Sunday, September 30, 2012

Paint On Some Gold, Ladies: It's a Glam Thing

Gold signifies wealth, glamour, and the good life.

And at the moment, gold is a HOT color trend in beauty, too. Maybe, a dab of gold highlighter across the top of your cheekbones or eyelids is just too over-the-top, or not your beauty thing.

But how could you deny the glamour of a gold mani/pedi?! Gold is great for a big night out. And Maybelline has got you covered:

Maybelline Color Show Nail Lacquer in Bold Gold ($3.19, on SALE at CVS).

We have to admit, a gold manicure looks gorgeous. Take a peek at the top photo. We WISH these were our nails.  They belong to mybeautyboxblog.

Will you dip your nails into some purely pretty gold lacquer?

You might just FEEL like a million bucks $$$.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Anne Hathaway Puts On Sexy Extensions For Big Wedding Today!

Congratulations, Anne Hathaway!

Your extensions look so pretty! The actress is now a married woman.

The Les Miserables star married actor-beau Adam Shulman at sunset today in Big Sur, California. '

The happy couple took part in a traditional Jewish ceremony at a private home there, according to reports.

Anne looked glam in a gorgeousValentino gown, and get this---all her bridesmaids were in Valentino dresses, too.

The pair gets along beautifully, as she told USA Today last year that they both value their normal, low-key way of life. "We have house parties and dinner parties and just hang out," Anne said. "I'm so delighted by [Adam]. He's all the things you want a partner to be. I so find joy in his presence."

We are betting that celebrity stylist Ted Gibson did Anne's signature wavy hair for the nuptials. We prefer the Les Miserables actress with LONGER locks, and think the hair extensions were a lovely beauty touch!

Friday, September 28, 2012

A Little Leopard Never Hurt Anyone: Hot Fall Shoe Trend

How sexy is a little leopard wrapped around your precious feet?! Leopard everything is HOT for Fall 2012, especially, leopard pumps! This playful animal print is all over the place. Hunt down a pair, so to speak, and get in on all the stylish fun!

Look what we found that's leopard-inspired: Valentino Rockstud Leopard Sling Back T.100 In Chestnut ($1,145.00, at forwardforward). OMG!

These leopard shoes are smokin' hot! Of course, only Valentino could design a pairlike these. Calf hair and leather upper with leather sole. Made in Italy. Approx 100mm/4 inch heel. Strap/buckle closure. Metallic pyramid stud detail throughout.

Stuart Weitzman Dagger Pin Heel Stiletto Pump ($365, at shoerazzi). How glam are these with a titanium pin-point Dagger 4" heel! Jut enough leopard to say, Meow!

Kelsi Dagger Linzy Platform Pumps ($35.99, on SALE at Dillards). These were priced originally at $119! Lovely leopard patent pumps! What sky-high glam with a 1" hidden platform; 5" heel. You don't have to break your shoe budget with a leopard pump. There are tons of these animal print stilettos available.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Beauty Junkie Julianne Hough Loves These For Lips

'Rock of Ages' star Julianne Hough has to
remind herself that 'less is more,' when it comes to putting on makeup.

The gorgeous 24-year-old is a beautie junkie, and proud of it. She tells InStyle mag that there are certain things she ALWAYS stashes in her cosmetics bag.

Let's take a look at how this rising star  dresses up her kissable lips.

She says it's Chanel and Rosebud lip balm all the way. The 2 lip products couldn't be more different:

Rosebud Strawberry Lip Balm ($7, at Sephora). This balm-in-a-tin is a cult-fave among many. It's so soothing and makes lips really soft, and smells so yumy!

"My trick is to put this  gloss over my lipstick and rub it in a little so my lips aren't too sticky. It looks more natural," Julianne says.

Chanel Glossimer Lip Gloss, Calypso ($30, at It's a juicy tangerine shade that can go lighter for that natural coral-y hue. Julianne adores Calypso:

"A peachy coral gloss has been my go-to for years, and it works best with my skin tone.".

It's a lovely look for the beauty-next-door and her blonde hair, blue-eyed, fair skin combo.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Kardashian Sisters Keeping Up With The Kash: Khroma Makeup Line

We must say, the Kardashian sisters look HOT in these ads for their new makeup line, Khroma. Sure, there is most likely, a wee bit of photoshopping going on, but then again, who isn't photoshopped these days when it comes to fashion and beauty ads?!

