Saturday, February 28, 2009

First Lady Style Shows Off Beautiful Toned Bare Arms

First Lady Michelle Obama is showing off some beautifully toned, bare arms these days. Just look at her official White House Portrait.

Mrs. Obama knows her arms look great, and she's not afraid to go sleeveless at most W.H. events these days.

Now there are some of you who believe the First Lady should be more modest, and cover up. But let's look back to the days of Camelot, when our other lovely First Lady, Jacqueline Kennedy, chose to bare her slender, toned arms in the White House and at many presidential events.

Sculpted, bare arms are back in vogue now, thanks in part to the signature style Michelle Obama is presenting to the world. Even clothing catalogue Spiegel is featuring a First Lady Of Style section at its website. "Get the look for less at Spiegel."

That also means, it's time to get your arms, and that little jiggle underneath to all firm up, ladies!

Jumping rope is a super fat burner, and a simple way to tone up those arms. You can also add small hand weights, little dumbbells of 3-5 lbs. each, to really sculpt those stubborn triceps muscles. Blast away that 'dingle-dangle' underarm jiggle.

Don't be afraid to bare, ladies!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Sandy Linter's Easy Makeup Tips For Looking Lovely In Your 50s

We have written a number of articles regarding makeup tips from the cool chick legend herself--Sandy Linter. The New York City-based professional makeup artist has seen many gorgeous, famous women and enhanced their beauty to higher levels with her superb talent.

Women like Christie Brinkley (pictured above), Elizabeth Hurley, Eva Longoria, and the celebrity list goes on and on.

Today, Sandy Linter gives us some easy, breezy makeup tips for looking lovely in your 50s:

Sandy gave her tips to People Magazine, and now we want to share them with you.

1. DO Go For The Glow!!!
Sandy says that a deeper foundation color and blush "warm up the skin and make you look younger."

2. DO Wear Natural Eye Makeup
Sandy advises that you keep eyes fresh-looking with brown eyeliner, instead of black, And don't overdose on the mascara. Don't go more than one or two coats.

3. DON'T Stop Wearing Makeup
Sandy says we all could benefit by putting on a little glamour. "A lot of women have it drilled into them, that less is more, but no! You still need makeup, just with a lighter touch."

4. DON'T Powder Your Cheeks
Sandy says you don't need to go there, or it can look weird. "It makes you look like you're wearing a mask."

Here's a beauty item Christie Brinkley likes using in her makeup repertoire:
Cover Girl Outlast All-Day Lipcolor in Always Rosy ($9.50, drugstores). Christie, at a stunning 55-years-young, is a longtime spokesperson for Cover Girl.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

How To Tips In Shaving Underarms For Smooth Skin

If you can afford it, waxing is the best way to remove underarm hair. You really get smooth skin instantly. And those bothersome, little hairs, take longer to grow back again.

But most of us shave with a razor. It's the cheapest way to get rid of underarm hair.

There is also more expensive laser hair removal. Or a dependable depilatory like Nair or Veet.

We had been wondering about this for a long time:

Which way do you shave your underarms?

For legs, you simply shave up the leg, because the hair grows down.

But for the underarms, it's a little different, and we are embarrassed to say, we just found this out. Duh!!!

When shaving underarm hair, shave up, down, and side-to-side.

Why? Because the experts says that our hair there, grows in all different directions.

And for a smooth finish, use a shaving gel or cream to allow the blade to glide easily across underarm skin. And keep the arm raised high, so skin is taut there. It's difficult for a razor to shave where there are folds or creases of skin.

Here are 3 chick razors we recommend:

1. Schick Quattro ($9.99)
2. Gillette Venus ($10.99)
3. Daisy disposable razors ($8.29, 12-count)

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sophia Loren Still Dazzling At 2009 Academy Awards

Today, we are paying homage to the legend herself, Sophia Loren.

At Sunday evening's 2009 Academy Awards Show, the still sexy and beguiling beauty graced audiences worldwide at the presentation of the Best Actress award.

