Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Bleached Brow Blunder at 2016 Met Gala: Do Not Try This At Home

Maybe because she's a TOP model, Lily Aldridge best pulled off the bleached brow look at the 2016 Met Gala in New York City.

Kim Kardashian + Katy Perry both failed miserably.

I am certainly NOT here to judge, because I, too, had once bleached my brows years ago, because it was somewhat fashionable and designed to soften strong features. Well, it does NOT do anything attractive for your face....looks totally bizarre, especially in photos and NOT recommended for healthy eyebrow hair.

In Lily's defense, her brows were NOT bleached, but transformed through painted on gilded gold brow makeup. Plus, she is so stunning, that she can probably pull off this dopey trend.

Then we have 2 glam ladies, Kim Kardashian + Katy Perry who REALLY had their dark brow hair bleached into barely there eyebrows, and here are the LESS than ideal results.

 Oh, my.....

The ONLY time I truly liked this beauty trend, was on Janet Jackson, when the late, great makeup artist Kevyn Aucoin applied his magic and lightened up her brows.

He was so-oooo talented, he could have made the brows of Kim, Katy + Lily look so much better.

To check out the 2016 Met Gala looks, click on People.

Monday, May 2, 2016

The Simple Choker Remains Hot Trend on Celebrities

The choker. It's so HOT, still. Celebrities like  Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton + Nicole Trunfio are all into the simple, always cool accessory.

Chokers don't have to be super expensive. We found nice-looking chokers here at Forever21:

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Pretty Little Liars Star Shay Mitchell Buys Biore For Flawless Skin

The gorgeous star of Pretty Little Liars has a clear, smooth complexion and uses a drugstore find to MINIMIZE pores and keep her skin looking radiant.

We LOVE when celebrities like Shay Mitchell share the beauty knowledge with everyone.


Shay's secret skin care weapon comes from the popular Biore line-up. That's what the sexy actress tells Allure magazine in their May issue.

Her FAVE is the Biore Baking Soda Cleansing Scrub ($8.99, at Target).

It's a CONCENTRATED powder scrub that does an excellent job of EXFOLIATING + allowing pores to almost disappear.

And we all know that CLEAN pores mean CLEAR skin.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Lovin' First Lady Michelle's Duster Ensemble During Recent Kensington Palace Dinner

Okay, we LOVE Michelle Obama's look during her recent London trip with the President.

The fashionable First Lady appeared to have taken a style page out of the Kim Kardashian look-book.

Check her out....There's Mrs. Obama in a duster, something Kim K has added as her signature piece, especially when done in a classic, neutral shade:

There are tons of dusters at BooHoo.com.

We found this one in Camel for just $30.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Taylor Swift + Jennifer Lawrence Play Platinum Game For Spring 2016

Platinum hair is like none other:

So beautiful, bombshell and chic!

And both Taylor Swift + Jennifer Lawrence are leading the Hollywood glam squad.

Taylor debuted her modern new cut + color at the Coachella Music Festival, while Jennifer has been wearing the flaxen tresses for a while now. Here she is at the Tribeca Film Festival.

We like the look on both, although we think J Law pulls it off better.

The only thing about playing around with going lighter, is the PEROXIDE mess and damage, the bleaching agent can do to your hair.

We say it's NOT worth it, unless you've got $$$$ to blow and have a real pro caring for your locks, because you're going to be seeing your stylist a lot to hide the ROOTS and DEEP-CONDITION, again + again.

Meantime....why not spend your money on some COOL Coachella Suede Booties. We found these cuties, the LOLA Fringe Boot on SALE now at Banana Republic for $119.99

You might have to check the BR stores to find your SIZE. Running out fast.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Take The Epic Selfie With Super BB #InstaReady BB Cream!

Let's be honest. Someone's taking selfies, so it's time to put your BEST face forward, ladies!

We LOVE the idea of a sheer makeup that looks natural + photographs perfectly, showing off flawless, glowing skin, without the heavy, cosmetics a lot of women pile on.

Next time you're ready to strike a pose, try this:

New! Super BB # InstaReady Beauty Balm BB Cream.

We found a tube at ULTA on SALE now for just $8.99.

It's so simple to use.  Lightly squeeze a small amount of product and apply directly onto face and neck using fingertips to blend.

InstaReady is available in Light or Light/Medium.

This BB cream  performs like an airbrushed dream. It neutralizes skin tone imbalances, minimizes shine and visibly reduces pores, instantly hiding imperfections and smoothing the appearance of fine lines while protecting with SPF 30.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Bizarre Asian Beauty Gadgets Designed To Deliver Youth And Good Looks

No one would argue the fact that Tokyo, Japan is one of the most bustling, cosmopolitan cities around the world. The handsome, skyscraper city seems to get ahead of the trends in all facets of lifestyle, especially when it comes to Asian beauty.

We recently stumbled across the popular Tokyo online store called, JapanTrendShop.com

You will NOT believe some of the most bizarre + wildest beauty products the company sells, targeting Asian women and those who live here in the U.S. + U.K.

We cannot say these weird-looking products don't work, but see for yourself if you would shell out big bucks for some of these beauty gadgets.

Let's take a look, ladies:

Face Slimmer Exercise Mouthpiece

Beauty anti-aging anti-wrinkle muscle care

This is designed to LIFT sagging facial lines + muscles. All you need to devote is 3-minutes daily to achieve  slimmer, tauter facial contours..

US$ 39

Breast Gymnastics Hand Massager

Sagging bust shape reformer by Takiko Shindo

US$ 56

This curious-looking device was actually invented by a celebrity Japanese midwife, and she claims it's the ligaments clinging to your muscles that has caused the common breast collapse. Her solution is to use this 3rd hand to re-shape your bosom back to beauty
Please NO wise-cracks here.

To see more beauty products from the store, click here.