Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Copper Peptides Can Wipe Away Scars Moles And Blemishes

Let's be happy about one thing:

Beauty Science is advancing greatly each year. That means that products we use to save our skin and hopefully turn back time, are getting stronger and more effective. Namely, the role of copper peptides.

Copper peptides can flatten moles, lessen the depth of scars, and get rid of blemishes, and other skin conditions that eat away at our self-esteem.

Dr. Loren Pickart, a well-respected bio-chemist, is the skin genius who discovered the value of copper peptides. And his line of products named 'Skin Biology,' bear his many years of scientific beauty work.

He studied the role that remodeling copper peptides play in the repair of human skin and other tissues. This peptide is called, GHK-Copper. And it is being cited as a new weapon in the anti-aging arsenal.“I have studied methods of reversing human aging for my entire career,” Dr. Pickart said. “It was from these studies, that the human GHK-Copper was found.”

Without getting too technical here, because the subject of skin can be very complex, the skin remodeling copper peptides, or SRCP’s, can nicely improve skin density and firmness over time. Studies have shown a marked repairing in cases of laxity, clarity, fine lines, coarse wrinkles, and overall skin appearance. The copper peptides work below the skin’s surface.

And if you're anxious to really zero in on moles, scars, skin tags, blemishes, etc., try either Skin Biology's Super CP Serum ($24.95, 1 oz.) or his even stronger Super Cop Cream ($49.95, 1 oz.). Both products are successful at slowly repairing skin and flattening or even erasing completely, the skin issues you are bothered by.

The products contain his copper peptides. And although the ingredients are strong, if you begin gently, the effects build up over time. Add in some Hydroxy Acid products, and you are on your way to prettier and 'remodeled' skin.

To get a real education on copper peptides, visit The skin care line is sold there.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Ground-Breaking MelaFind Melanoma Device Could Get FDA Okay Soon

It's a unique handheld device called MelaFind. And it has to do with beautiful skin. And here at, that's what we are all about.

Before we can put our makeup on, we need to know about our skin, and how to keep it healthy, and avoid melanoma.

That's where the MelaFind System comes in. And we are very excited about this non-invasive skin care gadget. The FDA likes what it sees, and could issue MelaFind's approval for use in the United States by later this year.

In layman's terms, what the MelaFind device does, is aid in the early detection of melanoma. Melanoma is the most serious type of skin cancer. And it all starts with a mole on your body and the changes that occur with its size, shape, or color.

What this ground-breaking handheld device can do, is zero in on a mole with powerful wavelengths of light, snapping images that are connected to a computer screen that quickly determines a good mole from a bad mole. In other words, the MelaFind System results in far fewer lesion biopsies because of its amazing accuracy.

If caught early, melanoma is 100% curable.

At, we found this valuable information about moles:

In women, melanoma often develops on the lower legs.

In men, melanoma most often shows up:
on the upper body, between the shoulders and hips
on the head and neck

And in dark-skinned women and men, melanoma often appears:
under the fingernails or toenails
on the palms of the hands
on the soles of the feet

To read more about the MelaFind System, designed by Electro-Optical Sciences, Inc., click here for an informative article by Brenda Jewel Glenn.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Ayesha Gilani Miss Pakistan World 2009 Proud To Wear The Crown

Ayesha Gilani is elated with the title of Miss Pakistan World 2009. Newly crowned in June, Ayesha is a forward-thinking young woman, who is honored to represent her country on a global level.

"Most Pakistanis share my enthusiasm in bringing Pakistan into the limelight and showing the world how truly talented and strong Pakistanis are," Ayesha Gilani says. " The world needs to see that there is more to our nation than what is exaggerated in the media, and that is what Miss Pakistan World aims to do. As we continue to march forward, one day, the opposers will wake up and realize we are brothers and sisters and share the same battle to progress Pakistan, our country, in the eyes of the world.".

Ayesha Gilani, who hails from Lahore, Pakistan, and now resides in Washington, D.C., is the 7th Miss Pakistan World. The beauty pageants were established in 2002 by pageant president Sonia Ahmed. The pageant was held in Toronto, Ontario.

Miss Pakistan World 2009 is a bright, multi-talented, and beautiful woman currently attending George Mason University, and also running her own business of makeup artists called Limelight Beauty Artistes.

Ayesha loves playing with makeup (who doesn't?), and gave Beauty Tip Today some super tips. It all starts with a clean face, she says. "The most important thing about makeup is your canvas, your skin. For everyday wear, one’s skin should look natural, as if not wearing any coverage, yet flawless. Whether you choose to go with dramatic eyes or lips to ice the cake, or stick with the faux naturale look with features, the skin should always look natural; that never changes."

Here are some of Miss Pakistan World 2009's favorites:

1. My favorite foundation in the world is Vincent Longo Water Canvas. It’s a water-based pressed foundation applied with a sponge that disappears into the skin, and looks and feels like your own skin, yet provides medium coverage. It is stored in an airtight container to keep the formula from drying out, since the water content is so high. It’s magnificent. MAC Studio Fix liquid foundation is another favorite, as is the powder. Concealer is key for under eyes and red nostrils, and the Makeup Forever five-shade palette is a winner.

2. I have tried every designer mascara under the sun, and for ten years, I always come back to the same brand: L’Oreal Voluminous in black. (Stay away from the Carbon Black color, however; it will literally break your lashes off.) The key is to start at the very, very beginning of your lashes, and wiggle the wand left to right while working your way up the lashes. For extra lush lashes, coat the tops of lashes first, and then the underside with the "wiggle" tactic, and then lightly brush the lower lashes.

3. With these tips, the world is yours when it comes to lipstick, eye shadows, blush and fun accessories like bronzers and highlighters. Any brand carried by Sephora is an instant favorite. In terms of hair care, color treated and heat processed hair requires more TLC than virgin hair. Pureology makes the best color-protecting shampoos on the planet. The most effective conditioner I’ve ever used is Bumble and Bumble Deep, a 20-minute treatment that leaves one’s tresses feeling like silk.