At age 74, we must say, Sophia Loren is still quite beautiful and curvaceous in her flowing, frilly gold gown. Her posture, still regal. And her trademark cat eyes and strong mouth continue to dazzle us all.

What's the beauty tip today, you ask?

If you look at our website header above (where you see website title/graphics), you see an earlier photo of the legendary screen actress herself. We chose Academy Award winner Sophia Loren as our permanent 'cover girl' because she epitomizes elegance and beauty, but in such an individual way.

She does not resemble everyone else. And often times, young girls growing up, are forced to look at a limited number of beautiful people. Models selling an image of fair skin, light eyes, light hair, small nose, very skinny, and 5'10". In other words, women are told to look like this or like that. Everything else is wrong, or not considered beautiful.

We like to believe that there are all kinds of beauty in this world. There is not just one type for all people.

In other words:

"There is certainly no absolute standard of beauty. That precisely is what makes its pursuit so interesting." ----John Kenneth Galbraith..."

We are fascinated by Sophia Loren's exquisite bone structure. She is someone you must look at. And yet, her nose is more generous than most. Her eyes are quite stunning. Her eyebrow bone is very high. Her mouth is large. She is a beauty who breaks the mold. And that is precisely why we love the image of Sophia Loren.

We salute you, Sophia Loren. A true legend in all respects.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Kohl's Big Flirt Mascara One Of Our Fav Makeup Products

It's alright. We don't mind if you're laughing. We happen to adore Big Flirt Thickening Mascara. And yeah, it's from Kohl's.

Snicker-snicker. We know what you're thinking.....that if anyone dares to write a beauty, makeup, and skin care blog, you'd think they would be a 'labels snob.'

In some ways, and on some days, yes, we are a snob for certain beauty, makeup, and skin care products. Only the best will do.

And we would agree, that Dior and Lancome offer some of the best mascaras out there at a pricier tag. But then again, Maybelline's Great Lash Mascara is just that----great lash!!! And you can scoop that right up for under $6.00 a tube.

Our new favorite mascara of the moment is by Flirt! in Black Wink. And you can only buy it at Kohl's dept. stores or at

It's even pricier than most drugstore mascaras...Big Flirt Thickening Mascara by Flirt! costs $12 a tube.

Why do we love this stuff?

It's rather simple. Flirt! probably best describes their own product:

"A gentle fiber-enriched formula that fans out lashes, adding length and volume for a false eyelash effect."

We stumbled upon Flirt! Mascara. A friend who was shopping at Kohl's, found the mascara on sale and picked us up one. We have been wearing mascara since we were about 13 years old, so we know what we like.

The Big Flirt Thickening Mascara delivers. But you must be careful. Too much, and your lashes get over-loaded. It really features a thick consistency so you can build lots of volume, layer upon layer. And you can achieve a false eyelash effect if done properly.

We have always admired eyes with long, dark lashes. We love the fringe. Honestly, we would be lost without mascara. How about you?!

Monday, February 23, 2009

How To Get Angelina's 2009 Oscar Red Carpet Dewy Look

Angelina Jolie glowed beautifully on the red carpet at last evening's 2009 Oscar Awards show, in a black, strapless Elie Saab gown.

Of course, those huge and striking emerald earrings and emerald cocktail ring didn't hurt, either. Check out those rocks!!! 115 karats just in the earrings alone!!

Angelina Jolie looked simply elegant. And her makeup was as pretty. Everyone was talking about the dewy look to her makeup. And Angie can thank her super celebrity makeup artist Mary Burton.

We love major red carpet events, because the makeup pros are more than happy to share their excellent makeup tips with the rest of us. So if you are looking to duplicate that natural, dewy look, here are the details:

Mary Burton's Makeup Palette for Angelina Jolie at the 2009 Academy Awards Show

1. Lancome Le Crayon Kohl in Black Ebony (for lining eyes with definition and creating sexy cat-eyes)

2. Lancome Oscillation Mascara (for long, lush black lashes)

3. Shu Uemura Blush in M Pink 31 (for softness, a warm pink color)

4. Lancome Juicy Tubes in Spring Fling (for beautifully shiny lips with a hint of color)

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Halle Berry's Makeup Tips For Fab Over 40

At age 42, actress Halle Berry, never seems to have an off-day.

