Monday, February 28, 2011

Beauty Tip Today Picks Camila Alves For Best Dressed At Oscars 2011

Camila Alves looked like a beautiful, Brazilian princess last night in Los Angeles' Kodak Theatre at the Oscars 2011 Awards show. She wins Beauty Tip Today's 'Best Dressed' honors.

Most people know her handsome, long-time love, actor, Matthew McConaughey. But Camila Alves has been a successful model, has a great luxury leather handbag line called Muxo, was the host of Bravo TV's Shear Genius Season 3 reality show last year, and the proud mommy to a little boy and baby girl.

Camila doesn't seem to get the media attention of other Hollywood power couples, but last evening, we thought she stole the show.

Let's take a look. While most starlets strolled the red carpet in a sea of red, nude, and silver, Camila Alves chose a stunning very low-cut black ball gown by Kaufman Franco. Her shoes were by Stuart Weitzman, jewelry by Lorraine Schwartz, and bag by Kotur.

Her look was both elegant and timeless. And Camila's posture was perfect, along with her shiny dark hair fashioned in a simple, parted-in-the-middle style with a low chignon. Makeup featured dark lined eyes, strong brows, and soft, nude lips.

Regal from every angle. And of course, helping complete Camila's best-dressed look---- her other sexy accessory, Matthew McConaughey.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Don't Laugh: Grown-Up Gals Can Still Wear Lip Smacker's Dr. Pepper

Lip Smacker's Dr. Pepper.
Our advice----go out and buy a tube now! It won't cost you more than $2 at the drugstore, and you will thank us later.

Okay, we are wa-aaaaaaay too mature to being wearing this stuff on our lips, but----suddenly...we have become obsessed with Bonne Belle's famous Lip Smacker in Dr. Pepper.

Oh yeah, it's been around for years and years. We used to love wearing the Bubble Gum Lip Smacker.

But there is a reason the Dr. Pepper Lip Smacker is the favorite, and a staple in many grown-up gals' makeup bags. It smells and tastes yummy, and it's that sheer reddish tint it leaves behind.

Actress Rachel Bilson is also obsessed with the juicy balm. This is what InStyle magazine said:

'On the red carpet, Bilson plays up her doe-eyed good looks with dramatic eyeliner and black mascara, but her favorite product is the very down-to-earth Dr. Pepper Lip Smackers: "They give a little hint of color—and flavor," says Rachel.'

In fact, she told the mag on another occasion, that the cult fave Lip Smacker is one of the '4 Beauty Essentials' she can't live without. "Tastes great, and gives lips a subtle reddish tint," the actress raved again.

Even Elle magazine is gaga over Dr. Pepper, and featured the Lip Smacker in a December article about Long-Lasting Party Makeup:

"I’m crazy obsessed with this," says celebrity makeup artist Molly Stern. "If your lipstick has worn off by the end of the night, it’s easy to throw on. It gives the perfect gloss, has the slightest bit of color, and tastes good—which is great if you’re planning on making out with someone."

If you've never tried Lip Smackers in Dr. Pepper or haven't put it on in a long time, revisit your childhood and pick up a tube. You'll be hooked. We can't stop tasting our lips. Yum!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

'E's' Oscar Host Giuliana Rancic: Too Skinny Or Just Right?

Giuliana Rancic, the'E' chanel's beloved red carpet personality
and pre-Oscar host this Sunday, is busy getting ready for the most glam awards show of the season.

And yet, we feel sorry for Giuliana. Sure, she's got an amazing job, husband, and lifestyle, but she's also got intense pressure by Hollywood standards to maintain a very slender silhouette. And to many observant eyes, the red carpet expert is looking a little too thin these days.

Ever since she and husband, Bill Rancic, went public about their on-going struggles to have a baby, the media has been critical of the ultra-slim body of Giuliana. And yes, her fans and non-fans have been advising the pretty blonde 'E' host to fatten up.

Even Giuliana herself went on the record last March to say that, "The scrutiny on my weight is driving me 'crazy."

We hear that Giuliana Rancic is about 5'8" or 5'9". We don't want to guess her weight, so we won't go there. We found a recent photo of the tall TV personality at the recent Grammy Awards. She does look thin, but not sickly.

In fact, Giuliana Rancic has just blogged about her fave red carpet snacks, just in time for Sunday's Academy Awards. And we know that Giuliana will look stunning, as usual, as she hits the red carpet, armed and ready to interview some of Hollywood's most elite movie stars.

