Friday, April 30, 2010

Eco-Friendly Flip-Flops Fine For Vacation Get-Aways

Flip-Flops. We all love them. And maybe you have several pairs. But do you own a pair of bio-degradable Flip-Flops by Sanuk?

We fell in love with these Rasta Mystic Flip-Flops ($38). They're not only super cute, but eco-friendly, yes, kind to the environment. And after the passing of Earth Day a week ago, we felt it was time to stay in the eco-friendly spirit and shop for something 'green' and stylish.

Let's take a look at the 'ingredients' in this Sanuk flip-flop sandal:

Ultra-Soft, High Rebound Fashion EVA Footbed
Sustainable, Fashionable Strap Design featuring a Hand Woven Upper
Handmade Organic Cotton Rope Upper with Hemp Footbed
Recycled PET Liner
Sustainable Rubber and Cork Outsole
Vegan and Vegetarian

Don't be fooled....this is a strong and very comfortable pair. Great for those vacation get-aways or just hanging out in town.

The Rasta Mystic comes in beige or black, and sizes 5-11. You can buy them here and at dealers like Eastern Mountain Sports.

Sanuk (pronounced sa -nook') makes lots of other cool and globally-kind products. By the way, the company says that Sanük, "is the Thai word for FUN, our name is also our mantra.
Our goal is to provide creatively inspired yet thoughtfully designed products for the global outdoor community…mostly because we’re part of it.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Madonna Does MDG Sunglasses With Dolce & Gabbana

Madonna does MDG, and does it in style!! Check out these hot sunglasses for Dolce & Gabbana. And the good news----the new shades are hitting store shelves in May just in time for summer, ladies. And the MDG eyewear will retail between $248 to $289.

How 'sweet'(dolce) it is for Madonna!

We really like these 'Madge' shades. Classic and sexy from the true icon herself. The 6-pair MDG collection will be available at Dolce & Gabbana stores around the globe, as well as a few select optician's shops, and Sunglass Hut locations in Macy's department stores.

Madge sat down with the famous designers and came up with these beauties. And of course, Dominico and Stefano were excited to collaborate with Madonna to create the sexy summer shades for the Italian design house:

"Designing an eyewear line with Madonna was a new experience for us. The oversized and wraparound designs are sexy and very feminine, like our clothes. Madonna's creative contribution and unique point of view were key, even in designing the MDG logo," the pair explained in a recent press release.

The MDG sunglasses are being distributed by the Luxottica line.

And Madonna isn't stopping at sexy sunglasses. The pop icon is also busy designing her own clothing line called MG Icon. She will start off with her daughter, Lourdes, in mind. First up will be a juniors collection, labeled Material Girl. And it's set to launch exclusively at Macy’s stores and this August. Material Girl fashions will include apparel, footwear, handbags and jewelry — all retailing from $12-$40. And the label is in collaboration with the Iconix Brand Group.

Stay tuned, everybody. Looks like the MDG and MG logos are here to stay.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

How To Get Sexy Nancy O'Dell Hair With RUSK Product Line

Television's Nancy O'Dell has always had lots and lots of incredible, healthy, sexy hair! And to her credit, Nancy is now the first spokesperson for RUSK Salon products and BaByliss pro.

RUSK, the professional hair care line owned by CONAIR, has its wonderful shampoos, conditioners, hairsprays, gels, pastes, volumizers, and hair care tools available at salons around the world. And yes, you can find some of their hair products at a number of online beauty shopping sites.

For instance, we hunted down RUSK Designer Collection's W8less Hairspray Plus, 10 0z. spray can, here for $10.75. It regularly sells for $14 elsewhere.

By the way, this is the RUSK hairspray used on Nancy O'Dell, to give her big, sexy hair lots of volume, hold, and shine. Check out this week's issue of Okay magazine. Nancy shows you her behind-the-scenes beautiful hair tips at a recent RUSK photo shoot.

Nancy O'Dell's blonde locks are simply stunning. The RUSK Salon pros used their signature W8less Flat Iron ($166) to create lovely ribbon curls, which were then wrapped into pin-curls. The result? Tons of waves and major volume.

Nancy O'Dell has been a RUSK fan for years:
"As a busy mom, wife and journalist, I feel I am representative of the many women whom hairstylists across the country see on a daily basis. I know I trust the stylists' opinions about which products to use. And that is how I originally started to use RUSK and now BaByliss Pro," she remarked in a statement.

Here are Nancy O'Dell's favorite RUSK and BaByliss products:
1. BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium U Styler ($129.99)
2. BaBylissPro NEW Deepshine Oil Protective Oil Treatment 4.2 oz. ($30)
3. BaBylissPro NEW Deepshine Lustre Shine Enhancing Lusterizer 4.4 oz. ($15).
4. Rusk w8less Plus Shaping and Control Hairspray 10 oz. ($14)
5. Rusk Wired Flexible Styling Creme 6 oz. ($13)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Summer On The Way Means Time To Zap Unwanted Hair

Hot summer days mean showing off lots of skin. And sometimes unwanted hair pops up in unwanted chin, above the lips, bikini area, and more. Sure, you can have a laser zap these unwanted hairs for a more permanent and expensive fix. And of course, you can wax, shave, and depilatory it, so to speak.

But many women would like a quick and painless way to zap an unwanted hair they just found, for instance, and we've got a $9.99 drugstore solution.

It's called Finishing Touch, and it's been called, the number one facial hair remover in the world. If you believe the Lumina company stats, then some 30 million plus satisfied customers are out there, all happily erasing an unwanted hair, here and there.

So, let's take a peek at how the Finishing Touch Personal Hair Remover works:

The key is micro technology.
"Hair removal wand features a super-bright LED light that illuminates unwanted facial hair on the lip, chin or cheek. The Finishing Touch Personal Hair Remover by Lumina also features a pivoting head that adjusts to 45 degrees. Compact unit is also ideal for removing unwanted hair from eyebrows and bikini lines. Fits easily into your makeup bag or purse for hair removal on the go."

