Saturday, October 31, 2009

5 Pretty Orange Things To Buy Because It's Halloween And You're Worth It

Because it's Halloween, we thought we'd take a look at the deliciously orange side of life, and have some fun!!!

We're not going to go deep into the science of beauty today. Instead, we have searched for a couple of hours here, to find you 5 pretty things to buy, because it's Halloween, and darn, you're worth it!!!!

So let's see what pretty orange things there are in life:

1. Chanel Rouge Allure Lipstick in Dazzling ($30, at fine dept. stores). The runways of Alexander McQueen and Yves St. Laurent have been hot for bold orange-red lips. Not easy makeup to pull off, but we like this shade because it's a very warm orange-red. And with such a striking set of lips, you can go e-a-s-y on the rest of your makeup palette.

2. Preston York Contrast-Stitch Leather Gloves ($38, at Dillard's) Buttery-soft to the touch, and we believe it! We want these. Now!

3. Tear Drop Thread Earrings in Orange and Hot Pink ($4.80, Forever21 stores). A very unique pair of chandelier earrings. Measuring: 3.5" L x 2.3" W. Threaded earrings are hot!

4. Cashmere V-neck Cardigan by J.Crew ($168, Can you say, luxurious Italian cashmere? Ultra soft and comfy, and perfect for those breezy fall days.

And last, but certainly, not least, look at the beautiful bag of candy at the top of our post here. One of our favorites:

5. Halloween Candy. At least we can all afford something sweet!
Mallowcreme Pumpkins from Dylan's Candy Bar ($8, Need we say more? Chewy and delicious, and if you don't know by now, famous designer Ralph Lauren has close ties to this delectable shop of goodies. This is his daughter Dylan's candy shop .
Oh, and let's not forget, vampires are really the hottest things going this year, so, let's take a bite out of Halloween with the Twilight Sweethearts 3 Pack ($10, Dylan's Candy shop). In 4 forbidden fruit flavors – Orange Obsession, Tempting Apple, Passion Fruit and Secret Strawberry – and feature Twilight sayings like “Soul Mate”, “Live 4 Ever”, “Bite Me” and “Lamb”.
Happy Halloween!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Consumer Reports Suggests To Blink Twice Before Using Latisse Lash Lengthener

Want longer, lusher eyelashes?

Then do what actress/model Brooke Shields does:

Use prescription Latisse.

We've said time and time again, when an attractive celebrity endorses a beauty product, chances are, the product sells big time!

And Allergan, the makers of Latisse, and the same clever folks who brought you Botox, are expected to rake in more than $500 million a year.

But a little public relations nightmare is brewing on the horizon. The FDA is not amused with Allergan, which has glamorized their ads and website, and skipped over the potential side effects. Some of which include:

Increased iris pigmentation (ie, change in eye color)
Hair growth in areas other than the treatment area
Risk of infection from applicator
Risk of bacterial contamination for contact lens wearers
Eye itching and redness

And now the well-respected Consumer Reports Health Blog is also blasting the Latisse makers for glossing over the expensive prescription drug (about $100 a month) and its misleading promotions with the very recognizable Brooke Shields.

Associate editor Jamie Kopf Hirsh said this:

"Every drug we’ve profiled in our AdWatch project is appropriate for some people, including Latisse, and some are potentially lifesaving. What we take issue with, is taking a legitimate medical condition and broadening its definition to the point where it could apply to almost anyone—often with a clever acronym like ED, PAD, or RLS to make it sound more common than it is. (We’re surprised Allergan, the maker of Latisse, hasn’t given a nickname to eyelash hypotrichosis, like Hy-Tri or something.)".

We didn't know that Brooke Shields actually uses Latisse, but she does. According to CR's Jamie Kopf Hirsh, the popular actress "has suffered from the disease of eyelash inadequacy." But a representative for Brooke did not indicate how long she has had this condition. The rep. did, however, confirm that Brooke started using Latisse in February 2009, “after consulting with a doctor who determined she was an appropriate candidate for treatment with LATISSE,” and that she is still using it.

BeautyTipToday first wrote about Latisse in our February 6th article. The product was just getting ready to launch. You can get further details there.

Meantime, dermatologists say the Latisse prescription drug is quite popular. And there are a number of women who truly suffer from weak lashes or lashes that never grow. And many women are willing to take a chance on growing longer, lusher lashes, because the serum really works wonders.

The Allergan makers are trying to correct problems in how they portray Latisse in ads, at the Latisse website. And Allergan is reportedly working with the FDA on this.

Stay tuned to this beauty news. In the meantime, why not try a non-prescription lash/brow thickener like Osmotics' FNS Nutrilash ($48, 28 applications).

Promotes fuller, thicker, healthier more beautiful lashes and brows
All natural, patented formula strengthens and conditions
Provides essential nutrients for maximum growth
Non-irritating/ocular tested - Hygenic, single dose applicators

The FNS Nutrilash also really works---safely and effectively. For more details, visit: Osmotics.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Nanny's FranBrand Skin Care Line Launches In November

We have to admit, actress Fran Drescher at 51, appears to have really nice skin.

The former star of the beloved TV hit, The Nanny, is embarking on a new role these days---sharp businesswoman.

Fran will be introducing an a 9-piece, organic skin care line on November 10th on HSN. She is teaming up with the HSN network. And Fran will go on without makeup.

We know what you're thinking. Everybody in Hollywood has a skin care line. And now, yet another!

But hold on a minute. What we like about Fran's new FranBrand line, is the way the beauty products have been formulated----with "carcinogen-free natural technology and ingredients designed to yield younger and healthier skin. FranBrand not only consists of all-natural products, but is packaged in glass containers and other eco-friendly recyclable materials."

Fran Drescher is a cancer survivor, and for several years now, has put on a courageous face to go public to try and help women coping with these challenges. “The FranBrand is a natural extension of my mission and my story," Fran explains. "I’m not glad I had cancer, but now my life has a purpose.”

