Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Big Fake Breasts Are So Out Says 90210's Dr. Rey

You of the average-sized breasts, rejoice! It's okay. Really.

Never thought we'd hear that!

But let's be honest. Dr. Robert Rey of the popular plastic surgery reality television E! show, Dr. 90210, does see the trends in female beauty at his booming practice.

According to the good and handsome Dr. Rey, a woman's body should look as natural as possible. Dr. Rey spoke to the newspaper Primera Hora in Puerto Rico, where he recently visited, to promote his Shapewear line.

Dr. Rey commented that big, fake breasts, such as those of Pamela Anderson, ruin a woman's appearance. Ouch! Size D and DD, are so 1990's, he explained.

The star of Dr. 90210, says that women prefer curves, but of a more natural beauty trend, such as the bodies of Jennifer Aniston and Carmen Electra. That doesn't mean a woman shouldn't have breast implants, but Dr. Rey emphasizes that the proportions should not be unbalanced. A size B or C is enough, he adds.

Meantime, Dr. Rey is proud of the sexy Shapewear under garments he has designed to whittle down a woman's body by 2 dress sizes! The attractive undies are made of stretch microfiber and aloe, and give one's body lift and firmness.

So what's the ideal body, according to the Brazilian doctor?

"I love the Puerto Rican's body. 'Boricuas' have the most beautiful hips and booty. They are woman with class, and have an elegant and chic walking style. That makes them look pretty... they look European with that style."

You can check out Dr. Rey's Shapewear line at Sears dept. stores and http://www.hsn.com/.

To learn more about Dr. Rey and his Shapewear line, visit: http://www.drreyshapewear.com/.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Dancing's Brooke Burke Helps New Moms With Baboosh Baby Website

What can we say?!

Television's new mama, Brooke Burke, is stunning after giving birth to her baby boy just 6 months ago.

If you've been watching ABC's 'Dancing With The Stars,' then you've seen beautiful Brooke elegantly gliding across the ballroom floor with her dancing partner, Derek Hough.

At 36, Brooke Burke makes it look so easy. Amazingly, she is the proud mother of 4 lovely children. Yes, four. And she has a great guy by her side, actor David Charvet, an equally proud and doting father.

In addition, she's trying to help mothers everywhere to enjoy the stages of pregnancy, and to remember, that you can regain your figure.

"Your pregnant body is changing," Brooke explained at her website, http://www.babooshbaby.com/. "It doesn't have to be forever."

So how does Brooke do it? How did she shed those post-pregnancy pounds??!!

With a sound diet, good exercise plan, and also, a genius belly wrap. Look at the photo, above right. We''ll discuss that secret belly fighter in a moment.

We did a little reasearch on Brooke Burke, and came across the website, http://www.celebritydietdoctor.com/. According to Marc Lawrence, MD, this is how Brooke shed those post-pregnancy pounds.

Brooke eats “five times a day to speed up my metabolism.” For breakfast she has oatmeal with fruit, a midmorning snack and a big salad with some protein for lunch. For dinner she likes to have fish and veggies, sometimes with a glass of wine. She says “the main point is not to starve your body.”

Brooke sounds like she has fun with her workouts. She loves jumping on a trampoline and also enjoys walking and Pilates. With her newborn it’s understandable that Brooke does not get a lot of sleep, but she says she works with her fiance, David Charvet, to “motivate each other to go for walks and hikes. We make it fun.”

Brooke Burke has also designed a genius beauty item to wear, to help new moms shed those extra pounds. You can learn all about Tauts Belly Wrap at her website, http://www.babooshbaby.com/. Brooke's belly wrap ranges in price from $56 to $62. And many women swear this belly wrap melts away the fat.

Brooke explains how her Tauts Belly Wrap works:
"For centuries, women from around the world have been wrapping their post-pregnancy bellies to get back into shape quickly and naturally. It is believed that a belly wrap reduces the size of the swollen uterus, reduces water retention in the belly, and helps you lose inches fast, all while supporting that unwanted baggy baby skin! Tauts should be worn after delivery for forty days."

Best of luck on Dancing With The Stars, Brooke!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Lindsay Lohan And Cargo Lipstick Help St. Jude's

Lindsay Lohan has often been slammed in the press for her wild-child ways and party girl behavior. These days, the young actress has certainly been trying to stay on the right track, and for that, we applaud her.

And we found out some other great news about Lindsay Lohan, and thought we'd share an item about her kind heart.

For all the makeup and packaging that go together, have you ever really wondered if any of it is going 'green?' Are the huge cosmetics companies concerned about keeping our earth clean and lean? And what about charities that could benefit from a little money going their way?

Lindsay Lohan and Cargo Cosmetics are trying to make a difference.

Lindsay, along with other celebrities like Courtney Cox, Sarah Chalke, Evangeline Lily, Mariska Hargitay, and Maria Menounos, have teamed up with Cargo and designed 6 of the 12 lipstick shades called, Cargo PlantLove Botanical Lipstick ($20 a tube, www.drugstore.com).

The beauty of this entire project is two-fold:

First, it's an earth-friendly venture. Get this.....The lipstick case is made out of corn. Yes, corn! And it is biodegradable. And the box is also made out of corn and is biodegradable. This box is embedded with wildflower seeds; just moisten and plant.

How cute is that? You can plant the seeds next spring, and watch nature unfold in all its glory.

Secondly, $2 from the sale of each lipstick, goes to St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital. We love that concept---of giving back!

The Cargo PlantLove lipsticks are formulated with a truly wonderful moisturizing base:

"Innovative botanical formula infused with Orchid Complex™ and Meadowfoam Seed Oil as well as Jojoba and Shea Butter ~ the incredibly smooth formula is environmentally friendly, containing no mineral oils or petroleums."

We have pictured above, Lindsay Lohan's Cargo PlantLove Botanical Lipstick in Sheer Pink Cream. A soft, universally-pretty-on-anyone pink.

As the good people at Cargo PlantLove stated:

"PlantLove™: The seeds we sow today affect future generations so we are investing in the earth and our children for the future of the planet!"

Saturday, September 27, 2008

How False Eyelashes Can Be A Lovely Thing Of Fringe

Did you know that talk show titan Oprah Winfrey won't leave home without them? And Hollywood's reality tv star Kim Kardashian had supposedly cancelled a celebrity appearance because her makeup artist had forgotten to bring them?

We're talking about false eyelashes. Most women on television and in the movies, and at red carpet events, all wear long, thick eyelashes. And probably 95% of these beautiful fringes enhancing the eyes, are really false eyelashes.

