Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Not All Vitamin C Serums Are Great: Kleem Organics Proves Theirs Is Superior

Science has shown us that applying Vitamin C serum topically to the skin delivers excellent, rejuvenating power. This strong anti-oxidant has a strong safety profile. And 'C' improves these skin issues:
photo-aging, hyper-pigmentation, tissue inflammation + tissue healing.

Okay....but since topical Vitamin C is an unstable property, NOT all Vitamin C serums + creams are alike---therefore, you might be tossing big dollars down the drain.

Kleem Organics promises their Vitamin C Serum is one of the best for beautiful skin.

And yes, we are a proud customer, because we think it's a great 'C' in a bottle at a very decent price.

This is Part  2 of the interview we posted here, back on May 10th. We spoke with Kleem Organics founders Dr. Joseph Meli and Dr. Matteo Sorato, researchers in Epigenetics .

1. Keeping liquid Vitamin C serum stable is NO easy process, but Drs. Meli + Sorato explain their success:

"It has got to do with the esterification of Vitamin C producing the STAY-C® 50
(one of the most stable, bio-available forms of vitamin C) which is written at the back of our bottle. STAY-C® 50 (sodium ascorbyl phosphate) maximizes the benefits of traditional Vitamin C because of its ability to stay effective over time without oxidation.

2. Hyaluronic acid/ Vitamin C combo is a good marriage, but getting the Hyaluronic to penetrate effectively, is another challenge. But Meli + Sorato have cleared that hurdle in this way.

....."We decided to invest more in this serum, using minute sizes of Hyaluronic Acid, which penetrate the dermis in noteworthy amounts for best moisturizing and skin-plumping results.
Plus we use particular ingredients that stimulate indirectly the natural synthesis of Hyaluronic Acid."

3. Vitamin C serum is wonderful for BOTH women + men, and it's NEVER too late to begin repairing our skin.

....."Apply vitamin C serum under a sunscreen in the daytime, because the sunscreen blocks UV light and the Vitamin C is a protective antioxidant which eliminates the free radicals which are responsible for 80% of premature aging.

...."Our range of clients goes between 25 and 85 and yes, this serum is absolutely good also for
men, as their skin needs protection and nourishment."

Thank you gentlemen. We have ALL learned a lot of skin-worthy information.

If you can write an honest review about this serum, then the BIG DISCOUNT is yours!

Monday, May 25, 2015

Vrooooom! Moto Jacket Revving Up Style for Spring 2015

Okay....we know...The moto jacket, especially  in black leather, is a glamorous classic. And the moto jacket is HOTTER than ever!

Look at iconic supermodel Cindy Crawford in leopard print moto jacket with her equally stylish daught Kaia.

And here's Cindy in another pic, wearing the black leather moto. SEXY.

The moto jacket in any fabric, NEVER goes OUT of fashion. It's just excellent, street style with a touch of naughty girl.

Check out reality TV star Kim Kardashian in matching, sexy black moto jacket with another equally stylish child---her toddler North West.

You don't have to spend THOUSANDS on a cool, moto jacket. We found  some nice copy-cats here at Forever21, for LESS than $40
Start your engines, ladies!

Saturday, May 23, 2015

On The Go....Go To Nail Color: Formula X Press Pod

Memorial Day weekend means you might be very busy going here + there. Time is of the essence. And you NEED a last minute mani.

Formula X Press Pod Beauty to Go!

If you haven't seen these tiny nail polish cuties, then you're missing out.

Each teeny-weeny bottle is about the size of a quarter and offers ONE-use nailcolor---or enough for 2 coats on 10 nails. Talk about travel-friendly + super convenient.

You can find them at Sephora ($14, for a set of 24 polishes!


 A pretty smart idea for the perfect, on-the-spot mani, plus the variety can't be beat. From lovely classics to trendy metallics and chic neutrals, this is a wonderful manicure sampler.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Cindy Crawford's Simple, Summer, Supermodel Scarf Style

Model Cindy Crawford has always had elegant style, and she proves it by showing us her favorite traveling accessory:

A silky, summer scarf.

Sure, it's simple. But simply smart.

Here's the supermodel emerging from the airport wrapped in a boho, long scarf/wrap in ombre shades of blue.

And here she is again wearing a peachy, floral scarf/wrap, looped around her neck once in her signature, fabulous style:

An amazing, long, silky summer scarf can run you $500 or MORE, depending on the brand. but we're going CHEAP for this, so "its all good."