FranBrand consists of these: cleanser, toner, serum, body and facial creams, eye treatments for both day and night and lip balm. In 2010, FranBrand will expand to feature hair care, make-up, sun care and bath and body.

Classic Cleanser ($19.90)
Terrific Toner Gel ($19.90)
Sensual Serum ($32)
Luscious Lip Balm ($16)
Beautiful Body Cream ($24)
Fabulous Face Lotion for the day ($29)
Fabulous Face Lotion for the night ($32)
Excellent Eye Gel ($24)
Excellent Eye Cream ($26)

"Women are schmearing stuff on their décolleté, wondering why we're all getting breast cancer. Once you wake up and smell the coffee, it's hard to go back to sleep. So I'm sounding the alarm," Fran told The Cut.

And more good news: a portion of the proceeds from FranBrand products will benefit Fran Drescher's foundation, Cancer Schmancer.

Join the always funny and charming Fran Drescher live Tuesday, November 10th on

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

How To Pick The Right Blush For That Rosy Glow

Yes, we could all use a little blush.

You've read about it here, time and time again:
Blush. Cheek color. According to legendary makeup artist Sandy Linter, it's THE most important cosmetic to use every day. "It shows off your bone structure and gives your face depth and warmth."

Blush gives you a healthy glow
. Even if you rush out the door without making a bother, Sandy says to run back in just for a couple of quick swipes of blush.

And yet, some of us find blush, cheek color, a bit intimidating. Find the apples of your cheek, and simply apply there, the pros tell us. Hmmm. Not always that easy. Over-do the blush, and you can look clownish, even doll-like.

When it comes to cheek color, well, that's another complexity thrown in. We all have unique skin tones. So where do we go from here?

Let's take a look at one of Smashbox's popular beauty products: Smashbox O-Glow ($26, at makeup stores like Sephora, or . This is a clear gel you apply onto your cheeks with your fingertips. And it delivers a naturally-pink hued gel cheek color.

O-Glow is a universally-flattering cheek blush, in a way. The cheek color looks individually pretty on each face across the globe. Really?!

Oh we go again with these so-called 'universally flattering' makeup products. But Smashbox claims this intuitive cheek color reacts with your personal skin chemistry to transform from a silky clear gel into the shade you blush naturally.

We don't want to criticize a super makeup giant like Smashbox, but this natural-looking pink flush of color appears to be the same rosy hue for everyone and everything. Go ahead---apply the O-Glow to a piece of paper. It's the same shade when you apply it to your cheeks.

The good news: The blush is a lovely 'naturally-pink hued gel cheek color.' It is soft and attractive. Not a powder, so it's fresher-looking. And we like that O-Glow is formulated with Smashbox's 'exclusive Goji Berry-C Complex™, ginkgo biloba, pomegranate seed for antioxidant protection, and revitalizing marine botanicals for added healthy-skin benefits.'

O-Glow picked up 4 stars out of 5 stars by women at the Sephora beauty website. Here's a sampling of one recent review:

"...I apply a tiny drop over the apples of my cheeks and quickly blend out; it's bright pink for a moment but then it softens to my natural shade. The texture is nice too; the gel feels almost powdery so you don't have to wait for it to sink in. I apply it first, even before concealer, so that it doesn't brighten any red spots. And, to top it off, it doesn't make my ridiculously sensitive skin break out. I can't even imagine using another blush now that I've tried this."

Don't ask us exactly where to apply our blush. We're still trying to figure that one out. We just smile and assume we're hitting the 'apples.'

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Try LimeLight Laser To Gently Zap Sun And Brown Spots

If your skin is just about perfect, then you don't have to read this. You are already in the 'limelight.'

But if you have a few facial spots or actually, spots anywhere on your body that you would like to make disappear or lessen in appearance, then read on.

For instance, we have a maze of small sun freckles dotting our decolette area--- you know, the skin below the neck and above the breasts. Too much sun exposure in our youth.

Or maybe you have one or more of these:

Uneven pigmentation
Brown spots from sun damage
Broken capillaries
Enlarged pores

Age spots
Acne scarring
Dull complexion


Then you are probably a fine candidate for an effective and non-invasive skin care procedure done by a dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon. It's called the LimeLight PhotoFacial. And what it does, is use a light laser to zero in on a problem area of skin. The laser delivers a gentle pulse of light and, within one to three weeks, the zapped spot will flake off or fade.

The most popular locations targeted include the face, neck, shoulders, chest, and arms.

And dermatologists say that dramatic results are normally achieved after one or two LimeLight PhotoFacial treatments. For very large or dark spots, additional treatments may be required.

There really isn't any pain involved. When the light is applied to the problem area, a mild pinching sensation has been noted by some patients. Other than that, no topical anesthetic is required, and there is no down time.

A date with the LimeLight PhotoFacial generally costs about $500 a visit. We like that, if you can tackle a bad spot in one shot. Especially for those of you tired of applying bleaching agents like expensive prescription hydroquinone, this could be a painless procedure to get your face back in the limelight.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Beauty Tip Today's Celebrity List Of Favorite Beauty Products

We've got a list that matters, ladies, and we've been carefully collecting our notes over the past year.

Let's look at some simple facts: Celebrity beauty is big business. In other words, if a famous and beautiful celebrity endorses a beauty product, be it makeup, hair, skin, jewelry, clothing, etc., that beauty product sells big time!

Some of us do care what whitening toothpaste Hayden Panettiere brushes her teeth with. Or what hair product Vanessa Hudgens uses. And so on. And we all love when a celebrity gives us her favorite beauty products, especially those she doesn't endorse......the ones she uses in the privacy of her own home.