Sure, if you have your own celebrity makeup artist, then lucky you. But for the rest of us mere mortals or eyelash-challenged beauties, well, we have to learn how to apply false eyelashes. And to many, the process looks rather intimidating. But one thing is true, the longer and thicker your lashes are, the more beautiful and larger your eyes look. It's a no-brainer.

Most women reserve the false fringe for a special night out or on weekends. But there are some women who wear naturally-looking false eyelashes every day.

You really just need 2 beauty products to achieve this attractive, eye-framing look:
False eyelashes and Lash adhesive.

You wouldn't want your lashes to fall off, or hang carelessly in the breeze. And believe us, there are false eyelash mishaps occassionally.

Try MAC Lash Adhesive ($8). The benefit to this glue is its color. It goes on white, so you can see exactly how close to the lashline you are getting. And then dries clear. And really keeps fake lashes put.

Try Andrea ModLash Strip Lash ($3.29). This brand has been around a long time, and has legions of fans. Easy false lashes to put on. They look natural. And you can dispose of them after a night out, or keep them for about 3 more applications. By the way, Allure magazine has given Andrea lashes the big thumbs up.

Don't be afraid to try making bigger, more amazing eyes with false eyelashes. Practice makes perfect. It's just like liquid eyeliner---not an easy beauty item to use at first, but once you get the hang of it, the results are really pretty.

Friday, September 26, 2008

A How To For Ladies Who Hate Wearing Undies

Okay, we're certainly not going to lecture here. If you love 'Going commando,' then by all means, continue your wild and free journey.

In case you're wondering......Going commando, simply means not wearing underwear.

Maybe your husband or boyfriend does it all the time. For some of you, that's just ew!!! And yeah, there are plenty of gals who hate wearing panties, too. Maybe you are one of those brave souls.

I remember my mom and aunt telling me and then re-telling me often, about a friend of theirs who hated wearing panties, and never did. She was proudly going underwear-free in the 1930's, 1940's and beyond that. Such a dangerous woman, ha ha.

Hey, that's fine by me. The only problem many of us have about Going commando, is the non-hygenic aspect of it all.

And here's a clever solution that tackles the health aspect and delivers 'no panty lines.'
Commandos-The Patch ($16, 8-count, at http://www.bebeautiful.com/).

These Commandos come in Pink or Blue, and are disposable. What a cool idea.

"Attach this revolutionary patch to the cross seam of your pants, jeans or shorts for a discreet, hygienic barrier that protects garments and your skin. Whether you go without panties after wax treatments, beneath form fitting attire or even every day, Commandos offer a soft, secure design guaranteed to go completely unnoticed. Self-adhesive and disposable. 8-ct. Please note: Not for use with skirts or dresses."

Thursday, September 25, 2008

How To Use A Lip Brush For The Perfect Smile

We know.....you received a lip brush as a gift or as one of the accessories in a free cosmetics grab bag. And it's sitting in the bottom of a drawer somewhere, untouched. Or maybe you carelessly tossed it out because you didn't know exactly how to use a lip brush.

We're here to tell you, you must use a lip brush for the perfect smile.

What you gain by using this clever, little beauty accessory, is precision and control in the application of lip color.

You also use less lipstick when you use a lip brush.

And you are creating a more defined lip line. Let's say your lips are a bit uneven. You can achieve a more balanced lip line, by using a lip brush to subtley paint on a tiny bit beyond your imperfection.

Maybelline New York shares great and simple tips on how to use beauty essentials like the lip brush, in their website section called, Brushes 101 (http://www.maybelline.com/).

How to Use a Lip Brush For The Perfect Smile:

Prepare brush. Apply lipstick or lip gloss to the brush.

Apply to lower lip. Dab color on the center of your lower lip. Brush color toward outer corners until your entire lower lip is covered. Stroke from side to side for smooth, even color.

Apply to upper lip. Repeat step 2 for your upper lip.
There are hundreds of lip brushes at your local drugstore, high-end department shops, and on-line beauty stores like http://www.sephora.com/ and http://www.ulta.com/.

We absolutely adore the retractable lip brush. It's a super beauty gadget because it stays neatly hidden to protect its bristles. And when you want to use it, it 'pops' up for quick and precise application. And it's mess-free. You can throw it in the bottom of your pocketbook without worrying about lipstick stains ruining your bag.

Lip brushes also come with a pointed tip or flat square tip, depending on your preference. The hairs also are available in synthetic or animal hairs. And some lip brushes cost under $10. Others can run you $100 or more.

Here are 3 Lip Brushes we like:
1. Sephora Brand Professional Platinum Square Retractable Lip Brush #60 ($12).
2. Smashbox Retractable Lip Brush 18 ($20).
3. Bobbi Brown Lip Brush ($22).

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

How To Attract Men And Stop Smoking And Eating With Joey NY

You've seen the familiar small, dark blue bottles from Joey New York. The skin care/cosmetics success story has been going strong since 1995. And at the moment, Joey New York is globally recognized and approved. You can find their unique beauty treatments on your travels through places like Dubai, Korea, Australia, and Saudi Arabia.

Joey New York is genius at the beauty quick-fix, or the 'non-surgical dermatological fix.' We are especially intrigued by Joey's 3 Curb The Urge Lip Collection. Check it out:

"The three LipNix products are another example of Joey New York’s unconventional answers to everyday problems. Using aromachology, each lip product delivers a scented message to the brain to help curb the appetite, attract the opposite sex or stop smoking."

Wow. Stop over-eating, stop smoking, and attract the opposite sex.....We LOVE this! A product that tackles all three problems. Plus an added bonus: these products inflate your lips to make your pucker even sexier!

Worried that he's just not into you, ha! Well, you can woo him with Joey New York's Cinna-MEN Lip Balm ($12.00, at all specialty dept. stores). According to the Joey people, men go especially ga-ga over the scents of cinnamon and vanilla.

"These lipsticks, lip glosses, lip palettes and lip balms contain a blend of vanilla and cinnamon fragrances that when applied to the lips, the irresistible aroma will get his attention! Contains maxi-lip and Dermaxyl- safe, clinically proven ingredients to firm and plump lips instantly."

Other Joey Curb the Urge Lip Collection items include: lipNIX Lipstick ($18) in 7 lovely shades, and containing their unique no-smoke formula.

