Friday, November 30, 2012

La Bedouine: Brand New Botanical Skin Care Line Takes Off

There's an incredible, exotic story as to how Judith Reitman, the founder and president  of La Bedouine, came to launch her new botancial skin care company.

The journalist and author had traveled to France to write about life there. Along the way, she met her husband-to-be in a quaint, little village bakery, got married, and began a wonderful new life in Provence. It's when Judith Reitman received a bottle of Argan oil as a wedding present and journeyed into Morocco to look for more of this ancient, precious, hydrating beauty oil, that she discovered her true calling.

Judith learned all about the closely-knit social culture of the Berber women and the generations-old process of making authentic Argan oil. And she proudly launched La Bedouine earlier this November as an all-women-run enterprise.

We were lucky to try out 3 sophisticated + effective + anti-aging skin care products from the new line!

1. Mousse d'Argan Facial Wash ($42, 2 oz., at La Bedouine). A terrific lathering gel made by pulverized organic Argan nuts. Leaves complexion smooth, clean, and radiant. Won't strip delicate skin.
2. La Bedouine 100% Organic Argan Oil Night Serum ($28, at La Bedouine). Simply pure, organic, and made in small batches by Berber families in far away Morocco. An exquisite formula with superb moisturizing properties and tons of vitamin E. This is the BEST Argan oil around!
3. La Bedouine Berberian Rouge ($36, compact + lip stain, at La Bedouine). A 100% botanical lip stain that comes in an adorable handmade wood compact. Berber brides
use this traditional pretty stain on their wedding day. Made with exotic cedar root, red corn poppies, and ground pomegranate bark.
The La Bedouine skin care line is a real beauty. Any products from this new collection would make for lovely holiday gifts.

For more information, visit La Bedouine. And BeautyTipToday readers can receive 15% off their 1st order, Just enter the coupon code BEAUTY to get in on this great promotion!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Zooey Deschanel's 4 Beauty Must-Haves!

TV's funny gal Zooey Deschanel loves playing with makeup.

And she says there are 4 Beauty Must-Haves she prefers above all the rest.

This is the list Zooey gave to People magazine's Beauty Watch:

1. Nars Lipstick, Funny Face ($24, at Narscosmetics). This is a full-coverage semi-matte lipstick in a rich, velvet-y fuchsia shade.

2. L'Oreal Paris Voluminous Original Mascara ($7.99, at So that's how Zooey gets such super long, thick lashes. It's all in the formula. No flakes, no clumps, no smudges.

3. Josie Maran Argan Oil ($48, at Sephora). A lightweight oil that is wonderful for better skin elasticity and hydration.

4. Pantene Beautiful Lengths Finishing Cream ($6, at Walmart).

As Zooey said to People:
"What you wear should make you feel comfortable, happy and pretty."

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

VS Model Mirander Kerr Credits Green Juice For Skinny Body

Miranda Kerr has a beauty secret, and it has nothing to do with Victoria's Secret.

The stunning VS model and mom to son Flynn credits her skinny, perfect frame to,  of all things----green juice.

Miranda tells People mag that she works out doing Pilates, yoga, and boxing before she is 'body- ready' to slip into sexy undies for the annual VS runway show, being televised on Tuesday, Dec. 4th, CBS.

'I also drink healthy green juices everyday, and protein shakes,' the model says.

Okay, green juices. Er.....yumm-o....Not! But, Miranda might be on to something. Drinking a little green can melt away fat. We wrote about chlorophyll in (2010) BeautyTipToday.

According to the dietary experts, chlorophyl acts like a mild laxative and encourages the liver into becoming a better fat-burning machine. The green pigment is also full of magnesium which helps to balance blood sugar and melt away stubborn belly fat.

Chlorophyl is also high in vitamin and mineral content. Ann Louise Gittleman, PhD, and an award-winning author of 30 books, tells First for Women magazine that, "the best absorbed form (of chlorophyll) is a liquid extract mixed with water." She suggests a twice daily drink of 1 tsp. of chlorophyll in 8 oz. of water. Dr. Gittleman likes Sunny Green Liquid Chlorophyll ($13, 16 oz., at health-food stores).

You could also make green juices using kale, spinach, and other excellent greens. We hunted down some tasty green juice recipes from

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Kate Middleton Gets A New Do---Layered Bangs!

