Monday, April 30, 2012

Something Sheer Is Surely A Sign Of Spring/Summer 2012

Is it us? Or has fabric for Spring/Summer 2012 taken the peek-a-boo route?

Everywhere you turn, sheer tops are the HOT new trend! And we're not just talking about lace. We know that is BIG, too.

A little touch of sheer-ness never hurt anyone, and when tastefully done, it can only boost your wardrobe.

You don't have to be model-slim to wear sheer tops, either. Nailing the sheer-ness in all the right places can hide little imperfections.

We checked out the ever-popular Forever21 shopping site. And under sheer tops, we found 1,165 to choose from! Wow! Tons of colors, styles, patterns, and degrees of sheer-ness to look at.

Obviously, if a top is sheer, you need a camisole or bra or both, to make it look right.

Here's a little sample of what we hunted down. And the prices won't bust your budget:

1. Vertical Stripe High-Low Top ($17.80).

2. Lace Trim Peasant Top ($19.80).

3. Sheer Polka Dot Shirt ($24.80).

Don't be shy. You can always 'hide' your sheer top inside a blazer or light cardigan if you feel you're showing off too much sheer-ness.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Go To Sleep With This On And Wake Up To Brighter Skin

We've learned that beauty sleep is really something we all need. Our skin needs rest to 'repair' itself at night. And if we apply the right creams and serums to our complexions before we hit the pillow every evening, then the results speak for themselves.

That is why we are looking at Korres' new Wild Rose + Vitamin C Advanced Brightening Sleeping Facial ($48, at Sephora). The company likes to call this product an overnight facial-in-a-jar. Put some on at night, and wake up to brighter, more even-toned skin.

Wild Rose + Vitamin C is from Korres, Greece's oldest homeopathic pharmacy. That's got to count for something!

So, what's so great about a Vitamin C cream/serum?

Plenty....Vitamin C, referred to by scientists as a powerful anti-aging vitamin, is known for its remarkable ability to help visibly brighten and balance out skin tone, zero in on dark spots, while helping skin defend itself against future damage.

And this little jar of beauty contains 5X more concentrated Vitamin C for extra potent power! It's 95% natural content, feather-light as a souffle, and rapidly melts into your complexion. You awaken with petal-soft skin by morning.

Here's to a better tomorrow for all of us!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Do You Do Distressed Denim? It's Boho-Hot!


That's the word for denim at the moment. You can wear 'em faded, frayed, beaten-up, or just a bit worn-in, when it comes to your jean jacket or denim vest.

A few tears and rips, and you're looking as hot as Rihanna in her Acne distressed jacket.

It's super boho-chic, especially when you pair it with a lovely maxi dress.

The only fashion danger we see is going to the extreme, where Rihanna as sexy as she is, is just a couple of steps from hobo status. You don't want to let your distressed denim get to the point of too falling apart.....Just saying.

We found a cool distressed vest by M2F ($128, at Free People Boutique. We love the raw edges around the armholes (bottom photo).

If this is too high a pricetag for a denim vest, you could 'distress' your own with a razor, knife, scissors, and/or some bleach. Lots of people do their own distressing, and do it very well.

Good luck!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Olivia Wilde Says 'No Tweezing': Eyebrow-Challenged

Actress Olivia Wilde has the kind of beautiful bone structure women want to be blessed with.

But when it comes to her eyebrows, well, she's a lot like the rest of us---Olivia is struggling with thin brows. We never really noticed her beauty problem until she mentioned it recently to the New York Times T magazine.

The 28-year-old star told them she does NOT tweeze:

"I’ve been letting them grow in for years," Olivia says. "I try to fill them in wherever nature has abandoned me. I just fill in under the arch and soften them up a bit."

We get it....We've been there, too.

The former House actress is busy as a Revlon spokesperson these days, and most recently, as one of the executive producers of 'Baseball in the Time of Cholera,' a short film presented at the 2012 Tribeca Film Festival.

Olivia is so pretty that we suppose she could get away with any hair color, and right now, that shade is blonde.

"I am really enjoying being a blonde," she explains — she now chooses a brighter brow color. "My natural brows are quite pointy," she reveals. "I soften them so I look less like some evil Disney queen!"

Gotta love her. Not lovin' the lighter tresses, though. We think Olivia is stunning as a brunette.

What do you think?

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Gwen Stefani Rocks Pink Skinny Jeans---You Can, Too!

Colored jeans have been a HOT trend for some time now. And celebrities have been out and about slipping into pairs of bright-colored denim.

Last month, it was Fergie photographed in red jeans at LAX. And today, we've found the very stylish Gwen Stefani rockin' a pair of bubble gum pink skinny jeans.

Not an easy shade to pull off, but the sexy, svelte singer makes it look simple by keeping the entire thing, well, simple.

Gwen paired her hot pink jeans with a basic black tank, matching booties, and a wide, gold cuff. She looks amazing!

And you can wear this, too. Yes, ladies, you CAN put on a pair of pink skinny jeans and do it on a budget. Why spend hundreds, when you can copy the look for so much less!