The timeless beauty and new mom has never looked better.

Halle Berry always hits the right notes when it comes to fashion, and of course, hair and makeup.

Although the Academy award winner isn't nominated for another Oscar this evening, Halle Berry should be nominated for her latest look:

natural, thicker eyebrows and nude lipstick.

Yes, those are a couple of the beauty trends in 2009.

We've also got the lowdown on Halle Berry's makeup tips for looking fab over 40. These are a few of the beauty goodies the beautiful Revlon spokesperson carries in her makeup bag:

1. Kiehl's Lip Balm #1 ($6.50)
2. Revlon Fabulash Mascara ($9.00)
3. New by Revlon Creme Gloss in 'Wine Anytime' ($9.99)
4. Mixed Chicks Leave-In Conditioner ($16.99, great for curly hair)
5. Kinara Lactic Acid Hydrating Serum ($70.00)

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Shoulder Pads, Leggings, Minis Spring Ahead In 2009

We thought it would be fun to take a quick peek at NY Fashion Week!

If you really loved the 80's fashions, with the shoulder pads, leggings, and bold colors, you're in luck. There's a whole lot of glam goin' on.

We actually selected some of the 'tamer' looks ruling the New York City runway at Bryant Park.

We're not even showing you the fall fashions yet. Instead, we want to take you right into Spring 2009.

Our first photo shows a model in a design by Tracey Reese. Check out the semi-strong shoulder pads. We still find this quite chic and very wearable.

Oh, boy! You can't escape the leggings, ladies. Uber designer Karl Lagerfeld was showing off some black leggings and skirted tunic tops with very defined waists with big belts.

We love this cute little lace number by classic designer Diane von Furstenberg. It's simple and gorgeous.

Loving the tailored lines in this jacket/trousers collection by DSquared2. Nothing over the top. Sharp-looking and again, very wearable.

Also adoring this khaki, soft outfit by Donna Karan. Even bolder shoulder pads and stronger belt. But it also looks very comfortable, and Donna Karan believes in wearing clothes that are just that---fashion you can move in with simple lines.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Appetite Suppressing Lip Plumping Gloss Made With Hoodia

Huge lips...Skinny hips?!

Oh, yeah. That is actually the name of a new appetite-suppressing lip plumping gloss made with hoodia.

Purple Lab, based in New York City, has developed the unique, in 6-yummy flavors lipgloss with Karen Robinovitz, the brilliant mind behind the Hoodia-infused beauty product. Karen is a NY journalist.

Huge Lips Skinny Hips--- $20 for a luscious tube. The smart glosses will be launching come March 1st on the Space NK website, a British luxury beauty shop.
We're told the glosses all taste like candy. They range in shade from clear to a strong and daring red, with tongue-in-cheek names:

Red Sole Worship
Kate Kitty
Lychee Martini
Love Your Thighs
No Panty Lines

So do these glosses really stop you from eating? And do they really fatten up your lips?
First of all, hoodia (actually Hoodia gordonii extract), is found in nature from cactus-like plants growing in Nambia and South Africa. The plant extract contains special appetite suppressing elements to it.

This gloss is formulated with 10% hoodia. Hoodia is unique in that it fools the brain into thinking it has already eaten. So all you do when wearing it, is smack your lips, baby:

Once the gloss is applied, you merely run your tongue on the lips whenever you feel hungry. In a few seconds, the feeling of hunger will disappear almost completely. Almost.

Well, we're trying to believe this. As far as the Lisa Rinna lips, okay, that's not the effect you will see, but, there are good ingredients found in this Huge Lips Skinny Hips tube of gloss.