Ayesha Gilani also shared some beauty tips from her motherland of Pakistan:

Here is a facial exfoliating mask I swear by, passed down to me by my mother and her mother. I never go on stage or in front of the camera without putting aside time for this first. Gram flour is an ingredient commonly used in Pakistani cuisine.

Mix 5 tablespoons of this with 3 teaspoons of warm milk, mix and blend into a paste. Apply on clean, dry skin, and rub into skin in a circular motion. When it begins to dry, add another layer, creating a thick mask on the face. Allow this to dry for 15 minutes, then scrub off with a wet washcloth.

What is revealed underneath will amaze you. The herb and milk reach deep into pores to moisturize and hydrate, and the sticky yet grainy texture adheres to the dead skin cells on your face and scrapes them off, revealing sparkling, shining, glowing skin underneath. Apply to the neck, shoulders, décolleté, and all over body for added cleansing and renewal.

Another great secret my mother swore by growing up is now used in MAC skin care products, rosewater. A great natural toner, it tightens and hydrates skin, providing for a more youthful appearance with no damaging side effects. A few added squirts of fresh lemon helps to lighten sun spots and freckles over time, but will sting sensitive skin.

Miss Pakistan World 2009 has a lot on her plate, as the saying goes. But she is a focused young woman who hopes to accomplish many things.

"I would love to use this platform of recognition to help the less fortunate. Pakistan has many causes that need support, such as aiding the victims displaced in Swat Valley, and for children suffering from disabilities such as Down’s syndrome."

And Ayesha Gilani would hope that girls in Pakistan stand strong:

"We know we are a beautiful, intelligent, talented people, and we are capable of everything we set our hearts and minds to. Don’t be afraid to step out of the crowd and go against the grain to make a difference in the Pakistani community, as well as in the world. If you can dream it, you can achieve it. I give you my favorite quote, from Henry Ford: "Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you are right."

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Ladies: Shower And Bathe But Give Up Washcloth And Loofah

We're having a hard time trying to prove this to our female readers out there, but here we go again:

Shower. Or bathe. But do it without your washcloth and loofah.

Sounds bizarre, but please, cleanse with your hands, and of course, a great scrubbing beauty product.

We couldn't make this stuff up, but we have learned from two of the best skin experts in the business---Dr. Michelle Copeland and Marcia Kilgore.

Dr. Copeland is a well-respected and famous New York City plastic surgeon. This is what she told us in an interview last year:

And lastly, Dr. Copeland, do you have a favorite skin care tip? One that doesn't involve your skin care line?

"Loofahs and washcloths are the bane of my existence. You never want to break the normal skin barrier, and that is what loofahs do. I have told many patients to lose the loofah, and they flat out, will not do it. I'm not ordering you to throw away your loofah because I want to torture you. It's an issue of cleanliness and abrasion. Think about how warm and steamy your bath gets, particularly around your tub. As we all know, bacteria and fungus thrive in hot, moist climates. Skin is our body's natural protective blockade. You don't want to compromise it," she explains.

"The small abrasions caused by harsh scrubbing, aren't visible to the naked eye, but they are plenty big enough for germs, bacteria, and their counterparts, to slide right on in and set up shop."

And this is what we learned from Marcia Kilgore, owner and founder of Bliss Spa:

Marcia Kilgore tends to agree with Dr. Copeland about bacteria attraction to loofahs:

"Exfoliation should be a regular feature of your body and facial routine all year round. Incorporate a body exfoliator into your shower routine at least three times weekly to slough away dead skin cells quicker. Not only will it simultaneously stimulate circulation, your after-shower moisture lotions will sink in more readily. And by the way, just say no to loofahs. Once used, they are loaded with bacteria build-up," Marcia Kilgore explains.

Sure, exfoliation is key in good skin care, but these experts want you to use an effective scrubbing beauty product. And both women offer some wonderful shower and bath products that aggressively remove dead skin cells, but do it in a gentle formula.

1. Dr. Michelle Copeland Bath/Shower Gelee ($36, 7 oz.) "Using green tea extract—a powerful antioxidant to replenish the skin—it also gently exfoliates and stimulates new cell growth. Non-drying and enriched with soothing aloe! "

2. Bliss Hot Salt Scrub ($36, 12 oz.) "All-over sea salt body scrub is oil-free, super-softening, self-heating and spiked with eucalyptus and rosemary oils. It's the ultimate do-it-yourself spa-strength skin smoother. "
To learn more about these shower/bath beauty products, visit:

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Perricone Launches Revolutionary Cold Plasma Skin Cream

We all worry about our skin. And many of us would do just about anything to make every inch and every pore look young and firm.

How about you?

Would you spend $150 for a small jar of beauty? It's a 1 0z. jar.

Skin expert Nicholas Perricone hopes you will. The anti-aging guru has just launched Cold Plasma.

Actually, the full title is Cold Plasma Dermal Matrix Regenerator.

Dr. Perricone says he's has been tirelessly working on this revolutionary new skin cream for 5 years. And what the contents of this small jar claim to do, is correct 10 visible signs of aging:

Wrinkles. Enlarged pores. Dryness. Redness. Discoloration. Uneven skin tone. Impurities. Loss of firmness. Loss of smoothness. And loss of radiance.

That's a lot of promise in such a small jar of Cold Plasma, but, we will give Dr. Perricone the benefit here, because he develops some amazing and technologically-advanced beauty products. Sure, his beauty in a jar is never cheap, but then again, skin care is big business.

Dr. Perricone told this to Women's Wear Daily:

"This was an accidental discovery,” says Dr.Perricone, who has been studying the technology in collaboration with physicists at Los Alamos Laboratories for the past five years; that study led to the serum’s ionic suspension carrier system. “This delivery system presents an environment in which the cell has access to the vital nutrients needed to maintain its health and help prevent the visible signs of aging, by directing the nutrients through the cellular membrane — where they can be effectively utilized. Because each person has individual biochemical needs, this system is also selective in which nutrients it delivers. If anything in the formula isn’t needed, it simply won’t be utilized. But because each person is different, Cold Plasma adapts to those individual needs.”