Maybe, just maybe....the new duchess do is a distractor from her secret pregnancy. So, instead  of always focusing on royal Kate Middleton's alleged growing belly, one would be tempted to look at her lovely face and new layered hairstyle?!

The royal rumor is that the Duchess of Cambridge is expecting, and that Kate and William will be delivering the happy news sometime in December......not the baby yet, but just the news.

Hmmm. Not sure she is pregnant. Where could she even hide her alleged baby bump in that $2,200 silk Mulberry green dress?

Do you like the bright green dress?

The Duchess is right-on-trend in GREEN.

And we adore her lovely layered do with the center-parted bangs.

We think Kate looks great, and sophsticated, too!

It's almost a Kim Kardashian layered hairstyle. Well, really look at the similar style. We tip our beauty cap to Kate, for having her real hair on display....Not that there's anything wrong with beautiful, expensive extensions. Just sayin'......

It wouldn't surprise us if we see a new crop of Kate Middleton layered dos all over the world  as young women copy her every move, and this is just the latest Kate beauty tip to surface. That and the trendy green color dress.

Monday, November 26, 2012

J.Lo and Gwen Do It...When It Comes To Root Perfection

When Jennifer Lopez was crowned People magazine's 'Most Beautiful'  woman in 2011, she admitted in an interview, that she started going gray at age 23, and has since then, been touching up her butter-y brunette roots every 2 weeks!

Sounds like another talented star.....super blonde Gwen Stefani. We learned that she, too, was root-phobic and has J.Lo beat by a few days earlier.

Gwen  told  Harper's Bazaar that she keeps those pesky roots away, by using a beauty trick that movie goddess Marilyn Monroe lived by:

"Do you think Marilyn Monroe had to talk about this?" she asks smiling. "Well, I heard she did hers with a Q-tip every 10 days, so I try to follow Marilyn's rule." I mention that she's never been photographed with dark roots,  and she points to the houndstooth fedora she is wearing, "And you'll never see me with roots either."

Visible roots bother most of us with colored hair and/or grey strands. And like Gwen Stefani, there are ways to hide the roots when you can't cover them up at the moment. Yes, a hat works. You can also try a jagged hair part, instead of straight down the middle or side.

You can buy those clever root fixers that just hide the little devils until you can head to the salon.

But for some women, roots are very challenging hair strands that
are so stubborn, that even a salon professional cannot always achieve the perfect dye job.

So, until that beauty dilemma can be solved permanently, many of us reach for the color sticks, wands, powders and so forth, to hide nature's curse, ourselves included!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Say It Ain't So, Mariah! La Mer On Dem Babies' Bottoms?!

We certainly don't want to bad-mouth Mama Maria, but we hope this tabloid item from the Nov. 26th Star mag issue is just a silly, made-up story.

Let's talk about Creme de La Mer Moisturizing Creme for a moment. It's considered a superior beauty product. It costs $150 per oz.. We found some at Saks Fifth Avenue.

The customer reviews are always highly rated for this luxurious, thick, hydrating cream. And it isn't the cheapest beauty product on the block. It's got quite a cult following for those who can afford the splurge.

La Mer is so-oooooo popular, that you can't get enough, sometimes. This is what Saks 5th Ave prints at their website:

The high-end cream is adored by many celebrities, including Mariah Carey, and allegedly, by 'dem babies.'.

Star Mag is reporting that the new American Idol Judge pampers her cutie-pie twins Monroe and Moroccan, by slathering the expensive La Mer Creme on their little bum-bums.

Well, we don't believe it. And if it is true, then shame on Mariah for the wasting of a beauty product that belongs nowhere near anyone's bum.

La Mer as a fancy diaper cream?! Is she for real?

If you believe the story, Mama Mariah shells out $1,900 per big 16 oz. jar for the 18 month-old twins's bottoms.

According to a friend, "Nothing is too good for Mariah's babies. She probably spends more than $6,000 a month on the lotion alone so the kids don't have diaper rash.".

The friend added that, "She uses what's left over on her own face. Why not?

Well, Mimi does have a beautiful complexion.

You be the judge, so to speak. Is Mariah a wasteful diva or a very caring mom?