And Purple Lab claims their shiny lip color delivers big in a gentle way:
Because it contains vitamin B3, the gloss “stimulate[s] blood flow to the lip surface, diminish[es] the appearance of unsightly wrinkles around the mouth and create[s] a plumping effect without stinging or burning.” the manufacturers say.

If anything, we believe this is a very clever beauty marketing tool. And Karen Robinovitz is a smart cookie. As women, we are all looking for the beauty quick fix. So, bigger lips and skinnier bodies at the same time, sure sounds ideal.

We'll keep our eyes on this little number.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

NARS Gets Naughty With Another Makeup Orgasm

Ladies, this one will curl your toes, giggle-giggle.

We are, of course, talking about the new, limited-edition of NARS Nail Polish in Orgasm!!! For a limited time only, you will be able to buy this fun and pretty shade at for $16 a bottle. And you can get it right now!!

Ever wonder why the NARS Orgasm shade is so-ooooo popular?

It's not rocket-science, people. All the ladies love NARS Orgasm because the color is soft and natural. Just enough to make your features pop!! Makeup artists love it, too. It's a sexy, peachy pink with golden sheen color.

It all began with an innocent NARS Orgasm Blush. The Sex & the City gals were all blushing in it.

It then escalated to a sinful NARS Orgasm Lip Gloss.

Why stop there?!

It has gone, er, multiple, with this gorgeous new NARS Orgasm Nail Polish.

And NARS makeup might cost you a bit more, but the products are very good, and you can see a difference.

Now you can paint yourself pretty in NARS Orgasm from your head to your toes.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Jessica Simpson Ready To Call Jennny Craig Diet People?

Okay, the rumors have been swirling like a tall, delicious vanilla-chocolate soft serve ice cream cone.

Word has it, that blonde beauty Jessica Simpson will become the new face of Jenny Craig. We have seen several news items about this.

Of course, the Jenny Craig diet people are not talking, and neither is Jessica Simpson.

The very popular weight management service company has paid famous women to join their diet program.....Kirstie Alley, Queen Latifah, Valerie Bertinelli, and now, maybe Jessica Simpson?

We don't believe Jessica Simpson needs to lose much weight. Seriously.

The above photos, which were snapped almost a month ago at the KISS Country Chili Cook-Off in Pembroke Pines, Florida, got tongues-a-waggin'. And the waggin' hasn't ceased.

Jessica was photographed looking a little heavier than she has of late. But in her defense, the double, leopard belt and high-waisted jeans, and huge hair, were not helping matters. In fact, we think the clothing was not flattering and was the reason for the expanded appearance of girth.

Jessica Simpson is really a short and petite woman with curves. We haven't found a guy who doesn't appreciate her beauty.

We thought we'd take a closer look at the Jenny Craig diet, which has been around since 1983. Their website has a number of FAQs:

Q: Do the menus include only Jenny Craig food?
A: Jenny Craig's daily menus include Jenny's Cuisine™ as well as your own food. You'll enjoy three Jenny's Cuisine™ meals and one Jenny's Cuisine™ snack every day, while you provide plenty of fresh fruit, vegetables, reduced fat milk products and heart healthy fats.

Q: What calorie level am I going to be on?
A: Your personal Consultant will help you determine your optimal calorie level based on your age, height, current weight, gender and your activity level. Our lowest calorie level is 1200 calories per day, based on the latest Dietary Guideline recommendations.

Q: How much weight can I expect to lose?
A: Whether you would like to lose a small amount of weight for a special occasion such as a wedding or reunion, or want to make more significant changes, Jenny Craig has Program options to meet your needs. The Jenny Craig Program has been designed to result in a weekly weight loss of one to two pounds or 1% of your body weight*. These results may vary based on an individual's personal weight history, body composition, level/frequency of physical activity, and motivation among other factors.