Here are some of the go-to-snacks that keep her skinny:
1.Greek Yogurt, 0% or 2% Fat: Rich, creamy, and low in fat, this preservative free, protein packed treat is triple strained to remove watery whey, leaving a thick, velvety consistency that is simply delish. I love mixing in a half packet of Stevia and a pinch of cinnamon or a teaspoon of almond butter -- makes it even better!
2.Almonds: These tasty, protein packed nuts are probably my favorite 'go to' snack when I am on the go! The nutritionally dense, fiber packed nuts are awesome plain, but lately I have also been loving the Sally Smart Lemon Roasted Almonds, that have a seriously citrusy punch! And sorry guys, the chocolate covered kind doesn't really count as healthy.
3.Kashi's TLC Bars: Unlike other corn-syrup packed bars, Kashi's are natural and low in sugar. Check out the Cherry Dark Chocolate flavor (I've checked it out several times).

Friday, February 25, 2011

Great Beauty Bargain Under $12: Wrinkle Buster Alpha Hydrox

Beauty bargain. Who doesn't love a great one.

Today, we are looking at a cult fave:
Alpha Hydrox Enhanced Lotion 10% Glycolic AHA Anti-Wrinkle.

This generous 6 oz. bottle is packed full of super exfoliating agents. And at just under $12, $11.99, to be exact, you are getting your money's worth.

But does the beauty bargain really help improve your skin?

Yes, and even skin expert Jan Marini loves this particular Alpha Hydrox product, as it makes a wonderful hand cream, too.

You CAN use Alpha Hydrox Enhanced Lotion on areas other than your face and neck, and here's what the well-respected product researcher says:

"I've tried every hand cream on the market," Jan Marini says. And she loves this Alpha Hydrox Enhanced Lotion because of it's 10% Glycolic AHA content."Its molecules are so small that they penetrate more deeply, dislodging dead cells and lifting the skin, giving it a smoother appearance. And glycolic acid also helps get rid of age spots!"

Try this non-greasy Glycolic AHA lotion on your face and neck and you will see gradual improvement, according to maker Neoteric Cosmetics:

This age-defying lotion contains 10% alpha-hydroxy acid, which removes dead skin cells from the surface of your skin, allowing the antioxidant vitamins and hydro-emollients to smooth, firm, and nourish the healthy skin that lies beneath.

We found this great beauty bargain on SALE for $9.34, here at Ulta stores

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Purple Eye Shadow/Liner Pretty Perfect For Spring

Keep it colorful, ladies!

At the recent Grammy Awards show, sexy celebrities were wearing green across their lids.

And now we have another jeweled gem shade----Purple. Put on purple eye shadow or liner this spring, and you will look pretty perfect.

Keep it simple with a great nude lipstick and subtle blush, and you're good to go!

The purple is happy and brightens you whole look.

And here are how the makeup pros find your perfect purple:

FAIR/Light Skin Tones. You look lovely in soft purple.

OLIVE/Medium Skin Tones. You can rock lavender with shimmer and even pink-purple shades.

DARK Skin Tones. You can go for the vivid, bolder purples.

We found some pretty purple shadows here at Everyday Minerals. The shade in the photo is called Art Girl ($7.00).

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Jen Aniston Chops Off Trademark Locks After Babs Streisand Copies Her Long Do?!

OMG!! Jennifer Aniston, what have you done to your gorgeous signature locks??!!

It has taken us a couple of days to mull over this one. First, let's look at the hair facts:

1. Jen has recently turned 42-years-old.

2. The former 'Friends' star has been out promoting her new movie, 'Just Go with it.' And it was there in Spain, that we all caught sight of the new Jennifer Aniston do. The actress appeared on the TV show “El Hormiguero” Feb. 22, 2011 in Madrid for her new movie, with the new blonder, long bob.

This haircut looks similar to the one she got while married to Brad Pitt. And briefly after that shorter do, the golden couple had announced their divorce. Ouch!

Look at Ashlee Simpson. As soon as she rocked that cute, very blonde pixie cut, she and Pete Wentz announced their impending split.

So, what's that have to do with a new hairstyle?

In our humble opinion, plenty. Most women do NOT chop off their hair for little reason. When you're losing at least several inches, there is an explanation for it. Jennifer Love Hewitt had hers cut into a similar long bob, after breaking up with Jason Kennedy.

Then, a new and very different haircut means there is change of some kind on the horizon? Yes, we seem to think so. Maybe turning 42, has given the popular movie actress some new thoughts on where she wants her life to go, and so forth.

We also think that the mere sight of legendary singer Barbara Streisand performing at the recent Grammy Awards 2011, wearing a copy-cat long hair Jennifer Aniston do might have something to do with it.

