Saturday, November 22, 2014

Burt's Bees New Brightening Dark Spot Corrector 99% Natural: But Does It Work?

Sometimes you have to blow a few bucks to test and see if a beauty product REALLY works for you.

We are all unique individuals, and some things improve our skin.......and other things do not. It's that simple. Period.

So, here's a fairly new complexion brightener by the folks at Burt's Bees. We like that this product is 99.0% natural.

Okay...great that it's almost PURE.

But, can we see real results?

Excellent question. And for $20, we could all find out.

We think this dark spot corrector is worth a shot.

Radiant, clear, evenly-toned skin is something we all desire. 

We would like to test this out on our decollete where we have the little, brown sun spots.  We have been applying Vitamin C serum and Retin-A when we have enough to spare.

Is it working?

Too early to tell.

Burt's Bees formula contains Daisy extract, which is supposed to be a skin brightening agent.

If you have tried this dark spot corrector or have a fave that improves skin tone, please tell us here.

Friday, November 21, 2014

How To Apply Powder Eye Shadow Without It Falling Under The Eyes

This is has happened so many times to us, and probably even to you, too.

This photo we found is greatly exaggerated, but you get what we're talking about.

We happen to prefer powder eye shadow, because we have an oily complexion, and powder doesn't fade as quickly. In other words, powder stays put!

Well, powder shadow DOES work nicely, except for the little specks that land under your eyes and come to rest on top of your cheekbones, ruining your foundation + blush.

We have tried the tissue, strategically placed under the eyes...but STILL the shadow sneaks away somehow, and ends up sprinkled onto our face.

We have heard about these nifty, beauty adhesives designed specifically to avoid the dreaded, raccoon  eyes:

Shadow Shields ($9.99, for a pack of 30). We found them at

This is how to use Shadow Shields:

"The makeup shields are very easy to use. You can apply them gently and securely with the self-adhesive strip. You then apply your eye makeup. The shadow shields remove easily once you have finished applying your eye shadow."

 "The shadow shields can also be used as a guide for applying eyeliner."

Smart beauty invention. And it works well. We are going to invest in a box and see for ourselves.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Get Like Kate Bosworth: Big, Cozy Sweater Coat As Fall Temps Dip Low!

Kate Bosworth is a fashion icon to many people. And we have to admit, the blonde beauty  is always looking super glam!

Kate is said to be busy filming a movie in New York City. The paps snapped photos of the 31-year-old as she strolled around Manhattan last evening, as temps began dipping down into the 30s.

Of course, Kate was prepared, wearing a black + white print , cozy sweater coat + suede booties....and even over-sized shades at night.

You can COPY Kate's look by finding a big sweater coat/cardi in a print.

There are sweater coats everywhere!

We found a cheap one here at WetSeal for $39.99.

This one is navy + white, and pretty, too.

Are you getting bundled up for Fall + Winter?

You better get going! Those temps are falling fast!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Does Kylie Jenner Use Candylipz To Get Super Big Pout?

We just recently we posted about Kylie Jenner's super big lips, because the BUZZ about her continues.

The dermatologists + plastic surgeons that have been interviewed about the subject, believe that Kylie has probably gotten lip injections to add INSTANT volume to her pout.

But now after seeing a new pic of the youngest Jenner sister out in public without makeup, one can clearly see that her lips are average size:

Wow.....we are pretty stunned. So does Kylie get instant BIG lips for red carpet events + selfies?

We cannot prove this....BUT---we think we know HOW Kylie does it. Take a look at this clever, lip pumper suction beauty tool.

It's called Candylipz......And REALLY inflates your lips to the ultimate proportions. It costs $69.99, by the way.

And for all you non-believers, check out this Candylipz demo by Gamergirl.

What do you think.....

Is Kylie Jenner using a lip plumping gadget to get a super big pout?!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

New Bride Lauren Conrad Keeps Wavy New Bob Bright + Blonde with This!

Reality TV star + lifestyle blogger Lauren Conrad has always been recognized by her long, blonde hair. But these days the happy, new bride has gotten a happy, new haircut---the wavy bob.

And she keeps slicing a bit more off the bottom.

To look at  Lauren's new, wavy + edgy bob, click here.

A lot of blonde celebrities have been doing just that---going for the bob chop. And as we blogged about this here back in October, the edgy bob seems to look BEST on blonde heads. Not sure why....just our humble opinion .

So, how does Lauren Conrad that pretty, new bob looking so bright + blonde?

With a little help from John. John Frieda, that is.

John Frieda Sheer Blonde Everlasting Blonde Shampoo ($4.99, at Target).

This is what Lauren tells Marie Claire magazine about the color preserving shampoo:

"Kristin Ess does my color, and I use the John Frieda Everlasting Blonde shampoo + conditioner to keep it bright so I get more time between appointments."

Great beauty tip!

You can check out Lauren's lifestyle blog here at

Monday, November 17, 2014

The Low Ponytail: Classic, Simple And Chic For Winter 2015

The low ponytail almost seems TOO casual for a red carpet event or even a corporate look, but don't let the simple do fool you, because low is where it's at!

The low ponytail is a BIG trend for Winter 2015. The quick fix hairstyle has been prominent on many a runway. Take a look:

Victoria Beckham and Sally Lapointe models

Alberta Ferretti and Arzuaga models
We happen to LOVE the wrapped, low ponytail. And if your own locks are too thin or full of layers or just plain, unruly, then we have a quick + clever solution.

Say welcome to the Mia Tonytail Ponytail ($8, at Walgreens stores).

Now you can wind your hair around the elastic with a bit of faux hair--the Tonytail.

Gotta LOVE this one!  And so super simple to achieve:

"Place the Tonytail in your hair as you would a rubber band.  Hold the synthetic hair in one hand and gently twist around hair 2 to 3 times until desired tightness is achieved.  Carefully adjust the Tonytail."

Comes in 5 for brunettes---Blonde. Light Brown. Medium Brown. Dark Brown. Black.

Check out Tonytail here.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

The Fab New Push-Up For Your Cat Eyes, Ladies!

Go ahead and try.....But you CANNOT escape the sexy, glam cat eyes that have been heating up the runways all year long and now heading.....into 2015.

We put on cat eyes, EVERY day.....and is time-consuming, but worth the extra effort + artistry.

It IS difficult to draw on the perfect, er.....purr-fect cat eyes, but lately, the beauty geniuses have developed simpler + more effective tools to achieve this ultra-glam look.

Let's examine the Benefit They're Real! Push-Up Liner ($24, at MACY'S).

It's a special, gel eyeliner that glides SMOOTHLY across your lids, allowing you to create a pretty line + flick of the pen for that chic cat eye . You get better control. Even Allure magazine has been raving about it.

Here's how Benefit describes their new, push-up liner:

"It's the first ever lash-hugging gel liner in a pen! This matte black gel formula won't smudge, budge or dry out, and the innovative soft AccuFlex Tip hugs your lashline from corner to corner. The closer the line, the bigger the eye!"