We found a bunch for much LESS at JCPenney:

Coral Metallic Striped Scarf ($17.99)
Olsenboye Ombre Wrap ($12)

Thursday, May 21, 2015

My, My, My! MyChelle Dermaceuticals For Gorgeous Skin

When we hear about a "natural" beauty company, we often assume that the products don't have a decent shelf life or aren't as effective as prescription-grade skin care items.

But MyChelle Dermaceuticals has seduced us with all honesty, and now we have fallen in LOVE.

The Colorado-based beauty company is hitting all the right notes:

1. Scientifically-advanced formulas
2. Using only clean, natural bio-actives--anti-aging peptides + plant stem cells
3. Eco-Friendly company using: wind-powered energy, 100% PCW paperboard boxes + more
4. MyChelle products also: Vegan, Cruelty-free, and Free of Phthalates, Parabens, Sulfates, Ureas, Artificial Fragrances and Colors, Petroleum, GMOs, and Gluten

Amen to all of that.

MyChelle Dermaceuticals were generous to send us along their sunscreen and facial cleanser.

Two exceptional products. Seriously.

Sunshield-Coconut SPF 28
($17, on sale).

LOVE this sunscreen. Great SPF of 28. Smells YUMMY and feels luxurious on the skin. Plus....it's POWERFUL yet GENTLE....NO sensitivity problems for us. We even applied it to our eyelid area + under eye area, and it felt wonderful in a light, creamy base.

MyChelle's Sun Shield is perfect for ALL skin types, offering chemical-free protection with Titanium Dioxide + Zinc Oxide. The EWG (Environmental Working Group) rates MyChelle sunscreens among the BEST out of some 700 sunscreens with SPF values!

Let's face it....You NEED sunscreen. Don't be fooled. This one is full of healthy protective properties.

Refining Sugar Cleanser ($25).

Head-over-heels for this superb facial cleanser. In fact, it nicely tightens, smooths + reduces pore size. And it smells so heavenly, we wish we could drink it.

MyChelle's Refining Sugar Cleanser is effective for removing dirt, oil + makeup. The granular, sugary base exfoliates beautifully into a milky lather.

Hands down---one of the BEST cleansers in our book. We don't want the big tube to run out.

It's chock-full of anti-aging benefits from:

Peptide Matrixyl synthe'6 and
Crocus Chyrsanthus Bulb Plant Stem Cell for fine lines + wrinkles.

Really helps FIRM up the skin, keep it clear + bring radiance to the complexion.

To learn more about this super line of natural beauty products, visit MyChelle.com.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Desire Healthier Skin + Hair? Then Try Rose Water Mist

We've all heard about the healthy benefits of rosewater, but some might not believe this super fine mist really does anything good.

This highly fragrant water flower DOES offer hydration to skin and damaged hair, according to the experts.

Rose water is a by-product from rose oil which is made by steam-distilling the crushed petals of roses, a process first developed in Persia.

Rosewater allows the complexion to feel clean +  balanced and shrinks your pores when you put it on.

For the hair, rose water offers the same, hydrating benefits with a boost in volume, and with supposedly, hair-coloring preservation.
We found an excellent rose water mist by Jurlique ($35, at Sephora).

Okay....NOT the cheapest rose water around, but this one is of wonderful, healthy properties:

-Rose Oil: Softens balances and restores skin.
-Marshmallow Extract: Offers intensive hydrating and softening properties that rebalance dryness on the skin.
-Aloe: A succulent perennial of the lily family with skin enhancing value in the juice of its leaves. The leaf gel is rich in beneficial polysaccharides and amino acids and has been used to soothe and calm the skin for more than 2500 years.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Copy Karlie Kloss' Cannes Cat Eye With Liquid Black Liner: Meow!!

Gotta LOVE model Karlie Kloss.... all  6 foot, one inch of her!

The leggy, former VS star has been wowing crowds at the famous, annual Cannes Film Festival with fellow models like VS's Doutzen Kroes.

Check out their glam selfie, taken from the Grand Hyatt Cannes Hotel Martinez (from Karlie's Instagram page).

We ADORE, or  j'adore the SEXY cat eye makeup in liquid black liner.....MEOW!!

Here's another angle of the swept-up winged liner on Karlie:

Now to COPY this classic, lined eye, you NEED to use liquid black liner. We use a creamy black pencil for our daily cat eye makeup routine, but even we agree with the pros that liquid liner is more precise and achieves a BETTER cat eye.

Some models + actresses prefer this CHEAP drugstore find----

Wet 'n Wild H20 Proof Liquid Eyeliner in Ultra Black 881 . Just $2.99 a bottle at Walgreens!

It's AWESOME stuff! We need to buy more + try this liquid liner, again.