Jennifer had done a photo lay-out several months ago in Harper's Bazaar, dressed to look like Barbara Streisand, whom she admires greatly. The photos were beautiful, and Jennifer Anistonreally resembled a young Barbara Streisand.

The famous singer was quite impressed with Jennifer and the wonderful photo tribute So much so, that Babs has been trying hard to look exactly like Jennifer Aniston these days. Just look at the photos of Babs trying to rock the golden trademark locks of the former 'Friends' beauty.

Are we on to something?

We're not crazy about Jennifer Aniston's new long, blonder bob. It just doesn't look right. The color is to bright, the style not as attractive for her strong jaw, and pretty-girl-next-door looks.

We're baffled. How about you?

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Gwyneth And Jessica Flying With Long Feather Earrings Trend: How About You?

Another hot trend in 2011----long feather earrings!!

You either love these sexy, birds-of-a-feather chandeliers, or you really don't.

We happen to love them, but then again, we've never met a pair of chandeliers we didn't like.

Gwyneth Paltrow and Jessica Biel are just two of the lovely celebrities spotted flying with this earrings trend. Gwyneth rocked these hot pink feathers by New York City-based designer Wilfredo Rosario at the recent Grammy Awards show. These neon beauties featured white gold, diamonds, pink tourmaline and couture feather earrings from his Fall 2011 Collection. We thought at first, that Gwyneth merely had a few pink-colored extensions in her hair.

Jessica Biel wore a much quieter color of long feathers with her casual look. Very nice.

It's a Native American style, and we have always admired the beauty of the culture.

We fell in love with these super long feather earrings. Check out the photo below: These are gorgeous. Of course, you shouldn't wear them at the office, but these feather earrings definitely make a fashion statement. And these chandeliers are from the Faerie-Tails online shopping site.

The Faerie-Tails artisan Whisper Decor, hand crafted these in Chicago, and shares a portion of the proceeds with non-profit organizations. Gotta love that.

These Violet Sky feather earrings cost $75. Take a further look here.

You can find many unique and attractive pairs of long feather earrings in boutiques and shopping websites. Why not get in on another hot trend in 2011!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Wet N Wild Debuts Very Inexpensive Eyelash-Enhancing Serum: Can Cheap Work?

Eyelash-enhancing serum for only $6.99?!

Hmmm. Can cheap work?

When it comes to beauty and skin care products, we have found through much trial and error, that, yes---cheap can work. And sometimes, very inexpensive makeup/skin care can out-perform a higher-priced challenger.

But, you will never know, unless you try it for yourself.

Let's look at Wet n Wild's new MegaLash Clinical Serum ($6.99, at drugstores). It claims to give you longer, thicker, fuller lashes in 4 weeks. No prescription. No side-effects. No great hit to your wallet.

All you have to do, is apply it on lashes 2x a day in the morning and at night.

So.....can this stuff really work? We're not sure, because we haven't purchased it yet. But if we were looking for some help in the eyelash department, we would definitely grab a tube. And if it didn't deliver results, well, we would only be out $6.99. Not a big deal. And if the Wet N Wild MegaLash Clinical Serum did give us longer, thicker, fuller lashes, then what a super beauty bargain that would be.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

John Frieda Helps You Fight Fyaway Damaged Strands With New On-The-Go Tamer

John Frieda. We love his hair styling products line. And the hair guru constantly develops newer and better weapons to fight frizz, and other major hair problems.

And here's yet another genius styling product in 2011 from John Frieda:

Full Repair Touch-Up Flyaway Tamer ($9.99, at drugstores). Oh, yes. This one is for dry, even damaged or 'broken' hairs. And since it's that cold, moisture-challenged air time of year, when everyone's locks are begging for some sympathy, this convenient, mascara wand-shaped tube tackles the tough job. And it really works!

Full Repair Touch-Up Flyaway Tamer is a pocket-size hair-fixer that can travel anywhere and anytime you need to put down those hairs that stand up and won't settle down.

As the folks at John Frieda describe it....."Polishes broken strands for a perfectly shiny finish."

Maybe you're blow-drying too much or coloring too often. This little brush-in-a-tube comes to the rescue. It's formulated with a crystal-clear Inca Inchi Oil. It's not greasy, either, but a weightless product that smoothes flyaways and frayed ends to maintainfull-bodied styles perfectly polished.

Try it....those pesky flyaways will lie right down, and stay boost your shine.

And very easy to use on dried, styled hair. Just brush the wand over broken hairs to smooth flyaways. Reapply as needed.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Celebrities Cling To Cat Eye Sunglasses Trend---Will You?