We've been seeing this commercial shot tease of Kim K in all the major fashion mags for a few months now. And whenever we see the ad, we immediately think it is Jennifer Lopez. Does anyone else see this?

Glad to see Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe all keeping up with the $$kash$$, so to speak. The brand new Khroma Beauty makeup line  will begin its launch in Ulta stores this December.

The special holiday collection will feature faux lashes, mascaras and Kardazzle Compacts, with more products from the line ready for release early next year.

We DO think makeup is something all 3 K sisters know a lot about, so it's the perfect vehicle to be selling something that has your signature on it.

If anyone knows what eyeshadow, mascara, and faux lashes are about----it's certainly Kim Kardashian. She's never met a lash she didn't like. The sexy reality star always has her makeup done to perfection.

Rumor has it, that Kim had once traveled away for a paid appearance, but canceled after her makeup artist forgot to bring along the fales lashes for Kim. She allegedly refused to be seen at public appearance without them. We cannot prove this gossip is true. Just sayin'.......

Also, the cosmetics will accompany behind-the-scenes tips by the K sisters and their make-up artists via Twitter and YouTube.

Will you tune in and get your lashes on?

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Heidi Klum Gets Her Saggy Baggy Groove On and It Works!

Wow...What a difference a day makes, as the old saying goes.

The bottom photo shows the former Victoria's Secret model in seafoam elegance at Sunday's Emmy Awards show. And the top photo has the Project Runway host walking casually with children in tow, the next day.

The point is.....Heidi Klum STILL manages to look gorgeous, even when she's not trying hard.

The mom-of-4, yes, 4 kids, is dressed down, as you can see, getting her saggy, baggy groove on!

We're New England....We call those farmer jeans. Others say they are coveralls, and some claim she's wearing overalls.

Whatever Heidi's denim jumpsuit is, it's tres baggy. And yet, the modelmakes it work. As Project Runway's Tim Gunn likes to say: Make it work, people."

Don't worry, Heidi is right in step with the HOT trend-of-the-moment boyfriend jeans. Or should we say, grandpa jeans?

The baggy denim trend is HOT. Jennifer Aniston has been all over that look for months now.

We think Heidi pulls it off very nicely by keeping everything to the bare minimum:
simple ponytail
barely there makeup
aviator lenses
black tank top
gold necklace
sensible shoes

Do you dig these very baggy overalls?

Monday, September 24, 2012

Forward Skin Care: Where Nature And Science Come Together Beautifully

Anti-aging skin care.

Products that multi-task.

A line that REALLY does something good for your skin.

We have been lucky to sample 2 items from a brand new company:
Forward Skin Care.

Anti-aging formulas are designed to tighten, lift, firm, and brighten. And that is exactly what the Los Angeles-based company has been able to successfully accomplish in each little bottle and jar they sell.

Farida Benderradji, spokesperson for Forward Skin Care, is proud of the methods her beauty company has created to blend nature and science together--without using animal testing or artificial coloring. In fact, the products are ALL fresh. Forward Skin Care is very aware of formulas that sit for months on store shelves; they do it differently. Instead, batches of their skin care line are made fresh, and come with their own date of formulation.

We like that concept. It takes the guesswork out of a beauty product's efficacy standards. This way, you know how long the formula is designed to repair and enhance your complexion.

We enjoyed using Forward's Supreme (serum) and the Lift & Firm (cream),  2 of their best sellers. And we can see why these products are so popular.

These are just a few of the anti-aging 'weapons' used in their skin care line:
Aloe Vera. Kojic acid. Bearberry extracts. Seakelp bio-ferment. Algae extract. Peptides.

Supreme ($86.95 at forwardskincare). A light, clear serum that dries quickly and immediately,  to tighten and sculpt facial contours, and lessen the appearance of wrinkles--all thanks to the added presence of  powerful Argireline combined with Tri-peptide5.

Lift & Firm ($69, at forwardskincare).  This cream feels like velvet sinking into every pore. It can also be layered on top of the Supreme Serum.  The formula begins fast to lift and firm and brighten the skin. It can be applied over the decollete and bust for excellent firming results, too. The winning ingredients feature bearberry leaves extract, Triglyceride, algae extract, and more.