The Almost Famous brand has a great pair of Tiffany Pink Skinny Jeans (reg. $29.95, on SALE for $19.99, Buy 1, Get 1 50% off at Zumiez). Just as cute as Gwen's---bright pink, stretch cotton, low rise, and ultra skinny! Plus, we found sizes 1-13 available.

Will you dare to rock this trend?!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Touch Of Turmeric Powder: Thandie Newton's Best Beauty Tip

We've been writing about the benefits of adding a little turmeric powder to your diet for quite some time now.

If you love Indian and South Asian food, then you know the distinctive aroma and taste of powerful yellow-orange turmeric powder. In India culture, this colorful spice has been used for many, many generations, as a wonderful food enhancer, but also as a healing agent.

And now, too, as a skin rejuvenator. Maybe that's why gorgeous actress Thandie Newton tells People magazine that the bright-colored spice is "My Best Beauty Secret."

"Turmeric! I mix a few grains in my moisturizer," Thandie
says. "It gives you such a lovely, sun-kissed glow. It's also anti-inflammatory, so it's a real tonic for the skin."

You're a smart gal, Thandie. Ayurvedic healers consider turmeric to be a varnya herb, which means, enhances your complexion. Its strong anti-bacterial properties fight pimples and breakouts.

Thandie is the new face of Olay Total Effects. And at age 39 and a mom of 2 little girls, we think the award-winning actress is a great representative for the famous Olay company.

Thandie's beauty recipe equals Olay Total Effects Fragrance-Free UV Moisturizer ($22.99, at drugstores) and turmeric:

"It was a complete accident that I spilled some and rubbed it in on my hands. I looked down and thought, how pretty!"

Just be careful when handling turmeric powder around your favorite clothing. It can yellow-stain fabric, and we have found it's tough to remove.

On another note....Dr. Andrew Weil talked about the powerful, anti-cancer benefits of turmeric powder in an article at his website back in 2003:

"Turmeric (Curcuma longa) is the yellow spice most familiar in Indian cooking and American-prepared mustard. Not only do I think that it is safe to take after breast cancer treatment, I think it would be helpful. The reason is that turmeric affects hormones that promote inflammation and cell proliferation, processes that seem to underlie most cancers.

"Turmeric is being studied widely for its powerful anti-cancer effects. However, women being treated for breast cancer may be advised to avoid it during chemotherapy because of evidence from laboratory and animal studies suggesting that it may inhibit the action of certain chemotherapy drugs.

"I often recommend New Chapter's Turmericforce; take one capsule twice a day."

Pretty amazing stuff from this pungent spice!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

You'd Be A Fool Not To Try Yu-Be Skin Care Products

We LOVE skin care creams and serums. We also love learning about the science of beauty.

That's why we are happy to write today about the popular Japanese skin care line called Yu-Be. Pronounced as YOO-BEE.

Everyone's been talking about Yu-Be....from Newsweek to InStyle to Elle, and beyond.

But Yu-Be has been around for 55 years now. Just ask most folks in Japan, and you would find that Yu-Be products are a skin care staple in most homes there.

In fact, the #1 Selling Medicated Vitamin-Enriched Cream on the Market is Yu-Be Moisturizing Skin Cream ($25, at Japanese pharmacist Yoshikiyo Nowatari developed the glycerin-based moisturizer in 1957. It features a high glycerin content along with vitamins B2, C, E, and camphor. The cream has a super absorbancy level, making it very effective for rough, dry skin.

According to the Yu-Be website history page--- "Generations of familes have used the concentrated formula on all types of dry skin - from split cuticles and cracked heels to diaper rash - even frostbite - and to this day refuse to use anything else."

Here in the U.S., the Yu-Be skin care line is distributed by JMax Intl. of Los Angeles.

The company was kind to send us the famous Yu-Be Moisturizing Skin Cream, Foaming Skin Polish, Moisturizing Body Lotion, and Lip Therapy balm stick. We have been sampling all of them, and we like what we see!

When we noted that camphor was present in the Yu-Be skin care line we were a bit hesitant about the scent. The beauty of the Yu-Be formula is the quick absorption. And yes---the camphor scent disappears very fast.

We have been using the popular Moisturizing Skin Cream under our eyes, and we LOVE it. It serves as an excellent eye cream. It really softens and nourishes the thin skin and actually diminishes the look of fine lines and wrinkles of the eye area. No kidding! We really didn't expect it to work that well.

The Foaming Skin Polish ($18, at is another great product from the Yu-Be line, formulated with rice bran, bamboo, ginger root, ginseng and green tea to exfoliate rough, dry skin cells and give you back smoother, healthier skin. A gentle yet effective scrubber.

To try the Yu-Be skin care collection, check out their FREE samples with just $4.95 shipping here.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Kate Gets Duchess Beauty Glow From Bee Venom Facials?

The royal buzz these days?

That pretty Duchess Kate looks especially beautiful because of bee venom facials.

If this is the case, then watch the sale of bee venom masks skyrocket into the stratosphere. As we have all come to learn, anything the future queen of England touches, turns to gold. Women around the globe want to dress like Kate, smell like Kate, have perfect hair like Kate, and yes, even look like the lovely Kate.

