Saturday, August 30, 2008

Two Breakthrough Beauty Products That Might Work For You

We have all seen the endless string of infomercials on television, promising us beautiful this and beautiful that. And more ads in magazines and newspapers and beauty catalogues that guarantee bigger breasts, thinner thighs, thick and shiny hair, etc.

Do any of these products ever work? Or is it all a line of bull?

We closely examined two beauty products that just might work for you. Toki Color for getting rid of gray hair naturally. And LushBust for a naturally fuller and firmer set of breasts. we're talking. You can count us in!!

Let's look at Toki Color first. It is distributed by Lane Labs ($70, 60 day supply, It's a dietary supplement. It comes in pill form. And the company claims to have the science to back up the effectiveness of the product. According to Lane Labs, you can avoid gray hair the natural way. This daily supplement delivers long term melanin to the hair, helping you fight off the gray.

Toki Color has a whole bunch of anti-gray ingredients in its pills---copper, vitamin C, lycopene, B12, and folic acid. What we love about the company, is that it is honest to state that these supplements will not work for every gray-haired person out there:

"Toki Color™ is a dietary supplement that supports natural hair color and is HAI™ potentiated for advanced absorption. It contains copper, pantothenic acid, vitamin B12, folic acid and vitamin C, lycopene, carotenoids and vitamin E that may support the healthy production of melanin in the hair.

Take 2 tablets daily. TOKI Color will not work for everyone. If it does it will happen slowly. If you stick with it, in time you, too, may be one of those people others envy for the glossy, healthy, natural color of their hair!"

Find us a gal out there who doesn't want a fuller bust that doesn't sag over time and after having babies. LushBust ($110, 1.5 oz.,, claims it's a breakthrough bust enhancement cream.
The company says that 89% of women "saw a significant inprovement in bust tone, size, and skin texture following one month of daily application."

So what is in LushBust??

"LUSHBUST contains sustained release microspheres, delivering Pueraria Mirifica, a natural Thai herb studied by a Nobel Prize winner at Harvard University, and our exclusively blended vitamin cocktail, to the dermis, to naturally achieve bust enhancement and rejuvenating results!
LUSHBUST is loaded with multi-peptides. Peptides have shown to enhance natural collagen production in the dermis. Proper production of collagen is an important factor in firm and healthy skin."

You simply massage the cream into your breasts 2x daily. And when you obtain results, cut back to once daily. There are several before + after photos at the LushBust website.

These two beauty items, Toki Color and LushBust, might not deliver results for everyone, but at least the products are natural ones and are safe with easy directions to follow. And both products claim to have some good science behind them.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Malibu Is Making Water Well

For those of you who have well water, we've heard the nightmares, and what this hard water can do to your beautiful tresses. You name it---nothing good. Dull hair. Split ends. Frizziness. Too wavy. Dried out. Rust-stained hair. Colored hair gone awry.

For many women, a vinegar rinse after shampooing, is an old method that can help. Also using a clarified shampoo that washes away nasty buildup. However, using these two methods once too often, can also bring about a lot of added dryness to the hair.

So what's a gal to do?

Try the Malibu Making Water Well Kit ($24, many beauty shops, and at It's one of the best-known and most-respected well water relief systems around. And it's a simple kit to use. You get 3 products:
Well Water Action Sampoo, 9 oz.
Well Water Action Conditioner, 9 oz.
Hard Water Weekly Demineralizer 4-pack

Here is how the folks at Malibu explain their unique well water relief system:

Minerals that can harm hair are charged positive(+) while oxidized proteins within hair are charged negative(-). Hot or warm water opens the outer layer of the hair shaft allowing minerals to get inside and attach to hair proteins like little magnets creating a wall of dissolved “rocks” on the hair and scalp.

The patented technology in Malibu Wellness Actives effectively reduces the charge of these harsh minerals weakening their hold and gently lifting them away.
When water elements are naturally removed in this way, they no longer contributes to oxidation. Your hair is truly clean (normalized) with color vibrancy, shine and texture beautifully restored.

If you are really frustrated by well water, and the wacky stuff it does to your crowning glory, you have nothing to lose, by trying the Malibu Making Water Well Kit. So many women, and we know a few, have told us this kit works beautifully. Perms and relaxers, and colors can process properly. The shine and health comes back to your locks.

Who needs a bad hair day, 24/7? Get relief!!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

How To Get Beautiful Skin + Healthy Breasts With Turmeric Powder

If you love Indian and South Asian food, then you know the distinctive aroma and taste of powerful yellow-orange turmeric powder. In India culture, this colorful spice has been used for many, many generations, as a wonderful food enhancer, but also as a healing agent.

And now researchers are closely studying turmeric powder for its ability to revitalize skin and also protect against breast cancer. Just adding some to your diet, can give you smooth, supple skin in the years to come.

So, what's in this little spice?

Many good things. To begin with, turmeric powder is an anti-oxidant, anti-septic, and anti-inflammatory-acting spice. It also has iron and potassium in it, and belongs to the ginger family.
Ayurvedic healers consider turmeric to be a varnya herb, which means, enhances your complexion. Its strong anti-bacterial properties fight pimples and breakouts. And many women lighten or even out their skintone with a paste containing turmeric powder.

Dr. Andrew Weil talked about the powerful, anti-cancer benefits of turmeric powder in an article at his website back in 2003:

"Turmeric (Curcuma longa) is the yellow spice most familiar in Indian cooking and American-prepared mustard. Not only do I think that it is safe to take after breast cancer treatment, I think it would be helpful. The reason is that turmeric affects hormones that promote inflammation and cell proliferation, processes that seem to underlie most cancers.

Turmeric is being studied widely for its powerful anti-cancer effects. However, women being treated for breast cancer may be advised to avoid it during chemotherapy because of evidence from laboratory and animal studies suggesting that it may inhibit the action of certain chemotherapy drugs.

I often recommend New Chapter's Turmericforce; take one capsule twice a day. You can also safely add ginger, another natural anti-inflammatory, to your diet by eating crystallized ginger or the pickled ginger that comes with sushi."

By the way, turmeric should not be used if you have gallstones or bile obstruction. Though turmeric is often used by pregnant women, it is important to consult with your doctor before doing so because turmeric can be a uterine stimulant. And if you take coumadin, do not take turmeric, since coumadin is a blood thinner, and does not react well with the spice.

If you dislike the taste of turmeric, it can be taken in powder or pill form. It is available in pill form in most health food stores, usually in 250-500mg capsules.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Vermont Country Store Brings Back Old Hollywood Beauty

I was flipping through the fall 2008 catalogue of The Vermont Country Store, and was quite impressed by the unique and wide variety of beauty products the store features. These folks have been in business for a long time. The Vermont Country Store opened in Weston, Vermont, back in 1946. And the Orton family tradition continues.

"We still go to great lengths to find products that aren't sold anywhere else," said Eliot Orton.
"And each and every item is backed up with our no-hassle, no-fuss 100% guarantee to deliver quality products."

These clever merchants aren't kidding, either. There are tons of wonderful beauty items at The Vermont Country Store ( And these old and new items harken back to old Hollywood. Beautiful products with a vintage touch. All in the classic tradition.