Q: What kinds of Jenny's Cuisine™ food items do you offer?
A: We offer a wide variety of delicious and nutritious breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack items. Because they're so easy to prepare in either a microwave or traditional oven, Jenny's Cuisine™ can fit into even the busiest lifestyles. All of our Jenny Craig foods are pre-packaged and pre-portioned, and are available in frozen or shelf-stable formats. Selections range from French Toast with Berries and Silver Dollar Pancakes with Veggie Sausage (breakfast) and Pan Pizza (lunch), to Chicken Fettuccine and Beef Sirloin Bowl (dinner) and Double Chocolate Cake and Cheese Curls (snacks).

Are you ready to call Jenny?

For more info, visit:

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

TRESemme 24 Hour Body Collection For Fab Hair

We happen to adore TRESemme hair products.

For the price, we believe TRESemme is an excellent buy in these crazy economic times. And the quality is very good. Even the mega hit reality Bravo TV show, Project Runway, uses just TRESemme for its hair styling sponsor.

And now there's a new TRESemme collection out---24 Hour Body.

Treatments that do tons of beauty-licious things for your glorious mane of hair:

Creates volume and offers continuous shape.
New polymer technology allows for increased style retention and humidity resistance.
New formula also holds body for 24 hours.

There are 7 wonderful new hair products in the TRESemme 24 Hour Body Collection:

Sculpting Spray Gel
Versatile Creme
Foaming Mousse
Healthy Volume Shampoo
Root Boosting Spray
Finishing Spray
Healthy Volume Conditioner

"The new TRESemmé 24 Hour Body collection was developed to work in a set. Used together, the 24 Hour Body collection provides maximum results for voluminous styles by blocking humidity from entering the hair."

We like that! And the price for each hair product in the TRESemme 24 Hour Body collection is priced at less than $4. And you're getting a big amount of product, too.

Have a good hair day, ladies. One of these 24 Hour Body products should help you get the hair confidence you need. Who doesn't want more volume, shine, body, staying power, and humidity-resistant locks?!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Learn How DMAE Can Firm And Lift Sagging Skin

If you have read Dr. Nicholas Perricone's beauty books, ( namely one of his most popular ones, "The Wrinkle Cure") throughout its pages, you would see the letters DMAE, over and over again.

What exactly is DMAE?

In quick beauty speak, DMAE is a superb firming agent for the skin.

The real word is---dimethylaminoethanol.

If you believe Dr. Perricone's beauty research, then you would learn that DMAE is a miracle nutrient. It's even found in natural sources like salmon. You can take DMAE supplements, and use topical DMAE.

DMAE has the power to improve the appearance of sagging skin. It can remove soften and diminish undereye bags, firm neck lines, and even give you fuller lips.

"When DMAE is applied to the skin, the skin looks firmer, less lined and smoother. There is an immediate improvement in the appearance of elasticity and luminosity to the skin. DMAE enhances the appearance of facial contours. Clinical Results after 2 weeks of use:
74% of participants reported significant improvement in skin firmness
66% of participants showed improvement in fine lines and wrinkles, Perricone explains."

In other words, look for skin serums and creams containing DMAE in the list of ingredients.

Since we started talking about Dr. Perricone and his beauty obsession with this so-called miracle nutrient, then we will look at his products first:

1. ADVANCED Face Firming Activator - 2.0 ozBest of Sephora 2007 NomineeFeatured in InStyle magazine

ADVANCED Eye Area Therapy - 0.5 ozFeatured in Lucky, Real Simple, US Weekly & WWD Beauty magazines
Total cost: $215.00, at

On a much cheaper beauty note, and looking at another well-respected skin care brand, we did a little digging and found a competitive DMAE beauty treatment:

2. RoC Protient Fortify Lift and Define Eye Cream ($25, 0.5 Oz, at local drugstores).

It works - the light, silky fluid absorbs quickly and begins working immediately with a unique blend of wheat polymer and DMAE a high performance tightening agent to help strengthen and tone the skin around your eyes.
Visibly lifts eyelids.
Firms skin around eye.
Reduces puffiness.
In addition to the eye cream, ROC offers several face creams and serums with the 'protient and lift' features.