These skin care products not only feel great, but give instant and long-lasting tightening effects. And they smell delicious, too.

We think Forward Skin Care is on the right track developing a truly fresh skin care line that blends nature and science beautifully.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Okay, So It's Cheap....But Do You Wear Wet 'n' Wild?

Do you ever wear cheap makeup?

Heck, we do.

There is nothing wrong with inexpensive drugstore cosmetics. Sometimes a lipstick or eyeliner that costs less than $5.00 is really a good find. That brings us to Wet 'n' Wild. Do you wear Wet 'n' Wild?

We have worn their black liquid liner, lipstick, eye pencil, and lip gloss---although the gloss burned our lips and we tossed it out.

No big deal.

Here's something else to look forward to. Fergie is a beauty ambassador to the cosmetics company.  Women's Wear Daily is reporting that the talented singer will be debuting a color cosmetics line with Wet 'n' Wild in February:

....."Her debut color range, called Fergie by Wet ‘n’ Wild, is designed to offer consumers a lineup products that allude to the songstress’ “Fergalicious” life. “It was important to me that my line is affordable to my fans but I wanted to give it a luxury spin,” Fergie said of her range, which is priced between $3.49 and $5.99. “It’s that extra little limited-edition feel of fashion."

To read more about the Fergalicious makeup, click here.

Hey, we're down with some Wet 'n' Wild by Fergie. Are you?

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Cindy Crawford Finally Designs Own Fashion Line

We think it's about time one of the greatest supermodels has launched her OWN clothing line.

Cindy Crawford has always been highly regarded in all aspects of the title, model.

From her successful ventures into the skin care business to her home/lifestyle collections, it would seem natural that this 47-year-old style icon and mother-of-two, would design an affordable line of ready-to-wear fashion for 'regular women.' In other words, not only for tall, slender women with incredible bodies.

Cindy has teamed up with the German retailer C&A to launch the exclusive Cindy Crawford Collection this fall. C &A has some 1,500 branches and 8 online shops throughout Europe. And since today is the FIRST day of autumn, we thought we would share a few pieces from her 31-piece casual collection.
The Cindy Crawford Collection ranges from $14.80 at current exchange rates, for a top; $23.43 for shirts and sweaters; blazers and jeans for $48.09; outerwear for $97.43, and leather jackets for $183.75.

Very chic, we might add.

Will you buy from Cindy's new line?

Friday, September 21, 2012

Beautiful Bride Blake Lively's Makeup Tips

It's a shame that all media outlets can chatter about, is whether new bride Blake Lively is pregnant or not.

Could you imagine?

Tough to be a celebrity these days, even if you're married to handsome Ryan Reynolds. Instead, we would like to focus on the Gossip Girls star, and how she maintains that enviable glow and those healthy blonde good looks.

We looked around and found these Beautiful Bride Blake Lively's Makeup Tips, and want to share them:

1. La Mer Body Creme ($220, at Blake raves about it to InStyle magazine.
"This cream makes my skin so soft--it's my favorite."

2. Kerastase Chroma Captive Masque ($61, at
"This mask has made my hair so much healthier. I put it in and just let my hair air-dry in a bun" she tells the mag.

3. Mason Pearson Popular Mixture Hairbrush ($170, at
"Most people use a fine-tooth comb to tease their hair, but not me. Two strokes at my roots with this brush creates just the right amount of body," Blake says.

4. Chanel Inimitable Mascara ($30, at
The spike brush is magic! It really gets in there and gives your lashes an amazing boost."

5. OPI Nail Lacquer ($8, each, at
"My manicurist (Elle) taught me a trick: Put a light polish over a dark one to make nails more vibrant."

6. Giorgio Armani Hi Precision Re-Touch ($36, at
"Even though it offers strong coverage, you don't look like you're wearing any makeup,"Blake tells InStyle.

Super makeup tips--Thanks, Blake.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Younger Women Filling Up: Marshmallow Cheeks And Lips

Restylane, Juvederm, Perlane, etc. Those are cosmetic fillers. And according to the latest stats, women younger than 35 are deep into quick, non-surgical treatments.

It's cosmetic dermatological overload. And in Hollywood alone, you will find lots of very young celebrities walking around with a similar appearance of marshmallow cheeks and lips.

