Thursday, December 18, 2014

Can't Wait For Kate: Red Carpet Style At First Ever People Mag Awards Show

Will you tune in to the first ever "People Magazine Awards Show" tonight at 9 PM on NBC?

We will surely take a peek.

Kate Hudson will be glamming up the red carpet, and as of late, this chick has been nailing EVERY event in perfect style.

We know she's good pals with designer Stella McCartney, so that means an elegant dress for sure.

And when it comes to makeup + hair, Kate looks gorgeous. The transformation in the last couple of years has been stunning.

We don't know what this sexy, mom-of-two has been doing to look this fab, but we salute her.

The first annual People Magazine Awards might not be as elite a gathering as the Academy Awards Show, but the 2-hour event is being held at the Beverly Hilton and will feature a bunch of A-listers. Not too shabby. We think this is a MUST-see.

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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Victoria Justice Does Justice To Grunge: Long Plaid Flannel Shirt

Sometimes you just want to go super casual + grunge. And when it comes to a long plaid flannel shirt, it's all you really need.

Take a look at actress Victoria Justice hitting the streets of New York City yesterday. The 21-year-old star is effortlessly chic + modern in her take on grunge.

Maybe because she is so pretty, she looks great even when she isn't trying hard.

We like the boyfriend plaid flannel shirt, because the length is longer. We think Victoria is laying down all the right notes with this laid-back ensemble: 

Ripped jeans, suede booties, tee shirt and trendy fringe bag.

We found a copy-cat here at AmericanEagleOutfitters for $39.95.

How many plaid, flannel shirts so you own?

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Blac Chyna Gives Great Demo On Applying False Lashes

We were reading and reading beauty stuff, and stumbled on to the beauty website of Brittny Gastineau, called, and found this little nugget of faux lash wisdom.

We LOVE to see beauty demos, and Blac Chyna does a wonderful job showing Brittny how to put false lashes on the BEST way..

Blac Chyna has her signature line called LASHED by Blac Chyna.

She has Brittny wearing her Tokyo lashes.  These are fancy + sexy, and Blac Chyna has them on SALE, down to $6.99 a pair. Check them out LashedBar.

"Tokyo eyelashes are made with human hair to give you a thick base and design to get you that Chyna Doll look .... This is designed to give you that dramatic look !"

To watch the YouTube demo with Blac Chyna + Brittny, click here. Hey, both ladies are BFFs with Kim Kardashian, who is QUEEN of the false lashes parade, so we think they know what they're doing.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Desperate For The Perfect Blow-Out In A Box? Try New Make It Straight

The perfect blow-out. It usually only exists in a salon with a pro behind the machine.

But what if you were seeking the perfect blow-out in a box?

Is that a real possibility? Or a waste of time + cash?

According to the company,  that launched their NEW D.I.Y. blow-out kit, yes, you CAN achieve straight, shiny, healthy hair without the formaldehyde.

It's called, Make It Straight by DeveloPlus. And it's about $10, at Walgreens.

Make It Straight is a hair straightening system that avoids formaldehyde. All it takes is one application and you're on the straight + narrow, so to speak:

Innovative Formula Helps Straighten while Repairing Damaged Hair
  • Promotes Salon Blowout Results
  • Lasts Up to 20 Shampoos
  • Helps Eliminate Curl & Frizz
  • One Easy Application

We have NEVER tried this straightening kit, because our locks are straight to begin with, but this kit appears to be a decent D.I.Y. way to obtain smooth, straight hair even after several shampoos (the company claims 20 shampoos).

Amazon sells it, too. And it's received 3 1/2 *** stars as a product rating.

We would suggest reading all the reviews here BEFORE trying a new product near the holidays, because if it comes out lousy, well, that just ruins your important day.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Wow: White Jumpsuits Stealing Spotlight This Holiday Season

We happen to LOVE the color white, as well as its creamy sisters---ivory + winter white, etc.

Celebrities have been slipping into long + lean-looking, all-white jumpsuits as of late. And we are "heart-ing" this amazing style. It's elegant, classic, clean + crisp.

Does a white jumpsuit appear too summer-y in the cold, dark days of winter fast approaching?

Well, not to us...even the glam sleeveless designs.

Let's take a peek:

Emma Watson, Beyonce + Bella Thorne all look beautiful + chic in their white, v-neck jumsuits.

We found a gorgeous copy-cat at In fact, we think this Avilla Jumpsuit by Trina Turk is the BOMB ($398). Only sad thing, size ZERO is all that's left at the moment.

White jumpsuits are SELLING OUT just about everywhere.

We hunted down this long-sleeved, plunging white jumpsuit from ($35).

If you want in on this HOT trend for the holidays, then hurry up and find yours now.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Tone It Up! How Toners Do 3 Great Things For Your Complexion

Back in the day, we were putting on Seabreeze toner with a good, ole cotton swab to ZAP zits + knock back the greasies with a major STING to the face.

Now, toners have reduced the strong alcohol level, but STILL perform 3 great things for your complexion:

1. CLEANSE the pores. Toners help get rid of whatever junk + debris is left behind when you're done washing your face. It helps prevent future break-outs and heals the acne you're dealing with at the moment.

2. HYDRATE the skin. Toners saturate your face and neck. You can find toners you just spritz on, to avoid the old-fashioned cotton ball approach. Toners help balance the complexion, nourish it with a good formula of nutrients and vitamins. Every toner is different. One with rose water for instance, would provide a calm, smooth effect with soothing properties for redness

3. REFRESH the complexion. Toners allow the skin to feel clean and healthy, especially during those cold, dry, winter days and nights. Think of toners like a nice bath for the complexion. The skin looks and feels smooth and radiant, without the dry, flaky appearance and too-tight pores.

Toners are a very good thing for your complexion. Choose wisely. We found tons of toners just at Amazon alone. Take a look right here.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Rihanna's Dip-Dyed Silver/Gray Ponytail Turns Heads At First Annual Diamond Ball

Okay....We admit that we picked on + pooh-poohed Zosia Mamet's unflattering, dyed silver strands recently, we have to eat crow, because superstar Rihanna makes the silver/gray do look totally amazing + fashion-forward.

 Here is how the beautiful singer looked head-on at last evening's First Annual Diamond Ball in Los Angeles.

Rihanna's makeup was GORGEOUS, along with the trendy cranberry lipstick. So bad-a**.

And when she turned around, she really turned heads with a dip-dyed silver/gray ponytail.

Alright, not our fave, but Rihanna makes it look so right:

Yes...those are silver/gray extensions, we are certain.

Would you wear this hair trend?

Not easy to find, but did we hunt down some faux gray ponytail clip-ins on Ebay.