As Dr. Perricone writes in The Wrinkle Cure:

"We do not have to age like our parents. We can hold on to our vitality and look well into our later years. Plastic surgery isn't the only way to keep the aging process at bay. With the proper care, you can have fabulous skin in your forties, fifties, sixties, and beyond."

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Even Eva Longoria Can Have A Less Than Perfect Hair Day

Okay, maybe we are really stretch-inggggg it when we say that beautiful actress Eva Longoria has a bad hair day every once in a while.

In the photo above, courtesy of, we think Eva Longoria Parker looks pretty darn hot. (We love reading Louis Licari's blog at!)
But apparently, not everyone thought the hairstyle she pulled off for the SAG Awards show last month was all that. And time is nearing for the biggest night of makeup and hairstyles:
The 2009 Academy Awards Show next Sunday, February 22nd.

According to one of our favorite Hair know-it-alls, and he really does know hair, Louis Licari details the problems with Eva Longoria's hair:

"The first woman I noticed was Eva Longoria Parker. She had her hair highlighted since we saw her last at the Globes. I think it would have looked prettier if she had just softened the color with a single process. Her highlights looked brassy and it made her skin appear a bit sallow.

TIP: To look your best, make sure your hair color always provides contrast with your complexion."

We are curious to see how Hollywood's finest beauties will walk down the red carpet next Sunday. Will makeup be soft? Or will strong red lips match the red carpet?! And will the easy, carefree bob haircut rule the night?

Louis Licari says that wavy bobs, like the sexy style worn by Anne Hathaway, at the recent SAG Awards, are very popular with the Hollywood crowd.

There's just one tiny faux pas, Ms. Hathaway made, according to our hair genius:

"Next I noticed Anne Hathaway. Her color looked beautiful, but her wavy bob had lost its oomph. As the evening progressed, her hair became straighter and straighter. I think she was trying to keep it loose and modern, but the style fell apart.

TIP: Using the right strength hair product will maintain your hairstyle without making it look forced into place."

It's going to be an exciting night for the 2009 Academy Awards Show next Sunday. We will be watching.

Looking more polished is the biggest trend of the new year, says Louis Licari. Let's hope the most important Hollywood night of the year does not disappoint.

We're looking for the 'glam-slam.'

Friday, February 13, 2009

To Peel Or Not To Peel For Softer Younger Skin

For us, this is a no-brainer.

Yes. We should all peel. Chemical peel, that is. Unless of course, you have the most amazing, soft, and clear skin around.

A chemical peel does not peel away your skin. However, it sometimes feels that way, because the peels themselves, can be quite strong and stinging to the skin. A chemical solution is applied to the skin, in the same way you would apply a toner.

A peel actually dissolves the upper layers of the skin, to make way for new skin tissue to form. Peels are applied to the face, neck, or hands. You are dissolving dead skin cells, exfoliating, and in the end, rejuvenating the skin.

The benefits of a chemical peel are several:

1. Brighter skin tone
2. Softer skin

3. Cleaner pores
4. Tighter skin
5. Fine lines and wrinkles become less pronounced
6. General re-surfacing of the skin

You can do at-home peels, but you must follow directions exactly, because you can burn your skin. It's best to have a chemical peel done at the dermatologist's office first, to experience this bizarre-feeling skin procedure. And then you can learn to do peels at home for a much cheaper price.

Chemical peels come in different solution strengths. And there are several types of peels. The most popular being glycolic acid peels, TCA peels, lactic acid peels, phenol peels, and Alpha Hydroxy Acid peels.

We recommend these 2 websites for chemical peel products and information:



We have a friend who told us about a friend of hers at work, who was constantly getting chemical peels. Our friend told us, that she didn't notice anything different about her co-worker's skin, except to say, that the woman always had a beautiful complexion to begin with.

Maybe that's why the woman's skin looked so glowing and healthy. Chemical peels are subtle beauty boosters. Peels do not replace face lifts, but these chemical solutions do play an important role in getting rid of old, dead skin cells. And in time, fine lines and wrinkles do not appear to be so deep, large pores are cleaned out and shrink a bit, acne disappears, and there is that soft, youthful glow.