So. Beauty Tip Today has compiled our own Celebrity List of Favorite Beauty Products. We interviewed a few of these famous lovelies and they dished. And the rest of the tips, well, we did the digging for you. So get out a pad and pencil, and let's get down to beauty business: Hayden Panettiere -actress. Elgydium Whitening Toothpaste. Imported from Paris, France ($7, tube, ).
Vanessa Hudgens-actress-singer, Kerastase Oleo-Curl Mist. An oil-based curling agent. Amps up waves ($34).
Natasha Bedingfield-singer. Lancome Hypnose Custom Volume Mascara. Doesn't smudge (at fine dept. stores).
Halle Berry-actress. Her list of go-to-products for women over 40:
1.Kiehl's Lip Balm #1 ($6.50)
2. Revlon Fabulash Mascara ($9.00)
3. New by Revlon Creme Gloss in 'Wine Anytime' ($9.99)
4. Mixed Chicks Leave-In Conditioner ($16.99, great for curly hair)
5. Kinara Lactic Acid Hydrating Serum ($70.00)
Ivanka Trump-newly married-businesswoman-TV personality. Eve Lom TLC Face Cream and classic Chapstick.
Kim Kardashian-television reality star, OK! mag. contributing ed., businesswoman. Kim told us last year, her number#1 lip gloss- Nars-Turkish Delight. Also, enjoys a nude lipstick like Belle de Jour-Nars.
Sharon Stone-actress-loves hairstyling products. Her fav: the Tancho Stick. A styling wax that gives great touseled texture.
Kathy Hilton, businesswoman, and yes, mom to Paris. She told us, she keeps her lovely blonde locks healthy with these products: 1. Kerastase Bain Volumactive Shampoo. 2. Frederic Fekkai's Apple Cider Shampoo for its clarifying properties. 3. Phyto Phytophanere Dietary Supplements. They're great for the hair.".
Gwen Stefani-singer. Pantene Pro-V Restorative Time Renewal Shampoo (at drugstores). "My hairstylist Danilo turned me on to this one."
Mary J. Blige-singer. Carol's Daughter Almond Cookie Body Butter. Use after shower or bath to soothe dry skin.
Nicole Richie-television personality, jewelry designer. Loves the smoky, big cat-eye. For eyeliner, M.A.C’s liquid type, and Maybelline for mascara! "I love mascara! Maybelline is great because it’s inexpensive and easy to use!"
Ayesha Gilani- Miss Pakistan World 2009. Ayesha revealed her favs to us in a recent interview:
1. My favorite foundation in the world is Vincent Longo Water Canvas.
2. I have tried every designer mascara under the sun, and for ten years, I always come back to the same brand: L’Oreal Voluminous in black.
3. Pureology makes the best color-protecting shampoos on the planet. The most effective conditioner I’ve ever used is Bumble and Bumble Deep, a 20-minute treatment that leaves one’s tresses feeling like silk.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Dynasty Joan Collins Brings Good Grooming To UK With New Makeover Show

Dynasty Joan Collins says she wants to make the U.K. a more glamorous place, and that's what the 80's icon is trying to do on her new television show for Brits, 'Joan Does Glamour.'

Yes, another makeover show for women. Well, we say, why not?! Too bad we can't see it here in the states.

At age 76, we think Joan Collins looks pretty darn good. And she wishes women in the United Kingdom would take more care about their appearance. Dynasty Joan hates muffin tops and, "I don't admire the jelly belly oozing over the top of trousers. It should be covered up."

Look at the photos below. Joan believes that the mid-section should not be naked. And we happen to agree there. By the way, skinny chicks can also have muffin tops.

Joan Does Glamour takes an 'ordinary' group of women and makes them over into stylish ladies.

"For too long it has been acceptable to wander around in T-shirts, trainers and low slung sweat pants," says Joan. She believes that she can make the world a better place by boosting one's self-esteem.

What's wrong with that?

As long as Dynasty Joan isn't being snarky and rude, then we think she is on a good mission. If you look at makeover shows like, What Not to Wear here in the U.S. with Stacey London, you see an excellent attempt at re-making a person's image and yes, self-worth. A new wardobe, jewelry, and shoes, plus a new hairstyle and proper makeup, can give any woman a huge boost in life. So we do see the beauty value in respected makeover shows.

And Joan Collins' Joan Does Glamour show is crafting new images for women on sensible budgets. No over-the-top spending.

"I want to show British women that you don't need a designer budget to achieve a glamorous and timeless style," the Dynasty star explains. "If people took a bit more care of their appearance, they might feel a little bit better about themselves."

And if anyone knows glitz and glamour, well it's the former Dynasty celebrity. "Once you get glamour it’s like a drug. Once you get glamorous you never want to stop,” she says.

To see a clip from an episode of Joan Does Glamour from ITV, check it out here, courtesy of New York magazine:

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Black Hose Black Tights Hot For Fall But Please No Slashing

Black hose. Black tights. Both are really hot for Fall/Winter 2009-2010.

There's just one tiny problem we noticed.....Some well-known, respected designers are taking black hose and black tights to a whole new modern, almost punk level. And we, personally, don't like it.

It's all the, er, slashing and ripping, that's bothering us. Take a look at this elegant, gray suit by Monique Lhuillier. Would you wear black hose like this??!! Sure, it is slashed in a very strategic manner, but really now. Remember how freaked out when you found a run in your nylons? Oh the shame. But apparently, not anymore.
Designer Alexander Wang also sent his models down the runway with short dresses and purposely ripped sheer black hose with tall boots and socks.

But not everyone is shredding their black hose and black tights(thank goodness). Beautiful stars like Gwen Stefani and Charlize Theron wore the hose and tights, respectively, as they attended recent red carpet events. And theirs were not slashed.

What we adore about sheer black hose, is the 'sheer' elegance it gives to complete an outfit. It's polished and sophisticated. Our own mother has always loved wearing this look, and it's timeless.

Then there's young superstar Miley Cyrus rockin' the ripped black tights. Okay, she's very young, so we really can't criticize there. And she's going for an edgy, rock look, so we'll look the other way.