So, why bee venom beauty products?

If you believe the hype...."This cream is said to work by gently stinging the skin, leaving a tingling sensation and causing the body to direct blood flow to the area. It claims to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, which reduce wrinkles by relaxing and strengthening the muscles."

Says who?

The makers of Royal Nectar Bee Venom Cream ($69.90), the SAME brand that Camilla (Duchess of Cornwall + Prince William's step-mom) turned Kate on to. Rumors say that Kate began dipping into the bee venom beauty hive several weeks BEFORE the royal wedding. And to note, her complexion looked exquisite on her big day.

Don't laugh....we are intrigued by any skin care treatment that stimulates collagen/elastin production.

"Apply Royal Nectar daily as part of your skin care routine. Leave on for 20 minutes, then wash off.

"Use from twice a week to twice a day (personal preference). Spread sparingly on clean skin, do not rub in and be careful to avoid the eye area."

HealthyOnLine which sells the Royal Nectar Bee Venom Cream explains the fascinating process in how the bee venom is extracted. So bizarre! Read on:

"To extract the venom, a pane of glass is placed alongside the hive and a small electrical current is run through it, which encourages the insects to sting the surface. Tiny quantities of the venom are then collected and sent to Britain. It costs £27,000 ($55,200) an ounce but the venom is diluted, to make it less painful to apply, to just 1 per cent of the mask. A 50ml jar costs £55 ($112). (This is the UK Price. It is only $69.90 from healthyonline, even less than sold by the manufacturer! )

"The cream is also mixed with New Zealand Manuka honey, shea butter and rose and lavender oils. Used twice a day for 20 minutes, the bee treatment can apparently knock up to 10 years off facial appearance."

Hey, bee venom is being called, the new 'alternative to Botox.' We cannot prove that Kate has ever tried the product, but people in-the-know, claim it is TRUE.

Just a little note---if you are allergic to bees, please DON'T use this!

We would like to try this stuff if we could get a freebie.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Will You Lock Lips With This Pop Art Jewelry Trend?

You're either going to love this or hate it, but you have to admit----jewelry in the form of a pair of lips is quite unique.

We're still on the fence about it, but we have been seeing lots of lips cuff bracelets from the Brooklyn-based St. Kilda shop. And the inspiration supposedly comes from the famous surrealistic painting of lips in the sky, Les Amoureux by Man Ray.

These Nora Kogan jewelry pieces include enameled lips in a rainbow of bold colors. Each cuff costs $325. Check them all out here at StKildaJewelry.

The lips jewelry trend is both modern and edgy and makes for quite a striking accessories statement.

What do you think?

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Smiling Celebrities Have Worn Them---Would You Invisalign?

Is it just us, or have you, too, noticed a lot of adults suddenly getting 'invisible' braces?!

Most of the time, you can't even see the braces, and that's the beauty of Invisalign. Many smiling celebrities have hit the red carpet wearing these clear plastic aligners to straighten their pearly whites---people like: Katherine Heigl, Justin Beiber, Elin Woods, Zac Efron, and Tom Cruise.

The plastic braces are worn 24/7, except at mealtimes. Full treatment takes about 1 year, with office visits every 6 weeks or so.

The cost of Invisalign kind of blew us away-----From $3,500 - $8,000. Wow! We were not expecting such a steep price. Then again, we've had root canals that resulted in a couple of thousand dollars each, when all was said and done. Yeah, dental work isn't cheap.

So, metal braces versus clear, plastic ones. Look at the photo depicting both. It's a no-brainer, cosmetically-speaking. Who wouldn't want an almost invisible dental makeover?

Would you Invisalign? And is this clear plastic system just as effective as wearing a set of unattractive, old-fashioned metal braces?

From the results we've seen of relatives and friends wearing Invisalign, this is a brilliant concept. Their teeth look amazing. But Invisalign does have its critics. Read on from Boston orthodontist Mouhab Rizkallah, DDS:

1. Invisalign cannot predictably control any changes in back tooth bite relationships. In fact, it can really cause back tooth bite problems if you try to move the back teeth and fall short of your goals. Braces can control back tooth bite relationships readily.

2. Invisalign cannot predictably rotate cylindrical teeth (such as canines and premolars) because it lacks predictable "friction grip", but invisalign can readily rotate angular teeth, such as incisors, because this does not require only requires point force at a distance away from the center of the tooth. Example: USING 1 finger from EACH hand, try to turn a drinking glass that is cylindrical versus one that has 4 sides. With the cylindrical glass, you will need to try to squeeze your fingers toward each other (producing friction grip) to rotate the cylindrical glass. With the 4 sided glass, you only need to apply forces in opposite directions at the square corners of the friction grip needed. That is why Invisalign cannot rotate cylindrical objects predictably. Braces, on the other hand, are glued to teeth, and therefore have absolute friction, and can thereby rotate any tooth. Voila!

3. Invisalign cannot predictably accomplish uprighting root movements: I don't know how to effectively communicate that in text. It would require a picture. Braces accomplish this readily.

4. Invisalign cannot predictably accomplish vertical movements, as the aligner is designed to release in the vertical plane of space. Braces accomplish this readily.