"Contains a proprietary blend of Lemon, Geranium and Helichrysum fragrances. When applied to lips, the fresh aroma has been proven to safely help curb your urge to smoke. These lipsticks, lip glosses, lip palettes and lip balms also include maxi-lip and Dermaxyl- clinically proven ingredients to firm and plump lips instantly."

And how about Joey's lipFIT Lip Gloss ($15)?! Quite an interesting lip treatment. "Beautiful lips=Skinny hips," as Joey describes this addition:

"These lipsticks, lip glosses, lip palettes and lip balms contain a proprietary blend of peppermint, grapefruit and spearmint fragrances. When applied to the lips, the fresh minty aroma has been proven to safely help inhibit appetite. These also include Maxi-lip and Dermaxyl- clinically proven ingredients to firm and plump lips instantly."

Hey, these Joey New York Curb the Urge Lip Collection products sound like fun, and the shades of lip color are pretty, too. Plus, you get the lip-plumping properties in each lip treatment. We can't guarantee you won't pick up another cigarette or grab a piece of cheesecake while wearing these lip products, but just maybe, men will go ga-ga when they smell your lip balm.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Victoria's Secret Is More Than Very Sexy Undies

Victoria's Secret has always had its Very Sexy bra and panty line. But did you know that the alluring underwear giant has a beauty boutique that has branched out into a competitive business of its own?!

is enjoying a large success with its Very Sexy makeup line. Pictured above, is one of their Mosaic Eyeshadow compacts in Eye Candy ($18.00).

The Very Sexy makeup features eyes ,lips, face, makeup brushes and makeup bags (Very Sexy satin bag pictured above, $10.).

Victoria's Secret also has a variety of their own body washes and cleansers. And even their brand of Cellulite solutions---Hottest Body by Victoria, Active Body Lift Treatment ($29.00, 7 oz.).

And if that's not enough, VS has included popular beauty treatments by other big names in the biz---StriVectin-SD, Borba, Clarins, Too-Faced, Sovage, Supersmile, Pat Wexler, and so on.

Victoria's Secret has got you covered---from every pore to every strand of hair. VS is much more than a pretty pair of panties and bra.

And VS is running a lovely beauty promotion right now through Oct. 15th, 2008. Receive a FREE Beauty Tote in purple satin with 9 sample sizes from the top names in beauty with any $50 beauty purchase, while supplies last.

A super beauty deal. You can check it out at www.victoriassecret.com

Monday, September 22, 2008

Cheap Avon Eye Makeup Remover Good For Skin

Red, burning eyes. That's what happens to many of us when we remove eye makeup with certain lotions and creams. It can sting like crazy.

You can spend a lot of dollars on expensive eye makeup removers. But sometimes, the formula might be too harsh. Sure, the mascara, liner, shadow, and primer are all erased, but now you're left with heavily irritated eyes.

We found a cheap and effective solution:

Avon Moisture Effective Eye Makeup Remover Lotion ($4.00, 2 fl. oz.). You can ask your favorite Avon lady for a couple of bottles. Or you can order some at http://www.avon.com/.

It's a delicate and strong lotion at the same time. Stubborn makeup is immediately whisked away. And the oh-so-delicate skin around the eyes is protected and nourished with this light, creamy texture. Say good-bye to red, itchy eyes.

The price is what we also love----just $4.00 a bottle. And you don't need much. A little goes a long way.

Avon Moisture Effective Eye Makeup Remover Lotion gets high marks from consumers---88 out of 95 women who purchased the cheap and effective remover, said they would recommend this product to a friend. That's a grade of 4.7 out of 5.

Let's put it this way, wearing makeup is fun. But you have to also adopt a smart skin care regimen. You must remove all traces of makeup before retiring each night. Some of you are laughing, but sleeping in makeup is a big no-no. Your skin renews itself at night while you are asleep. It can't get busy renewing, if oil, dirt, and debris are sitting in your pores.

This Avon eye makeup remover is good for the skin around your eyes. It isn't a drying formula. It contains a softening and soothing base.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Why Detox Foot Pads Like Kinoki Are A Bad Idea

One of my New York girlfriends was urging me to research an article on detox foot pads or detox foot patches. You've seen the commercials on television for these adhesive foot pads by Kinoki. You place them on the soles of your feet at night. And when you arise next morning, the pads have turned brown. Yuck. Those are the actual toxins being eliminated from your body. So they say.

We finally got around to examining this popular item, and whether it's just bunk, or a true cleansing experience that benefits the body.

My friend is so concerned about her cute, little, perfect feet. In college, she was always bragging about her straight toes and beautiful arches . She was constantly pedicuring, and sloughing away tiny callouses.

Well, we of the size 9 hooves, ha ha, are happy to report, that detox foot pads appear to be nothing but a waste of money. Yes, we are aware that many people love these foot patches, and claim their migraine headaches disappeared, arthritis pain was relieved, stress evaporated, and energy was gained.

Who's to say the consumer is wrong?

So we dug a bit deeper, and found Dr. Z's Medical Report (http://www.healthtalk.com/). Dr. Ed Zimney went a step further and called the Kinoki foot pads a scam, unsupported by any credible science.

"They make a big deal about how the pads go on clean and white and come off dirty and brown. What else would you expect from applying vinegar-soaked adhesive gauze to the bottom of your feet? It’s bound to pull off dead skin, dirt and debris - but toxins, parasites, cellulite, heavy metals, and the like? No way. I’m sorry, but you can add your comments below if you think I’m closed-minded, unknowledgeable or otherwise deaf to a new miracle cure, but these things are just not coming out of the bottoms of your feet! No I haven’t tried them and no I have no hard data to back up my assertion that they don’t work, but here it is anyway: they don’t work! The skin doesn’t work that way, the lymphatic system doesn’t work that way. The immune system doesn’t work that way. There is just no physiologic mechanism for these types of things to pass through your skin, regardless of what you might apply to it (even “double-distilled bamboo vinegar!)."

We have no proof these detox foot patches/pads don't work. These pads can't hurt you, as far as we know.

For more information, visit http://www.buykinoki.com/.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Long Hair Loves Herbal Essences Split-End Protector

Ooo la la! Herbal Essences Long Term Relationship hair care line has been selling like hotcakes, especially to girls with long hair!

Maybe it's the sweet and sexy scent of red raspberry or framboise rouge.

What we adore about this newer Herbal Essences hair care line, is the Leave-In Split-End Protector
(only $3.99, 6 0z., drugstores). Nothing to rinse out.

You get a soft and shiny velvety shield against split ends. It goes on creamy, and blends into hair lightly. Not heavy or greasy like other leave-in hair treatments. You need just a little to smooth away damaged locks.