So how do you use Cold Plasma? Very simple. Apply morning and evening on cleansed skin.

Does it really work? Well, we have not tried it, but we did a little digging and found at, that some women complained that Cold Plasma had an awful fishy odor. The product received 2 1/2 stars out of 5. Or 35% of QVC customers would recommend Perricone's Cold Plasma to a friend.

Ouch. We don't know how accurate those stats are, but the figures are printed there from customers on the QVC website.

You can find Cold Plasma cheaper at in some cases.

For more information, visit:

Friday, September 25, 2009

Mariah's Vision Of Love Spiral Curls Big For Fall 2009-Winter 2010

Sexy spiral curls!!!

This curly, wavy look is big for Fall 2009 - Winter 2010.

It's the Mariah Carey 'Vision of Love' hairstyle from the 1990s. And yes, Mariah has gone back to her roots with a pretty version of this do. We happen to like it, and already, the spiral curl style has been popping up on the red carpet.

Beautiful Beyonce Knowles was rockin' this hair at the recent Video Music Awards show. And we know this curly look is a hot trend for Fall, because celebrity stylist Kim Vo made a mention on Twitter, about loving Beyonce's big curls.

Taylor Swift has been sporting the spiral curls and Miley Cyrus has been photographed with a looser, but still very wavy set of locks.

You can get this look by perming. Or spritzing your hair with styling lotion and then making lots of tiny braids overnight, and awakening to a mass of wild curls. Or you can take a curling iron and wind your way to bouncy, coils of spirals.

Either way, long, spiral curls can give you some wonderful cascading volume and a new classic look for those cold days ahead.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Get Your KFC Grill On With Zero Carbs And Only 180 Calories

We love KFC because we love fried chicken. But the batter and deep frying aren't good for any of us watching our weight.

Let us tell you......the new KFC Grilled Chicken is really delicious and juicy! The grilled line by KFC was introduced to the world in April of this year. And we're coming up to the 6 month mark, and trust us, this grilled chicken is a keeper.

KFC has gotten the thumbs up for trying to bring fast food to a healthier, dietary level. Well, at least finally, after all these years, the popular eatery is offering their famous chicken grilled. In other words, it's nice to have a choice when you're watching your weight and health.

Let's look at the stats:

180 calories and 4 grams of fat for a breast.
140 calories and 9 grams of fat for a thigh.
70 calories and 4 grams of fat for a drumstick.
80 calories and 4 grams of fat for a wing.

And even more good news:

Zero carbs are in the grilled chicken.

And you're getting half the calories of "Original Recipe" and even more of a dietary savings from the calorie-laden "Extra Crispy" and "Hot & Spicy."

An Extra Crispy chicken breast has 17 grams of carbohydrates and almost 500 calories compared with 0 grams of carbs and 180 calories with KFC's grilled breast.

So, why do we consider KFC's grilled chicken line a very good choice for the diet? It's simple. The chicken is zero carbs, low fat, low calorie. And as the Colonel's people like to say: “It’s marinated, seasoned with KFC’s famous secret herbs and spices, and then slowly roasted to juicy perfection.”

Get your KFC grill on, because this stuff is also, finger-lick' good!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

How Vitamin C Serum Creates Younger Smoother Brighter Skin

There are so-oooooo many beauty products out there, all advertising to deliver younger, smoother, brighter skin. You will find them on drugstore shelves, in expensive spas and salons, and in prescription form at the dermatologist's office.

Not all products work. Everyone's skin is different and unique. But there are some beauty serums and creams that most dermatologists would agree, give you the best bet for a clear, smooth, firmer complexion.

And one of these beauty products is Vitamin C serum. Simply put, topical Vitamin C in the form of Ascorbic Acid has been shown in a number of studies, to brighten skin, decrease the depth of wrinkles, and stimulate collagen.

Vitamin C serum is a worthy beauty item to add to your anti-aging product arsenal, because it protects the skin from sun damage. And trust us, we could all use another weapon against the strong rays where we all like to sun in and play in.

One important note: If you are a Retin-A or Renova user, do not use a retinoid and Vitamin C serum together. The two can clash. Instead, use the Vitamin C serum during the day, since you are exposed to the UV rays that time. And apply the Retin-A or Renova products at bedtime.

Dermatologists suggest you use a Vitamin C serum with about a 10% Ascorbic Acid base or a little less.

Today, we are talking about a new Mario Badescu beauty product: Vitamin C Serum ($45).

This Vitamin C Serum contains 7.5% Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) to reduce discoloration and brighten skin. Formulated with Hyaluronic Acid to retain skin's natural moisture and Collagen to enhance skin's firmness and elasticity. Apply 3-4 drops on clean skin every other night. May be used under moisturizer or alone.

Like we explained earlier, if using a retinoid, use Vitamin C serum at opposite times of the day. Otherwise, go ahead and apply the serum at night.

By the way, if you enjoy using a night cream and don't want to give that up, then layer. The Vitamin C serum would go on first, and that would be followed by your favorite night cream.

To learn more about Vitamin C serum, visit There is plenty of excellent information about skin care.

Mario Badescu products are available at retail locations across the United States.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

2009 Emmys Saw Beautiful Gowns And Spanx Underneath

Okay, we can't prove it, but we can bet the lovely ladies were all wearing Spanx at last Sunday's 2009 Emmy Awards.

Beautiful gowns like this turquoise bustier style worn by Ugly Betty's Vanessa Williams, was designed by Rafael Cennano. And invisible Spanx could have been working their magic underneath.

We happen to know that gorgeous Vanessa Williams adores Spanx. It's her secret to looking slender and sleek.
Vanessa revealed to Access Hollywood her celebrity secret, "On the red carpet, I've always got my SPANX from under-bust to mid-thigh. On set, I wear them all the time just to keep things pulled up and tight, especially when wearing skintight stuff."