We probably would not use the Finishing Touch on the eyebrows, except maybe for a stray hair or two sitting in the middle of our brows. Eyebrow mistakes take a long-gggg time to grow out, so just proceed with caution if trying to wield this beauty tool in that area of the face.

Hey, for less than $10, the Finishing Touch is quick, easy, and discreet. You can take a look at it here.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Pickles Popular And Snooki Loves Them: Great Diet Food

Pickles. Such a briny delight! And you don't have to be pregnant to desire one. Pickles are popping up everywhere....inside expensive restaurants to the Jersey Shore.

Remember our pal Snooki Polizzi munching on pickle after pickle on season one of the MTV reality show hit?!

The other wonderful news about eating pickles---it's a dieter's delight!! The crunch, the texture, and the taste.

So, what's so healthy about munching on a pickle? 3 main reasons:
1. low in calories (about 5-10 in one pickle).
2. low in fat.
3. low in sugar
(most are).

We found a great low-down on the common pickle, here, at

"Pickles are also a healthy edition to your diet for other reasons. Pickles, being made from cucumbers (or other vegetables), are high in fiber which is necessary for digestive health and fighting cancer. The cucumbers and (other vegetables) also contain antioxidants, which fight free-radicals, and depending on the veggie, can be a good source of calcium, magnesium, and iron. The recommendation by most health professionals is to eat five servings of vegetables and fruit each day. Eating pickles is a great way to get a daily serving or two of your five-a-day!

"Fermented pickles also have good bacteria that can control harmful intestinal microbes. When pickles are fermented, lactic acid is created. This acid helps to lower fat in the bloodstream, improve circulation, and lower high blood pressure. It also helps to support a healthy digestive system, reintroduces good bacteria into the intestines, such as Lactobacillus acidophilus, and is beneficial for diabetics. In fact, one study even found that eating fermented products regularly contributed to lower rates of skin problems, asthma, and auto-immune disorders."

And pickles all taste so darn yummy!! Even Martha Stewart has her faves. We've heard her mention McClure's Pickles often. The website displays a number of different kinds, including McClure's Spicy Pickles, dunked in "cayenne and habanero peppers, these pickles have a kick."

If it had to be Snooki, to bring back the pickle into high popularity, so be it. We are really hungry for a pickle right now!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Origins New Brighter By Nature Pads Gentle Alternative To Chemical Peel

Chemical peel.

Maybe you have had a string of them. Or you might be afraid to let the sting zap every facial pore. Lets' face it---a chemical peel can be quite painful depending on the strength of the peel solution and the type of peel being applied. And there can be some, swollen skin, crusty peeling, etc. And let's not forget the cost when it's done in a derm's office.

But a chemical peel has its value when it comes to creating beautiful skin. And peels are big beauty business. Oh, yeah. Let's look at the facts we found:

The chemical peel is one of the most popular treatments for an aging skin. In the United States alone, 1.03 million chemical peels were performed in 2007.

Although you might hate, you must exfoliate!!! And that is what a good peel will do, giving you back healthy, radiant skin in return.

Is there another way around the chemical peel? Yes. And it's brand new by Origins, Brighter by Nature High-potency Brightening Peel with Fruit Acids ($37.50, treatments, at fine stores like

This little jar of beauty features a simpler, gentle, at-home way. All you do is swipe a pad across your face and neck, twice a week. And let the Origins fruit acid complex do all the work.

According to the pros at Origins, these little pads can do plenty! New Brighter by Nature High-potency Brightening Peel can deliver the restoring benefits of a professional 30% glycolic peel and instantly exfoliate dead surface cells to restore radiance.

The fruit acid complex includes powerful goodies like blueberry, Goji berry, and grape seed extract.

Used regularly, Origins Brighter by Nature will improve uneven skin tone and discoloration. It's a great price for 20 weeks of treatments. Definitely a worthy beauty tip today.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Celebrities Chopping Off Hair For New Trendy Summer Dos

Celebrities chopping off their hair for summer?!

Say it isn't so!

When a handful of pretty celebrities all start making similar beauty changes, everyone takes notice, and soon, the hot new trend hits middle town America. And right now, it's looking like shorter cropped styles and long bobs are summer trendy.

Kate Beckinsale, Heidi Klum, and at the moment, Hayden Panettiere have all traded their long, sexy locks for shorter new dos.

Love it or hate it?

Well, we suppose when you are that famous, good-looking, and glamorous, you wear it well. But usually when a woman chops off her trademark look of long, flowing tresses, it signals trauma of some kind, usually in the man department. Remember when Jennifer Love Hewitt recently dumped her boyfriend, and then chopped off her hair into a lob (long bob)?!

As far as we all know, the men in Hayden's, Heidi's, and Kate's lives are loving the new hairstyles. No break-ups there. Hayden Panettiere is a beauty chameleon. In other words, she changes up her looks often. Recently, she was sporting a wavy, long hairstyle of auburn locks. And now pictured above, there she was at an Earth Day celebration yesterday in L.A. You really notice those gorgeous blue eyes.
As far as model Heidi Klum goes, well, er, can you say Mommy haircut? Sorry, with a gal so glam, we were disappointed in the look, which we first saw on Jay Leno's show earlier this week. If it is low-maintenance she's looking for as the busy mom runs after her toddlers and hectic schedule, then, okay, we get it. But this blunt cut bangs 'n bob doesn't do much for the stunning Heidi. Meow! Sorry for being catty. Great shades, though.

British beauty Kate Beckinsale also let the scissors do the talking and styling. Although she had several inches chopped off, the trendy summer do is glamorous and full of soft volume grazing her collar bone.

And Kate told People magazine, “Oh you know, summer, let the breeze hit my neck!”

As the temperatures heat up and the days get longer, we'll be watching to see which new celebrities go for the new trendy summer dos.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Lane Bryant D-Cup Overflows In Dispute With ABC And Fox Over Banned Too Sexy TV Ad

Bras for plus-size women.

