Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Bright Blue Shades: Hot Sunglasses For Summer 2014! maybe you CAN'T afford a $345 pair of blue Gucci Cat Eye Sunglasses at the moment. BLUE shades are right on trend for Summer 2014.

These Gucci shades are SOLD OUT for now, if it makes you feel any better.

You can still be stylish on the cheap, though. All you have to do is copy and search around.

Try these on for size + glamour:

Unionbay Retro Round Sunglasses - Women

($28, at Kohls).

Or, why not slip these on for summer?


($15, at Fantas-Eyes).

 How about these blue stunners?

Michael Kors Paige Sunglasses 

($126, at MichaelKors).

Or these cuties?


A true beauty budget buy at just $7.50, or 2 for $10!

Forget er.... shades of grey, ladies. It's shades of blue for Summer 2014!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

How To Use Clarifying Shampoo With Color-Treated Hair

We think everyone should have a bottle of clarifying shampoo on hand, even if you don't have color-treated hair.

Clarifying shampoo has excellent de-greasing action or strong gunk removal.

In other words, if you have a lot of styling product in your hair, this type of shampoo will get rid of it FAST!

Most clarifying shampoos contain acetic acid. It's a chemical compound  found in vinegar. And what it does is remove build-up layer by layer.

But there is a trick to using clarifying shampoo if you have dyed hair.

1. Use clarifying shampoo BEFORE you color your hair. It will remove all that styling build-up that often coats the hair shaft. If you don't use this type of super cleansing shampoo, then the dye will soak in here and there, giving off inconsistent, patchy results.

2. Newly color-treated locks should stay away from constant clarifying shampoo. Too much can fade your great dye job fast. So, only use it once a month.

3. Also remember--that although clarifying shampoo is a demon at attacking grimy, dirty, heavy deposits, it can also make hair feel brittle. These shampoos are not conditioning formulas. So a little goes a long way.

Here is a very good clarifying shampoo:
 Suave Daily Clarifying Shampoo, Normal to Oily Hair (.99, at Walgreens).

We have used it for several years now....BUT not every day. Hey...less than a buck?! Can't beat it...and it DOES remove build-up of all kinds.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Duchess Kate Gets Perfect Brows With Bobbi Brown's Saddle Shadow

Yep.....Even divine duchesses need a little help in the brows department.

We're talking about the elegant Duchess Kate who's been wowing huge crowds with her wonderful fashion + classic, beauty styles.

If Kate has had a misstep, we certainly haven't seen it.

Today, we're looking at Kate's great brows! They appear so natural + full, BUT---she has a beauty tip that her makeup artists use on her to create the perfect brows:

Bobbi Brown Dark Brow Kit in Saddle/Mahogany, ($47, at BobbiBrownCosmetics). According to all the royal gossip, the pros at the Bobbi Brown makeup counters have taught the lovely duchess to even up + balance her brows with BB's Saddle eye shadow and a slanted brow brush.
Not every gal has been blessed with perfect, full, nicely groomed brows, but many of us cheat, and fill in the empty patches or thinning hairs here and there.
And that's alright to do...really.

Even royalty understands the power of great makeup. And Duchess Kate has been hitting all the right notes.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Simple Beauty Rules 101: Bobbi Brown Says Lining Eyes All Around Makes Them Look Bigger!

There's been a popular beauty myth going around for years now. And we knew it was NOT true, because Bobbi Brown says so.....And this iconic makeup artist knows what she is talking about!

Here's the beauty myth:

Lining your eyes all the way around makes them appear smaller.


Bobbi Brown says it's the other way around. The celebrity pro makeup artist recently spoke to People magazine's Stylewatch In the May 2014 issue out now, Bobbi explains it all:

"Contrary to what you may think, lining eyes all the way around makes them appear larger, not smaller. Keep liner on the bottom softer than on top and connect at eye's outer corners," Bobbi says.