For instance, your moms or grandmoms, or even great-grand-moms, could tell you about these:

Frownies and Wrinkies ($19.95, per box, 144). Actress Rene Russo has always sworn by these wrinkle smoothers. These little, adhesive patches have been around since 1889. Many Hollywood actresses from yesteryear, would leave their frownies or wrinkies on overnight to train the muscles to relax and smooth out crow's feet, and other fine lines within a couple of weeks.

Tabu, the Original Smear-Proof Lipstick ($14.95, per tube). Tabu was introduced to the makeup market in the 1950s. It was a big hit with women because it didn't smear. The secret? A higher wax content. Comes in 4 pretty, kissable colors.

Cake Eyeliner in Black or Brown ($6.95). Hollywood beauties knew that cake eyeliner was the only way to achieve sexy, long-lasting glamorous eyes. This formula really stays put and you can create a very thin line or a thick one. Waterproof, too.

Sweet Almond Oil ($24.95, 6 0z.). Many folks say, that Jackie Kennedy's glowing complexion came from pure, natural almond oil. That was one of Jackie's beauty secrets. And now you can discover the softest, clearest skin by massaging in a little almond oil. No harsh chemicals. Just good for your skin.

And the list goes on at The Vermont Country Store. You might just see some of your favorites that you thought had disappeared off store shelves forever, like Evening in Paris--'The Most Famous Fragrance In the World.' Or Yardley's English Soap and Talc. Remember LemonUp Shampoo or Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific. No rinse shampoo. Fuller brushes. French Tortoise hairpins. Diamond Dust nail files.

It's a beauty junkie's little hidden treasure. And did I mention, the great penny candy, too? Mary Janes. Root beer barrels. Licorice babies. And peanut butter kisses.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

How To Get Soft, Sexy, Kissable Lips

We all want soft, sexy, kissable lips, but most of us just slap on a lip balm and think that's enough. We're done. Hold on a moment----you have to apply a few more steps to achieve the ultimate in lip care.

First, don't smoke. (We're not here to preach, but we all know that smoking can cause those bothersome vertical lines around your mouth.)

You will need a toothbrush as one of your key instruments for lip maintenance. No. We're not kidding. You must exfoliate as part of your daily and nightly routine. For instance, after brushing your teeth, take your wet toothbrush and gently brush your lips in a circular motion for several seconds. This brushing will loosen dead, chapped skin and give you smoother, softer lips.

Or you can go one step further. Buy an extra toothbrush. Take a dry toothbrush and dip the bristles into a little Vaseline. And brush your lips. This really works, and it's a beauty tip that's been around for a long time.

Okay, now you can take out the balm and condition lips. Some gals don't even wear lip balm. But you need to condition this area of your face, too. Look for a balm that contains lip- smoothing and moisturizing ingredients like beeswax, glycerin, jojoba, aloe vera, or shea butter. Wear the balm at night while sleeping, and during the day, with or without lipstick.

And be careful in the sun. Lips don't have enough melanin to protect us from the searing heat. Melanin is the natural skin pigment that filters out the strong and damaging UV rays. Lips are also thinner in skin structure, very sensitive, and lack protective oil glands. That is why you need to have a lip balm with an SPF of at least 15. An SPF of 30 would be best.

And we've talked about this before. Dermatologists are now warning women about the dangers of wearing lip gloss in the sun. Sounds crazy, but this can maybe cause skin cancer. According to NYC dermatologist, Dr. Bruce Robinson, it's the moisture in the gloss that attracts the sun's harmful rays. "Take a magifying glass and put it over your lips." When you apply shiny lip gloss and go out into the sun, "that's essentially what you're doing."

Just don't go out under the sun with bare, naked lips. Always wear a conditioning balm. And save the gloss for after sunning.

Limit your use of dry, matte lipsticks. Sure, many of these kinds of lipwear last longer. Your lipstick doesn't rub off as easily, but matte lipsticks can equal dry, chapped lips over time. Matte lipsticks contain more pigment, but less moisturizing properties. Don't become a slave to all-day lipsticks.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Hey Sephora! Make Room For CVS Beauty 360

Many of you buy your makeup at Macys, Sephora, or ULTA. How about buying your high-end cosmetics at CVS from now on??!! Make way for Beauty 360.

CVS Caremark sees the huge appeal for skin care and cosmetics, and now they want to jump into the mix and sell prestige beauty products. CVS wants to test this concept on the east coast and west coast.

Women's Wear Daily, which first reported the news, said the first Beauty 360 would be opened in Washington, D.C., and the second in Sacramento by the end of the year.

CVS' Beauty 360 stores will be built right next door to existing CVS drugstores, if these two trial stores take off with success.
"Beauty has always been a core part of our front-of-store offering, so this is the next evolution," CVS spokeswoman, Eileen Howard Dunn, told USA Today recently.

CVS will have more than 6,800 stores if it finishes its planned purchase of Longs Drug Stores. That geographic reach is one way to challenge the prestige beauty war with Sephora, Dunn said.
32 lines of skin care and cosmetics and a number of fragrances will be offered at CVS' Beauty 360 stores.

We say thumbs up, to CVS!! The more beauty stores on a block, the better. Now, if we could only use our CVS Care Card for some decent discounts on this high-end makeup, that would be the icing on the cake.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Two Faced Flawless Face Fall Collection

Now that's a mouthful:
Two Faced Flawless Face Fall Collection

The makeup is gorgeous. And today, we're presenting another 2008 fall look!

The stunning model in the photograph, evokes haunting images of late starlets, Anna Nicole Smith and Marilyn Monroe.

Two Faced Cosmetics have just come out with their fall makeup line, and we have to say, the look is clean, polished, and classic. And we're going to show you how to get there. Especially for you blonde, fair-skinned beauties, this is a look you can copy.

We love Two Faced Cosmetics because they create the classic Hollywood look, when movie stars were, well, movie stars. The shades and textures of the makeup are carefully selected to give you a glamorous, but never overdone appearance.

Two Faced Magic Wand Illuminating Foundation
in Paris Light Medium
($32.50). Create a 'cashmere-soft' face with this healthy makeup. Packed full of skin-soothing properties, like cactus flower, calendula, and vitamin E. With the flick of this 'magic wand,' you put on a radiant, glowing face with a semi-matte finish.

Two Faced Eyeshadow Duo in Lovey Dovey ($17.00). A long-wearing eyeshadow that comes compact in the Hollywood tradition. You get a shimmering highlighter, and a darker shade to conture and line. Glamorous and vintage Monroe.

Two faced Lash-Injection Mascara ($19.50). What can we say....this big volume booster makes sexy eyes with long lashes. It's weather-proof and sweat-proof. Just 3-4 coats of this mascara, and you can build a false eyelash-in-a-tube effect.

Two Faced Lip of Luxury in Totally Nude ($18.00). Eight luscious colors to choose from. Soft as satin lipstick, with real staying power. Made with shea butter, too.

You can find Two Face Cosmetics at fine beauty stores like, ULTA, Nordstroms, and Sephora.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Brand New $1,000 Skin Cream!!!

W Magazine was the first source to talk about this 'magic' skin cream in their September 2008 issue. Plus, Nordstorm's is already selling the item, and placed this expensive beauty treatment under their What's New category at their website.

Having trouble filling up your gas tank or paying the rent during these hard economic, recession-like times?!

If you have plenty left in your wallet, then consider this uber skin-saving treatment:

La Prairie Cellular Cream Platinum Rare ($1,000, 1.7 oz.)

