 30, you will see some lines and blemishes, and so on. To do that to a 74-year-old woman and then knock her down for aging gracefully, is quite cruel and disturbing.

We enjoyed what model Cindy Crawford told Allure magazine in an interview last March, where the discussion of aging came up:

"I think I look pretty good for 43. But I don't look the way I did when I was 23. So if Star magazine or whatever wants to print a picture of me on the beach from the back, at the worst possible angle, and say that I have cellulite, I'm like, Guess what? I do, and I never said I didn't. I've had two kids, and I'm 43, so leave me alone," Cindy remarked.

Sophia Loren continues to grace the pages and movies with her superb bone structure, almond-shaped eyes, curvy figure, and earthy allure. That is why we are proud to feature her as our cover girl at Beauty Tip Today.

A facelift at 74? You're crazy!