Even women who religiously work out with a fitness trainer, still put on some Spanx, when they want their bodies to look svelte at an important event. And the women of Hollywood are most likely reaching for their Spanx before hitting the red carpet to look picture-perfect.

Spanx are invisible under-clothing body shapers, bras, panties, camis, hosiery, etc. These light garments give a woman both confidence and comfort. They tuck in this, and pull up those, and firm up that. You get the idea.

To support this year's Emmy-nominated actresses as they glided down the red carpet, Spanx sent each one of them an official SPANX Red Carpet Slim-ulus Package to further enhance their lovely silhouettes in body-hugging couture gowns. We love the title of that one!

That meant celebrity favs like Christina Applegate, Tina Fey, Kristen Chenoweth, and Amy Poehler were all looking uber sleek and sexy.

Check out the photo of Spanx' new Slim Cognito Shape-Suit ($98). In nude or black. This is what it can do for you:

Perfect under skirts and shoulder-baring dresses
Removable underwire gives "the girls" a lift
Adjustable straps ensure comfortable fit
Silky-smooth yarns won't cling to clothes
Cotton double gusset for convenience

If you can't locate a Spanx store near you, try

Monday, September 21, 2009

Jenny McCarthy Loves Emu Oil For Anti-Aging Benefits

We've talked about the benefits of applying emu oil before. Simply said, if you want softer, smoother skin, try emu oil.

We just saw an item in the National Enquirer under Gossip with Mike Walker. And he claims, that it's emu oil, that keeps 36-year-old Jenny McCarthy looking "Playboy"-perfect.

We didn't believe the Enquirer, so we did our own digging, and we owe Mike Walker an apology. Jenny McCarthy loves applying emu oil.

Jenny was interviewed by Chicago's Michigan Avenue magazine, and she told them for non-surgical beauty:
"Emu oil. It's great for antiaging and it's my favorite thing to put on my face because there are no perfumes or dyes."

So, what exactly is an emu and emu oil?

Emu oil comes from the emu, a large flightless, ostrich-like bird. Maybe not the prettiest animal on the block. But Australian aborigines were said to have discovered the benefits of extracting this oil thousands of years ago. And what researchers have come to learn is that there is something in the oil that is compatible to human skin.Leigh Hopkins, PhD. explained it in this manner. "The fatty acid composition of emu oil is very close to the correct composition of the fats as found in normal, human skin."

Emu oil is an excellent emollient with strong transdermal properties. In other words, it can nicely penetrate the skin's layers. It doesn't just sit on the surface like many expensive moisturizers do.

You want to look for pure certified 100% emu oil. Here are two respected and popular brands to try:

1. Pure Certified 100% Emu Oil by Platinum Skin Care ($14.41, on sale. 2 0z.) at

2. Dremu Oil Triple Refined Emu Oil($77, 1 oz.). A favorite of Oprah Winfrey's.

And if you would like to read more about emu oil, dip back into our archives here:

Sunday, September 20, 2009

How To Feel Pampered And Beautiful During Pregnancy

We've all heard about the lovely, natural glow that pregnant women have, and it's certainly true, because you can see the glow on women who are expecting.

And pregnant women around the globe all want to feel pampered and beautiful during this time.

So, we took a look at a few products to help moms-to-be keep their skin soft and pretty.

Pictured above is a very pregnant Angie Everhart. The gorgeous redhead gave birth in late July to a cute baby boy named Kayden Bobby. Angie is a first-time mom at age 39. Congratulations!

The actress/model has been asked to star in a new ad campaign for Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Massage Lotion for Stretch Marks.

Palmer's is a popular stretch mark cream softener, and at just $6 at drugstores, it's a great deal. And it's formulated with good ingredients like Vitamin E, collagen, and elastin.

Another product you can enjoy is called Glowology Elasticity Oil ($42, And you can also find some on This is a nourishing oil for the body, and nicely improves the skin's resiliency.

And here's a beauty item that all women have come to adore from Avon. Bust Sculpt Contouring Cream ($17.50, Avon says their Bust Sculpt Contouring Cream is based on a unique formula they call--Virtual Bra Technology. This concept blends special ingredients that form a network of support around the bosom. And the longer you use the cream, the better the results.

Breast-feeding moms say this cream firms and lifts the bust.

Actress Brooke Burke, whom you might recall from her successful Dancing with the Stars title victory in 2008, is a mom of 4. And she wants moms-to-be, to feel good about themselves at this very special time. Brooke has a super website at

Brooke Burke says this about

"Babooshbaby is a place to visit and find hip, practical and necessary items. It is a place to learn, laugh, and have a little fun. Check the "What's New" section often as I introduce new items that will make this motherhood journey a bit easier."

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Ann Taylor Debuts New Look With Modern Legacy Line

Ann Taylor. The name has come to symbolize classic, impeccable style. There is a rich history woven into their fabrics.

Did you know that Julia Roberts was discovered for the movie Mystic Pizza while working as an associate for Ann Taylor?

And that, Ann Taylor's cashmere was voted best quality by InStyle magazine? Fans include Tina Fey, Ann Curry and Rachael Ray.

We found these interesting Ann Taylor fashion nuggets on the Ann Taylor Facebook page,

And we're also blown away by the beautiful and sophisticated new look to Ann Taylor with their Fall Modern Legacy line, in stores next week. And you can shop for the collection online right now at

Here is how Kristin, Ann Taylor's new Style Director describes Modern Legacy:

"Our new Director of Design Lisa Axelson has inspired the new collection with a sense of Modern Legacy—a chic, sophisticated take on our heritage with a decidedly feminine twist. Think couture-inspired styles, luxe fabrics, impeccable details and brilliant accessories. (Oh, did we mention the to-die-for shoe collection?)"

These pieces easily go from work to dinner to family and friends. Gorgeous shades in plums and purples, greens, browns, grays, and blacks for Fall.

You can also find Ann Taylor's new Fall 2009 ad campaign featured in the pages of Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, InStyle and more.