The skin cream contains a formulation with pure platinum in it. Once again, we often tell you how amazing the science is becoming for beauty treatments. This is what the La Prairie people are saying about their ground-breaking anti-aging skin cream:
"This is pure science at its best, offering unparalleled benefits; quite simply, the skin looks, feels and moves like younger skin.
Benefits:- Pure platinum inspires perfect balance to improve hydration, protection, and receptivity to nutrients
- Exclusive Smart Crystals™ help guard skin's youthful appearance, actively reducing the effects of time resulting in noticeable lift, firmness, and the reduction of lines and wrinkles
- Climate-activated hydration adjusts to changing humidity levels and temperatures, continuously providing the perfect level of moisture."

Platinum is said to be a most rare element here on earth. And it has some mind-blowing properties. Platinum cannot be oxidized by air. Platinum is invincible against time. And according to La Prairie's scientific research, platinum is so precious, that "all of it that has ever been mined could fit in a single room."

It sounds almost too grande to be true. And so exciting to apply to the skin. You can use it in the AM and/or the PM. After washing and toning, smooth La Prairie Cellular Cream Platinum Rare over your face and neck. Avoid the delicate eye area.

No, we haven't gotten our hands yet on this ground-breaking anti-aging skin cream. But in the name of beauty science, we are willing to lend our faces and necks for the cause. La Prairie, we hope you let us sample this amazing new treatment!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Magazines Photoshopping Beyonce and Kate Hudson?

Can you say 'photoshopped?'

The two photos, side-by-side above, are both of singer Beyonce. Cosmetics giant, L'Oreal, is using the photo of Beyonce (right) for their Feria haircolor magazine ads. The ads are featured in the September issues of Allure, Elle, and Esssence magazines. The series of ads depict the beautiful pop star with a noticably lighter skin tone.

Beyonce has had 'No comment,' as far as we know. And in a statement released to the Associated Press, L'Oreal denied altering the photos.

"We highly value our relationship with Ms Knowles," the Paris-based company said.
"It is categorically untrue that L'Oreal Paris altered Ms Knowles' features or skin tone in the campaign for Feria hair color."

Can you say 'photoshopped' again?

That young woman is actually actress Kate Hudson on the September cover of W magazine. And no one is saying that looks exactly like her, but come seems like everything and everybody is being photoshopped to ridiculous proportions these days.

What is the definition of photoshop? This is what we found:

An image manipulation program by {Adobe Systems, Inc.}. {Home (}. [Summary?] (1995-07-05)

According to Wikipedia: photoshop is commonly used as a verb.[14] Also commonly shortened to simply "shopped", this has become the modern replacement of "airbrushed"

Hmmm. Image manipulation. Airbrushed.

Ask any professional photographer, and they will tell you, that photoshopping is an incredible tool. You can 'lift away' undereye circles, scars, moles, wrinkles. You can make faces thinner or fatter, and the same with bodies, too. You can give a woman bigger breasts, at least, for the moment. In other words, you can be photoshopped until you are flawless.

Many a famous and beautiful face has been 'altered' or photoshopped. Recently, one magazine came under fire, for not removing a mole above Angeline Jolie's eyebrow in the final stages of photoshopping for its cover.

How crazy is that? So what if Angelina has a mole. She's lovely with it, and lovely without it.

Have we gone a little too far, in the photoshopping department? Is this quest for perfection a little unreal and bizarre?

Makes you wonder.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

A Rose Is A Rose According to Lancome

Roses are probably one of the most beautiful flowers on the planet. And no two roses are alike. The depth of color on each petal is quite unique. And Lancome cosmetics has created a new way to deliver such beauty in a lipstick shade.

Lipstick junkies, gather round:
The Lancome collection is called Color Fever Lipstick Roses ($25, at fine dept. stores, and at

It's a really stunning set of lipsticks. And there is scientific technology behind the color creation. According to Lancome, it has to do with the Spectrophotometer.
The Spectrophotometer, creates the "perfect pigment recipe," replicating the exact shade of specific roses.

You've got to see these lipstick shades in person to believe the science. For the first time ever, Lancome has been able to capture the actual color of roses to be made into their collection of 5 lasting radiance sensual rose shades.

And there's a shade for everyone:

Browns-Neutrals: Rose Tempest
Pinks-Berries: Lancome Rosebud, Rose Fete
Reds-Corals: Daring Rose, Enticing Rose

Lancome is always creating new beauty treatments. And for Lancome beauty addicts, there is the all-important Lancome Alert Sign-Up. Here's how it works: Just visit the Lancome website and sign up. You will be emailed when the newest beauty products arrive. And you will be notified ASAP when your favorite makeup is being discontinued, so you can stock up. Just check off the makeup, skin care, sun and body, and fragrance items you are interested in. Lancome takes care of the rest.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Jolen Creme Bleach Stands The Test Of Time

This cute, little jade-colored box has been around for decades. And it's still a very popular beauty item. Simply, because it works effectively. And for about $5.00, you can safely lighten excess dark hair.

If you haven't heard of Jolen Creme Bleach, well then, maybe you're wasting too much time and money on waxing or stinky-smelling depilatories.

Let's be honest here, there are times you need to lighten up a few, stray dark hairs. Whether these little hairs are on your face, arms, body, or eyebrows, Jolen Creme Bleach comes to the rescue. And most women prefer it, hands down, to other bleaching competitors. Jolen has been around for years. It's inexpensive, safe to use, quick and easy, and leaves your hair smoth, pale, and soft.

Each little box of Jolen comes with 4 items inside:
Creme Bleach
Cream Bleach Accelerator
Mixing Tray

And the directions are simple: Mix the bleach and accelerator together on the tray with the small spatula. And apply to hairs that need lightening. Leave on for 10 minutes. And 5-10 more minutes for stubborn or darkest hair. Wash off and dry.

Just follow directions closely, and you should have a smooth, lightening process. If you don't mix proportions as directed, the creme could sting and/or irritate your skin.

Some women use Jolen Creme Bleach to lighten up their eyebrows a bit or hair under their top lip. The only caution for brows, don't leave the bleach on for too long, or you will end up with too blonde eyebrows. If you're merely trying to lighten just a little, test the 'color' every minute or so, and make sure your eyebrows are not 'disappearing' in color. Brows can also end up orange in shade if you overdo the process.

If you have dark arm hair like I do (hey, I'm Mediterranean), you might have to leave the bleach on your arms for 20 minutes or so. But I have to report, Jolen is amazing for subtley lightening up this part of your body.

And I have friends who have used Jolen to paint pretty, thin blonde highlights through their hair. No, you're not supposed to use the bleach for that purpose, but it works well. Remember Pam Dawber who played Mindy on 'Mork and Mindy' ? Pam says she used Jolen for blonde hairlights on her medium brown-colored hair. Another note of caution---Do not leave on too long. You can end up with orange highlights.

Wherever you lighten little dark hairs on your body, and you don't have to admit every place you do it, try Jolen Creme Bleach if you're looking for a tried and true beauty product. It gets the job done. You can find it in just about every local drugstore.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Hills' Lauren Conrad Shares Her Makeup Secrets

You know her as L.C.

MTV's The Hills reality show is a huge hit once again.