Apparently, there's a big-to-do over a new lingerie TV ad by Lane Bryant for their Cacique Intimates line. The bra size starts at 36C and goes up, and up.

Lane Bryant is calling foul over the ad, which was supposed to air during the time slots for the popular ABC's 'Dancing With the Stars' and FOX's 'American Idol'.

The plus-size retailer claims that the networks banned the ads for two reasons:
1. ABC and Fox don't like plus-size women.
2. The ads are supposedly too sexy.

Both television networks say the commercial was not allowed, simply because too much skin was showing in the ads for the family-oriented shows.

Well, there's even more...and our cups overflow....we wish, ha ha. There are some who figure that it is Lane Bryant exaggerating the story for publicity. Who knows. If anything, people are talking, and that's always a good thing, in the world of public relations.

First, let's take a look at Lane Bryant's allegedly, 'too risque' Cacique line. The undies are sexy and beautiful, just like the lovely Victoria's Secret underwear, which is proudly featured on lots of major TV networks at all hours of the day.

Now, let's take a peek at the TV ad that's got folks talking. Is there just too much of a great couple of things here? In other words....too much boob? Very deep cleavage? You be the judge. Click right here.

Almost 800,000 people have tuned into the so-called naughty, banned TV commercial. We can see that the Lane Bryant ad features a lot of breast, very deep cleavage. But the ad is not much different from the current Playtex ads featuring plus-size women. And we think the VS ads are even more provocative than most we've seen.

Our uneducated opinion? We believe the networks are afraid of too much cleavage. We don't believe the networks don't find plus-size women attractive, because they certainly are attractive. It's just too much makes people nervous.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

How To Get Instant Elegance With The New Clip In Braided Chignon By Ken Paves

Elegance. Nothing beats the chignon. And now the new darling of the red carpet is the braided chignon. Remember SJP at the Academy Awards show 2010?!

Maybe you don't have long hair down to there, and maybe you are all thumbs when it comes to creating a classic, elegant hairstyle off the face. Not anymore! Hollywood stylist and one of Jessica Simpson's BFF's, Kenneth Paves, has coiffed a lovely new clip-in braided chignon just for you. And it's quick, easy, and best of all---affordable. Right now, it's $38.50 at

It's salon-friendly. In other words, you, too, can create this beautiful, timeless hairstyle. Here's how hot Hollywood stylist Kenneth Paves explains it:

"The braided chignon is attached to a flexible base with a large clip and a security comb. To begin, gather your hair in a ponytail. If your ponytail is long, wrap it into a bun and secure with pins if necessary. Open the large clip and slip into your hair behind the ponytail band. If needed, push the bottom comb attachment up into your hair. When the piece is securely in place, it should lay flat against your head. Check for any gaps between the piece and your head. If you find any, simply use your fingers to shape the flexible wire in the base of the piece to lie more closely to your head. Tuck in any stray hairs and finish as desired.

From hairdo by Jessica Simpson and Ken Paves."
Includes 5" x 3-1/2" braided chignon hairpiece.
Heat-resistant to 350F.
100% polyester.

And it comes in 11 gorgeous chignon shades!

To check out the very photogenic Jessica Simpson rocking the brand new clip-in braided chignon, click here.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Reese Witherspoon Never Leaves Home Without This Avon Beauty Item

Reese Witherspoon. She seems to have it altogether. A busy mom, movie actress, a woman who lends herself to several public causes, and an Avon spokesperson.

And the pretty blonde star always seems to do everything with classic style. From the outfit to the perfect locks to the beautifully polished face, she truly is one of America's sweethearts.

So we were curious to learn about the inside of her makeup/beauty bag, and here's what we found:

When it comes to a quick fix, Reese Witherspoon adores Avon's Glazewear Lip Gloss ($6, In fact, the fair-skinned beauty won't leave home without it:

"Lip gloss! It's my favorite, and I carry it with me at all times. I love Glazewear, says the petite actress.

And at $6 a tube, you can't go wrong. What we like about Avon's Glazewear Lip Gloss is the texture and 3 gloss finishes- shine, intense, and sparkle. And there are 16 pretty shades to choose from, including a clear gloss with an SPF15.

Of course, Reese loves Avon beauty items, because she represents the company in advertisements, and has a longstanding relationship with Avon. Reese Witherspoon also gives the thumbs up to Avon's Anew Clinical Eye Lift ($28), which cleverly packages an upper eye gel with an under eye cream. "It makes so much sense to package a cream for the under eye area with a tightening gel for your eyelids," Reese says.

And there are other Reese favorites that don't come from Avon. She also really likes Johnson's Baby Shampoo ($4.50, drugstores). Yep, the 'No more tears' shampoo. Reese says she fell in love with it when she started washing her daughter Ava's hair with the gentle lather.

And Reese Witherspoon credits her beautiful, fair skin from her grandmother's good genes. She also plays smart by using sun protection with Neutrogena's Healthy Defense Daily Moisturizer SPF 50 with Helioplex ($14, drugstores).

Thanks, Reese. Great beauty tips today!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

How To Treat An Acne Scar With Super Skin Care Products

Acne. It's not easy to deal with, and when an acne scar is left behind, your self esteem can hit bottom. Everyone desires beautiful skin, and it is possible for all of us to achieve.

But what many people don't understand, is that there is a way to soften and smooth an acne scar. Sure, we all know that a topical treatment with a moisturizing base is very important, however, that is only a tiny part of the beauty equation.

You also want to improve the texture of an acne scar, but you don't want a formula that causes more break-outs.

For a number of years, some women and men have turned to natural methods to battle acne scars. A cotton ball dipped in lemon or lime juice has been a popular way to lighten up the tissue. And there are others who have used honey, and even sour cream, in hopes of healing a scarred area of the face.

