Friday, July 31, 2015

Happy Birthday To Me? Gisele Turns 35 And Buzz Continues About Secret Plastic Surgery Paris Visit

This story has legs, just like the supermodel herself, Gisele Bundchen.

The buzz will NOT die down on the alleged secret plastic surgery visit to Paris this week for a reported 2-combo deal---eye lift + breast lift.

Price tag---$11,000.

Hmmm. That sounds kinda CHEAP for both procedures at a tony Paris plastic surgery center. BUT------

Apparently, the tabloid press continues to have a field day over Gisele + her sister arriving together at the clinic wearing black burqas to disguise themselves from head-to-toe.

Also, observant reporters note the same limo driver the supermodel always uses, was shown undisguised dropping the sisters off in Paris. Plus----Gisele was photograped with the same backpack she's usually seen with, etc. etc.

Gisele just turned 35 on July 20th. Maybe this is a "Happy Birthday to me gift?"

Here she is from her Instagram account about 2 weeks ago.

Who are we to judge. She is a great model who has recently retired from the runway.

She seems too young at 35 to need cosmetic enhancement, BUT---don't be fooled ladies + gentlemen; other models have had major work done to get where they are. Simple. Period.

Beauty is NOT always as if to the manor born. And Gisele would NOT be the first model to repair or enhance her striking face + body.

To learn more about eye lift surgery, read this from one of the BEST plastic surgery guides at RealSelf.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Makeup Artist Mario Dedivanovic Dishes On Fave Sculpting Powder for Kim K

Contouring can transform a face into beautiful star power, maybe that is why shading the jawline, cheekbones, sides of the nose, etc., is so popular these days.

Just look at the ENTIRE Kardashian/Jenner clans---- ALL the ladies look lovely to the nth degree, because of some amazing contour magic.

There are TONS of YouTube How To's on applying the perfect contouring yourself, but it REALLY helps to have a pro makeup artist there to get you red carpet ready.

Most of us do NOT have the luxury + deep pockets for a makeup artist in our everyday life. Kim Kardashian has the talented hands of celebrity artist Mario Dedivanovic to enhance her beauty.

And he's dishing on a wonderful sculpting powder to COPY Kim K's super bone structure with the proper powder

Mario is into the Rodial brand at the moment--- namely their Rodial Instaglam Compact Deluxe Contouring Powder ($57, at

Mario posted a pic of Rodial on Instagram recently, writing:

“Obsessed with @rodialskincare sculpting make up range I found in London, it’s AMAZING! @mrsrodial who is bringing this to the USA? We need this! #rodial #thatPackagingToo.”

We don't advise even trying CONTOURING for everyday looks, even though CELEBS show it off when they appear on camera.

It's NOT easy to master, but if you are anxious to SCULPT higher cheekbones,  thinner nose or sharper jaw, then by all means, try it!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Pucker Up! July 29th is Really National Lipstick Day!!

National Lipstick Day is celebrated on July 29th. Too bad today isn't a national holiday.

But this is a REAL day of celebration! And ever since the 1920s, lipstick has become a daily part of the makeup routine.

Celebs like Gwen Stefani have made lipstick their signature look. When we think of the musical superstar, we ALWAYS see Gwen with classic red lips + platinum hair a la Marilyn Monroe.

Same thing for mega-star Taylor Swift and her glam red lips:

So, let's look at lipstick. Maybe RED  lips are too bold for your taste,  but that's alright.

Let's try a fun, sheer, buildable pink lipstick from CG:

Echantress Blush ($5.44, at Walmart).

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Brit Stylist Scolds Duchess Kate For Showing Gray Roots Even While Pregnant

The Duchess of Cambridge is only 33, and yet is GRAYING fast!

Oh, Kate, we feel your pain! We started getting dreaded gray roots in our mid-20s.

But when you're in the public eye and a royal, ALL eyes + cameras are on you. Plus, when you have brunette hair color, gray roots are so much more apparent. It ain't easy, Kate.

And now big mouth Brit stylist Nicky Clarke is scolding the proud new mama for even allowing her grays to be seen back in February while she was expecting Princess baby Charlotte.

Who is Nicky Clarke?

The famous stylist who tended to the lovely head of Princess Diana.

This is what he told the DailyMail.

"Kate needs to get rid of her grey hair — it’s not a good look," he told the publication at his Mayfair salon.

"She does have amazing things done to her hair and it can look great, but unfortunately it’s the case for women — all women — that until you’re really old, you can’t be seen to have any grey hairs."

Kind of harsh, eh?

We have a pricey way to CONCEAL those pesky gray roots, and the Duchess can afford this, we are sure.

This one is by Rita Hazan, celeb stylist NYC ($25, at ULTA).

Sunday, July 26, 2015

This Ain't McDonald's, Ladies: CoverGirl Is Supersizing With New Mascara!

Supersizing has come to mean a BAD thing----fattening, excess + unhealthy.

Okay, that's only for fast food. But when we're talking makeup, a fattening mascara is actually GREAT news!

Hello, CoverGirl!

The big cosmetics company is launching:

The Super Sizer by LashBlast Mascara

Under $7 a tube. And promising to deliver FAT, LONG lashes.

"The Super Sizer by LashBlast Mascara gives you 400% more corner-to-corner volume for full, fanned out lashes."

CG model Katy Perry wears it well. Looking gorg in the Super Sizer!

Learn more here!

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Christie Brinkley: Her Chic Summer Hamptons Beauty/Style

61 years old.

Oh, yeah. There's the iconic model Christie Brinkley flashing that megawatt smile as she hits the town for an an advanced screening of Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation at United Artists East Hampton Cinema.

We like Christie's look not only for its all-American appeal, but this model is super healthy, and NOT too skinny.

She is curvy, fit + strong.

And we are LOVING Christie's Hamptons beauty/style, like her adorable, high ponytail. That's a great, simple look for summer! She has kept her makeup fresh + lovely with  mascara, liner + pink-y lip gloss, and of course that fab, Hamptons tan.

We also "heart" Christie's skinny white jeans and sandal flats adorned with pretty, faux gems.

Christie also goes for the classic, red pedicure. Looks chic + sexy for summer.

Want a pair of skinny, white jeans?

You can COPY Christie's look here. We found tons of white skinnies at Macy's.

All prices, too....From Michael Kors to 7 for All Mankind to Tommy Hilfiger to Levi's, there is a skinny white jean out there for you!

Friday, July 24, 2015

Beyonce Copies the Cute N' Curly Mariah Do: Massive Ringlets

We LOVE this look:

Massive ringlets---sheer volume.....Okay a bit 1980s...but we adore BIG hair....and apparently, so do 2 of the most famous divas around:

Beyonce + Mariah.

Mariah's been rocking the massive ringlets for a few months now, especially in outdoor venues where heat + humidity do their thing, like with billionaire boyfriend James Packer on his yacht and at Disney with her adorable twins, etc.

And superstar Beyonce is COPYING Maria's sexy voluminous ringlets, as pictured here at NYC's Madison Square Garden last evening for a U2 Concert. Beyonce was too busy giggling for the paps, but let her massive curls do the talking.

LOVE the do on both amazing singers:

Okay....NONE of our business, but are these chicks wearing weaves?

Well, NOT sure, but, we found this excellent primer on WIGS VS. WEAVES at

From what we learned, we would guess these beautiful divas are sporting WEAVES...But gorgeous, nonetheless.

What do you think, readers? A wig, weave or natural hair?