Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Kardashian Cuties Launch K-Dash Affordable Clothing Line For QVC

Can you 'keep up with the Kardashians?!'

We think not. Here we go again........Kim, Kourtney, Khloe, and mom Kris are teaming up with the QVC channel and designer Ginny Hilfiger (Tommy's sis) to launch a stylish, affordable clothing line called, K-Dash. The collection starts at just $20. Every item is between $20 and $240. And that includes...dresses, jackets, tops, pants, belts, handbags, and more.

We like that fur-trimmed tunic vest Kim K is rocking in the courtesy photo. Faux fur, of course.

Yes, the Kardashian brand is just about everywhere these days....from a skin care line to a jewelry collection to fragrance and so much more.

K-Dash by Kardashian launches on the QVC channel as part of Fashion’s Night Out, live from New York’s Rockefeller Center on Friday, September 10th at 9PM. And yes, the Kardashian cuties will be definitely be on hand.

The K-sisters and mom Kris are very business savvy women. They know how to strike when the iron is hot, so to speak. Are they over-exposed? Maybe. But the demand for everything Kardashian continues, so they keep rolling with it. Can't really blame 'em.

Would you buy a piece from the new K-Dash for QVC clothing line?

Monday, August 30, 2010

Ole Henriksen Launches New Chemical Peel For Delicate Eye Area

If you've ever had a chemical peel, then you know why this beauty product is generally not used around the eyes. It stings like crazy!! And yet, it is around the eyes that we show aging first. So, how does one attack the wrinkles there?

Ole Henriksen, skin expert to the stars has launched a revolutionary new chemical peel specifically for the eye area. It's called, 'Truth is in the Eyes' ($65). And this one is strong, but also very gentle to the skin around the eyes. The before + after' photos tell the story.

A typical chemical peel, for instance, helps the skin to renew itself. In a sense, you are peeling away the old layers, like those unattractive dead skin cells, and revealing, smoother, younger-looking skin.

A glycolic peel is a favorite of many dermatologists, because its molecule size is able to offer the deepest penetration available. And Ole Henriksen's 'Truth is in the Eyes' peel contains glycolic acid along with another Alpha Hydroxy Acid, called, lactic acid. Together, the two effectively exfoliate the skin.

It's not easy trying to repair the aging eye area. The skin there is dry, thin, and very delicate
. But Ole Henriksen believes his product is a first, and a real winner.

A chemical peel process involves a few simple steps: 1. Wash your face and dry. 2. Apply the glycolic solution on a cotton pad and wipe it across your face. 3. Leave it for a few minutes. 4. Rinse off with cold water.

'Truth is in the Eyes,' is even simpler. It's cream-based. You do not wash anything off.

1. Apply a thin layer around the eye area nightly* avoiding the lid, extend toward the temple area. 2. Leave to absorb, before applying your favorite OLEHENRIKSEN eye creme.***You may choose to use product in the am, but should not be worn under extended exposure to sunlight. An SPF is strongly recommended for day use.

There you have it. Very easy. We think it's worth a try, especially following this long, very hot, very sunny summer.

For more information, click here.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Leighton Meester Loves Herbal Essences Set Me Up Hairspray

Gossip Girl Leighton Meester is the new face of Herbal Essences. And we can see why. The girl has incredible hair and star power!

And now, you, too, can grab Leighton's favorite hair products. Of course, they're from Clairol's Herbal Essences. The line that Leighton says scores her the most compliments-----Herbal Essences 'Set Me Up' products.

"It smells so good--like berries," she says.

Set Me Up Hairspray ($4) is a nice, cheap, and very effective way to give your hair great hold and bounce. And for $4 a can at your local drugstore, we think it's a smart way to give locks a super finish.

Multi-talented Leighton Meester, by the way, is excited to be working on her first album. She's still putting it together, and really loves letting loose onstage. "I love having lots of hair in my face and flipping it around."

With amazing hair like that, we can understand why.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Heidi Montag Reportedly Regrets Really Big Breast Implants

Heidi Montag wants those huge new breast implants removed ASAP!

The reality star, who underwent some 10 plastic surgery procedures last November, reportedly regrets getting G-cup breasts. Yes....we said G-cups.

I'm desperate to go back to normal," Heidi tells Life & Style. "I'm downgrading and going a little smaller, to a D or a double D."