One way to do that, is with Bobbi's own makeup line:

Bobbi Brown Perfectly Defined Gel Eyeliners

On SALE now at Nordstrom's ($21.60- Free shipping). Comes in these shades: Pitch Black. Chocolate Truffle. Sapphire. Scotch. Steel Grey. Violet Night.

We like the lined eye look of both black and brown liners.

We do this daily, and believe it allows the eye to open up + appear bigger.

We got the beauty idea 5 years ago, when actress Penelope Cruz was on the cover of W magazine.

Take a peek:

We LOVE that stronger liner on top lid.....+ softer liner on bottom.

And talented, celeb makeup artist Kela Wong would agree with Bobbi Brown. Here's what Kela advises:

1. Wear black eyeliner pencil along the top lash line only.
2. Then apply a dark brown liner on the bottom.
3. "It keeps the eye open," Kela explains.

Simple beauty rules 101. And these tips REALLY work.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

William Dislikes Banana Shade But Duchess Kate Right On Trend In Buttercup

Buttercup yellow.

It's NOT a shy shade, for sure. But it is a happy color, even though Duke William told Duchess Kate she looked like a banana in yellow yesterday afternoon.

The royal fashion-setter wowed crowds at the Sydney, Australia Opera House in a buttercup yellow + white color-blocked dress by London-based Serbian designer Roksanda Ilincic. Kate added her fave shoes--nude L.K. Bennett pumps.

Shades of yellow are right on trend for Spring 2014! Sorry, William. Yes--yellow can be quite vivid, but its sunshine-y beauty appeals to most people.

If you're too scared to wear buttercup yellow from head-to-toe, try little splashes of the bright color in an accessory like these so pretty sandals by
Madison, the Loretta, at ShoeDazzle.

On SALE, (VIP status) for just $19.98!

Buttercup baby, here we come!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Don't Worry, Ladies: You Can Make VS Model Cleavage: See Lily Aldriche's Before + After

We think a good, push-up bra is a worthy investment for most of us. The right bra offers support, shape, lift and this little perk:


Yes. You CAN create cleavage, even when you have small breasts to begin with.

Most people, especially men, believe that ALL the Victoria's Secret + Sports Illustrated models are big-busted. Maybe there are a handful.

But most of these stunning models are the proud owners of a small bustline. And we mean SMALL.

And to prove our point.....Here is gorgeous VS + Sports Illustrated beauty Lily Aldriche in a bikini top + shorts in Miami yesterday at a photo shoot.

Now---here is the lovely Lily in a recent VS runway show.

Wow! What an amazing bra!
To us, Lily Aldriche is pretty in the Before and as well as the After photos.

But we think the point has been proven:

Just like the hair extensions so many celebs walk around in, NOT everything is genuine in the worlds of fashion + beauty.

So---Is that a good thing or  a bad thing.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Do Most Stylish Celebrities Wear Hair Extensions? Kim Kardashian Took Hers Out, Again!

We're starting to believe that MOST female stars wear extensions. And that MOST female stars who do wear long, faux hair all really have shoulder length hair, at best.

Here's Kim Kardashian in Paris yesterday. This is her REAL hair length.

We were a bit shocked to see it so short and MINUS the perfect volume and hold. But there it was...a layered, shorter mane. And we're glad she showed it to the world.

Now here are 2 photos of the famous reality star arriving in Paris earlier , prior to removing her hair extensions.
This hairstyle featured locks that were INSTANTLY longer with at least twice the length.

Wow, what a major difference. 

Even ageless Christie Brinkley at 60, admits that she, too, wears faux hair. In fact, she sells her own popular hair extensions line---Hair2Wear.

This is why the iconic model adores clip-in extensions:

"It used to take a stylist hours to give me extensions. Now it takes me two seconds! They're so light and natural...I clip them in and forget they’re there! After skiing or a yoga class, I pull this out of my bag and do a quick fix in the ladies room. Instant volume. Instant glamour!" – Christie

Sometimes, perfection can be bought, and put on that evening.