Bottom Line: I love invisalign for patients that do not need Bite correction, rotation of cylindrical teeth, root uprighting, or vertical tooth movements.

Well, we would still LOVE to Invisalign for absolutely perfectly straight teeth. We would do it, if our smile doesn't require all that other stuff.
How about you?

Friday, April 20, 2012

All Thumbs Applying Foundation? Try Romi Beauty Gadget For Perfection

In our humble opinion, foundation or base is a daily makeup essential. It evens out skin tone, hides minor imperfections, protects the skin, and lets you look alive.

But applying foundation seamlessly is a challenge for most of us. We use our fingers to first blend our liquid base onto our face. Then we quickly use a makeup sponge to 'pat it in.'


Certainly not, but, we do the best we can.

Now there's Digital Foundation by Roma Beauty ($109.95, at haantherapeutics).

The cute, little battery-operated beauty gadget helps you master the art of the seamless foundation finish by imitating the stippling technique of quick, short pats that makeup artists use to achieve that flawless appearance.

Romi Beauty Digital Foundation features a vibrating sponge pad that dispenses foundation at a stippling rate of 5,000 times per minute. You don't have to use your fingers or a brush or a sponge to blend it in. The beauty machine does all the work, and quite beautifully.

You can select from 1 of 3 foundation shades to get that airbrushed finish.

Spending more than $100 for a beauty gadget might sound a bit silly, but the Romi Beauty device is a well-made makeup aid that saves you time and money in the long run.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Mama Mariah: Marvelous May Cover Of Shape 1 Year After Twins

It's almost ALL about the food you choose, so says Mariah Carey.

Check out the May cover of Shape magazine!

The mom-of-twins just 1-year later, is showing off a FLAT tummy that she credits with a structured eating plan.

"I used to be able to slim down just by exercising more, but that’s changed. Since having the babies, I realize that 90 percent of losing weight is my diet,".

And the 43-year-old singing sensation had shed 30 lbs. on the Jenny Craig plan in 3 months. It appears that Mama Mariah has maintained her svelteness and is still going strong 365 days later.

We would have to agree, that it's mainly about the diet, but let's not dismiss old-fashioned exercise. You NEED to get the body moving to tone up and burn calories.

So, the critics are already screaming, "Photoshop," about the Mariah May Shape cover. Big deal---aren't most, if not ALL people featured on magazine covers airbrushed to some degree?!

We think the superstar looks pretty darn amazing after giving birth to a set of twins.

And if you're looking for a flat tummy like Mariah's, here's a super exercise from Andie Hecker, the New York ballerina turned Hollywood trainer:

"This is the BEST way to work your abs without putting stress on your lower back," says Andie.

Lie down flat on your back with one leg resting on the floor and the other crossed over it. Lift the top leg to 90 degrees and slowly lower it. Repeat 40 times, alternating legs."

Repeat 40 times? Are you crazy?

That's a killer exercise, but like we have learned, nothing good comes easy.

Visit balletbodies for more information.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Hey, Sunscreen Brand Snob: Walgreens Scores High On Safe Tanning

According to one survey we found:

31% of Americans NEVER use sunscreen.

Actually, we don't find those statistics unbelievable. Yesterday, our temps reached an unusual for April high of 91 degrees. That had folks running to the beaches. You couldn't get a parking spot.

And lots of those sun-seekers DON'T slap on the sunscreen.

But for those of you intelligent tanners who DO wear sunscreen, do you really want to spend $30 for an expensive brand that claims to do this and that without getting a sunburn?

How do you know your small, pricey tube of sun protection is really protecting you?

Think Walgreens. That's right. The drugstore chain sells effective sunscreens under the Walgreens label, and are rated highly by and

Plus---Walgreens sunscreens WON'T bust your budget!

When Consumer Reports has conducted sunscreen testing, all of them come back effective for UVB protection, but products vary widely in the amount of UVA protection they provide. The following ingredients need to be present in a sunscreen for it to provide adequate UVA protection: avobenzone, mexoryl, zinc oxide, or combo of zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. Walgreens sunscreen lotions contains avobenzone. Most of the snob brand sunscreens don't contain any of those on the list.

Walgreens Sport Sunscreen Continuous Spray SPF 50 ($7.79). Recommended by Consumer Reports.

What's even nicer----Walgreens is selling their sunscreen brand at a super deal----Buy 1 Get 1 50% Off!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Restylane To The Rescue For Sagging Damaged Earlobe

This morning on GMA there was a segment on earlobe repair and how plastic surgeons can restore a sagging, damaged earlobe.

Maybe some of you have been there. We have. Twice now---we've had our pierced earlobes 'surgically repaired.' On both occasions, the pierced holes had become long and split right down the earlobe. Not attractive.

Before the earlobe splits, however, you CAN do something to fix the cosmetic situation. Look at the photos. You can see the vertical tearing to the lobe in the BEFORE photo. And then the normal-sized pierced hole in the AFTER shot.

Instead of costly and time-consuming surgery, a dermatologist or plastic surgeon can quickly plump up your earlobes with a couple of shots of Restylane---the same popular injectable used to add volume to sagging facial features.