The August issue of Vogue took a hard look at the beauty trends causing a buzz, and discovered that:
"Women are now starting their anti-aging regimens younger and younger-well before they even have a wrinkle to speak of. The that they often end up looking older."

The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) now states that 18% of patients receiving non-invasive treatments, like filler, lasers, and Botox  are aged 19-34.

Back in the day, most teens and young women made a visit to the derm for acne treatment. These days, the  appointment is scheduled to fill up on filler. And sometimes, it goes too far. Lips and cheeks have become super-sized.

As Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Norman Leaf explained to Vogue, this younger sub-set of women are "chasing the dream of never getting old." Even teens are asking for fuller, bigger lips, higher cheekbones, sharper jawlines, and so on.

"It's a world gone mad," says Dr. Leaf.

Since fillers are NOT permanent, the patient must keep returning to the doctor for another round of shots. The trouble starts when you begin adding a little more and more of this and that. One expert tells Vogue:

 "It's socially reinforcing. If you have a procedure done and afterward people say you look good, that positive reinforcement will encourage you to do it again, and to do more."

We cannot prove which younger than 35, celebrities are obsessed with looking perfect and youthful, but Kim Kardashian's name often comes up, because her appearance appears to be ever-changing. And Lindsay Lohan's name has certainly been talked about, when it comes to a facial enhancement.

What do you think:

Fillers are fine. Leave young beauties alone!

Or, "It's a world gone mad!"

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Groundbreaking News: Ralph Lauren Hires First Plus-Size Model-Size 12!

In the worlds of fashion and beauty, this is HUGE news! Legendary designer Raph Lauren has added a new model to his line--and she is Aussie Robin Lawley, a gorgeous, size 12. Yes, ladies, and gentlemen, a plus-size model! Just look at the photos of RL, modeling for RL.

Robin is signed with the Wilhelmina modeling agency. She told GMA viewers today, that she started out as a non plus-size model, but found herself constantly battling weight gain, and decided to stick with what her natural body type was comfortable at.

Robin says she is 'big-boned,', has broad shoulders and curves and very tall at 6 ft, 1 in..

We applaud Ralph Lauren for breaking the ever-strict modeling rules and taking a chance on having a beautiful plus-size beauty represent his famous brand of clothing.

The designer has been scolded in the past for allegedly having one of his models photo-shopped in an ad to make her look super skinny. He was also accused  of allegedly firing one of his models, Filippa Hamilton, because she appeared to have gained a bit too much weight to showcase his clothing.

By the way, Ralph Lauren sells up to a size 22, and Women 3X. So, the fashion and style for the not-so-skinny gal has always been available. But, this is the first time RL has ever used a plus-size model in his ad campaigns. Take a look at the RL website.

We think it is a very intelligent move, Mr. Lauren.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

That's So 1970s! Yet Indian Earth Powder Still Cult Fave

Many of you might be too young to remember, but when Indian Earth makeup powder hit store shelves in these adorable, mini clay pots + fluffy applicator puff, it was a BIG beauty deal! And yeah, that happened in the 1970s, but we were so shocked to see that this multi-purpose powder is still quite popular today.

Indian Earth Cosmetics takes pride in being one of the first mineral makeups around. The ingredients are said to be PURE:

"Naturally occurring mixture of minerals containing Iron, Silicon, Aluminium, Calcium, Copper, Vanadium, Molybdenium, Nickel and Strontium, existing in Oxide, Silicate and Carbonate forms as they occur in nature."

If you've never seen the original Indian Powder, we can tell you, that it delivers a natural rosy, radiant glow to the complexion.

The multi-purpose makeup powder can be used as blush, bronzer, eyeshadow, and even on the lips and nails, for that healthy, sun-kissed glow.

And this cute, little pot of beauty powder is tres economical. A little goes a long way. So, this powder lasts almost forever.

We found some at C.O. Bigelow for $15.

Have you ever tried this cult fave mineral makeup?

Monday, September 17, 2012

Ambi Fade Cream DOES Work.....But Not Perfectly Yet

We've written about fade creams before, but this time, we were going to take the test, and really try out the product right away.  Back on August 13th, we wrote a BeautyTipToday post about Ambi Fade Cream. And for about a month now, we have been applying the fade cream every day, as directions state. We chose the Ambi for oily skin.