And the fragrance is just heavenly.

Team up the Leave-In Split-End Protector with Herbal Essences Long Term Relationship shampoo and conditioner, and pick up shine, bounce, and thicker hair, all in that wonderful red raspberry scent. Long hair gals, especially, will really benefit from this hair line.

Clairol's Herbal Essences has a hair care line for every woman around. They have revamped many of their formulas and perfected each bottle. Kim Kardashian told us in an interview a few months ago, that she, too, loves the Herbal Essences hair care line. And Kim certainly has the long, shiny, raven hair to prove it.

And at $3.99 a bottle, you can't beat it.

"Tout est bien qui finit bien."

No, silly. That means: "Let's stay together to the end."

It actually says that in english and french, on the bottle.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Ellen DeGeneres Is the New Cover Girl....Really!!

Okay, at first, we weren't sure if she were kidding, but it's no joke. Funny gal Ellen DeGeneres is the new Cover Girl. Yes, for makeup. Duh!!!

Come January 2009, Ellen DeGeneres will be featured in Cover Girl Cosmetics ads. Exactly what makeup she will model, no one has the scoop yet. Will it be a new line of lipstick, foundation?

The newly married, award-winning television star, is very excited about her modeling side gig.

And 50-year-old Ellen has already had a cover shoot.

She adds, "It’s a very cool thing I’m honored and the photo shoot was 'easy, breezy, beautiful CoverGirl."

Cover Girl says Ellen is a great match for the well-respected makeup brand.

"Ellen is the quintessential CoverGirl," said Esi Eggleston Bracey, vice president and general manager, Global Cosmetics, for Procter & Gamble Beauty."She is smart, confident, natural, and beautiful from the inside out. Her beauty and down-to-earth personality fit perfectly with what CoverGirl represents."

We hear that the fresh-faced comedienne will work alongside Christie Brinkley, the original Cover Girl. The makeup giant is gearing its cosmetics at an older target group.

We know that some people are not pleased with Ellen DeGeneres achieiving Cover Girl status, because she doesn't wear much makeup and doesn't fit the beautiful model image. However, we think it's wonderful that Cover Girl is trying to reach as many women as it can. Diversity is the key here.

Ellen joins an exclusive club of recent Cover Girl spokespeople like--- Drew Barrymore, Queen Latifah, and Rihanna.

We like CG's makeup. The brand has been around a long time and consistently puts out a solid bunch of cosmetics. They are fashion-forward, always updating the look, and trying to appeal to real women, rather than just another pretty model-next-door.

Julianne Moore Votes Natural With Burt's Bees

Julianne Moore is a talented actress with striking red hair and a healthy glow. And now Julianne is taking wing with skin care giant Burt's Bees. She's trying to keep it real, or in other words---go natural when it comes to beauty and skin care products.

Julianne is all for toxin-free beauty products. And to keep that emphasis strong, Burt's Bees has hooked up with the National Products Association, and together, have created a Natural Seal. The green-colored leaf seal is placed on products that are at least 95% natural.(seal is pictured above). Look for the Natural Seal on products starting later this year.

The National Products Association has been around since 1936(www.nnfa.org/).

"As the leading voice of the natural products industry, the Natural Products Association's mission is to advocate for the rights of consumers to have access to products that will maintain and improve their health, and for the rights of retailers and suppliers to sell these products."

Julianne Moore just became the first person to 'Vote Natural' on the site, and support the case for toxin-free skin care items (http://www.votefornatural.com/).

Julianne explains her support for going au natural in the beauty department:

“When I had my first child, I became far more aware of the importance of the products we use in and on our bodies, in our homes, and more broadly, that affect our footprint on the environment,” she says. “It’s important to me to raise my children in a healthy environment, while preserving our environment.”

Cast your vote at http://www.votefornatural.com/ and win some super Burt's Bees prizes.

Julianne Moore has taken a stand, and hopes you will join her, too.

"I have been and will continue to make choices in my life and for my family to be as healthy as we can. Today I voted to renew that commitment and pledge to take the best care of my body for my well-being. I encourage each and every one of you to do the same—not just for your skin or for your health, but to improve your and your family’s overall well-being."

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

StriVectin Proves It's More Than A Stretch Mark Cream

Most women are familiar with StriVectin-SD, the still hugely popular formula for stretch marks and wrinkles. But the folks at Klein-Becker USA, have recently launched more beauty treatments to consistently remain a key player in the anti-aging skin care market around the globe. Not bad for a company quietly based in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Klein-Becker USA has created an entire arsenal of anti-aging beauty weapons. They've got you covered nicely from face to neck to decolletage to fingertips, and all those fine lines, in between.

How do the StriVectin people do it? Let's face it, their anti-aging products aren't the cheapest skin care items to buy. For instance, the StriVectin-SD formula for stretch marks and wrinkles costs $135 for a 6-oz tube. And yet, women continue to stock up on the treatment all over the world. Some try to find it for less on Ebay.

Klein Becker USA will tell you they have plenty of clinical trials to support the effectiveness of their anti-aging products, so the real science is there. In addition, StriVectin products are launched across the world by a very savvy group of public relations and marketing executives. And the rest is history.

We've seen women eager to try StriVectin Neck Cream, one of their newer skin care treatments. High-end department stores like Macy's, Bloomingdale's, Saks Fifth Avenue, Sephora, and many others, are carrying this $90, 1.4 oz. jar.

Hey, who wants a turkey neck?! A combination of botanical extracts from sweet almond, soy, and rye, blended perfectly with functional ingredients derived from pine tree and yeast, can do remarkable things. Instantly tighten and tone the neck skin and decolletage. Increase skin elasticity, firmness, and balance out skin tone.

StriVectin-SD Eye Cream ($59, 1.3 fl. oz) is another favorite in this beauty arsenal, containing the patented pentapeptide that produces amazing results. Reduces crow's feet. Reduces the appearance of dark circles. Restores collagen and smoothes skin in the orbital area.

Two newer Klein Becker items include---StriVectin-WF Instant Deep Wrinkle Filler ($59, .78 oz) and StriVectin Phase 2 Topical AntiOxidant ($109, 3.4 fl.oz). Again, these latest additions are flying off store shelves.

How do you know if your anti-aging treatment is really working? How long does it take? Are you wasting money and time on StriVectin?

Fair questions.

What if we suggested to patiently wait for your beauty treatment to work. At least a few months. That's what the professionals tell us. Beauty treatments take time to work.