Wearing heavy, long earrings can often lead to sagging, torn earlobes. And when we age, our earlobes do, too, because they do not have the firm tissue found on other parts of the body. So, even creases can form on the earlobes with time. That's why a filler like Restylane can add a fullness to the lobe so that earrings sit high and pretty, instead of drooping downward.

Allan E. Wulc, a suburban Philadelphia plastic surgeon, appears to be the first cosmetic expert to have invented earlobe restoration by Restalyne. He's been injecting lobes with the dermal filler since 2006. And his careful injections do not disrupt the pierced hole. In fact, the vertical elongation of a pierced ear can be improved.

"I do think we will get results up to a year, but would hope that it would be longer," says Dr. Wulc."In general, I add Restylane everywhere I feel it is needed in the face. The earlobes are injected at the end of the procedure, when most of the other areas have been rejuvenated. In general, we send patients home immediately after the injection with their earrings on. We clean them first and place antibiotic ointment on the earlobe.".

Before you submit to earlobe surgery, ask around for a doctor who is familiar with earlobe restoration by Restylane. It's quick and painless. NO downtime. We wish we had known about it BEFORE our lobes had split down the middle.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Selena Gomez' Favorite Sheer Chanel Lipstick Shade

Selena Gomez is a teen superstar. At age 19, she knows a thing or two about looking great, and not just for the red carpet.

Selena has a crew of makeup, hair and fashion stylists always ready to glam her up for public appearances, but the young celebrity has also strong opinions about what cosmetics make her most beautiful.

She tells the May issue of Teen Vogue that her go-to lipstick is none other than Chanel Rouge Coco Shine ($32.50, at Selena's fave shade is Rebelle, a nice, coral color.

Don't let the super bright Rebelle hue fool you. It glides on sheerly and looks pretty against most skin tones.

Selena Gomez has quite a sophisticated makeup eye at just 19. That does not mean she doesn't also wear cheaper cosmetics. It would appear that being in Hollywood for a number of years now, has made the teen mogul a polished star with good taste.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Goody Heat Wave Creator For Easy Breezy Beach Hair

Talk about a hot rod!

If you're looking to create that Gisele Bundchen easy breezy beach hair, then you've got to arm yourself with this little styling gadget by Goody---the Heat Wave Creator ($29.99, at Target).

It's a curling rod with a most unique twist featuring a barrel with a wavy shape. You can achieve that sexy bed-head look in just a few minutes, without having to fight with your hair like you do, forcing strands to wrap around standard curling irons or spinning irons.

The Goody Heat Wave Creator makes it simple. Just take some strands and wrap them around the 'bumpy' barrel and clamp them in. The wavy-shaped rod ensures that some pieces will be more tightly wound and others more loosely held. Together, you create that trendy Mermaid beach hair tons of celebrities show off. Plus, this hairstyling tool has a 30-second heat-up and 10 heat settings to play around with.

The Target customer reviews gave the Goody hair gadget some very high marks---4.5 stars out of 5! And women say the Heat Wave Creator gives long-lasting waves. The only problem is getting used to the clamp and the method of wrapping the hair. Other than working out those little kinks, this is a MUST buy.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Cosmetically Over-Filled Faces CAN Be Undone: Not That Anything's Been Done

Ashley Judd was snapped walking to the 'Extra' set in Hollywood yesterday, to defend her so-called 'puffy face.'

The 43-year-old actress has been written about by a bunch of tabloids recently, all claiming she received "botched plastic surgery" or "a cosmetically, over-filled face."

In no way are we alleging that the pretty celebrity has had anything done by posting her photo here, alongside our article dealing with reversible fillers. We are taking a further look at injectable volumizers, because the topic has arisen with the dramatic appearance of Ashley Judd.

The popular TV star has been fuming and wanting to set the record straight, that the fuller face folks have been gossipping about, has nothing to so with injectables or surgery, but the result of steroids for a sinus infection.

In addition, Ashley Judd also wrote an article for the Daily Beast that discusses the cruel practice of only judging women for how they look:

"I choose to address it because the conversation was pointedly nasty, gendered, and misogynistic and embodies what all girls and women in our culture, to a greater or lesser degree, endure every day, in ways both outrageous and subtle.

"The assault on our body image, the hypersexualization of girls and women and subsequent degradation of our sexuality as we walk through the decades, and the general incessant objectification is what this conversation allegedly about my face is really about."

Right on, Ashley Judd! Meantime, let's look at fillers that can be undone when the results are not what you expected.

Restylane, Perlane, Hylaform, Juvederm, and Juvederm XC are all known as injectable volumizers. And all of them are made from hyaluronic acid, a substance that occurs naturally in your skin.

The good news, the fillers we mention here, can all be reversed if you dislike the way your face has turned out. Maybe the cheeks were too chipmunk-like, etc. A doctor can undo the filler by injecting an antidote.

Many celebrities have turned to injectable fillers for restored natural volume to the face. The treatments do NOT require surgery and results are instant.

But not every plastic surgeon or dermatologist fills the face the same way. And the key here, is to make the work look invisible. Unfortunately, that is not always the case.