Give your skin time, ladies. Chemical peels do work. Patience is required.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Tired Peepers Need Pearl Eyes TriBall Roll On Instantly

When you are tired, your eyes tell the story. There's no escaping it.

Whether it's from a long night out on the town. Or staring into a computer for hours on end. Crying. Smoking. Stressing out. Or fine lines and puffiness spoiling your peepers. Your eyes need help.

And dermatologists love this new beauty gadget.

Alright, we have to say it isn't cheap ($58, Unless you can already afford stores like Bendels that carry this cool and refreshing eye treatment. But what we find intriguing about this cute, blue rollerball for the eyes, is it's scientific approach.

The Inka Pearl Eyes TriBall Roll On features 3 Inox Triballs to massage while applying. So you are actually getting a mini-eyelift as you refresh your tired eyes.

This unique formula is swiss glacial eye gel. Read more from the Pearl Ice website:

Pearl Eyes by inka® Gel is composed of Swiss glacial waters of the Diablerets in the Swiss Pre-Alps. These products bring the purity of nature's most precious ingredients. Swiss Glacial Waters are pure and contain Botanical Extracts from Alpine flowers which give additional activity to gel. Pearl Eyes by inka® Gel contains plant extracts for optimal effect.

The genius creator of this eye refresher is a German model named Inka. And model friends like Heidi Klum love the instant fix that Pearl Eyes delivers.

And why not?! This unique and cooling eye gel can get rid of redness, dark circles, and even nicely disguise fine lines and crow's feet.

The Eye Gel rejuvenates and penetrates into the skin applying over and under make-up. The Swiss Glacial Gel can be applied several times during the day and evening.

Now they'll never learn where you've been all night long. Ha!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Power Of The Peptides In Skin Rejuvenation

Remember these words: Blue Copper 5.

This ain't your mama's jar of cold cream, ladies.

The science has advanced greatly in the war on wrinkles and aging. And some of the most encouraging skin rejuvenation has come about from the power of the peptides. Namely copper and the 5-chain Penta-Peptide joining hands and giving women back the skin they crave for most: firm, supple, and healthy-looking.

We have talked about copper peptides before, and the amazing skin care science that has emerged, thanks to the genius of biochemist Dr. Loren Pickart.

It was Pickart who discovered the role that remodeling copper peptides play in the repair of human skin and other tissues. This peptide is called, GHK-Copper. And it is being cited as a new weapon in the anti-aging arsenal.

“I have studied methods of reversing human aging for my entire career,” Dr. Pickart said. “It was from these studies, that the human GHK-Copper was found.”

And today because of his inventions and GHK-Copper, giant skin care companies have products based on his discoveries.

And namely, Blue Copper 5, a superb copper peptide beauty treatment by Osmotics. This jar contains a skin firming and elasticity repair serum (1.7 oz, $85,

As the Osmotics folks like to say at their website: "The intelligent choice for ageless beauty."

So, do you really need copper peptides in your skin care routine?

Yes. According to their website, it's for anyone wanting increased firmness, elasticity and tone - those concerned with preventing and repairing damaged skin and signs of aging. Perfect for all skin types including sensitive.

For more information, visit:

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Whiten Up And Shine With SexySmile By Dr. Pia Lieb

Let's be frank's all about the pearly whites.

Your smile says it all. And when your teeth are white, your skin and face have a more youthful glow.

Enter celebrated Manhattan cosmetic dentist Dr. Pia Lieb. She certainly knows how to create a more beautiful smile.

Dr. Lieb is proud of her 2-in-1 SexySmile Tooth Whitener and Lip Gloss. Talk about state-of-the-art beauty technology. This stuff rocks!!

For $36 a tube, you can get an instant whitening treatment for a smile that dazzles and sexy lips that shine on.

If you're hooked on red wine, tea, coffee, and chocolates, and delicious 'staining' beverages and foods that can leave behind a less than perfect smile, this is the whitener to try. And it's easy. In fact, you can apply SexySmile to your teeth up to 6 times a day to zap stains. You can also use it as a spot treatment.