Why the sudden change of heart for the 28-year-old star?

Apparently, Heidi is in some pain following the G-implant procedure 9 months ago. And toting around those very large breasts is quite cumbersome for an athletic girl like Miss Montag.

"I'm obsessed with fitness but it's impossible to work out with these boobs," she says. "It's heartbreaking. I can't live an everyday life."

This latest revelation by Heidi Montag comes just one week following the untimely death of her plastic surgeon, Dr. Frank Ryan. And Heidi is reportedly looking for a new surgeon to downsize her breasts.

So, can a woman trade in huge breast implants for smaller ones? Shouldn't that be a simple procedure?

Well, it depends. We did a little research and found one popular Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, Dr. Francis Palmer, who talks a lot about breast implants at his website. This is what he says:
....."You may exchange your Breast Implants for smaller ones should you wish to reduce the overall size of your breasts. Typically, you can go down one full cup size without risking sagging, of the breasts, or loose skin…but this obviously varies a great deal from patient to patient.".

It also depends where in the breasts the implants have been placed. For instance, are the implants located above the muscle or under the muscle?

Another breast implant expert, Dr. B. Pat Pazmino of Miami, cautions women who want to trade in their big breast implants for smaller ones, to do their homework.

...."For such surgery, it is incredibly important to be evaluated only by a board-certified plastic surgeon with a great deal of experience in breast surgery. Your surgeon may recommend removal of the implants or changing the implants to a smaller size. Although your surgeon will likely try to incorporate the incisions used to place the implants the surgery may be limited by the thickness of the remaining tissue and other techniques to ensure that your nipple and overline breast skin are not damaged."

Surely, Heidi's got a lot to think about, however, we agree with her decision to downsize those cartoon-like implants and get back to a normal silhouette.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Kim Kardashian Mixes It Up With Auburn Highlights And Clip-on Bangs

Gorgeous celebrities like Kim Kardashian change their look again and again...and it usually involves their hair. Shorter, longer, straight, curly, extensions, wigs. And then there's color. The greatest beauty accessory of all.

As model Cindy Crawford has often said:
"Color is the most important factor. You can get any plastic surgery in the world, but hair color is what enables women to look younger longer."

Let's look at reality star Kim Kardashian. She's been all over Hollywood....of course, in promoting the new season of the huge hit, 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians, debuting a new perfume, and a ton of other stuff like a Kardashian skin care line, jewelry, and so on.

And no one likes to look 'old hat,' as the saying goes. So, Kim K likes to mix it up, and her fans do notice. It keeps her lovely image and name on the front page. She gets a double dose of Hollywood headlines.

We all know the dark-haired beauty for those long, raven locks. But there's a little something different about Kim Kardashian these days. And they are called highlights. In fact, auburn highlights.

We think the subtle punch of medium brown-red warms her up and softens her look.

And then there are the bangs. We thought they might be her own. Well, sort of. Kim Kardashian is sporting clip-on bangs. That's what she told People magazine. Let's face it, temporary bangs are great to play with, because when you get bored with them, you don't have to patiently grow them out. You can go right back to your original hairstyle without skipping a beat.

Does Kim K have hair extensions? We believe Kim, Kourtney and Khloe are all wearing extensions. No. They haven't admitted to adding a little faux hair, but most celebrities wear hair extensions.

Celebrities have the resources and access to the best hair stylists in the biz, so they always look at the top of their game with the latest in beauty trends. And Nicole Richie is mixing it up like her friend Kim Kardashian. She, too, is playing around with color. The petite mom of two, who was rocking dark locks for 8 months, shared the stunning results with her Twitter fans and showed off a much shorter, honey blonde, tousled bob Check it out here.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Eat, Pray, And Apply This New India-Inspired Skin Care Line

KeSari. That is the name of a new skin care line by Richa Purohit. The beauty products are inspired by Indian culture and tradition, East meets West, with all the natural and exotic spices and herbal extracts, in between.

Think of modern science and traditional holistic healing together, and the perfect blending results in the Kesari brand.