Women aren't allowed to grow older in Hollywood, and that brings such pressure to most female celebrities like Ashley Judd. We think she makes some excellent points about the topic.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Steal Fab Fergie's Trendy Nautical Look At Much Cheaper Price!

Fergie hits the right fashion notes at red carpet events. And the Black Eyed Peas singer also knows what to wear when the mood is more casual and she's just hanging out.

We caught a pic of the sexy celeb as she made her way through LAX Aiport recently. Check out fab Fergie's nice nautical look. Gotta love the Weekend Max Mara Oscuri Jacket ($325, (212)391-3344)! And she paired it with sleek-fitting red skinny jeans by Nobody.

The nautical trend is BIG this Spring/Summer, and it's a polished, classic look. Horizontal stripes are right on target. And you, too, can STEAL fab Fergie's trendy nautical look at a much cheaper price.

We found a super cute soft jersey material blazer by WetSeal on SALE for just $20.99! Sizes in stock online include---Med. Large. X-Large in JUNIORS. This nautical number features a striped knit body. Notch collar with single button closure. Long sleeves and front pockets.

Not exactly like Fergie's Max Mara, but close enough, and a great fashion statement for the price. You will get a lot of wear out of this pretty striped blazer.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Fear Wearing Very Bright Clothing? Take Baby Steps With Neon Jewelry

That hot pink dress just a bit too LOUD to wear in public?!

Or that acid-colored lime top too attention-getting even for you?

As we've all heard and seen by now, neon colors are a BIG trend for Spring 2012.

You DON'T always have to follow what's in, especially if you wouldn't feel comfortable wearing it. But maybe just a tiny bit of a trend can do wonders for your wardrobe. So, let's take a look at a piece of neon jewelry.

We love the Sunburst Glass and Metal Necklace by Ann Taylor ($78, at Ann Taylor stores). Now, we could ALL look divine in little neon accents here and there. You can get your glow on without searing someone's eyes.

A little brightness never hurt anyone. And an acid-yellow necklace is edgy enough to look good at the office as well as a night on the town, followed by a relaxing time on the weekend.

How about you? Are you in for a fashion splash of neon?

Monday, April 9, 2012

Jenny McCarthy Dazzles As Shoe Designer: Check Out 'Insatiable'

Whoa! That's some shoe!

And it can be yours today, thanks to Jenny McCarthy and

The sexy celebrity has once again, sat down and designed a pair of rockin' sky-high shoes to support children with Autism. Jenny, mom to son Evan, an autistic child, is hoping you take home her 'Insatiable' shoes to donate to this wonderful charity:

100% of the profits benefit Generation Rescue.
Enter code JENNY at Checkout and ShoeDazzle Will Donate $5 From Your 1st Purchase.

'Insatiable' is all about a black platform peep toe with silver studded heel and bright blue insole. The shoe is available today, April 9th exclusively at in honor of Autism Awareness Month.

This shoe will most likely SELL OUT, like the 1st pair Jenny designed 1 year ago. So, time is of the essence, as the saying goes.

Jenny McCarthy has been such a strong voice for autism. We salute her for all the good she continues to do. And that's one sexy pair of platforms, ladies!

Learn more about Generation Rescue here.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Anne Hathaway's New Super Short Haircut: Miserable Or Not?

Actress Anne Hathaway.

We're all used to seeing her with beautiful, long dark hair. But something major has just gone on in the beauty department for the popular 29-year-old actress.

Just take a look at the latest photo snapped of the actress leaving the Box nightclub in London in the wee hours this morning. Oh yeah, barely an inch of hair on her lovely head. We wonder ifTed Gibson her celebrity stylist gave her the new do.


Anne Hathaway has chopped off her locks for the role of Fantine in Les Miserables, the musical movie. And if you recall, the character is a struggling factory worker who is forced into prostitution to provide for her illegitimate child and ends up selling her hair for money.

Now, Anne Hathaway could have hidden her long, thick mane and worn a wig for the part, but this actress is obviously serious about her craft and said to also be dieting on a 500-calorie plan to get as authentic for the role of Fantine as she can.

So, would you chop off about 95% of your precious hair for a big movie role, knowing that you could easily avoid the drastic cut by stuffing it under a wig?

In our honest opinion, we would NOT take the haircut.

We admire Anne Hathaway for her confidence, her courage, and her honesty as an actress to go the extra distance. Can't wait for Les Miserables the movie with her, Russell Crowe and Hugh Jackman.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Get With Kate: Skip Foundation And Still Look Great!

Kate Winslet.

We really like this Academy Award-winning actress, not only for her amazing performances but also for her unassuming attitude and her not-try-so-hard beauty.

Kate Winslet is quite stunning, and proves that you don't have to be skeletal to get attention.

Here is a photo of the British beauty at the recent movie premier of Titanic 3D held at the Royal Albert Hall. The Lancome cosmetics ambassador stands out in an elegant black gown. She is wearing a bobby-pinned updo and understated makeup with the exception of soft red lips.

And interesting to note, we just read that Kate Winslet is not a foundation kind of gal. This is what she told InStyle magazine in the April issue:

"Since I don't wear heavy makeup...I opt for tinted moisturizer instead. It's not as dark as foundation, and it gives my skin a lovely sheen.