If you've been missing AT's classic, sophisticated style, worry no more, Ann Taylor has returned to it elegant roots, and this time with a feminine, modern twist.

Friday, September 18, 2009

New Hand Perfection Cleanser Restores Moisture And Softness

Let's be honest. With continued talk about the H1N1 virus, there's a lot of attention being paid to our hands.

Even schoolchildren are being re-taught how to correctly wash their hands.

Everyone is washing their hands, over and over again, upwards of 15 times per day, according to a Hand Perfection survey.

Who is Hand perfection, you ask?

Hand Perfection is a new collection of hand creams, developed and designed by Ellen Sirot. Her company knows plenty about good grooming when it comes to our hands. Ellen Sirot has been a hand model for 20 years now, with an impressive portfolio. Advertising shots range from Dawn dishwashing liquid to Elizabeth Arden skin care to jewelry with Ross-Simons, etc.

And we learned recently from Ellen, that plain, old water can do a number on the appearance of our hands. Every time we submerge them into water, we are drying out the delicate skin on our hands.

And now Ellen Sirot has created a wonderful HandPerfection Moisturizing Cleanser for Hands ($30, use code CLEAN25 for special offer)

Ellen swears by this excellent hand cleanser:

"Though necessary, repeated hand washing with conventional soaps contributes to skin aging. Our creamy formula gently cleanses your skin while moisturizing, leaving hands looking and feeling their best. Mild, coconut-derived cleanser combined with super conditioners helps preserve skin’s delicate balance of water and natural oils. Hands are protected, refreshingly hydrated and soft. Especially suited to sensitive skin. Use in place of soap."

And if you would like to see photos of Ellen Sirot's beautiful model hands, click on her website. She has a lovely collection of products to keep hands looking ageless:

Thursday, September 17, 2009

One 'N Only Colorfix To The Rescue For Hair Color Mistakes

If you color your hair at home, mistakes can happen. And yes, even hair color mishaps can occur at the salon, once in a while. OMG! My light brown hair is now black!!! Or, help! My golden blonde hair is now mahogany!!

That's why you need the One 'n Only Colorfix by Jherri Redding ($13.39,

Colorfix is a gentle dye reducer. In other words, it is not a hair stripper. It removes unwanted permanent hair color. Controlled usage allows color correction to specific areas. Designed for full or slight color corrections.

If your hair has been dyed and it's now jet black, and you hate it, well, Colorfix might not be able to 'lift' away the ultra darkness completely, but, it will probably bring you to a dark brown level that is warmer.

Robert Craig, a famous hair stylist, raves about Colorfix at his wonderful and educational hair website, He advises using the dye reducer only in the slight correction method. That way, a non-professional can get good results and not mess up the condition of their locks.

In this method, the gentlest application process, you mix up 1/4 oz. each from bottle 1 and bottle 2 with 1 oz. of shampoo. Create a lather and leave it on damp hair for 10-20 minutes. Rinse thoroughly and shampoo.

The product does not contain ammonia, or formaldehyde.
It gently reduces the size of color molecules, allows for easy color removal.
No unpleasant odor.

Well, there is a smell of sorts. Not pleasant, but not horrendous. Just an odor like you pick up when you are getting a perm. And it disappears after you wash it out, so don't worry.

You can also head to the website and read some 329 reviews for this 4-star rated dye reducer, You will get many tips from women around the globe who have suffered hair color traumas, but have successfully 'lightened up' their hair mistakes.

Some salons use One 'n Only Colorfix on their clients. And yet, some hair professionals would also tell you, that stripping the hair correctly, is the true but expensive method to use.

We can say, that if you choose Colorfix in the slight correction method, it is a very gentle way to proceed, and your hair will look healthy after you perform this correction. And you can re-Colorfix 2-3 times in one day to get at stubborn sections of hair that didn't lighten the first time around.

If you're really upset with your current hair color, at least read all about Colofix first, and then go ahead, but hold your nose and open the windows!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

New 4-In-1 Joey New York CTSM2 Anti-Aging Beauty Product

This new 3 oz. bottle of skin care does it all:

Cleanse. Tone. Scrub. Masque. Yes, 4-in-1. Joey New York CTSM2 in Anti-Aging or Hydrating formulas ($30, each). Oily skin (green bottle). Dry skin (blue bottle).

Both CTSM2 skin care products come in a cooling gel-form. And both contain some very special, advanced beauty technology properties:

Marine Collagen for plumping and Prozymex HBT for anti-aging benefits, as well as Papain enzyme that works quickly to scrub, exfoliate, and smooth your face.

Nothing complicated with this Joey New York beauty item. Simply wet face and apply the gel formula. It will thoroughly cleanse your skin by removing dirt & debris. You will feel this product working because a mild cooling effect will begin to happen which will tone and clarify your skin. Massage or scrub this highly effective formulation in with water for about 1 minute, leave on for another minute, and watch it foam up into a masque! And then rinse off and dry.

Your skin will feel so smooth and clean. Trust us. This is a very unique experience in washing your face.

You can find Joey New York skin care products online at many beauty sites, including: and

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Is Drew Barrymore's Black-Tipped Blonde Bob A Hair Do Or Hair Don't?

Drew Barrymore sure likes to take beauty chances these days.

Her hair do or hair don't has been getting lots of buzz. Well, look at it. Seriously.

It's a black-tipped blonde bob.

Okay, we don't care what the classic fashion snobs might think, but.........we actually like this look on 34-year-old Drew. Maybe it's because she's just a cool chick.

Sure, it appears that someone dipped the ends of her bob in the ink wells. But, so be it. The cheery actress can carry this edgy look.

And she did so last week in conservative fashion hub Boston, while promoting her new movie Whip It with Ellen Page. And folks got a glimpse of the new do again at the Toronto Film Festival where she wore this knock-out Alexander McQueen dress.

We're not sure if this is an attention-getting method to promote the new Whip It movie. Or just Drew being Drew.

We've been trying to hunt down which stylist colored the actress' black-tipped blonde bob?