And gorgeous-girl-next-door, Lauren Conrad, is ready for another wild and crazy season.

Ever wonder what's in L.C.'s makeup bag? She always look so pretty and polished, never over-done. And she was happy to share her makeup secrets. One word says it all. mark. That's all she wears. Lauren Conrad is a proud spokesperson for teen brand, mark Cosmetics.

"I don't know how I would live without my mark Hook Ups. My favorites are On the Edge Liquid Liner in Cleo, Glow Baby Glow Lip Gloss in Pink Crush and Scanda-Lash Mascara in Blacklash. For someone like me who is always in front of the camera, I love these products because it fits right into my jean pocket and is so easy to pull out for last minute touch-ups. I think the idea of Hook Ups are so cool because you can actually customize products that are most important to you. Trust me there is a Hook Up combination for everyone."

And we believe her. The makeup is very inexpensive and of good quality. mark offers lots of beauty items. Makeup. Skin care. Fragrance. Bath & Body. Hairstyling. And even Fashion. Just look at this---mark Mega Volume Root Lifting Spray with Soothing Geranium ($5, 6 fl.oz.). That's a super cheap price. And the product is very good. Check out the product reviews online and order here:

If you're tired of spending big money on cosmetics that really don't do the job, you should expand your beauty horizon, and discover mark. Women of all ages can find something pretty to wear there. Just because a mascara costs $60, doesn't mean it will work superbly for you. Sometimes cheaper is better.

Monday, August 18, 2008

NARS Has Nice Neutrals For Fall 2008

NARS makeup is naughty and nice. NARS has long been a favorite of models like Naomi Campbell and celebrities like Ashley Olsen and Kim Kardashian.
And NARS' blush called "Orgasm," was launched into cult status, after being mentioned on TV's Sex and the City.

And NARS isn't just for the Hollywood elite. Women around the globe love its wearability, beautiful colors and textures, and trendy new collections.

Just look at what's coming up for autumn:

Nice neutrals for Fall 2008. As the NARS people put it: " Fall's glowing palette combines brilliant neutrals in shimmering tones for a look of intrigue and sophistication."

Nothing too bright or neon for autumn. The 8 product, 10-color fall 2008 line features lovely dusty roses for lips and cheeks, while earthy, warm metallics enhance eyes.
Raven-haired Kim Kardashian is a huge NARS makeup fan. Her absolute favorite, can't-live-without beauty item, is NARS Turkish Delight Lip Gloss.

And blonde, fair-skinned Ashley Olsen likes to wear NARS Chihuahua Lip Gloss.

If you love makeup, and you know you do, NARS keeps the new colors coming. For more information, visit:

Or just check out NARS Makeup on Ebay. Lots of great deals there.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Pregorexia Is The Newest Trend For Moms-To-Be

We hadn't even heard of this word, Pregorexia, until a couple of weeks ago. But apparently, it's the newest trend among pregnant women.

What it boils down to is this: a woman who abuses her diet and exercise during pregnancy to gain as little weight as possible. That is a pregorexic.

So where did this all begin? With media images of hot Hollywood moms. Women see slender celebrities, like Nicole Richie and Nicole Kidman showing off their tiny baby bumps or post pregnancy bodies, looking the same sexy way they always have. The post-baby weight seems to melt away on these slender beauties.

Doctors around the world are quite concerned with the new pregorexia trend. The average woman should gain between 25 and 30 lbs. during her pregnancy. Moms of twins should gain 45 lbs. or more.The baby in utero needs nutrition. By limiting food and over-exercising, a pregnant woman is abusing her body. The baby that arrives, faces a higher rate for developing diabetes, heart disease, and other serious disorders.

Dr. Holly Phillips was discussing this alarming new pregnancy trend on The Early Show last week.

"I think we've never before been more kind of obsessed with celebrity culture, and with celebrity pregnancies, as well. It's not unusual to see pictures of these celebrities the day before and the day after birth and they're looking super-humanly fit. They're really incredible. But you also have to remember a lot of these celebrities are just genetically blessed. ... They have the best dieticians, nutritionists, (trainers), etc. They certainly have an advantage."

There shouldn't be body shame when a woman is going through the stages of pregnancy. It is absolutely normal to have weight gain during this time. A big, pregnant belly should be celebrated, not praised for being as tiny as it can.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Red Bull And Booze Can Equal Stroke

Red Bull. It's the drink that 'gives you wings.' And something else, if you're not too careful.

The latest buzz on the high energy drink that has achieved cult status around the world:

Red Bull + Booze = Stroke.

A recent Australian study found that just one can of sugar-free Red Bull alone, can cause the blood to become sticky -- an indicator of cardiovascular problems such as stroke. And when you mix Red Bull with booze, you increase your chances even more.

Lead researcher Scott Willoughby, from Adelaide Hospital, is warning that the drink "could be deadly", for people with heart abnormalities.

While the chance of sudden cardiac death is very low, "it could be more deadly for people who have an unknown cardiovascular abnormality", Dr Willoughby said.

Red Bull is popular among the celebrity set like Britney Spears, Eva Mendes, Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Audrina Patridge, Hillary Duff, and Carrie Underwood. It's got a punch of caffeine going for it, at 80 milligrams per 8.4 oz for energy. But the energy drink also racks up the calories if you indulge too often. They pack 110 calories each. Red Bull has a sugar-free version at 10 calories per can.

Maybe you love a Red Bull Cocktail, which is basically mixed with vodka. It's so popular on college campuses, that some 25% of all college students enjoy Red Bull Cocktails, if you believe those statistics.

Why such a huge following? Because when you drink a Red Bull Cocktail, you feel both drunk and wide awake.

We're not trying to be preachy. We have several friends who love the cocktail. We're just trying to make sure you know that latest buzz. Young people are being warned to treat the caffeine drink "with caution," that's all.

Friday, August 15, 2008

How To Get Bright Youthful Eyes With 3 Products

Eyes are so important to the attractiveness of your face. And eyes age quickly, since the skin surrounding them is quite delicate and thin. Wrinkles like to set up house around your eyes, where the loss of collagen and elasticity are common. And when you're tired and over-worked, your eyes will tell the story.

Sure, you should always protect the sensitive eye area by wearing sunglasses and sunscreen and a darn good moisturizer when you are out in the elements. But there are other methods to fool mother nature. And all you need are 3 effective beauty products to create youthful and healthy-looking eyes.

1. Collyre Bleu Eyelights by Verseo ($35, This ain't your mama's Visine. These eye drops are used by famous makeup artists to give celebrities and models the brightest and clearest eyes around. Just 2 little drops daily, and instantly, your eyes rebound. Say goodbye to red, tired eyes. Your brown eyes, blue eyes, green eyes, and so on, will look that much brighter.You get 10 reclosable plastic vials of Collyre Bleu in a box (1-month supply).

2. Brenda Christian Prima Firm Eye Makeup Base ($35, ). What this beauty treatment does so well, is firm up and hydrate the eyelid area. It also balances out your skin tone, while lifting the eyelid area. You don't even have to wear foundation. In moments, you get a mini eyelift. Eyes look amazing and wrinkles are softened.

3. Talika Eyelash Lipocils ($40, ). This brand is known around the world, for giving you back your long, thick eyelashes. What Talika does so beautifully, is enhance natural lash growth. And the company guarantees it. Simple apply this gentle, transparent gel formula once or twice a day along the upper and/or lower lashes. It comes in a mascara tube with a mascara-type wand for application. Within 30 days, you will see longer, lusher lashes. Clinically proven.