Celebrities like Nicole Richie, Jennifer Lopez and Anne Hathaway, are already putting on the classic cat eye sunglasses, a retro hot look for shades this spring and summer.

It's a great shape for eye wear and brings attention to the cheek bones, providing a lovely lift to the face. And of course, cat eye sunglasses come in all sizes and colors.

Fashion favorite Nicole Richie has introduced her own new line of House of Harlow 1960 sunglasses for 2011, and the cat eye is the pair she's always being photographed wearing. Check out the line here.

Nicole's 'Chelsea' features a very exaggerated shape and a very glam Hollywood style. These cat eyes are selling out so fast online, so you have to reserve them now, just to receive them in May

We found a pair of cute cat eye shades at Forever21 (photos 2+3)that won't break your budget, and if they break or become lost, well, you can easily buy another pair.

They're only $5.80 a pair. How great is that?! These cat eye sunglasses have rhinestone details and skinny arms. Solid lenses. Lightweight. - 1.5" H x 5.6" W - 100% UV Protection.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Want To Be 'Sexy Forever?' Suzanne Somers Has New Diet Book

Another How-To book by Suzanne Somers?!

Yes, and this one is called Sexy Forever. We love the title, and the book tells you how to 'shed toxins and balance your hormones to fight fat after 40.

Hey, don't knock it, until you've read it. Sixty-something Suzanne Somers has had 10 books reach the NY Times bestseller list. So, the woman knows how to grab the attention of an audience.

In addition to the new diet book, Suzanne also has, a companion website, to help people lose weight online, with a 7-day free trial. After that, it's $4 a week, and you can cancel anytime.

The former actress-turned author has been promoting her new book on television shows like Today, where she claims 4 factors get in the way of weight loss after 40.

Suzanne says that there are toxic chemicals everywhere, and these are stored in our fat deposits. Imbalanced hormones, which occur as we get older, are also a factor, as well as stomach disturbances. The 4th factor comes down to food intolerances, because we aren't able to properly process these.

In the book, she tells you how to re-charge your metabolism and de-toxify your life. And don't forget the Sexy Forever shop. You can buy supplements, organic skin care products, appetite control patch, low glycemic sweetener, and more.

Suzanne Somers has been known to play the fool as a comedic actress, but folks, don't kid yourself. She is quite smart and has built an amazing empire based on looking and feeling youthful. How much of that is via plastic surgery, who knows.

Take a look at her website, and you will see product after product, book after book, and so forth. We couldn't believe how many things she's got going on at

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Will You Go Citrus This Spring With Flirty Orange Lipstick Trend?

We can almost smell the beauty of all things Spring. March is almost here, so let's take a look at one of the hot beauty trends for the warmer days of 2011.

Orange lipstick. And keep it matte, ladies. Even dusting a little translucent powder on top of the lipstick, does the trick. Check out one of the models wearing the striking shade at Marc Jacobs' show.

Don't knock it, until you've tried a shade or two. Makeup artists say that fun and flirty orange lips make your eyes pop and compliment every skin tone. We like that!

There are tons of orange lipsticks out there. Some are very bold, and others, a bit more demure. You don't have to spend $50 for a tube to get your citrus-fix. If you're not sure about liking orange lipstick, why not go cheap and try Milani's Mandarina. Very pretty. Very flattering tangerine. Quite opaque And just $4.99 a tube.

Like red, you have to dare to wear a shade of orange. We think it looks best with a clean face, or simple minimal makeup.

Let us know what you think of Spring's flirty orange lipstick.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Body Brushing And Brown Sugar Body Scrub Perfect In February

A daily dose of good hard body brushing and showering with a heavenly brown sugar body scrub. Just incorporating these 2 simple beauty steps in your routine, can give you back softer, smoother skin. And it's time to step up the exfoliation during the cruel month of February.

Yeah, it's winter, and the air is dry and cold. And it's time to 'Feed your skin,' ladies.

Step #1. Before showering, it's very beneficial to dry body brush. Great for the dimpled derriere and other cellulite-prone thighs, upper arms, and belly.

Says who? Anushka.

Anushka who operates the world-renown Cosmedical Centre, Spa, Salon & Cellulite Clinics in New York City, has been an authority on cellulite and its prevention for more than 3 decades. And her wonderful website AnushkaOnline features cellulite treatments, target exercises, nutritional recipes, the ABC's of cellulite, and more.