Kate must have really nice skin because it isn't easy getting away with merely tinted moisturizer as base coverage. But we have found a number of women DO prefer what Kate does, and SKIP the foundation.

Kate likes putting on her fave Lancome Renergie Eclat Multi-Lift Cream ($75/1.4 oz., at The Multi-Lift tinted moisturizer comes in 4 universal shades and delivers instant illumination to the complexion and tightening and smoothing skin.

We're not sure everyone could afford a $75 tinted moisturizer, but you can still get with Kate and put on a less expensive cream and still look great.

Friday, April 6, 2012

First Lady Michelle Right About Push-Ups: Fab For Toning Arms

We thought of First Lady Michelle Obama yesterday, as we struggled to complete a set of 10 push-ups. Remember when Mrs. O challenged Ellen on her TV talk show last February? And the First Lady won by completing 25?!

Not bad for a 48-year-old woman.

Last year, we could do 20 push-ups. Then we got lax, and took a break. We continue to lift small weights to keep our arms toned. We've been doing that for years now, but push-ups are really an excellent all-around toning movement that don't require any equipment or much time, just the desire for a strong, fit body. Plus, you can do a push-up just about anywhere.

Let's face it----Summer isn't too far behind, and that means warm weather and the shedding of sweaters and jackets. If you want your arms on display, now is the time to get MOVING.

And Michelle Obama has it right----her 'Let's Move' Fitness Program for school-aged children speaks volumes. But when you think about the theme, there really is NO age limit. We should all be moving.

If you want to bet that beautifully-toned arms like the First Lady's are just about lucky DNA, you're wrong. You have to work at it continuously.

So, let's further examine the push-up and its benefits and features. We did some research and found an old but very educational article in the Los Angeles Times by Jay Blahnik, a Laguna Beach-based personal trainer and IDEA Health & Fitness Assn. spokesman:

"The primary muscles used during a push-up are the chest, front shoulder and triceps muscles. However, because the push-up requires you to hold your body in a stable, horizontal position against gravity, you also engage your neck, core, hips and legs with each repetition.

Although the push-up is a simple exercise, many people do it incorrectly. Consider these push-up tips to minimize the risk of injury and maximize the benefits:

* When pushing away from the floor, focus on using your arms and keeping your body in a straight line throughout the movement. Avoid lifting your butt higher than your hips or hunching your neck and shoulders. Go slowly and exhale on the upward phase of the exercise.

* Don't allow your chest to actually touch the floor when you come down. Instead, stop the downward portion of the movement when your chest is 2 to 3 inches away from the floor. This will protect your shoulders and still provide plenty of range of motion to make the exercise effective. Try placing a book, rolled-up towel or tennis shoe under your chest to remind you when to stop lowering your body during the exercise.

* If you are unable to complete a full push-up, execute the exercise from your knees and/or place your hands on the edge of a sofa or bench (instead of the floor). These positions will make it less challenging, and allow you to build your strength over time. Then progress to a traditional push-up when you are able to complete 8 to 12 repetitions of this easier version of the exercise."

For more push-ups information, click here.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Beauty Budget Buy: Metallic Thong Sandals $20 Old Navy

Spring has certainly sprung. And if you're ready to slip on your favorite old flip-flops or thong sandals, you might want to buy a new pair, because these types of warm weather footwear wear out very quickly.

We believe you should display the prettiest feet around town, and that's why we are looking at Old Navy for our Beauty Budget Buy of the Day. Get this----a pair of Metallic T-Strap Thong Sandals for just $20!

Metallic is so chic and trendyfor Spring/Summer 2012. And merely adding a pretty pop of gold to your wardrobe makes a fab fashion statement.

We love these thongs---super cute and comfy with an elegant T-strap design. And if you buy them online, you get 30% off at checkout!

And now for the Debbie Downer footnote, so to speak:

You've heard the arguments before, that flip-flops or thong-style flat sandals, are NOT the best summer footwear. The American Podiatric Medical Association, along with plenty of studies out there, caution that flip-flop wearing time should be limited.

When you're walking in a pair, your gait changes in a way that affects your feet, ankles, and legs. And believe it or not, these go-to-casual sandals can cause substantial pain.

If you cannot give up wearing flip-flops or thongs, at least slip into a pair that have good arch support and cushioning. As the experts say......"If your flip-flops can fold in half, then they are NOT sturdy enough."

Hey---we still own several pairs of flip-flops and flat thong sandals and we LOVE them. We don't walk around in them day in and day out. So, we will buy the metallic thong sandals from Old Navy, and that's that.

Some things in life are TOO adorable to pass up.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Famous Celebrity Blondes Going For Bangs In Spring 2012

We discussed the big bangs trend just a few weeks ago. But lately, there's been a change we've noticed:

More and more celebrity blondes are going in for the cut. It looks like the blonde bangs brigade is here. Just take a look at the latest flaxen-haired trio who have opted for some pretty fringe:

Christie Brinkley. Jennifer Lawrence. And Taylor Swift.