And we've also seen the Olsen sisters in slashed black tights, along with Britney Spears, and others. It sometimes looks trashy, if the slashing and ripping go too far.

There are several online shopping sites featuring ripped black tights. And some women are just slashing their own black hose from the local drugstore to get the look.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Enjoy That Glass Of White Wine But Think About Teeth And Breasts

Most of us enjoy a glass of white wine. And the low calories, too. Only about 90 per glass.

And no, we don't want to be 'tardy for the party,' ha! But we have a couple of serious issues to look at:

We just heard yesterday on the news that, 1. drinking white wine can also stain your teeth.

Apparently, white wine has a good amount of acid in it. This acid 'roughens up' the surface of the teeth. And that in turn, makes enamel more porous. So your pearly whites will absorb color from other foods. Red wine isn't the only wine that makes teeth vulnerable to staining.

In other words, drinking a glass of white wine, and then eating a slice of blueberry pie, is not a good move. Instead, we learned that drinking that glass of wine and eating some cheese with it, will counteract the staining effect. Whew!! That's good to know.

And before you go crazy with the glasses of wine, did you know, that even one glass of wine a day (red or white) can, 2. raise your risk of breast cancer?

According to a study that was done in the UK by Oxford University researchers, the results appear frightening:

A number of cancers was studied and the increased risk from drinking daily, varied with one small glass of wine a day, increases the breast cancer risk by 12 per cent up to the age of 75.

Sara Hiom, director of health information at Cancer Research UK, told the this: "We know that too much alcohol increases the risk of a number of cancers. This latest study shows that even relatively low levels of drinking increase a woman's risk. It is important that women are as well informed as possible so they can take responsible decisions over how much alcohol they drink

And Dr Sarah Cant, Policy Manager at Breakthrough Breast Cancer, explained it further:

“We already know that drinking alcohol can increase your risk of breast cancer. This study suggests that for women over 50, even drinking moderate amounts of any type of alcohol can have many health consequences, including a greater chance of developing breast cancer.

"Around 80% of breast cancer cases are diagnosed in women aged over 50, so limiting how much you drink is one step you can take to try to reduce your risk of developing the disease.

We don't mean to take away anyone's pleasure of enjoying a glass of wine, be it white or red. We just wanted to share the research.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Our Favorite Glycolic Acid Night Cream Comes All The Way From London

Glycolic acid. Glycolic acid. Glycolic acid.

Seems like we just can't get enough! And where we're getting 'it,' is from across the ocean, and then some.

Our favorite: Bravura London Glycolic Acid 15% Night Treatment ($19.11, small jar).

Yes, we have to send for this little 'hope in a jar' through London's Royal Mail service. But after a couple of weeks and then a quick signature with the postman, everything arrives safely and securely.

Who exactly is behind the Bravura London skin care company?

Bravura is one of the UK’s leading online suppliers of Cosmeceutical skincare products. "At realistic prices," as the Bravura folks like to say.

According to Bravura London, it all began with glycolic acid.

"The company started back in 2003 by supplying glycolic acid peels only, we were the FIRST company in the UK to supply professional chemical peels to the general public, our vision was to allow this amazing treatment to be accessible to everyone rather than just people who could afford to pay £40+ at a beauty salon.

Then after great demand we created our wonderful skin care range which is loved by thousands of people worldwide. We saw the distinct lack of not only AHA and BHA products, but products that actually do what they claim!"

The night cream we like is the Bravura company's best seller----
"Glycolic Acid 15% Night Treatment is the strongest and most popular AHA product in our skin care range, making it an excellent treatment for wrinkled, sagging and lifeless skin. PH 3.5."

It is strong stuff, and as they always say, 'a little goes a long way.' Get too greedy for perfect skin and put on too much, and you will burn your face and neck. A small jar lasts several months.

We find that the Bravura London Glycolic Acid 15% Night Treatment brings a healthy glow to the complexion. It improves skin tone. Clears up acne and break-outs. Exfoliates away the dead skin cells. And adds a smoothness to the skin. It also works well with a Retin-A or Renova skin care routine---applying Bravura Night Treament for a couple of nights. Then applying Retin-A on the next two nights, and so on. Never apply both treatments together.

Why do we like Glycolic Acid better than other skin improvement treatments? The Bravura company can better explain it:

"While there were many skin care breakthroughs at the end of the last century, certainly one of the greatest was the discovery and application of Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs). Alpha-hydroxy acids are naturally occurring acids, derived from the sugars of selected plants and fruits such as Sugar Cane, Grapes, Citrus Fruits, Apples and Bitter Almonds. These acids perform at the base of the stratum corneum, dissolving the cement that holds dead skin cells together. Because this increases cell turnover, this results in skin that is more flexible, smoother, and more even in tone."

Bravura London also sells at-home peels, salicylic and lactic acid products, cleansers, body care products, and more. Visit: for more information.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

How To Get Nicole Richie Sexy Doe Eye-Cat Eye Look

We adore Nicole Richie and her beautiful doe eye-cat eye look. The proud mama of newborn baby boy, Sparrow and sister, Harlow, has incredible big, brown eyes. And her makeup always looks polished and glam.

So we thought about those doe eyes of Nicole's and how we could achieve the same sexy eye. How does Nicole create the perfect doe eye, or cat eye, as it's known around makeup fans? Is she really that skilled with some liquid eyeliner?

We found a little beauty nugget from a website called: Nicole Richie Watch. The daughter of singer Lionel Richie gives some honest answers to a Japanese publication called Vivi magazine:

Q: What’s your focal point in make-up? [ViVi model/Chikako Watanabe]
Nicole: EYE!

Q: What’s your favourite eye make-up brand? [ViVi model/Laura]
Nicole: For eyeliner, M.A.C’s liquid type, and Maybelline for mascara! The truth is, I’m not very good at make-up and have no idea what I should do with it! All I’m decent at is eyeliner. Whenever I use a professional make-up artist, I always have them stick false lashes on me, but I could never do it myself [laughs]! So I love mascara! Maybelline is great because it’s inexpensive and easy to use!