We are especially intrigued with the skin care line's first product: KeSari Triphala Radiance Firming Serum ($44.50, 1.7 oz.). And according to the KeSari website, the serum packs a powerful beauty punch with these ingredients:

TRIPHALA: India's traditional and powerful three-fruit blend to replenish and reawaken skin, containing:
•Amla: Commonly known as Indian Gooseberry, Amla is a potent antioxidant known for its anti-inflammatory properties.
•Bibitaki: Found growing wild throughout India's forests, Bibitaki acts as an antiseptic to purify and enliven the skin.
•Haritaki: Commonly used in Ayurvedic medicines, Haritaki protects the skin from damaging free radicals and harmful environmental aggressors.
SAFFRON: An exquisite natural resource known as the Spice of the Gods, saffron nourishes, rejuvenates, and smoothes skin, imparting a healthy and youthful glow.
PEPTIDE COMPLEX: An amino-acid based complex enhanced with Matrixyl®3000 to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while improving skin's firmness and texture.
RETINOL: A derivative of Vitamin A, Retinol is regarded as one of the most effective ingredients to achieve age-defying cellular turnover. Encapsulated Poly-Pore® delivery system ensures optimal application without risk of irritation.

Richa Purohit
, by the way, has a very interesting background in that her family shares "a rich and deep-rooted history in medicine and beauty. Richa's close exposure to the industry has served as an inspiration behind KeSARI and fueled her passion to bring ancient Indian beauty traditions to the modern Western world."

The KeSari Skin Care line is available at HSN.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Fired Housewife Danielle: Is It Botox Or Brow Lift??

Danielle Staub.
Her name alone, makes most women crazy. And the recently fired reality star of the Bravo TV hit, 'The Real Housewives of New Jersey', will be making noise again next Monday night, when she walks off the Housewives Reunion show. It's going to be explosive...ha ha.

Can't wait for that wonderful train wreck. People are always talking about the 48-year-old, controversial New Jersey housewife, especially her eyebrows, and to what she has admitted to---4 boob jobs.

Let's take a closer look....Has Danielle Staub over-dosed on the Botox, or are her very high eyebrows, the result of a brow lift?

Who knows for sure.

A brow lift is a plastic surgery procedure designed to correct sagging in the forehead skin, upper eyelids, and eyebrows. It is a common cosmetic surgery done under local anesthesia with minimal discomfort.

The procedure smooths the forehead, reduces frown lines, and elevates the position of the eyebrow line. It gives back a more youthful and relaxed appearance, when done right.

Botox cosmetic can achieve a mini brow lift, temporarily, at least for about 3 months. The number one injectable can work wonders on the face, says Dr. Frederick Brandt, celebrity dermatologist.

"Botox cosmetic has revolutionized our field," Dr. Brandt says. "Botox is easy to administer, safe and effective."

Dr. Brandt has been credited with creatively injecting Botox to "lift" the face and make patients appear several years younger and refreshed. "The Botox cosmetic is used to create a ‘face-lift” by raising the eyebrows and tightening the neck platysmal bands and diminishing the appearance of the horizontal lines of the neck. As always, these procedures have to be performed by trained physicians."
The trouble occurs when Botox is placed inappropriately, and the patient ends up with very raised brow ends like Danielle and, er, Star Trek's Dr. Spock.

Here's how one Beverly Hills cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Alexander Rivkin explains it at his website:
"When Dr. Rivkin teaches doctors and nurses how to administer BOTOX®, he stresses the critical importance of a natural result. The patient should be able to move their face. Their forehead should not look too tight. Their smile should be natural. Their eyebrows should not arch like Dr. Spock!

The way to do it right is to always customize the dose of BOTOX® to the individual. That means taking the time to watch them move their facial muscles and knowing where and how much to inject."

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Giorgio Armani Cosmetics Launches New Ads With Megan Fox In October

Sultry Megan Fox. You've already seen her in sexy ads for Giorgio Armani jeans and his Emporium underwear. And come October, the famous Italian designer will debut the dark-haired beauty as the new face of Giorgio Armani Cosmetics.

We cannot wait to see those Armani commercials. Mr. Armani creates incredibly beautiful fashion, and he has an elegant makeup line, as well.

The 24-year-old former Transformers actress will appear in the Armani brand’s ads photographed by Craig McDean, with makeup by Linda Cantello.

"Mr. Armani is an iconic visionary for all things fashion," Megan tells WWD. "I’m honored to be associated with him and part of this campaign."

The newly married Megan Fox replaces Dutch model, Lara Stone, as the new face for the Armani cosmetics brand. Why? According to a spokewoman for Armani, Megan Fox is a sexy, modern woman:

"She embodies the spirit of the women of today: Free, confident and seductive. Her beautiful features reveal femininity, sensuality and strength."