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Write This Down: Dermapen Micro-Needling Delivers Younger-looking Skin

Say hello to the newest wrinkle smoother! It's called Dermapen, and it's the latest trend in skin care, involving micro-needling.

Think of being pin-pricked all over your face. Oh yeah, tiny holes in the skin to rev up collagen/elastin production.

The great news----Dermapen is not surgery. It's another non-invasive beauty treatment that promises a younger, brighter, smoother complexion.

New York City Plastic Surgeon Jon Turk claims that this is a skin-worthy treatment, consisting of 11 tiny needles in an electronically driven pen-like device:

"In my opinion, anyone ages 35 to 60 should be getting these treatments," Dr. Turk says. "We are not looking at it as a separate procedure like laser, but as something that should be incorporated into a person's skin care."

Some dermatologists are comparing the Dermapen to the Fraxel laser, but without the downtime and possible side effects of charring, and so on.

Is there pain?

Yes, but discomfort at a tolerable level.

The Dermapen cost per session----between $250 - $650. You might need about 3 or 4 treatments spaced at 2-4 weeks apart.

For more details, click on this YouTube animation vid.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Pelleve Skin Treatment Feels Like Warm Massage

A good friend of ours recently asked us about a skin care treatment called Pelleve.

We like to believe that we are up on all the latest facial procedures out there, but this time we were stumped!

Through some research, we found that Pelleve has been FDA-approved since 2009, and is a non-invasive skin care treatment, designed to soften mild to moderate wrinkles.

The good news, the procedure  does NOT hurt. In fact, many patients claim the Pelleve treatments feel like a warm massage along the face.

Pelleve is all about advanced radiowave technology that heats up the skin layers, encouraging collagen production. It's so painless, that no anesthesia is used.

So, what kinds of results would one see?

According to the Pelleve website, some amazing things!

".....a visible tightening and lifting effect immediately after one session. Your skin will feel firmer and smoother as the texture and tone improves."

The only small downside, like fillers and Botox, results are temporary...about 6 months.

Still, this sounds like a wonderful skin care treatment.....without the sting of a needle over and over again.

Will you  try Pelleve?

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

GH's 'Carly' (Laura Wright) Has Best Hair In DayTime TV!

Gorgeous Laura White plays the role of Carly Corinthos Jacks on General Hospital.

The 42-year-old actress has always had an incredible head of blonde locks. We LOVE her hair, and apparently, so do a lot of fans. If you take a look at forums across the internet, you will see question after question requesting Laura's blonde highlights routine, her haircut, and other styling tips.

We can tell you that Laura's healthy hair is naturally curly, and that she prefers to keep it that way when she isn't on the set. Usually, we see her with straight or wavy locks on General Hospital. And so many women LOVE her natural-looking blonde color.

No, we don't have the hair secrets for this beautiful mane. We couldn't find a stitch of anything about her highlights, except that she has curly hair.  Period.

It's a mystery. We searched all over for some kind of hair secrets from the blonde, blue-eyed star and came up with nothing. Nada. Zero.

Still, we have named her 'Best Hair in DayTime TV!'

If you know anything about this fab head of hair, please tell us!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Iconic Model Beverly Johnson's Beauty Lifestyle Brand

Beverly Johnson was a stunning model back in the 1970s and beyond. And she's still smokin' hot today!

If there's an expert on everything beauty, it's Beverly, and at 60, she's seen it all, and has some insider tips, if you will.

We stumbled across her lifestyle line at

The first black model to ever grace the cover of vogue in 1974, is offering a collection of skin care, hair and beautiful faux ponytails in her Beverly Johnson Lifestyle Brand:

Fresh and Easy Day Creme ($27.95). This moisturizing cream is blended into a wonderful formula that includes "Argan Oil with natural extracts of Watercress and Apple that help fight the look of age spots and fine wrinkles."

Chic 16" Straight Layered Reversible Ponytail ($23.95). "Amazingly, my Beverly Johnson ponytail responds to your styling just like your regular hair and withstands curling and flat iron heat of up to 400ยบ."

Here's Beverly Johnson giving a quick demo on how she does her 2 Minute Beauty Routine.