We wonder if celebrity stylist Kim Vo knows who dip-dyed Drew's locks. And we wonder what Kim Vo thinks about this edgy look, because he is a master at beautiful hair color.

Is it a hair do or a hair don't?!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Ladies: You Can Squeeze In A Workout Just About Anywhere

We hope you find time to squeeze this in:

We stumbled on to this website while sitting lazily on the couch--

Let's be honest. It's easy to come up with a million excuses for not wanting to exercise, or even move off the couch. But according to Brigette Polmar and Jenny Hein, there is a way to make fitness a part of your life. Even if it involves fitting quick exercises in and around your daily chores.

Brigette and Jenny call themselves 'crazy moms from the 'burbs.' Actually, the duo has created their popular website for busy women and moms out there, who want to make every minute count. Brigette has a TV background and Jenny is a certified fitness instructor, so the lessons they give you are well-packaged and smart. is a free site that keeps you moving, in every room of the house, or at the office, in the grocery store, and even waiting with your child at the bus stop.

For instance, these two clever ladies have lots of exercises that you can do just about anywhere, because you are never too busy to squeeze in a workout. Have a minute to kill, while you're waiting for the microwave to buzz?

Jenny Hein suggests gripping the edge of the kitchen countertop and performing 2 sets of 12 elevated push-ups.

Or how about some dish-lifts for your calves, as you put dishes away in the cabinet?

"While putting dishes away rise up onto toes. Hold for a count of 3 while chanting SQUEEZE-IT-IN. Come down slowly onto heels. Repeat until all dishes are back in cupboards or for at least 2 sets of 12." has videos to show you these mini fitness routines, step-by-step.

Whether it's laundry legs or the park bench dips or hairstyling hot squats, there are excellent movements for women at all levels of fitness.

You should really check it out:

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Solange Knowles' Best Beauty Buy For Glossy Lips

Beyonce's younger sister, Solange Knowles, is not afraid to take chances when it comes to beauty.

And we applaud Solange for the new ultra pixie do she got this summer. You can really see the attractiveness of her features with this bold hair style.

And Solange Knowles has another beauty tip. And this one's a Best Beauty Buy for Cheap!!

When it comes to lip gloss, Solange looks for a bargain and a product that delivers a pretty pucker.

"Wet 'n Wild...the cheap 99 cent stuff. The lip gloss is amazing," she says.

Well, we couldn't find a Wet 'n Wild lip gloss for 99 cents. There are lip liners for that low price. But the company's large variety of glosses start at $1.99 for their MegaSlicks lips. And the prices go up to about $3.59 for Wet 'n Wild's more costly glosses.

Still, excellent cost-savings for women looking for a bargain and good makeup products.

So, thank you, Solange Knowles for your great Best Beauty Buy.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Giorgio Armani Beauty Fall 2009 Makeup Collection

Giorgio Armani.

One of the great fashion designers of all time.
And beauty makeup designer, too.

Yes, Armani is even brilliant at making women's faces more beautiful.

We're taking a look at Giorgio Armani's Beauty Fall 2009 Makeup collection. And we fell in love with this Fall Manta Ray line.

Armani once said this, about wearing makeup:

"Makeup that becomes like a mask is good in a (fashion) show, but day to day, it must be there, but it must not be visible," he tells Allure magazine. "The makeup has to help the face show its best aspect and cover the negative."

And we believe the designer has once again, followed this approach with his Fall Manta Ray collection. Strong, and yet, quite subtle.

The Manta Ray Eye Duo in Greige and Charcoal ($32) is Armani-inspired "by the precious and luxurious materials used in Giorgio Armani fashion accessories, the palettes offer a beautiful selection of color harmonies inspired by nature. The collection features subtle hues that offer a new take on the timeless color “Greige,” create by Giorgio Armani. The rich filtered eye tones, presented in a matte Greige compact, give depth and mystery to the eyes with subtle contours and highlights."

And the Armanisilk Lipstick ($25) comes in 19 gorgeous shades to complement the smoky eye.

You can take a look at the full Giorgio Armani Beauty Fall 2009 Makeup collection at And you can buy everything Armani at fine dept. stores like Saks Fifth Avenue and Bloomingdale's.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Herbal Essences Tousle Me Softly Line Gives You Wavy Sexy Jen Aniston Hair

Let's face facts here. Actress Jennifer Aniston is a master at the wavy, sexy, tousled bed-head hair we all love.

And now we can all try to achieve this trendy look for Fall 2009 with Herbal Essences new Tousle Me Softly Hair Care collection. It's a 6-piece styling line:

Tousling Spray Gel
Flexible Hold Hairspray
Finishing Touch Cream

The New York Fashion Week runways, once again, featured models with sexy, tousled waves. Hair that freely bounced down the catwalk.

The hair look: loose and natural waves.

Charles Baker Strahan, Herbal Essences Celebrity Stylist, explains. “I consider tousles to be the update to beachy waves– touchable and fully of body, without being crunchy or stiff. “I love to create tousled styles, as the look is meant to be customized to each woman’s hair type and mood.”

Charles loves this new line. “The collection has definitely become a must-have in my kit to help create my signature style of loose, perfectly imperfect moments and tousles you can run your fingers through.”

For Tousle Me Softly Styling Tips, visit

There you will find lots of beautiful hair how-to's, and step-by-step videos with Charles Baker Strahan. He shows you just how to create the Tousle Me Softly Jen Aniston look.

And of course, all Herbal Essences hairstyling lines can be found right at your local drugstore.

By the way, the Tousle Me Softly line smells wonderful with its fresh clean violet splash scent!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Estee Lauder Makes Makeup Fun With New Beauty Widget

Estee Lauder has really perfected the virtual makeover with a cool new widget. And now you can have fun at home, trying on all the pretty new shades for lips, eyes, and face.

And it's so simple. All you do is add the widget. Download to your social network page(like Facebook or MySpace) or desktop.

Let's Play Makeover.