Does it work?

Yes, and according to Dr. Pia Lieb, results are significant and swift---within 1 week. And if you keep using this amazing whitening tube, you could achieve a smile that can take your teeth up to 10 shades lighter.

But that's not all. SexySmile features a clever 2-in-1 surprise. There's a wonderful and nourishing lip gloss at the other end of the tube. So you get a superior stain remover and a gorgeous gloss in 6 sexy shades. And the good dentist has formulated her glosses from a 'blue base' which showcases teeth in the whitest light.

We recommend SexySmile in Boardroom Berry, to give your smile that extra pop and white brilliance! Check out the color below.

For more information, visit:

Monday, February 9, 2009

The Marvelous Makeup World Of MAC Cosmetics

" Having a big MAC attack?!!!!
Let's face it, many women do. And we ain't talking hamburgers.

MAC Cosmetics.

Like Nars, MAC makeup is spectacular makeup. Period.

Celebrities like Fergie, Kim Kardashian, Carmen Electra, all love MAC Makeup.

And if it's been a long, hard winter, well, get ready for the MAC buzz. Honey, that is.

Try MAC Naked Honey. The gorgeous collection is launching this June 2009.

We are especially excited about this 'liquid gold' collection, which features a honey-scented body product collection. The scent of honey alone, is enough for us.

The MAC Naked Honey beauty products include these aromatic and soft, nourishing treatments : Skin salve. Body wash. Hand and Body cream.

And also debuting, are some sweet and golden MAC makeup treats:

3 Lipglasses:
She’s a Star- Light neutral gold
Queen Bee- Mid-tone apricot with multi-dimensional pearl
Buzz -Dark copper brown with multi-dimensional pearl

3 Eyeshadows:
Crème de Miel- Frosty light yellow gold
Pollinator- Mid-tone warm reddened peach with pearl
Buckwheat- Dark copper brown with multi-dimensional pearl

2 Highlight powders:
Honey Light- A light peachy gold with shimmer
Golden Nectar- Muted golden tan with gold shimmer

We don't want to forget the 2 sexy fragrances with a honeycomb base in the MAC Naked Honey Collection:

NakedHoney and AfricaAnimal.

We are quite taken with the honey fragrance. Wish we could take a long sniff right now. In the meantime, MAC makeup gives us a lot to look forward to this summer.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Oil Of Olay Introduces Most Potent Skin Line Pro-X

Ladies, we have been hearing lots of hype about the well-respected Oil of Olay skin care brand and its 2009 debut of Pro-X. Well, it's finally here!!!!

It's quite a bit pricier than all the other fine Olay skin care beauty treatments. But Olay says the clinical trials have proven it's valuable stuff.

Pro-X is formulated with proprietary peptides. That translates into collagen-boosting ingredients. And we could all use a little more of that.

Each wrinkle-fighting product in the Olay Pro-X skin care arsenal costs at least $40 and higher.

Some women who have tried the Pro-X line, say it works wonders, when combined with proven wrinkle-fighter Retin-A. Hmmm- we are intrigued by that.

Meantime, why not sample the new Oil of Olay Pro-X skin care line by purchasing the starter protocol kit. You get to try 3 superior treatments:

Protect skin in the morning with Age Repair Lotion with SPF 30, spreading evenly over your face and neck.

Treat skin morning and night by applying Eye Restoration Complex to the corners, lid and sub orbital eye area, massaging thoroughly until absorbed.

Transform skin at night with Wrinkle Smoothing Cream by smoothing over your face and neck.

Here's the good news----the Olay starter protocol kit costs $61.50 at But the sweet Oil of Olay folks are offering you a nice little rebate:

Special offer: save $25
From now until March 8, 2009, get a $25 rebate with the purchase of $50 worth of Pro-X products.

Simply visit:

Look, we like to pretend we are a skin care snob, but if this stuff works wonders, then just pass us the Pro-X.