Dr. German Todorov, a researcher with a lengthy background in biology and chemistry and keen interest in anti-aging science, has written an article at his website. Here is an excerpt from- What To Do If Nothing Seems To Improve Your Wrinkles:

"Another potential pitfall is a lack of patience. Skin changes do not happen rapidly. Keratinocytes, the cells of the epidermis, the skin's outer layer, are replaced about every four weeks. Changes in the dermis, the deeper layer where wrinkles originate, usually take longer. Even under the best of circumstances (i.e. proven treatment and responsive patient), changes are usually barely noticeable after one month. Most experts feel that 2-3 month is a reasonable trial period for anti-aging/anti-wrinkle products. Keep in mind that slow and gradual changes are hard to notice. Sometimes, a person may think that a product is not working even when it does. Unfortunately, objective measurements of treatment effects are hard to perform without a research lab. Some people resort to split face testing but that may be impractical over a span of 2-3 month. Another alternative is to take before and after photos. However, such photos are useful only if taken in reproducible, well-controlled lighting and camera conditions. This is doable but requires a substantial degree of diligence."(http://www.smartskincare.com/)

For more information on StriVectin skin care products, visit: http://www.strivectin.com/.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

How To Get Gorgeous Hair The Terax Way

Terax Hair Care Products have been around for some 25 years now. It's the Italian way of delivering beautiful hair. Yes, Terax hair care products come from Bologna,Italy.

The company enjoys a grand reputation because celebrities and models are devoted to the brand. Your hair becomes the 'mane' event.

If your hair is damaged, and trust us, we all abuse our locks in some manner, at least once in a while, hop on the Terax bandwagon. The products are all free from sulfates, sodium chloride and artificial colors.

The most popular Terax hair care treatment enjoys a cult status:

Crema Ultra Moisturizing Daily Conditioner ($22, 6.7 oz. tube, www.drugstore.com, and several online stores).

How does Terax Crema Ultra Moisturizing Daily Conditioner deliver gorgeous hair?

With smart science and a couple of minutes in the shower. Then rinse out the conditoner, and you get shine, healthy texture, bounce, and beautiful hair.

Here's how the Terax people describe their award-winning moisturizer:

A moisturizing conditioner developed to help repair hair from the inside out. When used daily, Terax Original Crema™ revitalizes all types of hair, including severely damaged and chemically treated, by:

Reducing static buildup
Improving elasticity
Calming frizziness

Not tested on animals.

InStyle magazine is always putting Terax Crema on its 'Best List' of hair care products to buy. Who needs another bad hair day, when all you have to do is apply, rinse, and style. Getting gorgerous hair just got easier.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Nivea Visage Products Now Discontinued Here In U.S.

Just an update to yesterday's article on the Nivea Visage Q10 beauty products. Boy, this one took us by surprise!

We were eager to tell you about the Nivea Visage beauty item that has been rocking the U.K.--Nivea Visage Anti-wrinkle Q10 Plus Day Care Cream. All our British beauties were saying such kind words about the dynamo cream. It sells for about $23 U.S. dollars there.

And we were looking all over to find it here in the U.S., but were only being offered a Nivea Visage beauty line excluding the British Q10 Plus product. So we were wondering if the U.S. and U.K. Nivea Visages were the same items with different labeling.

Hmmm. We couldn't get a straight answer. But here's the zinger:

If you were having trouble finding the Nivea Visage Q10 Advanced Wrinkle Reducer Cremes in our country, there is a good reason for it. Nivea is discontinuing their Visage line because of poor sales. Here is the email they sent us:

"Thank you for contacting us about Nivea Visage Q10 Advanced Wrinkle Reducer Day Creme. I'm sorry to disappoint you, but this product, and all NIVEA Visage products, are being discontinued in the U.S. It is a difficult decision to discontinue the production of any product, and we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

We currently do not sell our products directly, but the health & beauty aid website www.drugstore.com may still have inventory. You may also be able to place an order with them by phone, 1-800-378-4786.Please call us at 1-800-227-4703 if you have any other questions or comments. Our phone lines are open Monday to Friday, 9:30 am to 4:30 pm EST.We appreciate your interest in Nivea Visage.
Cordially, Sam
Consumer RelationsBeiersdorf Inc."

Sam did not tell us in the body of the email, why the Nivea Visage line was being discontinued here in our states, but we made the 1-800 phone call, and spoke to a woman there, who quite tersely, told us poor sales were the reason for the discontinuation. The Nivea Visage line continues to thrive in Great Britain.

So, how do you get your hands on a jar of Nivea Visage Anti-wrinkle Q10 Plus Day Care Cream??? Good question.

Try http://www.britsuperstore.com/. We saw a bunch of Nivea Visage beauty products being offered. But we didn't see the Q10 Plus Day Care Cream. Instead, we saw the Q10 Plus Night Cream. Still, we are sure they could get it for you. And that one was being offered for only about $17.00, if my math is correct.

Hopefully, one of our beautiful British readers will chime in here for their opinions.

Never a dull moment in the high stakes of the beauty business. As model Heidi Klum likes to say:

"One day you are in, and one day, you are out!" Or something like that.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Bye-Bye To Wrinkles In 4 Weeks Says Nivea Q10 Plus

I must say, I have always used Nivea Creme on my body. I absolutely LOVE the orange-y scent it delivers. And I just like its smooth, creamy moisturizing formula. You know, the famous creme in the blue tin?

I have never tried Nivea beauty products on my face, however, but the Nivea people have me intrigued by their newest treatment:

Nivea Visage Anti-wrinkle Q10 Plus Day Cream with SPF 15 (about $23)

The only problem is, this wonderful beauty cream Q10 Plus, is not available here in the U.S. We heard about it being a big seller in Great Britain.

A similar cream sold here in our country is Nivea Visage Advanced Wrinkle Reducer Day Creme with SPF 8 and Q10 energy complex ($11.49, Walgreens). By the way, my mom has used this product and loves it. And she looks darn good. But it's becoming increasingly difficult to find in stores. It's easier to buy online. The reason? We have no clue.

Both Nivea beauty items claim to soften deeper wrinkles within 4 weeks time.

Is it the same product? We're not sure. We're going to have to do some further research.

Meantime, British women are raving about this Nivea product from their Visage Anti-wrinkle line. And this is what the beauty treatment claims it can do:

NIVEA VISAGE ANTI-WRINKLE Q10PLUS DAY CARE has now 100% more of Q10 than ever before as part of a high performing Anti-Wrinkle System. It activates skin’s energy metabolism from within thereby continuously fighting wrinkles in the deeper layers of the skin. The formula is now further enriched with SPF 15 to actively protect the skin against UVA/UVB damage and thereby help prevent further wrinkle formation.