Visit these sites to dowload:

The beauty of this Lets Play Makeover virtual makeup counter, is it addictive nature. You could spend tons of time trying on this eyeshadow or that lip gloss. This virtual makeover is state-of-the-art. You're sampling the real pigments....the real makeup shades from the Estee Lauder company.

You can use your own photo for this makeover, or you can use the model. You get to play around with wonderful makeup and experiment with new styles in a flash! And you can also save and share your new looks. And Estee Lauder will introduce your first, when their newest products hit beauty counters.

Such wonderful beauty technology, and all from a cool, little widget called Let's Play Makeover.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

J.Lo Ready To Debut New My Glow Perfume In October

Jennifer Lopez is a busy woman these days, trying to make movies, raise her cute twins, and keep her J.Lo empire growing.

And now Jennifer hopes to shine again with the debut of her newest perfume addition, My Glow, to her popular Glow collection. The fragrance comes out in October.And the talented songstress hopes to hit all the right notes with My Glow:

Top notes: Lavender flower, water lily, freesia
Mid notes: White rose, wet leaves, peony, casablanca lily
Base notes: Skin musk, milky sandalwood, precious woods and heliotrope

The perfume will be available in these sizes:

Eau de Toilette Spray (50 ml) $49.50
Eau de Toilette Spray (100 ml) $59.50
Tender Body Lotion (200 ml) $29.50

We love the design of the My Glow bottle. Jennifer Lopez wanted an angel at the top of the fragrance bottle, and we think it looks quite attractive.

Some critics are saying that Jennifer Lopez has 'borrowed' the L'Air du Temps bottle design. We say, not really.

Other J.Lo Glow fragrances include:
Miami Glow
Love at First Glow
Glow After Dark
Sunkissed Glow,
and soon-to-be: My Glow

That's a lot of 'glow-ing going on.'

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Clear Up Skin Quickly With Once Daily Zinc Supplement

Want clear, smooth skin?

Frustrated because you've tried the prescription acne drugs, the many over-the-counter zit zappers, and you're still bothered by break-outs and pimples?

Don't despair. We have a simple, inexpensive way to clear up your skin quickly with one, small daily zinc supplement .

You have nothing to lose, but about $6.99 for a bottle of supplements.

For those of us who have been there, pimples can seem like the end of the world. Acne has ruined many a date, instantly lowered self-esteem, and for some, lingered on for a number of years, even into adulthood.

So, what's so magical about zinc?

Let us explain. First of all, we know how important Vitamin A is to healthy skin. But so is zinc, because it is required to mobilize Vitamin A from the liver to the skin.

Several decades ago, a Swedish physician treating a patient for another ailment in the Uppsala University Hospital, noticed that the patient's acne improved after treatment with zinc supplements.

A Swedish study was later conducted on patients with pimples in a clinical trial. And after 4 weeks of taking zinc supplements, there were major improvements. After 12 weeks, the patients taking the zinc, showed an 87% improvement in their skin.

Zinc is present in a lot of delicious foods we enjoy, like pumpkin seeds, seafood, nuts, dairy products like yogurt and eggs, wholegrain breads, chickpeas, and so on.

From the research we found, most experts recommend one 15mg. to 25 mg. supplement pill of zinc daily. We don't want to scare you, but zinc can be toxic at high amounts. Trust us, a little goes a long way.

Take the zinc supplement with a meal. On an empty stomach, zinc can make you nauseous.

You can find zinc supplements at your local drugstore and in the grocery aisle.

That's it: 1 zinc supplement daily, with a meal.

Give it about a month, and you should see results. We can honestly say, this worked for us back in our college days. Within a month or so, our skin, and our girlfriend's skin improved greatly. And we were only taking a 15 mg. zinc supplement.

After our skin cleared completely, we later stopped taking zinc, and we never had a major case of acne again.

Just a reminder: If you are on prescription acne drugs or any kind of oral antibiotic therapy, do not take zinc supplements. Zinc could interfere with the absorption of these meds. Best to check with your dermatologist about the zinc method to clear up skin.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Ouidad Brings Out Big Double Detangler To Comb Through Curls

Ouidad is a beauty company that knows all about curly hair. In fact, that is all they sell---- products for curly locks.

And we have to say, we were quite intrigued by one of their newest beauty tools, the Ouidad Double Detangler Comb ($24).

This double-sided comb has been designed to glide through your curls quickly and safely. In other words, no tugging or breakage.

According to their website, the Double Detangler Comb works because of these clever aspects:

Double Rows of teeth eliminate difficult knots and prevent curls from springing back and re-tangling
Longer Teeth reach through the most dense curly hair
Fewer Combing Strokes help curls remain defined and frizz-free
Spaced teeth are just the right width for detangling knots
Rounded Tips on teeth are soft on the scalp

There's just one little problem we see with this big, double comb. And that is its size. It's huge!! We're not kidding. Here are the dimensions:

The comb measures approx. 9-1/2"L x 1"W x 2-1/2"H and is made of sturdy plastic.

The reviews we read at a few online shopping sites that sell the Ouidad Double Detangler Comb, were favorable, but several complained about the big size of the comb and its heavy weight. However, those loving the Detangler, also spoke about its styling efficiency and how easily the comb can get through wild, thick, wet curls.

For more details, visit:

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Best Boxes Of At Home Hair Color That Fade Less And Cover Gray

We have written several articles about hair color, salon pros, and at home color kits over the past year.

Coloring hair is a challenge at most levels, and yet, if you aren't attempting a 2-color process, strategically-placed highlights, or changing up your locks to a new, bold shade of red, then you can use at home hair color. And we have found you the brands that work the best.

Famous stylists like Frederic Fekkai, and many others, have recently introduced their signature at-home brands of hair color for women to try.

So, if you are just interested in covering grays and roots, or just enhancing your natural shade, you can stop off at your local drugstore and pick up a box of at home hair color.

And let's take a look at the Best At Home Hair Color Boxes. Thanks to the September issue of Good Housekeeping magazine, the folks there tested a bunch of leading at home hair color brands on swatches. And these are the boxes that faded less and covered gray perfectly:

Permanent Color:

Clairol Nice 'n Easy ($8) in Natural Dark Neutral Blonde tied with Revlon Colorsilk ($3.69) in Ultra Light Natural Blonde.