But now we've learned that these natural methods are merely scratching the surface. Researchers have discovered more wonderful ingredients from nature and the science lab that can do more than just lighten an acne scar. There are new blended formulas that smooth the roughness and help dissolve the scar tissue, and stimulate collagen production. Let's take a look at some of these skin care products:

1. Rosehip Oil. A very strong concentration of Vitamin C. This soothing oil has been prescribed for some 20 years now to patients following surgery, to keep scarring to a minimum. Rosehip oil also has the magic touch to regenerate skin cells.

2. Acai Berry Extract. You've heard about this wonderful little berry that has been known to help people lose weight and maintain a healthy body. Now beauty scientists have learned that the super berry of the acai also does wonders for the skin, especially when it comes to acne scars. Acai berry extract can speed up the healing of the scar, and also take away any nasty bruising and embarrassing discoloration.

3. Collaxyl. An incredible peptide, known as hexapeptide 9. Researchers have found Collaxyl to be an excellent skin repairer. What it does, is act as a catalyst to spur the skin on, in re-building and re-modeling the holes left behind from the scar tissue. Collaxyl is a big breakthrough in the world of skin care, because of its amazing ability to remove acne scars.

Whatever you do, remember there is help for those whose complexions have been left behind with unattractive acne scars and the challenges that come with such a complex type of skin. And when that aid comes in the way of powerful and successful topical treatments, you'd be a fool not to give these new skin care products a shot.

We can all achieve beautiful skin. The journey might be a slow and thoughtful one, but today's high-tech beauty formulas can actually re-build the skin. And that can lift anyone's self-esteem.

Monday, April 19, 2010

How To Get Super Glossy Hair With Hempz Shine Spray

Glossy. Shiny. It's the kind of hair we all desire. In fact, we were just having that conversation with a girlfriend about 'so and so' having such shiny locks. How does she get that megawatt glow?

Let's be reasonable here. Flat irons. Blow dryers. Perms. Straightening. Extensions. Curling irons. Peroxide. Permanent color.

All of those can really damage the hair cuticle, resulting in flat, dry, and dull-looking locks. But some of us cannot live without some type of hair chemical, what can we do?!

Try some hemp seed oil.

Oh yeah. There's something in it that brings on the S-H-I-N-E. Hemp seed oil is legal, so let's get that out of the way. In fact, hemp oil is now commonly used in a number of beauty treatments---shampoos, hairsprays, conditioners, etc. It's got good properties in it, that can strengthen your hair. And don't worry, your hair will get high in shine, but not high off the THC, because there is not enough of it in there to get you stoned.

Just a little hemp history: Marijuana and industrial hemp both come from Cannabis sativa L, but the plants are cultivated in very different ways. Industrial hemp makes use of the seeds and fiber, whereas pot plants are harvested for their flowering tops and leaves.

That's why we are looking today at Supre Hempz Shine Spray ($16, now on sale for $13, 4.3 oz. can) here. This is amazing shine spray. It wakes up even the dullest hair! We just happened to stumble upon it. We like it when a beauty product can add such 'weightless brilliance' to any type of hair.

If you are a little hair-challenged these days, why not try Supre Hempz Shine Spray, and enjoy using a product that actually comes from nature.

"Hempz Shine Spray adds instant shine for healthy looking hair. Hemp seed oil and extract work with natural botanical oils, proteins and special silicones to provide immediate shine, tame frizz and help keep hair conditioned. UV-inhibitors and heat shield ingredients protect from color loss and styling damage. Hempz Shine Spray is the final step for a perfect style."

Sunday, April 18, 2010

How To Get Kim Kardashian's Sexy Look From One-Stop-Shop At Sephora

Kim Kardashian. Sephora.

You know you're really famous and gorgeous, when a major beauty store has a special section of makeup you wear.

Yes, it's can get Kim K's look, too, with a one-stop-shop at Sephora:

"This hand-picked collection is what you'll find in Kim Kardashian's very own Sephora shopping basket. From her voluptuous scent to her must-have lip plumper, here are the beauty obsessions that are essential to her signature, smoldering look."

Many women love Kim Kardashian's choice in makeup. If you visit Kim's website, you would find many women begging the petite, raven-haired beauty for her makeup tips and brands.

And Kim K loves to play with lots and lots of cosmetics, so let's take a look at some of her new Sephora favorites:
1. Sephora Collection Colorful Mono Eyeshadow in Bling Bling Style ($12).
2. Sephora Collection Colorful Mono Eyeshadow in Mad for Macaroons ($12).
3. Sephora Collection Retractable Waterproof Eyeliner in Matte Brown-Black ($12).
4. Sephora Collection Black Eyelash Curler ($16).
5. Sephora Collection Atomic Volume Mascara in Black ($14).
6. Blush Me! Mono in Meringue Jalouse ($12).
7. Sephora Collection Rouge Cream in Valentine ($12).
8. Sephora by OPI Nail Colour in Tire Jack ($9).
9. Fusion Beauty LipFusion in InFatuation ($29).
10. Kim Kardashian 1 oz. Eau de Parfum Spray ($35).
11. Kim Kardashian 1.7 oz. Eau de Parfum Spray ($50).

For more details about Kim Kardashian's sexy, one-stop-shop makeup look, click on Sephora.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

New Brilliance Eye Cream By ROC With E-Pulse Power

Eye cream.

Do we really need one?

Yes. Yes. Yes. At least that is what smart dermatologists say. And there are tons of eye creams out there, that claim to do a multitude of wonderful things for your eyes.

As we have stressed here at BeautyTip Today, over and over again, the skin around the eyes is thin and dry, and quite delicate. The eye area shows aging very quickly, unfortunately. But eye creams have come a long way and the beauty science is much stronger. Now there are formulas that lift, tighten, and help to fade or soften existing fine lines and wrinkles, and de-puff tired undereyes.

And now the skin experts at ROC are promising you 'younger looking eyes in 3 days...a promise inspired by electro-stimulation.'