Fine lines are reduced within hours
Mimic wrinkles are minimized within 3 weeks
Deeper wrinkles are reduced in only 4 weeks

We will dig deeper in the name of beauty. We're counting on the Nivea crew to get back to us, and explain the British beauty advantage, if there is one.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

All Eyes Need Tender Loving Care To Stay Young

You have heard this from us before: The skin around your eyes is very delicate and thin. Eye wrinkles and crow's feet are usually the first signs of facial aging to appear, especially in fair-skinned people.

So what do we do?

Try not to squint. Seriously, you need to wear sunglasses whenever you are outdoors.

That's simple enough. But that's not enough. All eyes need tender loving care to stay young.

Christine Chin of New York City, is an expert in the world of beautiful skin. One of her most recognized clients is lovely supermodel Gisele Bundchen (Vogue photo).

Christine Chin Spa
offers skin care and also her own brand of makeup and beauty treatments. Today's beauty tip looks at her Hydra-Lift Eye Gel ($49, 1.2 fl.oz., http://www.christinechin.com/).

"Refreshing, oil-free gel instantly firms undereye puffiness, visibly smoothes deepening lines and provides a crease-free shadow base throughout the day. 1.2 FL OZ (Energizing Eye Gel)."

Christine Chin recently told OK magazine, that she is very keen on this eye gel because it is a beauty product that targets the thin skin under our eyes:

"The skin around the eye area does not have oil glands, which means that it tends to dry and dehydrate and age the fastest. Your regular face cream is just not enough for the eye area. Use a heavier cream or serum."

Invest in an effective cream or serum that zeroes in on the eye area, like Christine Chin's Hydra-Lift Eye Gel. The price for an eye treatment always seems to cost a bit more, but you are getting a product that is made specifically to battle the fine lines in the eye area, and as we keep reminding you, it's the toughest area to keep youthful. So let's remember today: All eyes need tender loving care.

Amen to that.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Almay Intense i-Color Mascara Makes Your Eyes Pop

Let's be honest, here. There's always something you wish you had. I have dark brown eyes. And if I add brown or black eyeliner and black mascara, my eyes look almost black. In addition, I have dark brown hair. I have always desired blue eyes. I'll never forget a hunky guy in college who came up to me in a pizza parlor, and told me he was in love with my long, dark hair. Then he had the nerve to say, "I love your eyes, but I wish they were blue."

"Gee, thanks."

The closest I've ever been to blue eyes, was a brief stint with navy blue mascara a number of years ago. Now, before you laugh, the navy mascara was actually quite pretty with my dark brown eyes. And guess what?! Colored mascara is big this season.

Almay cosmetics are excellent beauty products. And everyone is buzzing about Almay's Intense i-Color Mascara ($7.49, your local drugstore). It's a gel-based mascara that glides easily across your lashes. The formula is enriched with Vitamins A & E and silky proteins.

And Almay Intense i-Color Mascara comes in 4 sexy shades to complement the color of your eyes: Blue Sapphire. Emerald Green. Brown Topaz. Black Pearl.

(Black Pearl for Hazel Eyes)

(Brown Topaz for Brown Eyes)

(Emerald Green for Green Eyes)

(Blue Sapphire for Blue Eyes)

I'm not sure, whether Almay got the matching mascaras right for the eye colors. In other words, I happen to believe that the Blue Sapphire would go nicely with my dark brown eyes, since I have tried that combination in the past. And I read a number of store reviews about Almay Intense i-Color Mascara, where several women claim that the Emerald Green goes nicely with their brown eyes. In fact, some women say that the colored mascaras complement every eye shade.

The reviews all seem to agree, that the Almay product is a great one: lashes are lengthened with the gel-based formula and the mascara lasts all day, and is hypoallergenic (good for contact lens wearers).

By the way, I have learned to love my dark brown eyes. Those, and my dark brown hair.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Dyeing To Be A Ravishing Redhead

When a redhead walks into a room, all eyes follow. It's no wonder that many women are dyeing to be a ravishing redhead. And a number of them have become Hollywood icons. Going red is exciting and seductive. But there are a few roadblocks in the upkeep department, and we'll show you how to avoid them, including fast-fading color.
Red hair is alluring and unique, considering that only 2% of the American population has naturally red hair. Scotland, by the way, has the highest percentage of redheads around.

Most women can carry off a shade of red. The key is trying to select the proper shade that complements complexion and eyes.

For example, there are cool tones and warm tones. Copper tones appear to be the most natural looking red shades for hair coloring.

Legendary hair colorist, Louis Licari, of New York City, has written a few wonderful books about dyeing hair. He would immediately suggest you visit a professional salon for drastic changes. But if you're going to home-color your locks, make sure your hair is in its healthiest condition. And you don't have to go Lucille Ball-red to become a redhead. Just a subtle red undertone can make a difference. You look more vibrant and softer.

Louis Licari had this advice for ladies looking for red hair tips, and trust us, Louis is a rockstar when it comes to creating beautiful hair color:

"Think about the difference between an ash blond and golden blond or an ash brown and chocolate brown. The ash colors are drab and drain the color from your complexion. The warm (red) base colors make your skin color come alive. This is what today's hair color is all about. Hair color should brighten your look. When you have the right hair color, it should look like you have on a bit of makeup. Red tones will make every hair color more dynamic.

BEAUTY WARNING! I must address all people with sallow complexions. You must avoid lighter warm shades. They will blend with your skin color and make your skin appear more sallow. This is a major beauty faux pas. You should choose a darker color to provide contrast with your skin color. Dark golden blonds, deep chocolates, and dark auburns work best with sallow complexions."

For more fabulous hair tips from Louis Licari, visit his blog at: http://www.louislicari.i.village.com/
Red color is the fastest fading dye of the entire hair color spectrum. According to what we learned, the red color molecule is the largest of all the color molecules, and for that reason, washes out very easily. That is why, washing red dyed hair too frequently, can speed up fading. That and chlorine pool water.

Invest in shampoos that are for color-treated hair to hold on to your exciting new hair shade. And if you want the least upkeep, put in a few red highlights around your face, instead of going the red route for your entire head.