It's preferred you apply Ambi Fade Cream 2X a day. Within 2 weeks or so, results should be starting to show, according to the Ambi company.

We've been applying the cream to our Mediterranean, DARK undereye circles, our decollete, and knees.   Our results, so far:
Dark circles.....The best improvement. We would say about 30% improvement.
Decollete(neck chest)...About 15% improvement.
Knees....About 10% improvement.

After 3 months, directions say to stop using if improvements are not seen.

Cosmo mag lists Ambi Fade Cream as a good one. Plus, it's easily found at your neighborhood drugstore at a very cheap price ($5.59, at

The 'magic' ingredient in Ambi Skincare Fade Cream is the 2% hydroquinone. This chemical helps to speed up skin lightening. But the stuff can also be highly irritating to skin, so you must always proceed cautiously when using hydroquinone. And there are some fears about the possible development of cancer after very prolonged usage.

By the way, prescription hydroquinone begins at 4% and will work much faster. We will continue applying the Ambi Fade Cream and hope for even better results. We were surprised that our undereye circles are starting to fade significantly.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Zoe Saldana Makes Looking Beautiful A Breeze

Zoe Saldana always looks stunning and modern at red carpet events. So, how does the 34-year-old movie star make it look so easy?

Well, with great DNA from her parents. And Zoe knows what looks great on her, plus she is model-slender which means clothes in general, appear elegantly on her.

Zoe's beauty style is easy to copy. She loves wearing her dark hair in an easy, loose bun (bottom photo), or in a pulled back ballerina bun, as you can see in photos 1 & 2.

Her signature makeup features a strong, lined cat eye with brown shadow, black liner and soft nude lips. Gorgeous!

And check out her sexy, sophisticated black Prabal Gurung gown at the 2012 CFDA Awards. This little number is up for Best Gown of the Year. And we can see why.

Zoe Saldana doesn't look like she's trying to hard, and it works! No fussy do, no over-load of jewelry, and no drowning in yards of frilly fabric.

Just enough. Done perfectly.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Oh, Boy!! Big Bad Bold Brows Are In For Spring 2013

Okay...BIG, BOLD brows ain't goin' nowhere, ladies!

So, our best beauty advice to you:

Start GROWING your brows from now, to get ready for Spring 2013!

Says who?

NY Fashion Week. Designers like Marc Jacobs were showing off boxy brows on model after model. Take a look at our Top Photo and the drawing by one of the BEST in the biz--Francois Nars. This is what he told

"Marc showed me images of Amy Winehouse, Patsy Cline, and Sweet Charity," says makeup artist Fran├žois Nars, who also turned to the photographer Sam Haskins’s 1964 black-and-white narrative book, Cowboy Kate, for inspiration. "It was important to make the girls look like dancers, to treat them like characters, not models.

So, if you are not of the fully-brow-endowed, then learn to sculpt a pair with some powder or pencil. Sheesh! That's a lot of work, darn it!

As Sandy Linter, another legend in the makeup world once told us:

Look at the kinds of brows the models are wearing. Do not look at the actresses who usually like to sport the thin, L.A. brow. The models have the inner track on what's best in beauty.

Here we go again....We use a brow pencil with hopefully, a lighter touch.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Emma Stone Uses A Sprinkle Of This For Mega Volume Hair

It's definitely 'got grip.' And that is a plus for creating BIG hair.

We're talking about Matrix Design Pulse Mega Dust Volume Texturizer. We found some at BeautyBay for $11.90.

Who doesn't want texture, body and hold?!

Celebrities like Emma Stone love it when they're looking to pump up the volume. She wore it at the 2012 Met Ball, and she's still putting some on at red carpet events.

We like beauty products that are quick & easy---NO fuss, NO muss.

And Matrix Design Pulse Mega Dust Volume Texturizer couldn't be simpler. Just sprinkle some onto dry hair, work in with fingers, and watch the BIG hair grow!

The dust is like you would figure it to be---very lightweight, non-greasy. It's a terrific hairstyling product, economical, too, because a few sprinkles go a long way.