If you're all thumbs in the doe eye department, and have trouble with creating the purr-fect cat eye, there is an easier way. And a number of sexy celebs use this wonderful 'cheating' cat eye kit.

It's called the Get in Line Eyeliner and Stencil Kit from Beth Bender Beauty. And it's a unique kit, in that it's, "The only eyeliner stencil that fits any eye shape." Plus, the beauty editors at Allure magazine gave it the big thumbs up in their beauty awards.

You receive 3 eyeshadows in the kit, either light or dark. You get the stencils to create the cat eye with the recognizable 'wing tip', and a brush to perfect the shading. And simple step-by-step instructions. A really effective kit at $36.

For more details, visit: Bettes Boutique.

And we have more doe eye-cat eye advice.

Allure magazine had a great article in their September 2007 issue, on How To Pull Off Dark Eyeliner by Susan Giordano.

"Go beyond basic black. For most women, a rich, chocolate brown eyeliner is a better choice than black; dark plums are also pretty. They both have the depth without the potential harshness. Contrary to what most people think, Marilyn Monroe wore brown.

Keep it solid. Make no mistake—liquid liner is very difficult to apply. It dries as soon as you put it on. Most people should just skip liquid and try a more forgiving gel formula that will give you the bold look. If you want the appearance of liquid, Laura Mercier makes a great cake liner with a rich, velvety texture. You moisten it and then apply with a small, teardrop-shaped paintbrush. (I find those stiff, angled brushes hard to use.) This look is great for evening, when you can really pull off an exaggerated, winged-out line.

Don't overdo it. The biggest mistake women make when putting on liner is to rim their eyes with it completely. Eyeliner is meant to add definition and make your eyes look larger, but circling them completely will make them look small and beady. Lining the inner rims of your eye can also have that effect. Just try to get the liner as close to your lashes as possible. You don't want to have any skin showing between the liner and your eyelashes.

Hopefully, after all this information, you will be able to create Nicole Richie's sexy doe eye-cat eye look. And if you have a makeup artist, well, lucky you!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Get Bollywood Beautiful Hair With Coconut Amla Hair Treatment

Women in India are proud of their shiny, healthy hair. One of their beauty secrets:
Amla and Coconut Oil.

According to exotic beauty Shalini Vadhera, her Coconut Amla Hair Revitalizing Treatment ($45, 6 oz.) is the biggest seller in her Global Goddess beauty line of products. This wonderful hair oil enjoys a cult status around the globe.

And if your hair is dull, damaged, over-processed, straggly, or weak, this is one hair product you should invest in. Okay, not the cheapest beauty treatment on the block, but one which offers super results. Now you, too, can have 'Bollywood beautiful hair."

So let's take a closer look at the blend of main ingredients in Global Goddess' Coconut Amla Hair Revitalizing Treatment:

Coconut oil. Neem oil. Amla extract. Henna. Avocado oil. Grapeseed oil.

The well-traveled Shalini, who is also first generation Indian, knows that women from her homeland are very fond of Amla.

"For shiny, thick locks women in India rub it in!," Shalini Vadhera explains. " Amla & Coconut Oil that is! Amla, the “divine” fruit also known as Indian Gooseberry, is one of the richest natural sources of vitamin C. Just a touch of this extract on your lifeless locks brings a natural shine, soft texture and rejuvenated health."

According to Shalini's website, these natural and healthy ingredients all serve a purpose:

Coconut Oil: nourishes.
Neem Oil: soothes scalp.
Amla Extract: rejuvenates.
Henna: adds volume and shine.
Grape Seed Oil: protects.
Avocado Oil: moisturizes scalp
This hair treatment will instantly bring life back to your tired mane of hair. And it's simple to use:

Massage onto scalp and hair, roots to ends. Leave on for 30 minutes, shampoo and condition.

This must be a very worthy hair treatment, because Lucky Magazine gave Global Goddess' Coconut Amla Hair Revitalizing Treatment a nice compliment, calling it--'Miracle Best-Selling Hair Product' in their June 2009 issue.

For more information and purchasing, visit Global Goddess.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Let's Shop And Save Brand Names At

Ladies.....Let's shop and save!!!

The financial experts tell us that Wall Street will get better before Main Street does, and we believe that. But where does that leave most of us these days?

We're all looking for a good deal. We need to look great and load up on some basics. So here is one online retailer bringing you labels and brand names at just $15 each!!! Yes, $15.

It's easy to remember this website: 15 Dollar Store.

Some super jeans, tops, sweaters, dresses, coats, watches, handbags, wallets, belts, hats, shoes, boots, and more.

And check out these labels: YMI, Dollhouse, Sele, X0X0, JLO, Jessica Simpson Princy, Trixxi, My Michelle, Kenneth Cole Reaction, Union Bay, Rampage, Steve Madden, Silver Jeans, and so on.

We're not promising you that every piece of clothing at the 15Dollar Store is going to be your cup of tea. But if you're looking for good quality and great savings, you should visit this site often, because the merchandise sells out fast. College girls, especially, rate this online retailer very highly.

Let's be real, a pair of YMI Dark Vintage Wash Skinny Jeans for just $15?! Retail=$64!! Look at the photo above.

Or how about this hot pink Cable & Gauge Stretch Twist Front Shirt? Again, a $15 price. Retail=$50.

Do you like Jennifer Lopez's style in shades? JLO Diva Animal Print Sunglasses for just $15. Retail=$45.

Just a couple of important reminders:
1. sells only junior sizes. And junior plus sizes. No misses. So know your measurements accurately. When you're trying on juniors, the clothing tends to run quite a bit smaller. If you already know the label you're buying, then you're better off. If this is a first time brand you're purchasing, go to that particular brand's website, to see their size charts.