Meantime, you can copy Megan's classic red lips with one of her favorite Armani cosmetics, his Rouge d’Armani Lipstick in Red No. 400, $30.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Purple Lab Pearlesque Show Primer For Perfect Looking Skin

Are you 'primed' for perfect-looking skin?

Well, you can get there with the right makeup primer, ladies. And Purple Lab has a true beauty called, Pearlesque Show ($30), an amazing silicone-free primer blended with pearl powder, kiwi, and honey. Those, along with plumping peptides, and other intelligent ingredients, allow makeup to smoothly glide across the skin, creating an evenly toned complexion.

The beauty of a primer is its perfection at filling in fine lines and pores for a flawless finish BEFORE foundation application. Some women like to wear primer alone, and skip the foundation. But most primer fans love to create as smooth a complexion as they can, so that the next layer, that of foundation, glides over easily.

In other words, think of these steps, as building a house. Layer upon layer. Only in this case, you end up with an almost 'air-brushed' face. The primer allows your makeup staying power. Oily faces stay fresher longer. And if your primer doesn't contain 'built-in' dewy softeners for dry skin, then apply moisturizer before you prime.

Purple Lab Pearlesque Show Primer contains aloe and is friendly to all skin types. According to the company, ..." the formula is decadently rich and ultra moisturizing, giving you firm, even, toned skin.". We like the sound of that.

Primers seem to cost more than regular foundation makeup. At least starting in the $20 range. So, think of a primer as a good beauty investment. And Purple Lab has come up with a very good one, so we say it's a keeper.

For more information, check out Purple Lab NYC.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Givenchy Taps Timberlake To Front New 'Play For Her' Fragrance

RWD Play FFWD for Her. That's the name of Givenchy's new scent for women. And it appears at fine fragrance counters starting in October, at $48 a bottle. It's classified as an Oriental floral.

And what's Justin Timberlake got to do with it all?

Givenchy has tapped the singer to bring sexy back and help burn up big sales for this new scent, along with lovely 'New Moon's' Noot Seear.

It also doesn't hurt that Justin Timberlake was already the Face of Givenchy's 'Play for Him' fragrance. And that was hugely successful, so the clever folks at Givenchy decided to continue with the 'playful' theme. And it's a great print ad that features Justin and Noot linked with a set of headphones tucked discreetly into Timberlake’s pocket, before Paris, the City of Lights atop atop the Eiffel Tower.

Like the 'Play for Him male scent, the Givenchy 'Play for Her' fragrance, will be tucked into a bottle that echoes a digital music player. Very nice.

By the way, there will be two versions, because women like to have a choice: The Eau de Parfum (which comes in the light pink bottle with notes of bergamot and white peach) and the Eau de parfum Intense (which has a deeper violet bottle with a succulent blending of orange blossom, pink peppercorns, and sandalwood).

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Bethenny Frankel Has Favorite Leg Cream By Sponge SkinCare

New mom Bethenny Frankel is giving out more beauty tips, following her rapid return to skinny girl status.

As we all know, the 39-year-old mom to baby Bryn took a lot of heat for dropping an amazing 30 lbs. in just 3 weeks following her C-section on May 8th. And then to really top it all off, Bethenny showed off her great body at age 39, in photos for Us Weekly, wearing a size 4 bathing suit. It seemed like an impossible feat, at least for most new moms in Bethenny's position. Some women got jealous and others wanted to know the reality television star's post baby diet and exercise tips.

And now the new mom tells People magazine that there is one must-have beauty product she can't be without----Jambes Lourdes Anti-Fatigue Leg Cream by Sponge Skincare ($95, at Sponge Skincare.

Bethenny Frankel likes this cream a lot because, "It's made for people like me, who are always on their feet." And we believe her. She is constantly running around with her businesses, like the Skinny Girl line of drinks, her reality TV show, taking care of Bryn, and exercising her fanny off.

So, what's in the Sponge Skincare cream?

The formula is full of calming herbs to revitalize tired, restless legs. And the company, based in Greece, says, "The nourishing cream was designed to diminish discomfort in the legs caused by travel, poor circulation or prolonged periods of standing. It features mastic, a rare herb that heals and rejuvenates, as well as calming calendula and sage. Originally developed by an OB/GYN, it offers complete safety and gentleness, making it suitable for use by all skin types. Tired muscles are relieved and vascular circulation is improved, leaving the legs comfortable and calm."