Hmmm. That's quite a lot to promise dear ROC. But let's take a look at this new eye beautifier that you can pick up at the local drugstore for $49.99:

ROC Brilliance e-pulse features an unique 2-step process with 2 products---Activating serum and Beautifying Creme.

So what exactly is e-pulse?

According to ROC, it's something that truly helps zap wrinkles--"E-pulse, a patented micro-current technology that stimulates skin's natural process for creating brilliantly beautiful, younger-looking eyes. Immediately reduces the appearance of dark circles and puffiness. In clinical testing of E-PULSE technology, women experienced fast results and even greater improvements with continued use."

And directions are simple:
Use once or twice a day in the AM and/or PM. The eye beautifying crème and eye activating serum should be applied in equal amounts evenly to the eye area. Apply a layer of the beautifying crème, over the serum, to the same areas.

The results:
After 4 Weeks:
Eyes appear significantly more open and lifted for brilliant, more awake-looking eyes.
Diminished the appearance of dark circles to brighten skin around the eye area.
Dramatically improved the appearance of bags and puffiness for more defined, younger-looking eyes.

We found a $20 rebate coupon for ROC Brilliance e-pulse, so you save a few bucks here. We love that! Just visit ROC.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Sexy New Jewelry Line For J Crew: Gritty Meets Glam with Fenton-Fallon

Wow! J. Crew has launched an amazing new jewelry line called Fenton-Fallon for J. Crew. And we love these pieces! Gritty meets glam! Our thoughts exactly.

It's a very sexy collection of chunky statement pieces of bracelets and necklaces. Just take a peek! A lovely mix of industrial-metal pieces with very classic Fenton-Fallon trademarks----like the pyramid studs, spikes, and jumbled chains.

Prices range from $95 - $295. And the J Crew Fenton-Fallon line has just launched. And it's now available at

We believe the new Fenton-Fallon for J. Crew line is a hot one. It's punk meets classic in a very NYC way.

We have our eyes on the crystal rock bracelet ($85), in gunmetal. Not arm candy for the shy. This is a very bold statement piece, as the website describes it:

.....Equally at home with a simple tee or peeking beneath the cuff of a boyfriend blazer, it's the one you'll wear again and again—and again. Hematite-plated (gunmetal) or purple gold-plated (copper) steel chain. Hand-assembled faceted round glass stones.

Very nice.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

New Mederma Stretch Marks Cream Can Smooth And Soften Beautifully

Stretch marks. Most women have them, and most of them are hoping for a magic cream to make these unattractive marks disappear.
Can Mederma's new Stretch Marks Therapy cream ($39.99. 5.3 oz.) wipe them all away?
No. BUT-----experts say, "The cream made them look better and feel better."
Here at Beauty Tip Today, we have done a few articles in the past about stretch marks. And we have learned this: No matter how many creams you rub on your belly, you can never get rid of stretch marks permanently.

A New York Times article about two years ago, featured a story about stretch marks and the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. (photo by Getty Images)
“There’s not much you can do about these, other than monitor your weight gain,” said Dr. Laura Riley, a maternal fetal medicine specialist at Massachusetts General Hospital and author of “You and Your Baby” (2006). “Various creams and lotions are sold to prevent stretch marks from developing or getting worse, but the jury is out on whether they work.”

But the American Pregnancy Association is saying something else. The APA suggests that women CAN reduce the probability of stretch marks. Note the key word here, 'probability.'

Stretch marks occur when skin loses its elasticity, usually from rapid weight gain — a common occurrence, when a woman is pregant. It's estimated that 85-90% of pregnant women get them at some point during their pregnancy. 'Striae gravidarum'(medical lingo for stretch marks) are caused by tearing in the skin and connective tissue, due to the stretching of the fat tissue. Over time, stretch marks turn almost a silvery color in comparison to one's normal skintone.

The good news, the scar Mederma experts, have introduced their new skin cream that can reduce the redness of new stretch marks and make them smoother and softer, according to a new study. And it's best to attack the stretch marks fast, and early on, when the lines are red and purple.

Mederma's Stretch Marks Therapy cream contains onion extract, the same mysterious ingredient found in the original Mederma Scar cream. And many women are applauding the new cream.

Dr. Zoe Draelos, a consulting professor at Duke University Medical Center, revealed the results from the Mederma cream and the study involving 54 women, aged 18 to 45.
They massaged in a quarter-sized amount of the cream into one of their stretch marks twice a day for 12 weeks. The other stretch mark received no treatment.
They started to notice the difference after two weeks of treatment, and the difference continued through all 12 weeks of the study.

"The stretch marks did not go away, but the cream made them look and feel better," says Dr. Draelos.

We think this is promising news about stretch marks and certainly worth the $40 to try.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Beauty Tips From Royal Cover Girl Queen Latifah

Beauty tips. We get them while we can and from many sources. Today, we are looking at royal CoverGirl Queen Latifah. The bold and beautiful actress/singer has several wonderful beauty tips of her own, and shares them in the May issue of Glamour magazine.
You will need a box of baking soda for one of the Queen's favorite tips:

1. A cheap radiance booster. "Mix baking soda with water and use it on your face as an exfoliater. My grandmother gave me that tip," she says.
Queen Latifah is right. Baking soda is super at sloughing off dead skin cells and taming blackheads. Just make a gooey paste of it and apply to face in circular motion, and rinse off. Protects against pimples. Baking soda can leave your face red and burning, so go easy!

2. No more crease-y eyelids! "I dip my brush in a little water before I apply shadow. It lasts longer," Queen Latifah says.
Another good tip. We also do this little water trick to stop the oiliness from settling into our eye shadow during a long day, when makeup re-touching is not an option.

3. Her go-to hair stuff. "I'm a Pantene girl. I use the products that make hair color last longer."
Who doesn't love Pantene Hair products? There's a Pantene for every woman's head of hair. And the Pantene people are pros when it comes to color-treated locks.