Circulation can really help tone down cellulite and bring back smooth, taut skin:

Keep moving.....Anushka's a firm believer in taking a large natural bristle brush, and using the brush daily to give those areas special attention. "Dry brushing helps eliminate dead skin cells which make the skin look smoother. And it also improves lymph and blood circulation. I recommend a soft, natural bristle brush. Start at your feet and continue upwards in a circular motion towards the heart. Use once a day."

Step #2. Showering with a wonderful body scrub/polish completes the body exfoliation process. Try Fresh Brown Sugar Body Polish Treatment ($65, 140z. tub, at Sephora).

This is a super gentle and effective body scrub. Every body should exfoliate. Your skin needs to get rid of dry skin cells and rough patches, especially at elbows, knees, and feet. But you also need to bring the moisture back, And this invigorating body polish by Fresh, does just that with almond oil and other all-natural ingredients like ginger root extract, peppermint, and citrus oils.

Perform Steps #1 and #2 daily, and your body will thank you.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Khloe And Lamar Nude In New Ad Launching 'Unbreakable' Fragrance

Khloe Kardashian, you naughty girl!

What can we say....Advertising pros will tell you that sex sells. Well, we're not so sure after seeing Khloe and husband Lamar Odom stripping all the way down, to promote their new unisex fragrance called, 'Unbreakable.'

Folks, the couple is indeed nude, naked, without clothes in the ad, caught here on YouTube. We think it's tacky and pretty arrogant, in our humble opinion.

We do like the idea of a unisex fragrance, however. The great Calvin Klein introduced us all to his own, CK One back in 1994. And that was big beauty news during that promotional blitz. The designer no longer sells CK One.

It's not easy developing a unisex fragrance, or one that appeals to both women and men. But maybe Khloe and Lamar have a super scent in Unbreakable. We'll just have to wait and see how sales go. The fragrance has just debuted.

Was the nudity necessary? Apparently, the couple loves to see themselves naked and wants to share that, and oh yeah, their new fragrance, with the world.

We wish the happy and attractive couple all the best, but think the nude Khloe and Lamar is a bit much, in addition to the married pair's own new reality show coming soon.

There are many other ways to sell fragrance in a sexy, even sexual way, but this is just too tacky. What do you think? Are we just being a prude?

Monday, February 14, 2011

2011 Grammys Go Green With Eyeliner Edgy Modern Look

Green eyeliner/green eyeshadow was the hot edgy makeup trend at last night's Grammy Awards 2011. It was glittery green for Nicki Minaj with her scorching hot pink lips. Or it was a colorful green blend for Katy Perry. And Ciara was rocking a green lined undereye.

Okay, maybe Nicki's makeup presentation was a bit over-the-top, but then again, we're talking about Nicki Minaj, and she's never been one to shy away from grabbing the spotlight. So if it were glittery green turquoise, then that's what we got.

Meantime, you can wear green eyeliner and green eye shadow. You can go dark green like Katy Perry. Or you can soften the look with a nude palette like Ciara did last evening along with a teal-colored eyeliner.

When it comes to green makeup, a little goes a long way. And we like how Ciara used a subtle touch of liner and shadow under the eyes.

Soft is the key when it comes to pulling off green eyeshadow and green liner. Allow your eyes to be the focus. By the way, green and brown eyes look delicious together. But makeup pros agree that any eye color and skin tone can wear green quite beautifully, especially if it is in the teal shade.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Best Budget Beauty Buy: Pacifica Roll-On Perfume

Roll-on perfume. We happen to adore it! Great for the girl-on-the-go. Convenient. No spillage. Easy to travel with. And not over-powering.

Discreet, too. Oh yeah, you can apply one in the office without anyone noticing. But what they will notice, is the irresistible fragrance around you.

And we have found some gorgeous exotic blends like Tuscan Blood Orange. Indian Coconut Nectar. And Tahitian Gardenia (so popular, it's sold-out at the moment).

Yummy tropical scents by Pacifica Perfume.

And you gotta love the price---just $12 per roll-on perfume. That earns our Best Budget Beauty Buy award.

More great news----The perfumes are made from all-natural, pure grain alcohol plus essential and natural oils. And Pacifica perfumes are gluten-free and 100% vegan.

You can also purchase these tropical scented roll-ons at

Saturday, February 12, 2011

LashDip: Latest Long Lash Trend Lasts Up To 6 Weeks

Long, thick, curled lashes
. It takes a lot of work just to achieve a beautiful frame for your eyes. And yet we women go through the mascara, eyeliner, and sometimes faux lashes routine every day, before we head out the door.

Look at sexy Kim Kardashian. She always has a professional makeup artist creating her red carpet entrance with those over-the-top luscious false lashes. But the process wastes many moments of precious time.