2. And most importantly, and the only fly we could find in the ointment: does not accept returns! So that's a big reason to shop carefully here. Other than that, the merchandise is packaged and shipped well, and the items are in excellent shape. No damages we could find.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Dare To Wear Trendy Black Lipstick Again For Fall 2009

Here we go again:

Dare to wear trendy black lipstick for a second fall in a row?

In Fall 2008, the big one was YSL(Yves St. Laurent) Gloss PurBlack, and that one was Sold Out for quite some time. It seemed like everyone wanted to get their lips around it.

Now in Fall 2009, Chanel, M.A.C., and Lipstick Queen are rolling out more black lipsticks. Can you pull off this hard edge trend?

Let's examine the range of blackness in these sexy new black lipsticks:

1. Chanel's Noirs Obscurs with hints of eggplant(Hysteria), scarlet(Maniac), and brown(Obscure). $30 a tube, at fine dept. stores like Bergdorf Goodman's. This is a trio of limited edition shades of Rouge Allure Lipsticks.

2. M.A.C. Midnight Media ($17.50, This is a bold. dense matte shade of black. This is a true black lipstick. M.A.C.'s Style Black Range boasts a variety of pure black glosses, creams, and mattes with as they call it, "punk couture."

3. Lipstick Queen by Poppy King in Black Tie Optional ($22, A sheer shade to layer under any red to add some mysterious depth. Poppy King told Vogue magazine, "Think of it like black lace stockings." Ha, ha. Okay, we will try.

Should any of us even dare to wear trendy black lipstick? Especially if you're over the age of 30?

Hmm. Good questions. So we look to the advice of our favorite makeup artist, the legend herself, Sandy Linter. She gives sensible advice on what we should and shouldn't do, and how age comes into play:

In your 30's:
1. Do commit to a color palette. "You should be certain about what shades flatter you at this point," Sandy explains. "You'll know whether or not purple eyeshadow works!"
2. Brighten your lipstick. Again, you can still lay on a red mouth, but stick to the sheerer shades, because the too strong color "can be aging."
And for your 20's, Sandy says this:
1. Do experiment with color. "Crazy yellow eyeshadow? You can pull it off!" at this age, Sandy told People mag. "Break all the rules."
2. Play up your lips. Sandy advises to go with the dark lipstick and super shiny glosses now, because when you get older, lips lose volume, and a deeper tone can be aging.

Great advice from Sandy: Past age 30, too dark a lip can be aging. Maybe best to leave the darkly romantic lips to the 20's crowd.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

5 Top Models Dish To Vogue About Their Best Beauty Products

Five gorgeous top models.

Chanel Iman.
Lily Donaldson.
Karlie Kloss.
Isbabeli Fontana.
Catherine McNeil.
You've seen these young women gracing the pages and covers of major magazines.

And now these 5 top models are dishing to Vogue magazine about their best beauty products!

We love when women share. And you'll be surprised that some of their fav go-to-beauty products can be bought at your local drugstore.

Chanel Iman (2nd photo from top). A California girl who does her own eyebrows.
Anastasia Brow Kit ($65,
Revlon ColorStay Foundation ($13, drugstores).
Cover Girl Invisible Concealer ($4, drugstores).

Lily Donaldson. A London-born blonde always removes makeup at bedtime.
Benefit BadGal Mascara (19,
Ren Moroccan Rose Otto Bath Oil ($48, 4.7 oz.,

Karlie Kloss. The St. Louis native with the mass of beautiful, wavy auburn hair. Loves pricey products to tame her wild locks.
Shu Uemura Art of Hair Shampoo ($40), conditioner ($50), and treatment ($60); (866)914-8750).
Chanel Rouge Allure lipstick in Nude ($30, at fine dept. stores). Karlie calls this nude lipstick the perfect color.

Isabeli Fontana (bottom photo). The sexy brunette Brazilian model prefers a smoky eye and expensive fragrance.
Maybelline Great Lash Big Mascara ($6, drugstores). "It's the best mascara," Isabeli says.
Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner ($21,
Victor & Rolf Flowerbomb Fragrance ($150, at Nordstrom's).

Catherine McNeil. An Australian classic beauty who does her own manicures. And she also rocks a head of enviable long, auburn waves.
Chanel Nail Color in Blue Satin ($23,
Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray ($22,
MAC Lipstick in Ruby Woo ($14,
Great tips! Thanks for sharing, ladies and Vogue magazine.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Even Coke Introducing Mini Cans To Join 100 Calorie Snack World

Have you noticed we've become a 100 Calorie snack world? It seems like more and more food and drinks are pre-portioned or pre-measured to keep us all on the straight and narrow diet path.

And now Coke is introducing 90 Calorie Mini Cans. A regular can of Coca-Cola contains 140 Calories.

These petite 7.5 oz. Coke cans will appear on store shelves by March. First, the cans will be rolled out in New York City and Washington, D.C. this December. Coca-Cola will also offer these mini soda cans for Fanta Orange, Sprite, Cherry Coca-Cola, and Barq's Root Beer.

Critics would argue that dieters are still loading up on sugar, which has little to offer in the way of nutrition. And others would say this does little to battle obesity problems, by putting bad stuff into smaller portions. But we have to disagree. Downsizing a snack can satisfy a craving and not derail your diet plan.

We applaud soda giant Coke, and all the other clever snack makers like Kraft/Nabisco, who stock shelves with petite or mini '100-Calorie Packs' of Oreos, Chips-Ahoy, and Cheese Nips, etc.

When you get a snack attack, you want to satisfy it. And when the snack is pre-portioned or pre-measured, then you eat what's in the bag or drink what's in the can, and that's it. Your limit is set for you, and if you follow it, the 100 Calorie Packs or drinks are great for the diet watcher.We found this excellent advice from

"If you focus on the calorie count, it can make it much easier to chose a snack and much easier to stick to your diet, and you can't stray too far if you only allow yourself that 100-calorie limit," says Christine Gerbstadt, MD, RD, a spokeswoman for the American Dietetic Association.