Great job!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

A Great Bobby Pin Is Anything But Beauty Basic

Actress Jamie-Lynn Sigler always looks gorgeous on the red carpet. Her brunette locks and makeup are well-done. And if there's one beauty tip she wants to share, it has to do with the tiniest of hair accessories-----the bobby pin.

Sure, the bobby pin is a beauty basic, but a great bobby pin is not always easy to find. But Jamie Lynn says she reaches for this brand time and time again. And professional stylists love them, too:

Vidal Sassoon Bobby Pins ($1.29, at 60 per pack.

"They have to be strong," says celeb stylist Joey Maalouf tells Glamour mag. "These are my faves." Plus, you can get these bobby pins to match your hair color.

Sometimes, you just need some bobby pins to hold up that do, to tame those strays, and for setting hair in pin curls, etc.

These classic, old-fashioned booby pins really do the trick!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Topical Vitamin C Equals Collagen Booster + Brighter Skin

Topical Vitamin C creams/serums have been known to build better skin. When applied, Vitamin C helps to balance and brighten skin tone, bump up the collagen levels, and firm up the skin.

That's all fine and dandy, if the product you are using has been successful at STABILIZING the precious Vitamin C. C is a vitamin that breaks down easily. It's hard to keep it fresh. It oxidizes fast and loses some of its effectiveness.

So, you want to look for a Vitamin C beauty treatment that has both a solid concentration and pH factor. Try and find one with a 20% amt. of Vitamin C with a ph around 3.

Today, we are looking at Peter Thomas Roth Camu Camu Power CX30 ($72, at Nordstrom's).

This strong beauty product isn't cheap, but it delivers great things to your skin. It's all about the Amazonian camu camu berry that contains 30 times the Vitamin C of an orange!!

Plus, this Camu Camu berry formula features superb absorption properties due to its low molecular weight.

This jar of beauty would make for an excellent stocking stuffer!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Does Universal Makeup Really Exist? Bobbi Brown's New Makeup Line Says Yes!

We've talked a lot about makeup for one size here at BeautyTipToday. And yes, we've been skeptical when a makeup artist or cosmetics company claims that one lipstick will look great on ALL women, despite their having individual coloring, race/ethnicity.

But Bobbi Brown is here to prove us wrong with her newly launched Pretty Powerful Uber Basics line. She swears that these carefully chosen shades of makeup will work with EVERYONE.

These are universally flattering shades. As Bobbi explains it---"It's makeup, simplified.".

So, let's take a closer look.

What we LOVE about Bobbi Brown's new universal line is its variety. In other words, if you're looking for blush, there are 4 universally-flattering shade to choose from. Now, that we think equals intelligent beauty thinking!

Bobbi Brown makes wonderful, natural-looking cosmetics. There is nothing loud or garish about her makeup, you can rest-assured.

Check out the Pretty Powerful Uber Basics line here.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Carrie Underwood's Beauty Secret For Whiter Teeth

Country music superstar Carrie Underwood has a gorgeous smile. And believe it or not, she's got all her own teeth, which is actually unusual to see these days. It seems like every Hollywood celebrity goes with super-huge, super-white porcelain veneers. Carrie Underwood is sharing her beauty secret for whiter teeth with the December issue of InStyle.

Her favorite toothpaste: Bright Smile Whitening Toothpaste ($16.99, at

"Because my teeth are sensitive, I can't get them professionally whitened--or even use strips. This toothpaste does the trick," Carrie says.

So, let's take a look at Bright Smile Whitening Toothpaste. The tube is not the cheapest at $16.99 for 4.2 oz.. But it does contain an effective formula for eliminating stains and whitening teeth nicely.

Most people know about Bright Smile through their dentist as the 1 hour whitening process. The treatment features a hydrogen peroxide-based gel activated by a specialized light energy to get  teeth  up to "9.3 shades whiter".
Average Brite Smile Cost: $375

The company also offers at-home products such as Carrie Underwood's fave whitening toothpaste to bleach teeth.

We think Carrie's smile looks healthy, bright and white in a genuine way.

Do you use any type of whitening toothpaste or strips or trays?

What's your secret?

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Slip Into This Trend ASAP! Black Faux Leather Leggings!

Beyonce and Gwen are stylish, glam ladies, and now, you, too, can ride this sizzling trend:
Black leather leggings!!