The latest beauty trend is called LashDip, and you can find the treatment at your favorite spa and salon.

So, what exactly is it?

We'd say, probably one of the best new beauty breakthroughs for 2011. And here's what the LashDip website says:

LashDip is an innovative cosmetic application that is poised to revolutionize the mascara industry. "Dipping" your lashes just once allows you to maintain gorgeous, beautifully sculpted, semi-permanent painted lashes for up to 6 weeks!
♦ Low Maintenance, High Style.
♦ Wake Up Beautiful.
♦ Cut Your Makeup Routine In Half.
♦ No Hassling With Mascara.
♦ Shower, Swim, Sweat.

This sounds like a super beauty treatment. It takes about an hour, and costs about $200. A professional makeup artist peforms the procedure, coating each, individual lash with the LashDip formula. Each lash is lengthened, thickened, and curled, just like traditional mascara. The results are stunning. Just look at the before and after photos above.

You cannot perform the LashDip treatment by yourself at home. You need a pro. But the stuff is very safe----no aniline or formaldehyde. "LashDip is pharmaceutical grade, hypoallergenic, and is composed of the purest ingredients available."

Just wake up to long, thick, curled lashes every day for up to 6 weeks. And you can rush out the door without mascara, and look glam 24/7. Gotta love LashDip.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Lindsay Lohan OD's On Large Lips Look Once Again

We've written several times before, about celebrities and their beauty obsession with the large lips look. And as we learned before, there are only 2 methods for achieving larger lips----by injecting or surgically implanting materials into the lips.

And we hate to pick on actress Lindsay Lohan who has recently finished her stint in rehab. But, we couldn't help notice her larger-than-life lips in the California courtroom a few days ago. She was there to plead not guilty for allegedly stealing an expensive necklace. There she sat in a skin-tight white dress, with her on again-off again inflated lips.

This time, the lips looked a bit different from having possible injections of dermal filler, like collagen, juvederm, or restylane.

It appeared as though a lip implant had been placed in surgically. The shape of her upper lip jutted out considerably. Some people call that duck lips. But since Lindsay's lips go up and down in fullness several times a year, we are assuming that she is playing around with temporary fillers.

Maybe that's an artecoll injection Lindsay is sporting? Artecoll is made up mainly of tiny synthetic beads (polymethyl methacrylate) that remain in the lips, and raise them. This technique lasts longer than collagen or fat injections.

We're not sure what's going on there with the troubled starlet. But at the young age of 24, why would Lindsay want to mess with her good looks?! She looks so pretty sans dermal filler back in 2003.

What do you think?

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Celebrities Love Shearling And You Can Get The Faux Look Too

With the cold 'n crazy winter most of the country's been seeing lately, we could all use a toasty, cozy, stylish jacket.

Say hello to the shearling! This is the hot trend that celebrities like Anne Hathaway, Halle Berry, and Blake Lively have been wearing as they hit the winter artic blast. Check out this year's new Oscar host Anne departing from the airport in her cropped Burberry Prorsum aviator. She's been photographed in that shearling all over the place.

And while a real leather and shearling jacket could cost you close to $2,000 or more, we do have some lovely fauxs that are vegan-friendly and would make PETA proud.

Here are just 2 we found. And trust us....there are tons of great-looking, faux shearling jackets on sale now:

1. Victoria's Secret Faux Shearling Drapey Jacket in camel and black ($148, now on sale for $79.99).

2. Jou Jou Faux Leather and Shearling Belted Jacket by ($89.50, now on sale for $79.50).

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Vertical Fingernail Ridges? Don't Worry---Quite Normal

Vertical fingernail ridges. Let's be frank here, the ridges aren't pretty. And no, you can't file them down and make them disappear, unfortunately. We've already tried.

But don't freak out----the condition is quite normal, according to the experts at the famous Mayo Clinic:

"Vertical nail ridges, which extend from your cuticle to the tip of your nail, are fairly common and often become more numerous or prominent as you age. Vertical ridges in your nails are not a health concern. Although the exact cause of such ridging isn't known, heredity likely plays a role."

Hmmm. We don't like these vertical ridges, but then again, it's the horizontal ridges we should be concerned about, says the Mayo Clinic:

"If your fingernails change color or develop horizontal ridges, see your doctor. These changes may indicate underlying health problems, such as respiratory disease, malnutrition or even heart attack."

Our best nail advice: Don't worry about the ridges. But do worry about having strong, healthy nails. There's nothing worse than splits and cracks, and weak nail beds.