Whatever redness you opt for, we're sure you'll enjoy the results. Meantime, why not try Clairol's New Herbal Essences Fire Red Collection. Shades range from burgundy to deep red and auburn. And Clairol says this homecolor dye is formulated with special VibeRed Color Boosting Technology that helps to keep your red shade alive for up to 8 weeks.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

SpinLash Mascara Spins You Right Round, Baby!

Remember that song from Dead Or Alive: "You spin me right round, baby, right round, like a record, baby, right round, round, round...." Those lyrics will mean something in a moment.

We don't want you singing that song all day, but it will probably stick in your mind. Let's talk about one of our favorite beauty can't-live-without items: mascara.

We have come a long way, baby. Seriously. How about a battery-operated mascara gadget?! Take a look at that little orange-colored beauty gizmo in the right photo. It's called SpinLash mascara. You can pick it up at CVS, Target, Sally Beauty, and online at drustore.com ($14.95). Even Vogue Magazine is advertising this unique revolving mascara that gently rotates 360 degrees in two directions.

SpinLash mascara by Akasha comes with black mascara or brownish-black mascara. It uses a triple A battery. And according to the creators of this sassy, little eye makeup gadget, SpinLash can do several cool things:

Perfect Lashes Every Time
The First Mascara That Lines, Coats & Curls All At The Same Time!
Twice The Volume Half the Time
No More Clumps
Gently Rotates 360°
Big Sexy Eyes
No, we haven't tried SpinLash mascara yet, but it sure looks like fun!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

J & J Introduces Evolence The Longest Lasting Filler

For all you beauty junkies who are constantly looking for the best new thing out there to stay young, check this out:

A new filler that erases deep folds and wrinkles, and really lasts and lasts! Better than popular Juvederm and Restylane.

It's called Evolence and the good people at Johnson & Johnson have just introduced this effective dermal filler to the United States. Actually, the filler has been available in Canada and overseas in several countries since 2004. FDA approval for use here in the U.S. came through on June 30, 2008. And it's just being presented now.

"Replace the collagen you've lost, with collagen that lasts." That's how J & J describes Evolence at their website, http://www.evolence.com/.

How long does this new collagen filler last?

At least 6 months. That's wonderful news, so touch-ups don't come as often.

Why collagen? Simply put, collagen breaks down as we all age. When that happens, our skin's support loosens and gives way to lines, wrinkles, and folds.

The cool thing about Evolence, is its ability to use naturally sourced collagen to replace the body's lost collagen. According to Johnson & Johnson, "Evolence adds volume and structural support in depleted areas, for a more naturally, youthful appearance. In addition, no pre-test is needed, and Glymatrix Technology delivers longer-lasting durability than previous collagen dermal fillers."

The other great news about Evolence---it won't leave your face all puffy, red, and stinging after being injected. J & J is boasting that this new filler leaves behind minimal bruisng and swelling. And this breakthrough filler does not use chemicals for cross-linking like competitive products do. Instead, Evolence uses natural sugar to improve durability.

So there you have it. Another breakthrough dermal filler---one that really lasts! The beauty science just keeps getting better and better.

Monday, September 8, 2008

An Apple A Day Keeps Breast Cancer Away?!

Don't laugh, but I actually enjoy going apple picking. I do it every September with my mother. In fact, we stopped by the apple orchard this morning. And I just heard from my good friend Patty 'O'. She's taking her daughter Emily to go picking, too. Nothing beats a juicy, tart McIntosh apple fresh from the tree branch.

There is also a good reason I am mentioning 'An Apple A Day.' This is your beauty tip for today, my lady friends. And it's a timeless tip, which means that girls and women of all ages can benefit from eating apples.

An apple a day keeps breast cancer away?! According to a study done three years ago at Cornell University in Ithaca, N.Y., researchers discovered that the incidence of breast cancer tumors were significantly reduced when apples were included in the diet.

Now, some of you might want to toss a hard apple right at me when you learn that the research was conducted using rats. But look at it this way, it was the first study to examine the effect of apples on cancer in animals. And the results were pretty amazing.

The rats were treated with a known mammary carcinogen. And for 24 weeks, were fed whole apple extracts. In the rats that ate the human equivalent of one apple a day, the tumor occurrence was lowered by 17 percent. 3 apples a day reduced the tumors by 39 percent, and 6 apples a day knocked it down by 44 percent.

So you ask, what is so magical about the fruit of an apple? There are anti-oxidants in fresh apples. Actually known as phytochemicals. And the food scientists who conducted the Cornell University breast cancer study, also found that these powerful phytochemicals also inhibit human colon cancer and liver cancer cell growth.

To get the biggest benefit, eat a real apple. In other words, no dietary supplements. Fresh fruit is superior for obtaining these anti-cancer rewards.

We've got nothing to lose. Apples are packed with healthy ingredients. And apples sure taste good. And if you don't like an early Mac, don't worry. There are tons of apples to choose from---Macoun, Cortland, Paula Red, Yellow Delicious, and so on.

Here's another beauty tip today: Eating an apple is very effective at cleaning your teeth. If you don't have a toothbrush at your side, an apple is the next best thing. Dentists says that apples scrub away stains. Think of an apple as nature's toothbrush.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Polish Up With Dark Rich Nails For Fall 2008

The color palette for fall 2008 features some lovely mauves and cocoas for eyes and lips. Remember the piece we did in July about Bobbi Brown's Fall 2008 Mauve Collection? Just stunning, soft, yet rich colors of autumn.
And now, you're wondering about your nails. To tie the whole look together, aim for the hot new, dark, rich nail colors for fall. Just remember to keep your nails short and groomed, to avoid that goth look, and you know what we mean. And be mindful of nail chips. Chipped dark nails are never pretty on anyone.

Here are 3 dark rich nail lacquers everybody is going gaga over:

Tracy Reese for Sally Hansen Salon Nail Lacquer in The Good Earth from the Autumn in the City Collection ($6, drugstores). A silky, dark chocolate brown with subtle gold flecks.

OPI Nail Lacquer in Louvre Me Louvre Me Not from the La Collection de France Fall 2008 ($8.50, drugstores). A smoky violet shade of gorgeous.

Dior Vernis Nail Polish in Poison Blue ($19, http://www.sephora.com/, fine dept. stores). A mysterious, deep midnight blue shade.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

TRESemme Shampoo + Conditioner Cure For Baldness?

We are going to address the rumor. Maybe you have heard this one:
That TRESemme Silk Protein Healthy Volume Shampoo and TRESemme Vitamin E Moisture Rich Conditioner for Dry/Damaged Hair grow new hair!!!!