And for those of you who would like to make your own mini 100 Calorie snacks, we've found a cool kitchen gadget that accurately and swiftly counts up what's in your snack assortment. It's called the EatSmart Digital Nutrtion Scale: Digital Food and Nutrient Calculator ($74.95, We found one for $69.95 + Free Shipping at
According to the EatSmart makers:

" The EatSmart Digital Nutrition Scale analyzes the nutritional content of ANY food by portion size. The database stores the nutritional values for approximately 1,000 foods, which have been carefully selected to reflect fresh, whole foods Americans eat".

Keeping our waistlines in check, comes down to portion control. And we think the 100 Calorie snacks and the new 90 Calorie Mini Coke cans are a great skinny idea!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Buy New Pink Zapi Toothbrush Sanitizer And Support BCRF

We definitely want one of these in pink, because 50 cents from the sale of each Pink Zapi Toothbrush Sanitizer sold in October, will go to BCRF. The Breast Cancer Research Fund. Let's find a cure, everyone, and let's do it in our lifetime!

And you win, too. You get a beautiful smile after each time you brush your teeth, because the Zapi Toothbrush Sanitizer by VIOlight, promises you a very clean mouth. So clean, this cute sanitizer is able to destroy 99.9% of germs it comes into contact with.

How, you ask? With its proven germicidal ultraviolet technology. And in these days of H1N1 spreading quickly, and doctors all reminding everyone to wash their hands, and so forth, keeping your toothbrush clean, becomes a priority. It just makes sense. Clean toothbrush=healthy mouth.

The new Pink Zapi Toothbrush Sanitizer ($29.95) has dimensions of 5 x 3 x 10 inches. And the egg-shaped ZAPI stores and sanitizes a single toothbrush. It holds a manual toothbrush and electric heads, and is battery-operated. It's easy to use. Just place your toothbrush in the Zapi and let the revolutionary UV technology go to work. There is one button activation & auto shut-off in just 7 minutes.

You can buy a new Pink Zapi Toothbrush Sanitizer at And at stores like Target and Walgreens.

Don't just leave your toothbrush sitting there in the sink or in a cup. Zap the germs with a new Pink Zapi and help zap out breast cancer.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Super Diet Pill Qnexa Could Get Approval By January

Hopefully, this time around. a super diet weight loss pill that works effectively and without serious side effects.

The pill is called Qnexa, and according to experts like Dr. Mitchel Roslin of Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City, "The results are impressive."

FDA approval could be coming by early 2010. So let's keep our fingers crossed for Qnexa, which is made by Vivus, Inc.

For many overweight or obese people, it's a daily struggle to eat properly, develop an exercise routine, and keep the weight off year after year. Most folks would choose a diet weight loss pill if given a choice. It's pop a pill, and hopefully, watch the lbs. disappear quickly.

What Qnexa appears to be very succesful at, is melting away weight steadily. According to researchers, taking Qnexa has resulted in an average weight loss of 30-37 lbs. over the course of a year. And here's another plus: Patients also reported lower blood pressure and blood sugar levels. The study involved some 3,750 overweight and obese people.

The only side effects that could develop were dry mouth, tingling in the fingers, constipation, and insomnia.

But what is very bizarre about Qnexa, are its ingredients. The diet weight loss pill is actually a combination of the obesity drug phentermine and the eplipsey drug topiramate. As you might recall, the Fen-Phen diet pill swept the nation in the early 1990's, but was soon taken off store shelves because of it dangerous side effects, like pulmonary hypertension and serious heart valve problems.

However, researchers have found, that a blending of phentermine and topiramate work safely and harmoniously together for weight loss.

We will be watching for the proposed debut of Qnexa. Plenty of questions still need to be answered,we are sure. But for the many obese people out there, the super diet weight loss pill would make life a whole lot easier when struggling to melt away the pounds.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Uncover More Beautiful Skin With Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay

We first started experimenting with clay facial masks in our college days. Excessively oily skin and pimples were ruining our self-esteem.

We loved the super clean and tight feeling we would uncover, following the removal or rinsing off of the clay masks.

And now we want to talk about the cadillac of all clay masks, the uber in bentonite clay----Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay ($8.95, 1 lb).

This green clay is known around the globe for its superior deep pore cleansing. And even more impressive is Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay's extraction location: from Death Valley, California, where it is sun- dried for up to six months in temperatures that sometimes reach 134 degrees.

So, why should women and men apply a bentonite clay facial mask at least a couple of times a month?

It's simple. The ingredients contained in the clay carry a 'negative electron charge.'


Let's look at how the folks at Aztec Secret explain their very popular product:

When a spectographic analysis is done on Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay, almost every mineral found on Earth is present. Aztec Secret is volcanic Ash from when the Earth was formed It is the foam residue left as the planet cooled The foam residue formed a pure clay vein layered between white sand, near one of the lowest parts of planet Earth.
When a facial or clay poultice is applied to the skin it forms a negative charge. Poisons and toxins stored in the epidermis have a positive charge - Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay lifts the pimple and blackheads into the clay bed to cause accelerated healing and nourishment to the skin with over 50 minerals.100% NATURAL.

And why is green clay or bentonite clay one of the best for a radiant complexion? We found this interesting nugget from

Green Clay
The most absorbing of the Clays, Green Clay is generally used as a Face Mask for tissue repair, drawing toxins from the skin and to normalise excessive secretions of oil or sweat. Applied as a Face or Body Mask, facial clay masks cleanse, exfoliate, smoothe and soften the skin. Green clay is especially good at drawing toxins out

We like that Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay is very economical. You can make about 15 masks from a 1 lb. tub. You make your own clay masks by mixing a scoop of the clay with equal parts of apple cider vinegar or water. Apply to face. Wait about 15 minutes. And rinse with warm water.
You can buy this clay at Whole Foods, and a number of online stores. And you can, of course, buy it and find recipes, too, at their site,

Monday, October 12, 2009

Viva La Viatrozene For Younger Firmer Smoother Skin

Is viatrozene a new weapon in the war on wrinkles?