Okay, the leggings DON'T have to be real leather. We won't tell. We've come across a  lot of faux leather that looks like the genuine thing.

Take a look at these below! These are Zara Faux Leather Leggings for $49.90. Very sexy, comfy, and affordable.

Michael Kors' faux leather leggings go for $100, and others go for even higher. So these Zara leggings are a great deal!

Will you rock this high, glam trend for Fall/Winter 2012?

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Kristen vs. Selena....Sexy vs. Demure.....Is There A Difference?

Kristen Stewart. Selena Gomez. Two very different young women. Kristen is 22. Selena is 20 . Each is very pretty.

Both were on the red carpet recently, and both debuted totally opposite looks.

We call it sexy vs. demure .

Was Kristen's gown too over-the-top and almost vulgar? Or was Selena's dress too safe and too grown-up for such a young woman?

Kristen showed up making a major fashion statement. She is tryng to up her game in the style department. She looked like liquid gold in a Zuhair Murad soft gold corseted gown, with  see-through skirt.

From afar, Kristen Stewart looked almost nude. She knew it, and dazzled at the Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 11 Premiere in L.A. last evening.

Selena Gomez, fresh from her split with Justin Bieber,  slipped into a stunning white Giambattista Valli lace peplum dress for the 22nd Annual Women of  the Year Awards in New York City last night.

Both young women turned heads in their respective red carpet looks. And both debuted very different dos---Kristen with lots of seductive bedroom waves, parted on one side, and Selena with simple, elegant updo.

Do you prefer Kristen Stewart's siren gown, or Selena Gomez' demure dress?

Monday, November 12, 2012

Marissa Jaret Winokur Owes New Slim Figure To Hard Work And Popcorn

We caught a glimpse of Broadway star Marissa Jaret Winokur on GMA this morning, and we were blown away at how tiny she has gotten. Wish we had that photo, because it is much more jaw-dropping than the pic above.

The actress is staying skinny after a recent 60 lb. weight loss, and credits her maintainance program to a sound diet, remaining active, and to popcorn.

The 39-year-old mom to a little boy, says she snacks on popcorn EVERY day! But she doesn't go crazy with a huge bowl basted in butter.

Marissa still enjoys the crunchy snack by eating the 100 Calorie microwave popcorn snack bags.

We are a popcorn freak, too. Our fave is Pop Secret(butter). Yumm-o!!
Plus, Marissa says she also eats boiled eggs. Here's exactly what she told Amy Robach this morning:

"The biggest thing is preparing my life. I traveled to come here. I had my 100 calorie microwavable popcorn with me to eat in my hotel room. And I brought hard boiled eggs with me on the plane. I didn’t allow the plane food to get in the way. You’ve got to keep working out. I’m also just mentally like, this is for life."

We tip our hat to Miss Marissa! Nice going! She's now a healthy size 2. She says she did it on her own, unlike most celebs who have a major weight loss company guiding their every dietary step, as they lose lbs. and gain big money in commercials.

"It wasn't an overnight thing," Marissa says.  "I have no sponsor. I'm totally doing it myself. I actually counted calories and worked out. It's literally 1,200 calories and worked out every day."

Congratulations, Marissa! You look great!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Looking For A Great Sheer Lipstick? Try Colour Riche Colour Caresse

L'Oreal has always had a wonderful lipstick line in Colour Riche. And over the summer, the cosmetics giant introduced Colour Riche Colour Caresse, a lipstick lite line, if you would.

If you hate that heavy lipstick look, and would prefer a more sheer tint to the pout, then the Caresse collection will put a smile on your face. It's not sticky, either. You get a featherlight finish. And it's a buildable lipstick. You can layer it for a deeper, bolder effect.

The Caresse line comes in 16 luscious shades, including this one, called Cotton Pink. We found it at Target for $7.99.

Check out this excellent YouTube demo on the L'Oreal Colour Riche Colour Caresse collection by EmJustLikeYou. She goes through 13 shades, trying each one out on her  lips.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

This Is The New 57!! Iman Looks Incredible!

Okay, Iman, the once famous supermodel, probably knows all the beauty tricks and the right beauty people to keep her looking oh-so-fab!

Gee, the woman is 57!! Iman looks incredible!