There you have it. Clear and brighter eyes. An eye area that is firm, lifted, and hydrated. And longer lashes to frame your beautiful eyes.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Nail Tek Swarovski Crystal Files Create Beautiful Nails

Many of you reading this, get professional manicures. So you're not worried about what kind of nail file is best for shaping and smoothing a great set of fingertips.

But for those of you who like to file your nails and keep them clean, buff, and pretty, all on your own, consider for a moment, the kind of nail file you keep on hand.

If you're like me, any file would do. For a long time, I was using a plain, old emery board. Don't laugh. Some manicurists would tell you that emery boards are more sanitary than a metal file. You can throw away an emery board when you're finished filing. And emery boards can be quite sharp, too. But you can also harm the nail if you are too sloppy filing.

An emery board is actually a thin strip of cardboard coated with powdered emery. But they do have a toughness to them. Baseball players have been caught trying to "scuff" the ball with emery boards. It gives the ball more grip and movement. That, of course, is illegal in baseball. One pitcher, Joe Niekro, was caught with an emery board in his pocket in 1987. He was suspended for 10 games.

Nail files can be made of steel, ceramic, and even, glass. We adore these:

Nail Tek Swarovski Crystal File ($20 each, at fine nail stores).
It's their Limited Edition: with authentic Swarovski Crystals! Really pretty glass file. And comes in its own convenient carrying case.

"Designed specifically for natural nails. It will not shred the nail like an emery board or ordinary file. Special patented surface seals and protects the free edge as you file and shape the nail. Prevents splitting and peeling of the natural nail.-Double-sided abrasive surface never wears out.-Washable, sanitizable and completely sterilizable.-Lifetime replacement guarantee."

We're not knocking emery boards. But if you enjoy grooming your own nails, try a glass nail file. It seals the free edge of the nail. And you can shape and smooth your nails without worrying about snagging, breaking and peeling. You don't have to be a professional manicurist to create a great set of nails.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Jennifer Esposito Credits Her Flat Belly With Zone Balance Board

Tired of doing endless sit-ups and gut-aching crunches? Why not rock your way to a flatter belly! No more lying on your back and contorting yourself into these difficult abdominal exercises.

Rock you way to a flatter belly? Yes. And sexy, slender actress Jennifer Esposito of Samantha Who? is a perfect example. She swears this little skateboard thing truly works!! The Zone Balance Pro Board($150,, is a balance board. But there aren't any wheels. Instead, the platform is perched on top of what can best be described as a rolling pin. (By the way, this popular board is temporarily back-ordered).

You simply stand on the board, and rock back and forth. Sounds like a piece of cake, but it isn't that easy. The object is, to stay on the board and not fall off. Believe it or not, you get a good workout because it is challenging your abs, or stomach muscles.

Jennifer says it's "a great way to switch up your tired old routine."

Fitness expert Gabe Valencia agrees that the benefits are there, as long as you keep up with it faithfully.

"If you're consistent, 10 minutes of balance boarding 3 days a week will give you better ab definition than 10 minutes of straight crunching."

Wow! That beats crunching. And it looks like fun, especially if you have ever tired skateboarding or surfing for the first time. And you can rock back and forth on the Zone Balance Pro Board while watching television, listening to music, gabbing on your cell phone. You get the picture. It doesn't require a lot of exercise space, and it's portable.

Jennifer Esposito is in great shape, having been a gymnast and an ice skater. But even this Zone Balance Pro Board is hard for a woman with excellent balance.

"You can do some serious toning. As you improve, concentrate on different areas--using your stomach more or keeping your weight in your heels to work the legs and butt. But don't try this in Prada wedges like I did the first time. Sure, you look stylish, but no one will be checking out your shoes if you have a broken neck."

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

High-Definition Makeup Really Makes You Look Flawless

This little beauty tidbit caught our eye. There really is such a thing as high-definition makeup. At least, the cosmetics industry never misses a beat. With such major improvements in TV technology, like HDTV, faces on television need state-of-the-art makeup coverage. Let's face it, as beautiful and sexy as many celebrities are, even their tiny flaws can look, well, quite noticeable.

Nightly news anchor, Katie Couric, once remarked that she was not looking forward to high-def, because that meant her own facial flaws would be examined in more detail. And when you're a woman in your 40s, 50s, and beyond, it's more challenging to look youthful and wrinkle-free with such modern TV technology and the ever-sharp camera lens looking into every pore on your face. (We happen to think that Katie looks polished and very glam in high-def).

What's so harmful about HDTV? Nothing, except that it has five times more detail than standard television, because it contains more information in digital form. So it produces an exceptionally clear and crisp picture. Colors are more vivid. And, yeah, wrinkles, lines, scars, undereye circles, etc., are more highlighted, too.

But now there's high-definition makeup to the rescue! And you don't have to be a celebrity like Kelly Ripa, Anne Curry, or Soledad O'Brien, to appear flawless and pretty. This new and special makeup can improve your skin's texture and even out your complexion.

Here are some excellent high-definition makeup products to try:

1. Borba HD-Illuminating Plasma Crystals Diamond Dermabrasion Peel Treatment ($59, Use this before you apply makeup, and you will see a flawless glow. An ultra-smooth canvas to build on.

2. Smashbox High Definition Healthy FX Foundation SPF15 ($38, You need a foundation to even out your complexion, and this one does the trick. It's a weightless foundation that has the ability to build great coverage. Plus it's packed with vitamins, and a good SPF for sun protection.

3. Make Up For Ever HD, High Definition Powder ($30, Yes, an HD powder to set your makeup. It contains micro-particles made of 100% mineral silica powder. These teeny particles do great big things like, reflect natural and artifical light. And soften lines and imperfections on the screen and in person.

4. Cargo Blu-Ray Lip Gloss ($29) and Mascara ($20, For a beautiful smile, hyaluronic acid spheres and a peptide chain plump lips and smooth out fine lines, while transparent pearl pigments provide an even color payoff.

And the mascara is HD-fabulous, too. It's formulated with Panthenol and Keratin, which strengthen and improve the structure of lashes. Lashes look full and voluminous yet perfectly natural.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Apply These Nightly Beauty Treatments And Wake Up To A New You

We know you've heard the phrase, "I need my beauty sleep."

Maybe there's ample truth to that. Getting 7 to 8 hours of sleep each night, can make a difference to your whole being. When you're fast asleep, your body is busy doing things at the cellular level. That's the time that skin repair and rejuvenation begin to kick in gear.

The National Institutes of Health say that our hormones play an active and key role during deep sleep.

"In children, human growth hormone (HGH) is released during deep sleep. Insufficient sleep can affect hormonal balance in adults as well. Tissue repair also occurs during sleep, including repair to the daily skin damage done by UV light. Getting enough deep sleep will help your skin repair itself."

And we have a 'beauty sleep' list of treatments that are designed to work when you're catching your zzzz's. These products will help you get ready for the next 24 hours.

Get ready to get glamorous overnight!!

1. Molton Brown Relaxing Yuan Zhi Bath & Shower ($28, This rich, moisturizing bath formula fights stress and promotes a peaceful sleep.