There are some super nail strengtheners out there, like this cult favorite:

Mavala Scientifique Nail Hardener ($16.99, follica). This little bottle has a huge following of fans. Hard to find, but we located a stash at One woman says she's been using Mavala for some 30 years. Now, that's an opinion we can trust.

Mavala describes their little nail hardener this way:
The tip of nail is the most fragile part which breaks easily. Logic and experience have proven that it is the tip of nail which needs to be strengthened. This Scientifique is a special treatment for the nail tip. It helps prevent splitting or flaking, strengthens soft nails. It features fast result, ease to apply and economical. And one little bottle lasts an entire year.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Exuviance's New Peel Off Mask Gets You Red Carpet Ready

Gotta love the peel-off mask. It wakes up a tired, dull complexion in sheer minutes. And let's be honest-----isn't it kind of fun to peel away the dirt, debris, and dead skin cells with it?

We've just tried a new peel-off mask full of anti-aging ingredients by Exuviance:
Rejuvenating Treatment Masque ($30, And this refreshing, cool mask gets you red carpet ready in just a few minutes.

First....the mask will give you clearer skin. And secondly, Exuviance's Rejuvenating Peel-Off mask does what great anti-aging products do, and that is---stimulate cell renewal and exfoliate for brighter, healthier skin.

The Rejuvenating Treatment Masque is different from other peel-offs. It's concentrated and very powerful. This is what the folks at NeoStrata say:

"...Alpha and Polyhydroxy acids (AHA/PHA) that offer full-strength anti-aging benefits without irritation. Gluconolactone, a potent Polyhydroxy Acid decreases lines and wrinkles by strengthening the skin and building the dermal matrix so skin appears fuller and plumper. This gentle exfoliant and natural antioxidant also improves the skin's clarity, luminosity and refines pore size, leaving skin truly refreshed and rejuvenated. The addition of Mandelic Acid (AHA) helps to visibly reduce wrinkled areas, while Vitamins A, C, E and a Pro Vitamin B Complex provide superior moisturization.".

It's smart to use a mask once a week or every other week, to wake up a tired, dull complexion. And trust us, this one makes you feel alive and alert. And after you peel away the mask, say hello to a more radiant face and neck.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Are You Willing To Pay $150 For 6 Fl. Oz. Of Conditioner?!

At $150 for a 6 fluid ounce tube of hair conditioner, well, this beauty product better give us Gisele Bundchen locks and Tom Brady as a bonus accessory, ha ha.

So, the question begs----Are you willing to pay $150 for 6 fl. oz. of conditioner?!

Celebrities like Penelope Cruz are willing to pay, but then again, her beauty budget probably has no limits. And girlfriend does have a glossy, gorgeous mane.

Maybe it is the Philip B. Russian Amber Imperial Conditioning Creme. The hair expert who developed the expensive conditioner, Philip B., himself, has boasted that Russian Amber Imperial is "10 times more effective than any other formula."

Let's take a look inside this tony tube of hair magic:
Amber Oil, Eleven L-Amino Acids, & Pure Plant Extracts---
Nettle, Chamomile, Rosemary, Sage, Burdock & Grape Seed

And according to the website, your mane will look and feel pretty darned good after one use:

"Philip B® Russian Amber Imperial Conditioning Crème restores hair's pH balance for superior detangling and shine. It makes fine hair feel thick and lush. It softens coarse, difficult hair, turning it silky and manageable. And on damaged hair, the luxuriant, rejuvenating formula sinks right in, restoring precious moisture and elasticity to dry, parched strands."

By the way, there is a Philip B. Russian Amber Imperial Shampoo that has won numerous beauty awards, Lucky and Vogue magazines, just to name a couple. And you can get a hefty 12 fl. oz. jar of the shampoo for $140.

As Philip B. says, "Treat your hair like royalty — the Imperial way!"

Now, if only our pocketbook felt the same way.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Look, Ladies: Tinted Eyeliner That Really Helps Lashes Grow

A lash lengthening eyeliner?! For real?!

Then sign us up! We won't leave the house without wearing lined eyes, so we think this is a pretty cool beauty product---eye makeup and a lash treatment two-fer.

It's called Line N Grow Lash Lengthening Tinted Eyeliner ($39.00, online at beauty shops like

And it's easy to use: Simply apply Line N Grow like your regular eyeliner, remembering to stay close to your lashlines. And in about 1 month, you will see longer, fuller lashes.

Obviously, there's something in the formula that allows lashes to become healthier and fuller. And it's all-natural stuff. No expensive prescription with scary drugs blended in.