4. For super-soft skin. "Mario Badescu Buttermilk Moisturizer. I don't like heavy stuff on my face; it's nice and light."
This is a great choice for combination skin. Non-clogging with lactic acid as the key ingredient, which is of course, an Alpha Hydroxy Acid.

5. Always in her purse. "Rosebud salve. It's a good lip moisturizer."

Cool beauty tips and inexpensive items you can find at your local drug/and or beauty stores.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

New L'Oreal One-Day Instant Tanning Gel For Sun-Kissed Skin

L'Oreal Sublime Bronze One Day.

It's a new one-day instant tanning gel. What a super idea when you think about it. First, it's okay not to know, when you lie there for hours under the hot sun. We all know that too much sun is nasty to the skin. And if you were looking for a decent and quick fake tan without the orange streaks and/or big commitment, then this L'Oreal Sublime Bronze One Day is for you.

Let's take a look:

The tanning gel features an unique wash-off formula, made with natural caramel colorant and golden pearls. It dries instantly and gives that sun-kissed glow we all admire. And it's simple to use: Apply one layer for a sheer look or add more product for deeper color. Simply wash it off with soap and water whenever you are ready.

Before you instant tan, here are some pointers:
Step 1: Cleanse and exfoliate skin to ensure an even application. Try a Buf-Puf sponge to get rid of dead skin cells.
Step 2: Pump out the tinted gel and apply quickly and evenly to face and body.
Step 3: Let skin dry completely before putting on clothes.
Results: Customized 100% natural-looking sunless tan builds over time.Continue to use Sublime Bronze until you have reached your desired level of tan. Results may vary.

Of course, Victoria's Secret model Doutzen Kroes looks stunning 'wearing' L'Oreal's new Sublime Bronze One day. Check out the L'Oreal Paris ad here.

We want to try this new one-day instant tanning gel. It looks natural, can be layered for a very tawny glow, and comes in a smooth gel formula. Only $10.50 at a drugstore near you.

Monday, April 12, 2010

New! First Invisible Dry Shampoo By Salon Grafix: Bye-Bye Powdery Mess!

No time to shampoo? Well, we all have days when it is nearly impossible to wash our hair.

Sure, you can buy the $30 dry powder shampoos. Yuck! Sometimes, even the high-priced ones are a powdery mess!!

But now there's a new dry shampoo on the block. And it's put out by the folks at Salon Grafix. You know the company. Their hair products are sold at just about every drugstore in town......from CVS to SafeWay to Walgreens and beyond. And did you know that, Salon Grafix is now the #1 brand of aerosol hair spray sold at retail stores across the United States!

That's why we are intrigued by Salon Grafix new Invisible Dry Spray Shampoo ($7, 4 oz. can). The company claims that this is the first invisible dry shampoo. Well, it's about time.

When you look at most dry shampoos, you get a product that does absorb the oil and greasies and stale hair smell, but it also leaves behind a messy white powder residue. Salon Grafix' does not. Simply shake, spray in (roots by section), and brush out. No color. No powder. Odors are neutralized. So, does it really work? Yes...we tried it. And our oily hair responded. There's a nice, delicate scent to the spray. As a result, the greasies were gone. Our hair felt clean and 'lifted.' This is a keeper, ladies.

Finally, an invisible dry spray shampoo. You won't be left in the dust, and you know what we mean, Pssst....

Sunday, April 11, 2010

New Skin Damage Eraser By Clinique Evens Out All Skin Tones

Skin damage. We all seem to have some form of it....Dark spots. Uneven skin tone. Better known as hyperpigmentation.
And according to the experts at the Clinique company, hyperpigmentation is a global concern:

....."one of the fastest-growing skincare concerns: hyperpigmentation, which affects millions of people around the globe…and is considered to be one of the newest and most significant signs of premature ageing.”

Senior Vice President Basic Science Research Estée Lauder Companies Dr Daniel Yarosh
talks about the causes of hyperpigmentation:
“It is caused by an excess of melanin, the pigment in the skin that’s responsible for colour,” he noted. “Exposure to sunlight, pollution, the response to inflammation such as acne, or simple age – an individual’s genes – can all contribute to the development of dark spots and uneven skin tone. It affects people of all ethnicities and all age groups.”

For years, the best and seemingly only way to get rid of hyperpigmentation, has been through a prescription of 4% hydroquinone. Some people have been afraid of using the prescription for extended periods of time, in fear of developing cancer. But now Clinique has developed an alternative: Clinique Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector ($49.50).

Does it really work? Clinique says it does work, and just as good as hydroquinone, and without the irritation, redness, or dryness that can result in using the prescription treatment. In fact, you can expect to see a verified 53% improvement in skin tone. For all ethnicities: See results starting in as little as 4 weeks. At 12 weeks, see a visible reduction in dark spots, age spots, and traces of acne past.

"This is not only a breakthrough for Clinique, it’s a breakthrough for the industry," says Vice President Clinique Product Development Worldwide Debbie D’Aquino.
You can find Clinique's new Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector at Clinique counters, of course, as well as fine beauty and dept. stores like Sephora.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Dry-Brushing Body Helps Battle Cellulite And Smooth Skin

Dry-brushing. Cellulite.

What exactly is it? And what does ' it' have to do with cellulite.....the dimpled fat you find on your butt, thighs, belly, and even on your arms???

Summer isn't far away, and that means bare skin, bikinis, short-shorts, well, you get the picture. So, it's never too early or too late to begin a body beautiful program.

And our beauty tip today is actually a very simple one to add to your daily beauty routine.
We came across dry-brushing years ago, when we first learned about the most intelligent cellulite professor, Anushka. She was the dimpled fat pioneer. She was the first woman to openly discuss the problem of cellulite and how to tone down its appearance and fight back.

Cellulite is a skin condition of swollen fat cells jammed together, that cannot be exercised off or dieted away into nothingness. Of course, a taut and toned body will definitely make a difference in how you look. So it is important to always have some kind of exercise regimen going.
Circulation is key!! And that's where dry-brushing comes in.