Let us hope so. Here at Beauty Tip Today, we talk on and on about skin care. No one likes wrinkles, and yes, these pesky lines are a natural part of aging. But if there are ways to reduce wrinkles, firm up skin, and smooth a complexion, well, we are on board.

We like to think we are pretty well-educated on the beauty products out there, including prescription and non-prescription treatments. But alas, we had never heard of viatrozene until a couple of days ago. Apparently, it's fairly new to the U.S. market. That's why.

Exactly what is viatrozene 16%?

We searched and searched everywhere for a quick answer. We found that DS Labs manufactures this wrinkle fighter under the name Viterol A for the face ($36.95). And New York state-based DS Labs claims " a single use of DS Laboratories products immediately confirms that these products have been developed for performance with clinical efficacy."

We finally found a good description of viatrozene from DERMAdoctor:
"Brand new to the U.S. market is DS Laboratories Viterol.A (viatrozene gel) 29% Lotion for Signs of Aging, which has encapsulated nanosomes of Vitamin A, helping expedite delivery into the skin. Containing viatrozene, this product is a clinically proven compound that dramatically reduces the appearance of aging in the orbital eye area."

By the way, DS Labs also makes a special Viterol A for the eye area ($33.95), as explained above.

Viterol A (in gel form) is recommended for women and men over 30. And according to DS Labs' clinical study, after 4 weeks, there were very good results:

"Dr. Michael J, Bornstein, MD, PhD of the Medical Research Consultants of NY agrees that Viterol. A® is a remarkably effective topical lotion available for the treatment of the signs of aging by lifting the skin, removing age spots, and reducing the appearance of wrinkles. Dr. Bornstein explains "the before and after results are absolutely stunning, there is a visible reduction of wrinkles and more youthful and toned appearance. Viterol. A® has demonstrated remarkable effectiveness in reversing the signs of skin aging and is highly recommended as a gradual and continuous treatment".

And there are more compliments about Viterol A:

Bill Lawler, M.D., a cosmetic surgeon with a 26-year history in aesthetics, says the viatrozene 16% gel, "is the most effective topical treatment for fine lines that I have encountered in my practice. There is also a clearly visible improvement in skin smoothness and firmness."

We know, we've all heard promises of youth in a cream, serum, or gel. But at least this wrinkle fighter is reasonably priced. And you can buy Viterol A on many online beauty and health shopping sites.

For more information, visit

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Shame On Ralph Lauren For Admitting To Severely Photoshopping Model

First, we want to congratulate legendary designer Ralph Lauren for admitting that his company was responsible for severly distorting a model's figure through photoshopping or retouching in a recent magazine advertisement.

Ralph Lauren has been honest, and wants to put this mini scandal behind him. But, we also say, "Shame on you, Mr. Lauren. You should know better."

The model is Filippa Hamilton. Take a look at the ad. And now take a look at model Cindy Crawford.

Who looks healthier?

We love the classic fashion of Ralph Lauren. But we were taken aback by his company's desire to severely re-touch a fashion print ad, so the model looks emaciated, or close to it. What's the appeal in such an image? Especially when the fashion industry has been hit hard with criticism for the past few years for featuring too, too skinny models.

Let's be frank here, models are very slender. But what is too slender? We believe. it is the Ralph Lauren photo.

We miss the days when the supermodels, like Cindy Crawford, ruled the runways and the body image standards. Cindy Crawford has gone on record several times to say she wore a size 6 and sometimes even a size 8 during her prime modeling years.

Cindy often said that she was much curvier and 'bigger' than her model colleagues. Naomi Campbell and Christy Turlington, for example, are size 4s. But at least, these tall women weren't size 2s or size zeros.

What is strange to the recent Ralph Lauren photoshopping scandal, are the true measurements of the model in question, Filippa Hamilton. According to a reliable fashion source, Filippa, actually wears a size 6, like Cindy Crawford.

We found our model stats through Fashion Model Directory. The website has lots and lots of information on models working here in the U.S. for top agencies. Go ahead....look up Cindy Crawford's measurements, and many other famous models.

The stats appear legitimate. Records show lists of each model's recent magazine covers, advertisements, etc.

So there you have it. You decide: Which model looks healthier?

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Sexy Smoky Eyes In 4 Simple Steps--New Maybelline ExpertWear

Let's look at the fashionable facts:
Sexy, smoky eyes are bigger than ever this fall and winter, through 2010. Just check out the models on the runways.

But let's also look at another fashionable fact:
Creating a sexy, smoky eye, is not simple to do. Until now. Sure, makeup artists make it look so-ooo easy. A little smudge along here, and a highlight up there, etc.

Thanks to Maybelline's new ExpertWear Stylish Smokes Eyeshadow collection, the guesswork has been eliminated. Instead, you get a pretty 4-shade palette in a simple 4-step plan.

In other words, each eyeshadow shade in the quad is labeled: lid. crease. brow bone. outer corner.

Forgive our pixel, digital disarray here. We wanted to enlarge the Maybelline ad, so you could easily observe which shadows go where. It's similar to painting-by-numbers. Remember that? We did an earlier article last year about Cargo makeup's 4-step eyeshadow palette. It, too, had each shade in the quad labeled for application to each area of the eye.

The Maybelline ad here, shows model Christy Turlington rockin' the new ExpertWear Stylish Smokes Eyeshadow in Charcoal Smokes. And this quad is our favorite. It's really soft and lovely.

The ExpertWear Stylish Smokes come in '56 dazzling colors, 3 sumptuous finishes: matte, shimmer and high-pearl.' Just $4.99, drugstores.

What we also adore about Maybelline makeup is its wonderful website, where you can explore their makeup video-how-tos, FAQs, and makeup studio-virtual makeovers. Just visit