Both brands were so-so in covering gray. But both boxes were excellent at resisting fading and retaining shine.

Revlon Colorsilk ($3.69) in auburn shade Burgundy, scored high for its gray coverage and shine retention. Fading is common with red dye, and this brand did well after 4 weeks of washing, drying, and sun exposure.

Clairol Nice 'n Easy Perfect 10 ($14) in Light Auburn, was the runner-up. Covered grays perfectly, but shine and color fading were fair.

Semi-Permanent Color

Clairol Natural Instincts ($9) in both Cinnaberry and Brown colors did very well. Great coverage, shine, and fade resistance. The blond shades did not cover grays as well.

Runner-up L'Oreal ColorSpa Moisture Actif ($6.49) in Chestnut Reddish Brown had very nice gray coverage and shine, The blonde and brown hues gave lots of shine, but didn't hide grays as well as the others.

Revlon Colorsilk ($3.69) in Dark brown scored excellently. Super shine, covered grays perfectly, and resisted fading.

Runner-up L'Oreal Excellence creme ($9) in Medium Brown performed almost perfectly with just slight fading after a month of washing, drying, and sun exposure.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Dara Torres' Butt Exercise And Fitness Tips That Work

About a year ago, Beauty Tip Today wrote an article about Olympian swimming champion Dara Torres.

We talked about Dara's rock-solid abs and body at age 42. And one year later, she still maintains that enviable physique by constantly 'moving.'

Here's what we learned in a recent interview with the multiple Olympian medal winner from
"It doesn't have to be a purposeful workout, you just need to get out there and move, even if it's just a brisk daily walk. Exercise not only makes you feel younger, it relieves stress, and you automatically look better. It's a win-win." Dara Torres explains.

And we love that Dara is sharing a super butt exercise with us. We all love a high, round, firm butt. And we all know how hard that is to sculpt after 35. But Dara claims this one will deliver:

"My behind needs a little extra attention, and I swear by this move: Prop a small stability ball up against a wall. Lie on your back facing the ball with your butt against it, arms at sides, feet on ball, knees apart. Lift your butt, hold for a beat as your bring knees together and then lower to start. Do three sets of 15 reps."

We are also including diet tips from Dara Torres from our article last August.

Her favorite meal:
"A mixed green salad, turkey-spinach lasagna, garlic bread and green beans. My favorite cookbook is one I got in college—Where’s Mom Now That I Need Her?"

And yeah, you can cheat, Dara says:

"It’s OK to have bites of food that probably aren’t the best for you because that way you won’t deprive yourself and then want more of that food. I eat what I want, when I want, but I exercise so I can do that."

More Dara diet tips here. Check this out:

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Jennifer Aniston Recipient Of Boob Jab To Increase Bust?

Here we go again. Actress Jennifer Aniston is rumored to have undergone a new cosmetic procedure called Macrolane injections. Or in layman's terms, a boob jab. A quick 'lunchtime procedure.'

The injections actually consist of fillers, almost similar to what people now have injected into their faces for volume.

And that is what the 40-year-old actress is rumored to have done.......add subtle volume and uplift to her breasts, and therefore, increase her bosom a whole cup size!

The gossip has already been around for years about Jennifer having breast implants. Many Hollywood beauties resort to implants, so that would not seem unusual. But is it possible if one has breast implants, to also safely receive Macrolane injections? Hmmm, good question.

Let's take a closer look at boob jabs or Macrolane injections. The gossip first got started in London at the Daily Mail. Folks in the UK and across Europe have nick-named these non-surgical procedures as boob jabs.

The perkier silhouette, however, is not permanent. The look will last about 18 months, and then you have to, er, fill up again, so to speak. Hey, at least it doesn't involve serious surgery.

Here's how the half hour procedure works:

A local anesthetic is applied. Then a thick needle containing Macrolane filler is injected deep into the breast tissue (ouch!). The filler itself contains hyaluronic acid (similar to that found in dermal facial fillers). It is a thick, dense fluid.

The only drawback we could find, is that some patients develop hard lumps after a few days. In other words, the body is sensing a 'foreign object' inside the breast, and tissue forms around it, fencing it in.

Meantime, we don't know how safe a boob jab procedure is. And we surely don't know if Jennifer Aniston has received one. The actress tends to get headlines for everything she does these days. Folks are watching her every move. Kind of difficult to live in a fish bowl that way.

What we do know, is that at age 40, Jennifer Aniston looks lovely and youthful with a body better than most women half her years. More power to her.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Witch Hazel Stinky But Delivers Naturally Smooth Skin

If you can get past the stinky smell, nature's ancient witch hazel, makes a very nice astringent or toner for the skin.

What exactly is witch hazel? Or its
scientific names: Hamamelis viginiana ?

We were curious about that, too, so we dug a little and found out that witch hazel is a plant. And a very useful one, according to

Witch hazel is a deciduous bush or small tree that is found throughout most of North America. It has broad, toothed oval leaves, and golden yellow flowers. Brown fruit capsules appear after the flowers. The dried leaves, bark, and twigs are used medicinally.

Witch hazel water is the most commonly found commercial preparation, usually kept in most homes as a topical cooling agent or astringent.

Most people use witch hazel after facial cleansing. All you need to do is rub a cotton ball of witch hazel over your face, and enjoy a cool breeze. It is soothing and kind to sensitive skin. It relieves redness and swelling. And something in it, delivers back smooth, clear skin.

Many acne sufferers have tried witch hazel after their complexions refused to respond to expensive prescription acne drugs and over-the-counter blemish-free products. And the results have been excellent.

Dickinson's has been selling witch hazel since 1866. And the company boasts that their product offers "exceptional cleansing, soothing, and healing properties" as an herbal extract.

And the stuff is economical. For under $5, you can get a 16 oz. bottle. Just hold your nose. The smell isn't pretty.