Anushka who operates world-renown Cosmedical Centre, Spa, Salon & Cellulite Clinics in New York City, has been an authority on cellulite and its prevention for more than 3 decades. And her wonderful website AnushkaOnline features cellulite treatments, target exercises, nutritional recipes, the ABC's of cellulite, and more.

Circulation, diet, and topical treatments can all help tone down cellulite and bring back smooth, taut skin.

1. Keep moving.....Anushka is a firm believer in taking a large natural bristle brush, and using the brush daily to give those areas special attention. “Dry brushing helps eliminate dead skin cells which make the skin look smoother. And it also improves lymph and blood circulation. I recommend a soft, natural bristle brush. Start at your feet and continue upwards in a circular motion towards the heart. Use once a day.”

Plus, you get the added benefits of exfoliation. Your skin will really look smoother and healthier.

Dry-brush right before your shower. And then apply some wonderful and high-tech Anushka cellulite serums to further tone your body and prevent fluid retention.

You can purchase a Natural Bristle Cellulite Brush by Anuska ($9.00) here.

Back by popular demand, her "natural bristle brush wakes up microcirculation, gets rid of the rough stuff and prepares skin for application of Anushka cellulite products."

Hey, it's a super way to 'wake up' your body. And a simple extra step to add to your beauty routine.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Gisele Bundchen Launches New Ipanema Flip-Flop Line

Gisele Bundchen, the beauty from Brazil, was all smiles yesterday, as she debuted her new collection from her Ipanema Flip-Flop line. The new mom of baby Benjamin Brady, was away in Paris to attend a press conference for the line at the Grand Hotel Intercontinental.

Wearing a purple Herve Leger 'bandaid dress,' sexy Gisele was definitely back in slender supermodel shape.

We like the variety of Gisele's Ipanema Flip-Flops. Some are fancy with Swarovski crystals and some are plain. A custom pair of Ipanemas can sell for as much as $230 a pair.

The Gisele Bundchen Fern Turquoise Flip-Flop happened to catch our eye. How cute are these! Check out the lone crystal, which adds just enough bling to your casual sandal. And these are no ordinary flip-flops. Gisele's mold to your feet and last a long-ggggg time.

This is how the company describes them:
Made from Air Infused PVC all the materials used to create the shoes are 100% synthetic and are machine washable (Colourfast). You can be sure that these flip flops ($27.50) will not fade or change colour at all.

You'll want a pair in every color and style. We think the Ipanema line is reasonably priced and the website features FREE shipping worldwide.....Gotta love that!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Garnier And SJP Claim We Can Look 5 Years Younger With New Cream

Garnier Nutritioniste and SJP. It's a lovely combination.

Sarah Jessica Parker's skin is flawless, or so it would seem.

We have been bombarded on the television lately, by these amazing ads for Garnier Nutritioniste's new Ultra-Lift Pro Gravity Defying Cream.

"Look 5 years younger in 8 weeks!" the ads declare. "Plump skin from push deep wrinkles up and out!"

You can!!! Well, if they photo-shop you, as adorable SJP has obviously been done in the print ads. Let's take a look at the facts. Photo left, shows the attractive star a couple of years ago, prior to having her mole removed. It was a much publicized story. We think Miss SJP, even with a few under-eye wrinkles, looks very good for a woman in her early 40s.

Photo right, depicts the Sex and the City actress, in a photo-shopped ad for the Nutritioniste Ultra-Lift Pro Gravity Cream. No. We cannot prove she has had her image altered in any way. Maybe she has had some incredible cosmetic enhancement done in the last two years. Her skin is very taut and smooth. It's flawless!

If the Ultra-Lift cream can deliver almost photo-shopped results, then grab us a lifetime supply!

Let's be honest here. All beauty product ads feature some sort of photo enhancement or altering, so we are not scolding Garnier Nutritioniste. If SJP is using their products, she still looks lovely in her photo from two years ago.

No beauty product can erase our wrinkles completely. The lines can be softened somehwat and firmed somewhat. And that is what the Ultra-Lift Pro Gravity Cream claims it can do with its special high-tech formula:

Pro-Tense Technology – A new, patent-pending skin lifting complex that improves skin’s density & elasticity
Pro-Xylane from Beech Tree Extract – a patented anti-aging, eco-friendly Green Chemistry molecule that rebuilds skin’s structure by plumping from deep within skin’s surface layers
Soy Protein – boosts natural collagen production
Vitamin A – helps diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

For $16.99 at your favorite drugstore, we still think that the Ultra-Lift Cream is worth the money. As far as looking 5 years younger in 8 weeks, well, we can all dream, can't we.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Jennifer Hudson Continues Blunt Bangs Trend In Spring 2010

Is it just us? Or are blunt bangs suddenly a new celebrity chic hair trend for Spring 2010!!

We've been noticing a number of dark-haired beauties rockin' the bold look around Hollywood for the past few months. We thought the trend would die out in the new year, but now actress/singer Jennifer Hudson is continuing the look in Spring 2010. And we like these blunt bangs a lot on the superstar!

We talked about Jennifer Hudson last week, about her new job as the latest celebrity face for the Weight Watcher's diet plan. She was sporting these eyebrow-framing bangs. Very blunt, almost Cleopatra-esque. And Jennifer wasn't the only red carpet lady with the chic new style. Katy Perry is a bangs beauty from years ago. And a very pregnant Padma Lakshmi had gone the bangs route back in the fall/winter months. We've also seen model Naomi Campbell and singer Beyonce in on the hot hair trend with some fierce blunt bangs.

A smart beauty move for Jennifer Hudson, and all these lovely ladies. Bangs do this for your face at any age:

1. Emphasize eyes.
2. Hide forehead wrinkles and/or a too high forehead.
3. Put the spotlight on cheekbones.
4. Hide skimpy eyelashes and give the illusion of thicker lashes.
5. Bangs give a youthfulness to the face.
6. Bangs can also make a face look rounder, longer, thinner, wider, depending on the angle of their cut.