If you're always on the hunt for a newer and better volumizer, try a can of this!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Jessica Biel's Go-To Lip Color For Naturally Dazzling Smile

We all know that Jessica Biel LOVES her bangs, and she's been wearing this hot trend for several months now. And we like the look on her. When your facial bone structure is that stunning, you can probably wear just about any hairstyle.

But have you ever noticed her sexy smile?! More often than not, the popular actress puts on lipsticks that are in the neutral, very natural color range.

Her lips are quite full and she has a big, wide smile. Maybe that is why Jessica loves these 'quiet' shades of lip color.

She is a Revlon Cosmetics ambassador, so she DOES wear their wonderful makeups. One of Jessica's go-to lipsticks:

Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter in Peach Parfait. How soft, pretty! We found it for $7.49 at

You might like the peach hue, too. It's not a heavy lip color. Very nice and moisturizing.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

FDA Warns L'Oreal To Stop Exaggerating Youthful Benefits

We don't believe that only L'Oreal should be scolded for its overly-exaggerated claims about its skin care products that turn back time. But--the largest cosmetics company is being warned to STOP advertising its anti-aging items with words that sound like the creams and serums are as powerful as drugs.

And Lancome appears to be hit the hardest with its skin care claims of "boost(ing) the activity of genes" or "stimulate(ing) cell regeneration". Yeah, right.

Well, we see those exaggerated fountain of youth promises from just about EVERY skin care and cosmetics companies around---from Avon to Olay, to Perricone, and so on.

It's difficult to figure out how much is TRUE, and how much is not about a skin care or cosmetic product that promises all these wonderful benefits.

L'Oreal responded in this way:

"We are aware of FDA's letter to Lancome and will respond to their regulatory concerns in a timely manner," a L'oreal spokeswoman said.

We do believe that many incredibly good things can help one's skin, and the advances in beauty science have come a long way. But to completely ERASE wrinkles, scars and permanently lift skin is a big stretch.

Even prescription Retin-A and Renova cannot do all those things, but these skin care drugs at least, minimize the fine lines and DO stimulate collagen production and increase cell turnover. But it's a slow process and you have to use a prescription skin care product forever to maintain results.

So, no easy path to the fountain of youth. And skin care companies that offer over-the-counter products with huge promises should all be taken to task, and scolded for photoshopping and using the complexions of very young models as proof of a product's efficacy.

By the way...Here are a couple of products mentioned in the warning letter, dated September 7:
Genifique Repair Youth Activating Night Cream
Absolue Eye Precious Cells Advanced Regenerating and Reconstructing Eye Cream.

On its website, Lancome describes Genifique Repair cream as "our first night care that boosts the activity of genes." The magical cream costs $98 for a 1.7-ounce.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Beauty With Braids: Elegant Hair Trend Continues

Take a look at the photos. If you've ever wondered what a milkmaid braid looks like, here's your answer.

We think the plaiting close to the crown is quite elegant and bo-ho beautiful.

The braids serve as headbands, too. And if you have lots of fairly long hair by natural means or by extensions, you, too, can rock this Fall 2012 hair trend.

Jennifer Lopez is sexy with her almost messy milkmaid braid. And reality goddess Kim Kardashian recently added a double-braided do to her style as she brought cutie-pie Mason to church.

The runway at the Rachel Roy show presented models neatly gliding across the catwalk adorned with sophisticated milkmaid braids and ribbons woven throughout. So pretty!

You might need a little pomade before you twist and twirl a braid, just to keep strands perfectly in place.

Watch this YouTube How-To by one of our faves in the hair-to how-to biz, Leyla of LuxyHair.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Old Hollywood Glam For Fall 2012: One Shoulder Wavy Hair

It's really too bad that Miley Cyrus went and chopped off all her gorgeous waves, because that hairstyle was right on trend for Fall 2012.

It's classic old Hollywood glamour at its best---featuring long, wavy, bouncy hair with a major side part and styled over one shoulder.

These celebrities look amazing following the hair trend:
Jessica Chastain
Lana Del Rey
Eva Longoria
Diane Kruger
Stacy Keibler
Miley Cyrus
(well, she did before)

Blow it out. Keep it smooth, healthy and shiny. Take a curling iron and add a bunch of cascading loose curls. Spray. And toss the soft waves over one shoulder.

A truly sophisticated, glam look for Autumn!