Check out these fringe benefits, ladies:
Ophthalmologist tested, safe for contact lens wearers and sensitive eyes.
No toxic side effects such as permanent darkening of the iris.
No need for a prescription.
100% of study participants reported the appearance of fuller lashes.
Tinted formulas to enhance your lashes while wearing eye liner.
All natural, certified Vegan, non-toxic and no animal testing. Does NOT contain Parabens, Urea, Mineral Oil, Phalates, TEA, synthetic fragrances or any animal derived ingredients.
Packaging made of recycled Eco-friendly materials.

Lash N Grow comes in these shades:
Black. Dark brown. Eggplant. Olive. Midnight Blue. And Clear.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

At-Home Hair Color Just Got Easier With New Clairol Color Foam

Nice 'n Easy. That's how we like our at-home hair color application to go.

And now Clairol has made the entire process quite simple: "Shake it. Foam it. Love it.". Clairol Nice 'n Easy Color Blend Foam permanent hair color ($8.99, at drugstores).

The good news: a drip-free foam. How great is that?! Good-bye messy , staining- everywhere hair color. The other interesting tidbit---this is not exactly new news. We wrote about the supposedly first foam at-home hair color last Oct 30th at BeautyTipToday.

And it was WalMart and Samy in partnership. Look at this:
"Even Walmart has scooped hair genius John Freida by marketing the first fat foam hair color by Samy in their stores right now.
Poor John Freida is introducing his own Precision Foam Color, a similar product from Japan's Kao Brands that's expected to debut in the U.S. in April, 2011.
Who knew Walmart would become such a sophisticated beauty player?! Well, why not? Walmart is a huge, powerful retailer. And Fat Foam at $8.97 a box, sounds ideal to the at-home hair color woman. It's a no-drip hair color product which is based on dye technology Walmart hunted down in Japan and then launched here in the U.S. more than six months ahead."

Well, it was only a matter of time before the Clairol giants would join the color foam beauty bandwagon. It must be a smart concept, or Clairol wouldn't also debut their own foam hair color.

We think it's a win-win for all beauty companies. And we look forward to John Frieda's own Precision Foam Color launching this April.

And since, we, too, are an at-home hair color consumer, at least much of the time, we will try one of these big, fat balls of color foam and see if it really covers all the grays, like these companies swear it does.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Nicole's House Of Harlow 1960 Debuts Sunglasses For Spring 2011

Nicole Richie is fast becoming a modern style icon. She has had great successes with her House of Harlow 1960 jewelry and shoe lines and beautiful bohemian fashion under her WinterKate line. And now, the newly married Nicole is debuting her House of Harlow 1960 Sunglasses collection.

And we are loving this line of hot shades!! Look, if there's any celebrity who knows how to 'cover up' for the ensuing paparazzi, it's Nicole Richie. And the way she does it, is put on some over-sized sunglasses.

Check out both photos of Nicole wearing her Chelsea sunglasses ($138, pre-order here). She wears these almost all the time.

We adore the Chelsea shades, because they feature an over-exaggerated cat eye shape and a very glam Hollywood style. These cat eyes are selling out so fast online, so you have to reserve them now, just to receive them in May. Meow!

The House of Harlow 1960 sunglasses line also features wonderful over-sized frames in these cool styles:

The Charlotte in Ivory and the Marie in Tortoise. The line includes 6 styles of acetate glasses.

Designer Nicole says she was inspired by old Hollywood movies and costumes, and named each style after family members, friends, and her style icons.

The House of Harlow 1960 sunglasses line ranges from $110 to $195 and is available in stores now.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

John Frieda Lets Blondes Go Even Blonder With New Lightening Spray

This Beauty Tip Today is for blondes only. Wish we, ourselves, could try this brand new John Frieda hair product, but we have Kardashian-colored hair.

Ladies, if you are light-haired and wish to go even blonder, then this heat-activated spray is the way to go! Keep your blonde locks looking as golden fabulous as Nancy O'Dell's.

John Frieda Sheer Blonde Go Blonder Controlled Lightening Spray ($9.99, at drugstores). It's a really awesome product because it lightens blonde hair gradually---in 3-5 days.

Just spritz the Lightening Spray onto roots, highlighted sections, or all over your head, and then blow-dry. Hair will be lighter with just a few uses. The more heat you use, the greater the lightening effects. So flat-iron, curling iron also help 'activate the spray.'

What's in it, besides hydrogen peroxide? The experts at John Frieda explain the heat-activated formula:

"Contains thermo-protectant. Patent-pending technology combines fixative and conditioning polymers that retain hydrogen peroxide, allowing for control of lightening."
Sounds like an amazing new hair product for blondes only.