2. John Freida Frizz-Ease New Creme Serum Overnight Repair Formula ($9,, and local drugstores). John Freida makes super salon quality hair care products. Fix damaged hair while you sleep. Envelops each strand. Contains calming chamomile extract.

3. 5th Avenue Bath Co. Pillow and Linen Spray ($8, A revitalizing, luxurious spray that calms you before you drift off to sleep. You will awaken refreshed and energized. Comes in several delightful scents, like Asian Lemongrass, and Pomegranate Fig. Simply spray onto pillowcases and sheets.

4. Zo Skin Health Ossential Radical Night Repair ($325,, and nordstrom stores). Developed by the famous Dr. Obagi, of the well-known skin care system. Full of highly concentrated retinol to repair skin, boost radiance and firmness. The price is high, but Dr. Obagi insists you will see ,"amazing results."

5. Bourjois Night Repair Balm, ($10.50, ULTA stores.) A tinted lip balm that treats dry and weathered lips as you sleep. Smells floral sweet. Very creamy texture nourishes your lips. Lips feel like velvet when you arise in the morning.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Diet And Fitness Tips of Olympic Medal Beauty Dara Torres

Need we say more? We couldn't ignore the inspiring story of Dara Torres. She's 41-years-old, and the mother of 2-year-old Tessa Grace.

And Dara Torres just picked up a silver medal in the swimming relay last night. She's got 10 Olympic medals. That's right. Nine medals from 1984, and now this one! And she competes in the 50M freestyle soon. My money's on Dara. In addition, Dara Torres broke a century-old Olympic record last evening, by becoming the oldest swimmer in the Olympic games.

How are Dara's Olympic accomplishments an important beauty tip?

Just take a look at the photo. The body is rock-solid. She's 41, and had a baby. That just goes to show us all, that a super body can be developed at any age, with the perfect amount of dedication, nutrition, and fitness.

Dara is close to 6 ft. tall and weighing in at 149 lbs. And we have Dara Torres' diet and fitness tips.

Dara doesn't count calories, because she says she had an eating disorder in college (bulimia). She told, that for breakfast power, she drinks a Living Fuel Shake (berry-flavored) with milk and fruit.

As we get older, our bodies change, when it comes to diet and fitness.

"The biggest change is recovery. I don’t recover as quickly as I used to, so now I try to eat more foods—lean protein in particular—that help me recover quicker."

Dara's favorite meal?

"A mixed green salad, turkey-spinach lasagna, garlic bread and green beans. My favorite cookbook is one I got in college—Where’s Mom Now That I Need Her?"

Dara also cheats, probably not too often, considering the superior shape she is in.

" It’s OK to have bites of food that probably aren’t the best for you because that way you won’t deprive yourself and then want more of that food. I eat what I want, when I want, but I exercise so I can do that."

This Olympic medal winner trains very hard. Gearing up for the summer games, Dara had a head coach, sprint coach, strength coach, two stretchers, two masseuses, a chiropracter, and a nanny for her daughter, all at a cost of $100,000 a year. And we can see by the results and her big silver victory, that the grueling and challenging work has paid off.

"I spend two hours in the pool, five days a week, and I weight train four days a week—two days of lower-body and core and the other two days upper-body and core. I also do resistive stretching three days a week."

Here are Dara Torres' favorite cheat snacks:

1. Root beer float "It has to be made with IBC root beer and Breyers vanilla ice cream."2. Vanilla cream cookies "They're so good I don't even bother taking bites. I just put the whole cookie in my mouth."3. Blocks of milk chocolate from Fresh Market "This is real, no-BS chocolate." 4. Lime Tostitos "They have a kick to them. I love to munch on them before dinner." 5. Fresh-squeezed lemonade "I keep it in my water bottle."

Saturday, August 9, 2008

New Beauty Collagen-Enhancing Gadget By Dr. Perricone

We love beauty products. Who doesn't? And we, here at, also get excited over new beauty gadgets. And boy, do we have a cool, little hand-held beautifier right here.

Skin guru and cosmeceutical giant, Dr. Nicholas V. Perricone, has just introduced a new collagen-enhancing gadget with red and infra-red light. It isn't the cheapest item on the block. But at $335, you could consider this a key beauty investment for your skin.

It's called the PerriconeMD LIGHT Renewal. And Nordstrom stores are offering this little beauty gadget exclusively (also online at

So, what does the PerriconeMD LIGHT Renewal do?

According to Dr. Perricone, this beauty gadget is really good at rejuvenating your skin and boosting cell regeneration:
Key benefits: Stimulates collagen and elastin. Reduces fine lines and wrinkles. Imparts radiance.

It's Dr. Perricone's first hand-held at-home light-therapy treatment. And he claims it comes pretty close to in-office procedures. It's convenient in size. It's totally portable. And you can repair your skin in the privacy of your home, office, vacation spot, and so on.

The PerriconeMD LIGHT Renewal is easy to use. Just aim and zap! For best results, use 2 hours a day, spread over4 consecutive days a week. Within 3-7 weeks, you will notice healthier facial skin.

"By using measured doses of red and infra-red light at specified time frames on targeted areas of the face, a renewed appearance of contour, tone, and texture presents itself on the surface, particularly around the eye area where significant studies were established."

The good thing to know, clinical trials have been done on this little Perricone beauty gadget, and at the moment, the statistics look pretty solid. Trials focused on the eye area and the wrinkles present there:

Clinicals:- 84% reported improvement in the appearance of skin tone¹- 83% reported a softening in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles²- 75% reported improvement in the appearance of skin smoothness²- 74% reported visible changes in fine appearance of lines and wrinkles¹- 68% reported improvement in the appearance of skin firmness¹- 84% rated the product very easy to use¹¹Based on 12 week clinical study of periorbital wrinkles²Based on 9 week clinical trials of periorbital wrinkles.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Our List Of The Best Undereye Concealers

Do you have them, and hate them?

According to dermatologist to the stars, Dr. Frederic Brandt, 9 out of 10 us have dark, undereye circles to some degree. But don't blame yourself. Sometimes, your DNA plays a key role in giving you those dark, unattractive shadows. Have any relatives that have the same problem? We bet you do.

Then there's the capillary science. We all have capillaries, or tiny blood vessels. And many of us have leaky capillaries under the eye, which in turn, leave behind those dark blue-black shadows. And because the eye area is made of delicate skin, you see the dark circles more easily.

Even the famous Mayo Clinic has been researching dark, undereye circles. Their advice: Buy over-the-counter beauty products to help diminish the darkness. The clinic suggests applying eye creams that contain vitamin C or K, or alpha hydroxy acid, or kinetin. All these can be beneficial to the thin skin that is found along the eye area.

Meantime, let's get down to business. We all could use some undereye concealer. Don't fool yourself. Even if your skin is near perfect, this is an essential beauty item to use daily.

Important Beauty Tip Today: Always apply concealer AFTER putting foundation on.

And we compiled a list of our Best Undereye Concealers:

1. Stila Illuminating Concealer ($22, This little number comes in a liquid formula, filled in a tube with an applicator brush. It gives sheer coverage but is able to neatly cover up dark circles and discoloration, even blemishes. We love it because it contains mica particles which refelct light to fool the eye.

