Saturday, October 25, 2014

Want Buff Arms Like Kaley Cuoco? Then Rake Some Leaves!

Getting buff in the 'burbs. LOL. We'll get to that in a moment.

First though, we had never noticed Kaley Cuoco's buff arms, until today, when we caught a great photo of the star posing at a charity event in California recently.

LOVE the menswear look that Kaley has feminized so nicely here. But the heck with her fashion ensemble--- take a close look at Kaley Cuoco's buff arms!

When you can see the definition in the arms, you know she's been doing some serious working out.

And here she was last December photographed exiting the gym. The next day, it was reported that Kaley was being married that evening on New Year's Eve. Talk about dedication.

Our point is this:

If you desire fit arms like Kaley's, then you MUST get moving. And one of the BEST + cheapest arm toning work-outs comes from RAKING LEAVES.

It's true. Forget the leaf blower. Pick up the leaves the old-fashioned way.

Oh yeah....getting buff in the 'burbs.

RAKING LEAVES gives your biceps + triceps a good, exercise challenge. Raking also works the core + back muscles. And the movement also BURNS calories.

So if you're not into the gym routine, pick up a rake and get going. Autumn is such a beautiful time of year to have fun, fresh air and earn your way to buff arms.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Kirsten Dunst's Fave, Never Go Wrong Red Lipstick

Red lipstick is NOT always easy to pull off. But when it's right, it looks so-ooo good.

Check out actress Kirsten Dunst.

She's one of those pretty women who ONLY needs a slick of red lipstick and she gets instant glamour.

She's smart NOT to over-do the makeup when a bold lip like red takes center stage.

She tells Glamour magazine in their November issue that she has a fave lipstick that has become her "proven beauty look."

"Red lipstick---I've always used this balmy one from Chantecaille.".

The lipstick happens to be Chantecaille lipstick in Poppy ($35, at And it is a cross between a colored lip balm + lipstick. Quite hydrating + comfy to wear.

Like Taylor Swift who's made red lips her signature beauty look, we also think that Kirsten Dunst wears it well!

It's not a timid lip color, but the right red can make you the most unforgettable woman in the room.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Wavy Bob Keeps Popping Up On Blonde Celebrities: Lauren Conrad Took The Plunge

We have to say.....We LOVE the wavy bob haircut these celebrities have been getting.

And we are going to admit that the wavy bob looks BEST on blonde hair.


We aren't sure. All we know is that this is a killer look. Gorgeous on light-haired girls. Lauren Conrad is the latest star to submit to the scissors.

Here she is sharing her new wavy bob for the world to see on her Instagram.

"Got my first hair cut in years," Lauren wrote.

We also adore DWTS judge Julianne Hough's wavy bob. Sexy + glam!

And then there is daytime star Kelly Ripa's shorter wavy bob. Super cute for her tiny frame.

And the other former Hills star Kristin Cavallari yielded to the pros for her recent long, wavy bob haircut. Very lovely.

We think these blonde celebrities look amazing in these modern bobs. So refreshing from the heavy, too much hair extensions many celebs go out in.

Plus...mermaid waves are so IN ! Whether your hair is chin length, super long and/or with bangs, mermaid waves are THE hot trend for Fall/Winter 2014-2015.

That's coming straight from the runways.

To get the waves, you will need to spritz your locks with a texturized styling spray, like this one from ALTERNA BAMBOO BEACH Summer Ocean Waves Tousled Texture Spray ($20, at Sephora).

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Fall/Winter Means Dry, Static-Clingy Hair: Solution Here!

We love fall. It's beautiful, crisp + clean.

But what we don't need is static, frizzy, fly-away hair. And this happens to us ALL the time, especially once our radiator steam heat kicks on.

If you hate hat hair, too, there is a simple solution. And Sally Hershberger developed this formula a couple of years ago. It even won Allure magazine's best of awards.

Hyper Hydration Super Keratin Spray ($6.49).

We found a bottle at ULTA.

And it's so easy to use. Just dab a little serum onto your palms and run your hands through your hair.
Bye-bye static cling!

It can be spritzed onto wet or dry hair. It tames the fly-aways, adds moisture and delivers softness.

NOT sticky or greasy. A nice, leave-in-conditioner/blow-dry protector, too.

We think this is a good, beauty buy for fall/winter.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

New Maybelline Sculpting Eyebrow Mascara Is Simply 'Brow-Tastic!'

Brows. Eyebrows. Whatever you call them, a pair of great ones can REALLY give power to your looks.
Good brows add a lovely frame to your eyes + help balance your unique, facial features.

If you are brow-challenged or yours are thin + scraggly, there is HOPE on the way, because once again, the beauty experts are always developing new strategies for CREATING the perfect brows.

Today, it's Maybelline to the rescue! And we are going to pick up a tube of this very soon:

Maybelline new Brow Drama Sculpting Brow Mascara, ($7.99, at ULTA).

This is a special, gel mascara made just for your brows. It's a tinted formula  that includes a cool, sculpting ball brush.
And Brow Drama comes in 3 shades---Blonde. Soft Brown. Deep Brown.

It does look scarier to use than a brow pencil, for example. But this clever, tinted gel promises to deliver an even, natural, sculpted-looking pair.

Maybelline's Global Brow expert, Maribeth Madron, shows us how to properly put on Brow Drama Sculpting Brow Mascara. And she begins the application at the END of the brows. I begin mistakenly at the opposite or beginning of the brows....but I learned plenty here with this YouTube demo.

So, ladies.....Were you born with a perfect, full pair?

Or do you touch up your brows?

We admit, we fake them a bit. But we would prefer to try the new, Maybelline tinted gel. This is Prestige brow pencil in dark brown, although it photographs lighter here.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Whether You Like Them Or Not: Ponchos and Blanket Coats Cozy For Fall 2014

That's so-ooooo 70s.

We're referring to ponchos + blanket coats. Yeah...A little hippie chic is okay for Fall fashion 2014. These cozy, boho covers were one of the HOT runway trends for autumn.

Top Chef host Padma Lakshmi is already hitting the town in her warm + fuzzy, red striped
poncho. And singing sensation Rita Ora cuddling up in a toasty striped poncho.

 We like the look---carefree, easy, laid-back. A GREAT look with jeans. And NO---You DON'T have to invest in a super expensive Burberry Prorsum blanket coat, either, as you can see Cara 


We found inexpensive , cute ponchos here, that WON'T break your fashion budget:

Forever 21 Poncho, $32.90.

Urban Outfitters Blanket Poncho, $44.
Will you COZY up to Fall 2014 in a pretty poncho?

Sunday, October 19, 2014

How Amal Clooney Gets Those Big, Doe Eyes....

Talk about a happy bride. Mrs. George Clooney is loving married life if the big smile on her face is any indication.

Attorney Amal, formerly Alamuddin,  has become the world's darling, fashion plate. Gorgeous ensemble after gorgeous ensemble.

And we already know that Amal has beautiful, big hair. But have you wondered how she gets those pretty, big doe eyes?

Now we know her secret. It's a but pricey, but when you are Mrs. George Clooney + an in-demand lawyer around the globe, you can afford the expensive makeup.

This tube costs $29 and it's from British pro makeup artist Charlotte Tilsbury, who happens to have her own cosmetics line.

Full Fat Lashes in Glossy Black.

Charlotte Tilsbury has a great, YouTube video demo that shows you how to apply her Full Fat Lashes.

Check it out here.