No. We can't prove that these two TRESemme products actually cure baldness or thinning hair. Their website, http://www.tresemme.com/, does not claim that their shampoo and conditioner will grow you new hair or cure baldness.

The rumor started in a syndicated newspaper health column by Dr. Gott last year. A woman had written to the doctor, claiming that her balding husband was starting to see new hair growth after using TRESemme Silk Protein Healthy Volume Shampoo and TRESemme Vitamin E Moisture Rich Conditioner for Dry/Damaged Hair in the shower for about two weeks. Dr. Gott had never heard this claim before, but encouraged his readers to try the TRESemme products and send their stories of growing new hair to him.

The way we see it here at http://www.beautytiptoday.com/ is rather simple. Look, TRESemme has salon-quality shampoos, conditioners, and hair styling products. Their stuff is amazing. Even the Bravo reality TV hit Project Runway, uses TRESemme as their official styling products brand for the show.

We use the shampoo about twice a week, and alternate between a couple of other brands. We have not tried the conditioner yet. It's a super volumizing shampoo. We have noticed more baby hairs growing around the temple as of late, but had not bought the shampoo for the purpose of growing hair. Hey, that's fine with us. The bigger the hair, the better, is our motto.

At least you won't break your budget. For less than $14, you can buy both the TRESemme shampoo and conditioner at your local drugstore. And you won't be tossing your money away, because the hair products are of very good quality, and you get a big amount of product---32 oz. containers each. Can't beat the price.

TRESemme Silk Protein Healthy Volume Shampoo:
"New Tresemm√©® Healthy Volume Shampoo is designed to build body and fullness in hair that lacks volume. Formulated with silk protein and Pro Vitamin B5, this professional performance formula rinses completely for weightless, healthy voluume."

TRESemme Vitamin E Moisture Rich Conditioner for Dry/Damaged Hair:
"Professional formula.Our patented professional performance formula dramatically improves hair's condition.Enriched with natural extracts of sunflower, hazelnut, and almond, rich in Vitamin E.Designed for dry or damaged hair."

Meantime, we will try and contact the fine folks at TRESemme, and see what we can uncover about this alleged cure for baldness and thinning hair.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Revlon Beyond Natural Packs Plenty In This Liptint

Okay, many of you hate that lipstick look or too glossy mouth, but we've got a more natural way to give you a pretty pout. No excuses now, ladies! You need something to nourish your lips all day long. And trust us, a little color wakes up your face.

This is a new one by Revlon. And for only $5.99 a tube at your favorite drugstore, you can treat your lips to a sheer wash of color. It's called---Revlon Beyond Natural Protective Liptint (SPF 15).

Revlon says this new liptint looks lovely on every skin tone, too. So that takes the guesswork out of trying to play match up.

"Tints lips with beautiful, moisturizing color while also providing SPF 15 sun protection. Designed to enhance any complexion for naturally beautiful lips. Delectable berry scent."

Don't be afraid of these Revlon Beyond Natural Protective Liptints. They are quite sheer. And the liptints come in 8 pretty shades:
Deep Berry
Nuetral Pink

and Nude

This new Revlon line reminds us of the MAC Strobe Collection, which also features some sheer liptints and glosses.

The way we see it, it's like a chapstick, but even better. You're getting soft, moisturous lips, an SPF of 15, and a sheer base of natural lip color.

I 've already got two, one in Rosy and one in Berry.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

How To Treat Keratosis Pilaris Skin Condition

Keratosis Pilaris. Doesn't sound too pleasant. But what if we told you, that about 40% of the world's population has this skin condition. You are not alone---we will tell you how to treat those small, rough, red bumps that seem to pop up along your thighs, buttocks, upper arms and upper back, and even on the face. Babies and teens seem to develop this problem more readily, but it can stay with you for life.

First, keratosis pilaris is a harmless skin condition, although it's annoying to look at and try to get rid of. Some people get it, and some people don't. If you're affected by keratosis pilaris. that means it's in your DNA, but scientists are not sure exactly why it forms. It has been commonly seen in twins, for example. And since it is a genetic skin condition, there is no cure for it.

But there are ways to treat and lessen those dry, rough, red/and or flesh-colored skin bumps that can feel like fine sandpaper texture:

You can try a prescription medication. Some dermatologists recommend Retin A cream. It can help peel away the excess skin.

There is also the BufPuf. You can gently rub this mild sponge against the keratosis pilaris while in the shower or bath.

You can wash with non-soap cleansers like Dove or Cetaphil, since regular soap will only irritate dry skin.

And it pays to moisturize with creams that contain salicylic acid, urea, or alpha hydroxy acids.

And lastly, pulse dye laser treatment, microdermabrasion, and chemical peels are all effective at removing the redness, and trying to minimize the roughness.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Help Me!! My Hair Is Fried!!

Summer is winding down. Vacations are over. You're heading back to work or school. And there's just one, major problem-----"Help Me!! My Hair Is Fried!!"

You're not alone. It isn't difficult to mess up your crowning glory. There are so many factors that contribute to dry, brittle, damaged hair. Such things as: Salt Water. Chlorine. Hot sun. Coloring. Perming. Straightening. Blow drying.
A little too much 'Sun In,' perhaps?

Whatever the case, your hair needs help in the keratin department.

Keratin is found in your hair, skin, nails, and teeth. Our hair strands are made of these protein fibers. And when your keratin composition is depleted or weakened, your hair, skin, nails, and teeth, will show the difference.

That is why we have all heard about the importance of getting enough protein in our diets. Without it, there is dullness, split ends, hair breakage, hair loss, and other ugly results.

A diet including foods with Vitamin B5 (yogurt, avocados), is excellent for strong, beautiful keratin-rich hair.

Also check out these keratin-building foods:
Vitamin B (liver, eggs)
Folic Acid (beans, fortified cereals)
Calcium (milk, yogurt)
Zinc (meat, fish)

In the meantime, you can nourish your hair with keratin shampoos. These specially formulated shampoos contain body-building properties that effectively repair damaged hair, protecting against further breakage, and adding shine and elasticity to every strand.

Here are 3 Keratin Shampoos We Like:

1. Keratin Shampoo by Mill Creek Botanicals ($6.99, 16 fl. oz.)

2. Natural Apricot Keratin Shampoo by Jason Natural ($8.95, 16 fl. oz.)

3. Sunsilk Hydra TLC Shampoo with Nutri-Keratin ($27.50, 12 oz. bottles, 6-pk).
Remember: Keratin gives your hair its strength. We could all use a little keratin once in a while, especially after summer.