Smoky eyes look especially pretty with eye-framing fringe. So don't be afarid to put the bulls-eye on your peepers with dark shadow and eyeliner.

Just remember: Blunt bangs are a commitment. And they require a bit of maintenance. And if you really hate the bangs you got, well, it can seem like forever to grow them out. So, you can always 'try on' some bangs with clip-ons, like the line Ken Paves sells with Jessica Simpson. Or, you can learn to trim your own bangs.

Check out this InStyle How-To Video on YouTube with great stylist Ted Gibson.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Roll On Aromatherapy Sticks Perfect For Pocketbook

Lavender. Spearmint. Peppermint. Citrus. Eucalyptus. Cedarwood.

You certainly recognize and adore these lovely scents. And now you can roll on a beautiful blend of aromas with BathByBettijo Organic Aromatherapy Sticks ($18.50 each) and get back therapeutic relief. No kidding. These perfect-for-pocketbook little sticks really work.

These are earth-friendly, so it's nice to go green, when you can. And the roll-ons are made with only Certified Organic Essential Oils. The organic scents come in 4 therapy serums.

So put down the aspirin, the coffee, and stronger stuff. You can get a caffeine-like kick from a few dabs here and there.

Er, where exactly do you roll on BathByBettiJo Organic Aromatherapy Sticks? This is how the catalog suggests:

SLEEP – Organic Lavender and Cedarwood Essential Oils quiet your mind so you can get the rest you need. Roll on temples and wrists at bedtime for sweet dreams.
ENERGY – Give yourself a caffeine-free kick. This stick gives you a natural boost using Organic Citrus Essential Oils. Roll on wrists and breathe deeply for a refreshing wakeup call at any hour.
PEACE – In need of a tranquil escape? Inhale this calming blend with Organic Bergamot, Eucalyptus and Spearmint Essentials Oils. Reminiscent of a trip to the spa, breathe deeply and exhale away stress.
RELIEF – An all-natural remedy for everyday tension and dull headaches with the analgesic benefits of Organic Peppermint Essential Oil.

These organic aromatherapy sticks sound terrific. And they're getting quite a buzz around town, so to speak. We really need the Energy stick and the Sleep stick. You can also buy them in a 4-set for $62.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Lauren Conrad Lets Hair Down By Admitting To Extensions

Love Lauren Conrad? Who doesn't.

She seems to have it all. She's a beautiful, kind, glamorous gal, a writer, a designer, a TV star, and a head full of extensions.

That's right. Those long, wavy blonde locks are fake. And, yeah, we certainly appreciate Lauren Conrad's honesty. At age 24, she's a breath of fresh air.

In the May issue of Glamour(out on newsstands tomorrow), Lauren Conrad lets her hair down. "These are all extensions." she explains, "I chopped all my hair off to my shoulders. I thought I was doing a chic bob. It was so bad."

So what, many of you might be saying. Lots of celebrities wear hair extensions.

True, but how many of them admit to having fake hair. Extensions have become so sophisticated and hair high-tech these days, that it's not always easy to tell who's got the faux strands and who does not.

Jessica Simpson has worn hair extensions quite frequently in her career, and has been unafraid to admit it. She's also lucky to have made some major profits by hooking up with her stylist Ken Paves, who sells a line of both human hair and synthetic hair extensions with Jessica's name.

If you crave having long sexy hair and aren't sure about the commitment of extensions, you can try clip-ons by Ken Paves. That way, you can instantly 'grow' a set of bangs or a pony tail wrap with a quick clip-on. If you tire of them, simply un-clip. A lot cheaper than salon hair extensions.

Lauren Conrad also admits to one other common beauty problem, in her interview with Glamour. "I’ve never felt a push to be stick thin,” Lauren says. "I work out and eat healthy, so mostly it’s about being in shape and having energy." The star suggests she's okay with her less than perfect body. "About a year ago, I looked down and thought, ‘I have cellulite. Where did that come from?’ I went through treatments; [my body] was like, It’s not going anywhere."

We love Lauren Conrad and her honesty. To read the full interview, pick up the May issue of Glamour April 6th.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

New Upper Eyelid Lifter Cream Not Surgery But 'Pretty Darn Good'

Eyelid Lift in a box?

Well, sort of. A couple of months ago, we told you about Butt Lift in a Box. The clever marketing folks at Bremenn Research Labs are at it once again. And this time, they promise you 'an extraordinary eyelid cream that makes your eyes look bigger, brighter, and fresher.'

The product has been out in fine dept. stores like Sephora, Bloomingdale's, and Lord & Taylor, since January.

Bremenn Research Labs also claim this: "Not quite a surgical 'eye lift'...but pretty darn good."

Those are strong words, and at a price of $59 for a 0.5 oz. tube, we hope they mean what they say.

So, what's in the Upper Eyelid Lifter cream?! Well, for one healthy thing, no parabens. The special ingredients include peptides and amino acids that firm the skin right below the brow bone, and then give the whole eye area a nice lift.

We all know that the eye area ages very quickly, due to increased exposure to the sun. And the skin around the eyes is delicate and thin, and lacks moisture. So, 'fixing' this area, or repairing the eyelid part of the face is quite a challenge for most. Latest research shows that laser re-surfacing can do wonders for the upper and lower eyelids, producing even better results than eyelid surgery through cosmetic enhancement.

But a lot of women and men would prefer to tighten up and lift the eye area without undergoing expensive and serious surgery. So a cream that promises to at least 'support upper eyelid integrity,' is worth a shot.

Does Bremenn Research Labs' Upper Eyelid Lifter cream really work? We saw a recent customer review tally at Sephora, that gives the product an average rating of 2.6% out of 5%. You can check out the comments here.

Is this a serious boost for sagging eyelids? Maybe. At least we'd like to hope so.