She also has her own popular cosmetics line. Maybe that's it. Let's look at her skin. It appears just about flawless!

Maybe it's Iman's Luxury Radiance Liquid Makeup ($15, at It's an oil-free mineral foundation, and is available in 6 shades.

Could that be the secret to Iman's glowing complexion?

If you look closely, it appears that the classic beauty is wearing blue contacts. Her  makeup is  professionally applied and her lips  are wearing a pretty, nude gloss.

All in all, Iman looks gorgeous as she attends a screening of the film, Hotel Noir at Crosby Street Hotel in Manhattan, last evening. Even her long, pin-straight blonde locks appeared healthy and glam in her sexy, all-black ensemble.

Iman looks better than a lot of models half her age!

What do you think?!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Salma Hayek's Nuance Beauty Line Nails It With Latest Launch

Get ready, mani lovers!

Salma Hayek is launching her 30-shade range of Nuance Nail Polishes on Monday, November 19th at CVS stores!  Each bottle of nail lacquer will cost $6.

Thirty colors? Wow, we can't wait to check them all out.

The actress' Nuance beauty line debuted at the drugstore chain last year, and is doing very well. In fact,  it won the 2011 Mass Launch of the Year at the WWD Beauty Inc. awards.

The 46-year-old star and mom to Valentina, is one smart cookie.  Adding a collection of nail polishes to her Nuance beauty line can only serve her well.

According to statistics, nail care sales are rising by some '40 percent since 2011 and growing by double-digits each year since 2008.'

By the way, CVS is launching new in-store nail kiosks, called Nail HQ, that showcase the newest nail trends and product innovation. Be sure to look for Salma's nail polishes there very soon!

Read more here:

Read more here:

Thursday, November 8, 2012

VS' Karlie Kloss Hides New Cute Cut Under Lots Of Extensions

Karlie Kloss looks so adorable with her brand new chin-length bob! She just got it cut right BEFORE the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show last night in New York City!

Too bad the powers-that-be would not let the model show off her cute cut before the throngs of VS fans during the sexy catwalk lingerie show. Instead, stylists scrambled to add tons of extensions to Karlie's locks, turning the sweet, wholesome girl-next-door into a seductive glamazon gliding along the runway.

To tell you the truth, we wouldn't know that was Karlie Kloss, without the makeup, extra hair, false lashes and lipstick mouth. But, we do like her new haircut. She looks so very young, and she is, at age 20.

Hair extensions can do incredible things, as you can see from Karlie's before+after pics. Men usually prefer women with longer locks, and since the annual VS Fashion Show features a majority of men in the audience, that is maybe why Karlie had to undergo a quick hair makeover.

By the way, stylists say they came equipped with lots of differently colored extensions to transform the heads of some of these beautiful models before they took their spin on the cat-walk. Celebrity stylist Orlando Pita, told this to InStyle:

"Honestly, it may be unbelievable, but we have probably spent about $75,000 just on extensions alone," he said during the taping. "There is a lot of hair in this room, and a lot of money! There are fans on the runway, so all of the girls get extensions added to avoid getting gaps in their hair while walking."

Interesting background knowledge for a super fashion show.

If you're looking to add some instant length and glam to your tresses, try some extensions We found some nice ones at LuxyHair.  These girls have some super how-tos on YouTube!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

First Lady Fashion: Bolero Plays Big Role

First Lady Michelle Obama is keeping the 1950s classic bolero an important, stylish piece to her White House wardrobe, once again this Fall.

Last  night, or should we say, actually around 1:30 this AM, Mrs. Obama walked out to thunderous applause wearing a Michael Kors sleeveless dress, and a simple, black bolero sweater.

We love the versatility and elegance of the bolero. It is flattering to most, covers up the arms if you don't care to show them, and focuses the attention on the face, bosom, and neck.

Bolero shrugs, jackets, and sweaters NEVER go out of style. Just give it a few days, and you will see boleros being purchased by the hundreds, because First lady Michelle's fashion sense is admired and copied by many.

You can find bolero sweaters just about everywhere. We found some:

L'Wren Scott Black Bolero, $895.

House of Frasier Shawl Collar Bolero, $48.

Alaia Cardigan, $1,025.

Wet Seal Eyelash Knit Bolero, $24.50, now 30% off).