Then there is Reese Witherspoon. Rihanna. Anna Faris. Hilary Duff.....And the blondes with bangs who's who goes on.

Gotta love the fringe. You can hide forehead wrinkles and high foreheads with bangs. Your eyes instantly look BIGGER with bangs. And if you suffer from thin, scraggly eyebrows, bangs can cover them, and your problem disappears.

So then, the question begs: Are you in some fringe for Spring?

Remember---there are all kinds of bangs. You can get longer, softer, curved bangs like Jennifer Lawrence of the 'Hunger Games'. Not severe or too heavy. You can side-part or middle-part the fringe when you want a change. Plus long bangs don't take forever to grow out.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Bumble & Bumble Puts Curly Hair Gals On The Straight And Narrow

We have long, straight hair, and even we are amazed at this new Bumble and bumble smoothing technology.

If we believe all the press, then this is BIG news for those of you who want to style curly hair straight or maybe give up the controversial Brazilian blow-out.

Bumble and bumble are raving about their at-home Concen-Straight Smoothing Treatment ($45, at beauty shops like Sephora).

The genius thing about Concen-Straight is its power to provide manageability and frizz reduction for up to 30 shampoos.

30 shampoos?! No kink. No curl?!

That's incredible.

Bb tells you how to use it:
-Shampoo hair.
-DO NOT CONDITION with anything. Towel dry.
-Arrange hair into small sections, starting at the nape and working forward.
-Shake Concen-straight Smoothing Treatment bottle well.
-Apply Concen-straight Smoothing Treatment liberally, on damp hair, roots to ends, ensuring hair is evenly coated.
-Let sit for 30 minutes, uncovered, and comb hair every 5 minutes into desired straight style.
-Rinse thoroughly with warm water only for about 10 minutes. (Hair should feel residue-free.)
-Blow-dry hair completely dry using your hands, a brush or both.
-Flat-iron as you normally would, sectioning as you go and sliding iron from roots to ends. (You're setting your hair's shape with heat, so don't miss a spot.)

If you want to rock the shiny, sleek, straight locks like model Heidi Klum was showing us fresh from her split from husband Seal back in January, try Bb's Concen-Straight. It's formaldehyde-free and very kind to your mane.

We think this is super hairstyling technology and definitely one of THE products to try in 2012.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Before You Turn The Lights Out---Please Remove All Makeup

We've nagged and nagged everyone here about removing makeup, and all traces of it, before going to sleep. And sure, there are some of you who don't take us seriously about adopting this key nighttime routine. But really, you should.

If you want a skin care product to do its beauty magic at night, then you MUST do it with a clean face. That means---NO stale liner hovering below your eyes or remnants of blush still sitting on your cheeks from 7:00 this morning.

Take it off. Take it ALL off!

Most times, we take Pampers Baby Wipes and get rid of the greasy cosmetics with a couple of sheets. That's an old trick we learned from a couple of professional makeup artists. It's quick, non-irritating, and as we like to say, "If it's good enough for a baby's cute little butt, well it's good for us, too."

We also like to mop up any left over makeup with a couple of cotton ball swipes of rubbing alcohol. It sounds harsh, but our dermatologist uses this method all the time before he begins a skin care procedure on our complexion.

Then---we begin our cleansing routine.

If you would like something a bit more gentle, trust us, there are tons of makeup removers---high-end, low-end, famous brand, generic, so many, that there is no excuse not to get in the good habit now.

Today, we are looking at NARS Makeup Removing Water ($28, at beauty stores like Sephora). Okay, not cheap at this price, but still an excellent product from a fab cosmetics company.

NARS Makeup Removing Water is quite unique in that it is a soap-free, oil-free, and alcohol-free water that removes face makeup and tones the skin:

"This formula gently yet thoroughly sweeps makeup away without rubbing while soothing botanical ingredients, including cucumber and chamomile, hydrate, comfort, and add radiance. The result: purified and toned skin."

We don't care HOW you get the makeup off, just PLEASE remove it BEFORE you hit the sheets. Good skin isn't a given for most of us. You have to put in a little effort to make major beauty progress.

You can look at it this way: The cleaner the face, the easier it is for skin care products to penetrate and do their work.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Celebrate The Southwest Spirit With A Beautiful Beaded Belt

Some might think that seed beads are too simple, or too arts and crafts-like to be considered serious fashion. But oh, how wrong they are!

Look at the beautiful detail and striking colors we found in a beautiful beaded belt from Boston Proper. And this is another hot Spring trend for 2012!

It's all about capturing the spirit of the Southwest and Native American charm. Beaded accessories are everywhere these days, and the best item to add to your Spring wardrobe is the sexy, beaded belt. It can transform your entire outfit.

Boston Proper is featuring colorful beaded medallion cuff bracelets and totes, along with beaded Native stretch belts with big interlocking-buckles ($79, in Tan, Spice, Coral, and Black). The beaded belts are nice and wide at 2 5/8".

We also found another cool beaded belt. This one by Cocobelle Designs. It boasts lovely antique glass beads on elastic--Aztec Turquoise ($28).

We love this look and can't wait to jump on the beaded accessories bandwagon!