2. Nars Concealer ($21, Nars pakages their concealer in a lipstick-like tube for easy, quick application. The product is nice and creamy, but still lightweight, offering good coverage. Made with nourishing stuff like vitamin E. Long-lasting, and resists creases.

3. Benefit Erase Paste ($26, Brand new this year, an instantly blendable camoflager. Very creamy consistency. Comes in a little pot with a spatula and step-by-step directions. Great at brightening skin and hiding imperfections, all at once.

4. Prescriptives Camoflage Cream ($17.50, at Macy's, A weightless, creamy undereye concealer that covers all your little imperfections quite perfectly. Never creases. Comes in 9 shades. Can also be used as an eyeshadow primer.

5. L'Oreal's True Match Super Blendable Concealer ($8.99, at drugstores, ). An oil-free concealer with vitamins E and B5 to revitalize delicate undereye skin. The brand new formula also comes in 9 shades. Easy to find the right shade. Great coverage for dark shadows and acne blemishes.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Muscle Milk The Newest Health Craze In A Bar

Okay, this health/beauty tip comes from a very good source. Check this out: Muscle Milk.

Haven't heard of it yet?

If you're into bodybuilding or hitting the gym frequently, then you might have caught the buzz on it. Seems like everyone is chomping on these nutrition bars.

My very good friend, Philip, a serious weightlifter with a handsome physique, brought me one to sample.

And I have to say, it's delicious, well, for a protein bar. Muscle Milk contains 25 grams of Protein in its 2.57 oz. bar (or 73 g). You can pick up these healthy bars at fitness/nutrition stores, and now at Rite-Aid. I ate Vanilla Toffee Crunch. Mine cost $2.79. The bars also come in-- Banana Creme Yogurt and Chocolate Peanut Caramel.

According to CytoSport, which puts out these delicious lactose-free energy bars, there is proven science behind them:

"Muscle Milk Bars are an evolutionary muscle formula for promoting a lean body, lean muscle growth and fast recovery from exercise. Metabolically favorable ingredients stimulate growth and recovery in a similar manner to mother's milk nourishing a baby."

We all know how important protein is to the body, and women especially, do not get enough protein. This bar provides lots of energy, nutrition, and a full, satisfied feeling in the belly. And it's covered in a natural, chocolate coating. Plenty of good crunch, too.

CytoSport says that Muscle Milk Bars make a healthy, nutritious snack any time.
"They are the perfect solution for people who want to feel better and improve their performance while on the go."

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

How To Get Rid Of Your Funky Ink Tattoos

This stunning tattoo of a tiger belongs to stunning actress and new mother of twins, Angelina Jolie. Rumors say that Angelina has about a dozen tattoos. And she's not alone.

Tattoos can be beautiful works of art. And sometimes, the allure has worn off. In other words, you want to get rid of your funky ink.

But you're afraid of the pain, the time, and the big amount of money you need to rub away or zap away your tattoo.

Many women and men love their tattoos. And getting ink, is still hugely popular in this country. In the 1990s, tattoos were big business, and it appears that our love of ink, isn't fading away anytime soon. These Hollywood celebrities also love their tattoos: Kelly Ripa, Pamela Anderson Lee, Jessica Alba, Gisele Bundchen. Look at former Posh Spice cutie, Victoria Beckham. She sports 5 stars on her lower back. One for each family member. And she has her husband's initials 'DB' onthe underside of her left wrist.

But there might be a time you regret getting that big, ugly tattoo on your right thigh, for instance. Look at Angelina Jolie. Remember that unattractive 'Billy Bob" tattoo she was showing off on her left arm? That has since been lasered off, according to several reports. We're sure that her significant hunk other, Brad Pitt, wouldn't want to be staring at the Billy Bob tat each and every day.

To be honest, most plastic surgeons and dermatologists would advise you to undergo tattoo laser removal. That's the best method in ink removal. Yes, it can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars up into the thousands of dollars, depending on the size and location of the tattoo, the number of visits involved, and so on. The lousy thing, medical insurance will not pay for tattoo removal since it is considered cosmetic in nature. Plus the procedure is a bit uncomfortable. Well, then again, they say that getting a tattoo is uncomfortable, too. (P.S. I don't have any ink).

During laser tattoo removal, the procedure causes the pigment in the ink to fragment, or break into smaller particles that are then removed by the body's immune system.

If you want to avoid a costly surgical procedure, you could try a chemical peel. Such peels are generally used on the face to rejuvenate the skin, and peel away dead, thick layers. The American Academy of Dermatologists suggests that chemical peels can also succesfully remove tats.

And then there is a fading cream for at-home tattoo removal. One of the popular brands is Wrecking Balm (1-800-671-3936). For about $200, you can get a 2-month supply that will slowly fade away your unwanted ink. No burning, and you can sign up for their 'risk-free trial.'
Some folks swear this balm works, but there are others who claim it doesn't live up to the hype.

Do your homework. Ask some friends with ink how they have removed unwanted tatoos. Visit a dermatologist or plastic surgeon, and show them your funky ink. Get their advice. And good luck.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Calvin's Secret Obsession Too Sexy For American TV

The sexy woman in the photo is actress Eva Mendes. This was the tamest image we could post here.

Eva is Calvin Klein's model for his newest fragrance, due out in mid-September. The women's perfume is called, Secret Obsession. It's been described as a 'floral oriental' scent.

Just one, tiny problem......the too steamy commercial has just been banned by American television networks. Coty, Inc. (the fragrance manufacturer) and the Calvin Klein company are fuming, of course.

But then again, everybody's talking about Secret Obssession, lovely Eva Mendes, Calvin Klein, and this too-hot-for television ad. In other words, super publicity. And when the sexy fragrance hits department store counters this fall, Secret Obsession is expected to gracefully rake in more than $120 million globally in just its first year.

The women's fragrance is exotic and sensual.
Top Notes feature: Plum, Rose, and Mace.
Middle Notes include: Egyptian Jasmine, French Orange Flower, and Tuberose.
Base Notes round out with: Burnt Amber, Cashmere Woods, Madagascan Vanilla, and Australian Sandalwood.

Let's not kid ourselves, Calvin Klein is a superstar fashion designer, who also happens to develop beautiful fragrances for men and women. He is a brilliant marketer, and he's been in the business for a long time.

Eva Mendes discusses why she was excited to be part of Klein's Secret Obsession fall ad campaign.

"To me, Calvin Klein has always represented sexiness and a freedom to express yourself," said Mendes. "That was especially important for me, because I felt very awkward during my teen years. When I was approached by Calvin Klein, I thought that it would be so satisfying for me to be part of a campaign where I could show women and girls that it's okay to be different. I remember when the Obsession ads with Kate Moss came out — I thought she was so gorgeous. Kate wasn't a conventional beauty, her teeth weren't perfect and she wasn't blonde; my friends and I could relate to that. If I could provide that encouragement for someone with the Secret Obsession campaign, that would be amazing."

Coty, Inc. realizes the star power of a new Calvin Klein fragrance.

"Obsession put Calvin Klein on the map in 1985 and continues to be an integral piece of the brand portfolio," added Michele Scannavini, president of Coty Prestige. "Over two decades later, we see it come full circle with Secret Obsession. While Obsession epitomized the overt glamour and sexuality of the Eighties, Secret Obsession will become the meaning of what is sexy today — more personal, sophisticated and intoxicating. Eva Mendes is a reflection of how things have changed over the past 20 years."

We're excited to wear this new fragrance, Secret Obsession. We have always loved his other Obsession. We are sure, this scent is going to go the extra distance!

For more information, visit:

Monday, August 4, 2008

Burt's Bees Is More Than Great Lip Balm

When many folks think of Burt's Bees, they are reminded of that wonderful, smooth, beeswax lip balm with the 'peppermint tingle.' But this proud American company is so much more than great lip balm.

Every beauty product Burt's Bees puts out, is natural and earth-friendly. As they say at their website:

"With Burt's Bees, what you see is what you get. To us, the word 'natural' means only one thing. It means 'harvested from nature.' And that is what we are."

We like the sound of that. And this is why we were so excited to sample Burt's Bees new Naturally Ageless skin care line. The bright red pomegranate fruit plays a key role in the creation of these fine 'ageless' beauty treatments. What's so super about pomegranate, you ask?

Pomegranates hold a lot of power in their small fruits. They are full of anti-oxidants, which in turn, battle the free radicals that damage and prematurely age our skin.

Also present in the 'ageless' formula, are more wonderful, natural ingredients to repair our skin:

White Birch Bark. The bark is taken from this tree and used in a purified , powdered extract. This bark treatment increases skin firmness.
Magnolia. This lovely flower has nice anti-inflammatory properties to it, and has the ability to reduce dark undereye circles.
Para Cress. The extract from this plant helps to smooth skin and relax expression lines.
Borage and Evening Primrose Oils. Oils from these flowers are full of Gamma Linolenic Acid. This essential fatty acid helps improve skin firmness and fight skin's aging effects.

Burt's Bees Naturally Ageless Collection includes:
Line Diminishing Day Lotion ($24.99, 2 oz.)
Firming Nite Creme ($24.99, 2 oz.)
Line Smoothing Eye Creme ($24.99, 0.5 oz.)
Intensive Repairing Serum ($24.99, 0.5 oz.)
The great thing about Burt's Bees, you can find them at your favorite stores...Target, CVS, Walgreens, and Whole Foods.

And there's a lovely scented hair care selection, too:
Very Volumizing Pomegranate & Soy Shampoo and Conditioner (7.99, 12 fl. oz.).

We love this entire Naturally Ageless skin care line. The beauty treatments are natural and feel so good being massaged into the skin. Our skin took on a healthy glow. We especially adore the Intensive Repairing Serum. That little number really smoothed our skin and seemed to soften our fine lines.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Kate Hudson Launches Eco Friendly Hair Care Line

Kate Hudson always looks red carpet-glam. And the blonde-haired Hollywood cutie never seems to have a bad hair day.

Can you have hair as shiny and bouncy as Kate's?

Yes, you can. We all can. Kate has joined forces with celebrity hair stylist David Babaii, and the two have worked for a couple of years now, putting the finishing touches on an eco-friendly hair care line, David Babaii for WildAid. We like that Kate and David love animals, and 10% of the profits will go to the animal conservation group, WildAid.

The David Babii for WildAid line has been out for just a few weeks now, and already, the buzz for the hair care products is big news.

Kate, 29-years-old, is proud of the affordable and gentle shampoos, conditioners, and styling treatments from her new hair care line. The brand is opposed to animal testing. And even the packaging is environment-smart. The hair products are packaged in 10% recycled containers.

"I'm not preaching about the environment, I'm just trying to educate people," Hudson says.

Kate, like her mom, Goldie, has a deep respect and love for animals. Kate recently filmed some commercials for her hair care line in Madikwe, South Africa, along with beautiful elephants, lions, and cheetahs.

"Watching animals in their most primal form, in their environment was an amazing experience," she says, recalling the thrill of sitting next to a purring cheetah.

David Babaii for WildAid features a 10-piece hair care line, ranging in price from $11.95 to $14.95. There's a product called, Volcanic Ash Sculpting Clay. Sounds wild and wonderful for the hair.

For more information, visit:

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Certain Dri Really Keeps Your Underarms Sweat-Free

It's not an easy problem to bring up, especially for women. Underarm perspiration. There, we said it.

Anti-perspirants fight sweat. Deodorants tackle odor. Sometimes you might need both. But if you're really embarrassed by underarm wetness, then you need to use an anti-perspirant that is strong enough to stop excessive perspiration.

Some anti-perspirants contain an active ingredient, aluminum chloride. And a few years ago, there were a number of rumors circulating around the internet about aluminum chloride and its link to breast cancer. That frightened many women, and they quickly stopped using their heavy-duty anti-perspirant, and reluctantly went back to a milder deodorant. They still continued to sweat, but were convinced that anti-perspirants were cancer-causing beauty items.

Well, thank goodness the rumors were false. That's right...not true. We did some research on the aluminum chloride/breast cancer risk. The American Cancer Society concluded that, "none of these claims are true."

Even the highly respected Mayo Clinic did their own investigation:

Mayo Clinic Response
Current Question & Answer
Category: GynecologyTopic: Antiperspirants and breast cancer

Q. I've received numerous e-mails warning of the dangers of using anti-perspirants because they can lead to breast cancer in women. Is this true? Should I switch to just deodorant?

A. "The recent, widespread circulation of e-mails claiming that antiperspirants cause breast cancer has fueled an unfounded health myth. The e-mails also may include a claim that shaving the armpits results in razor nicks and subsequent absorption of cancer-causing substances from the antiperspirant.
The American Cancer Society states that no epidemiological studies suggest a link between the use of antiperspirants and breast cancer risk.
The e-mails may include a false assertion that antiperspirants keep a person from "sweating out toxins," resulting in the spread of cancer-causing toxins via the lymph nodes.
Sweat glands are not connected to lymph nodes. The majority of cancer-causing substances are removed by the kidneys and the liver. Lymph nodes may help to clear some toxins from the body, but they do not release these toxins through sweating.
The e-mails also may include a claim that the reason most breast cancers occur in the upper, outer quadrant of the breast is related to antiperspirant use and underarm shaving. There is no evidence to support this. In fact, most breast cancers occur in the upper, outer quadrant because this is where most of the breast tissue is found relative to the other quadrants of the breast.
You do not need to worry about switching antiperspirants. Antiperspirants are rigorously tested before being marketed, and require Food and Drug Administration approval."

Now that we can stop sweating over this ugly myth, let's get down to an anti-perspirant that truly stops underarm wetness.

Ladies, this is a superior anti-perspirant, one that is loved by hundreds and hundreds of women. The reviews at, tell the story. Certain Dri fights excessive perspiration. If you've ever suffered with underarm wetness, this roll on formula will stop the sweat immediately. Yes, it contains aluminum chloride, but like we've found out, this formula is safe.

And what a bargain....only $5.99. Lasts a long time.

Certain Dri states this on their bottle:
Doctor Recommended
Prescription Strength
The most effective anti-perspirant you can buy without a prescription.In an independent test Certain Dri® Prescription Strength Anti-Perspirant proved more effective and longer lasting -- even 84 hours after application.

Apply to underarms only.
Apply only at bedtime.
Apply sparingly.
Apply only a few strokes under each arm.

Some women like to wear Certain Dri at nightime, as directed, and in the morning, follow up by wearing a deodorant, to fight underarm odor.

You can also find Certain Dri at local drugstores like CVS and Walgreens.