A bit pricey at $95 for 3.4 oz., but if this cream can really soothe aching, tired legs, well, we think it's a good investment....that, or a really long nap.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Classic Pointy Toe Kitten Heels Cat's Meow For Fall 2010

Pointy toe kitten heels. Okay, some of you absolutely adore these classic, ladylike shoes. But there are others who find the kitten heel to be a bit dowdy or too low to the ground.

Well, you better start seeing things from a different angle, ladies, because the pointy toe kitten heel was the cat's meow all over the runways for fall 2010. Yes, the lower, more sensible heel is in! Think Audrey Hepburn...she pulled the look off so beautifully.
Don't worry. You can still wear your favorite sky-high heels. Those Manolo Blahniks and Louboutins aren't fading away into fashion obscurity just yet. But it is a nice change, to see the 1950's pointy toe kitten heel re-emerge as one of the top fashion trends for fall 2010.

Designer Marc Jacobs paraded the delicate low heels throughout his runway shows. Check out these cuties above, by Marc Jacobs.
And Banana Republic, as well as Cole Haan are featuring pointy toe kitten heels in an elegant slingback style.

Stella McCartney also introduced the pointy toe kitten heel as a sexy slingback in her fall 2010 collection. And designer Rachel Roy told Harper's Bazaar magazine, that she's crazy about the kitten heel:

"I think they are the chicest way to go," Rachel Roy explains. "But they must be worn the right way or they skew old. I can't say enough great things about them. I could go on for days." She pairs them with a wrinkled khaki trench and a cuffed short or tight, sexy cocktail dresses. "I like the awkwardness the pointy kitten heel brings to sexy looks," she adds. By the way, Rachel Roy stands 5 foot 11 in her bare feet. So, yeah, the kitten heel is kinder to tall women.

And that brings us to this observation........Pointy toe kitten heels cannot lift your butt or enhance some killer calves, or instantly grow and slenderize you some 5 inches taller like stilettos can.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Project Runway's Nina Garcia Launches Another Book On Style

Nina Garcia is pretty vocal about what she likes and doesn't like when it comes to style. Her words can cut like a knife, and that is why she is such a formidable judge on Bravo's hit show 'Project Runway.' And now the un-shy Nina has spelled it all out in a new book called, 'Nina Garcia's Look Book: What to Wear for Every Occasion.'

You either love Nina Garcia or you can't stand her. We happen to adore her and her often snobby view of fashion. She's a firecracker and fun to watch, as she gives smart advice and tough love to budding fashion designers on 'Project Runway.'

The Colombian-born beauty has been on the New York Times bestseller list before, so it wouldn't surprise us if she climbs the well-respected chart, once again.

In her new book, 45-year-old Nina Garcia teaches women how to tackle that universal question----What Should I Wear??!!.

For instance, let's say you must appear for jury duty. What exactly is appropriate for the courtroom? Nina lays it all out for the reader. From jacket to blouse to shoes, and jewelry. And the focus is always on timeless classics.

"Believe me--there's pressure when you're deciding what to wear to a meeting with an iconic fashion designer or a member of the press. It can be terrifying. But instead of panicking, I stop, take a deep breath, and remember that I speak "fashion." And by the time you have read this book, you'll be able to speak the language of fashion too, at all the key moments of your life."
--from Nina Garcia's Look Book

What does Miss Nina Garcia know? Plenty, when it comes to style. From what we uncovered, she has the proper fashion background----"she has worked in fashion houses and in fashion media, with everyone from Marc Jacobs to Elle magazine and Marie Claire."

By the way, 'Nina Garcia's Look Book: What to Wear for Every Occasion' is published by Voice, and is available right now at bookstores everywhere for $23.99. The book makes a great gift, ladies.

And Nina Garcia is also working on another wonderful 'project' in her life. She is pregnant with her second child, due in December. Congratulations to Nina and her husband, David Conrod!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Estee Lauder Launches New Super Advanced Eye Cream This Fall

Eye cream. If you think you don't need one.....boy, are you wrong! Everybody could benefit by using an effective eye cream, and Estee Lauder is launching a brand new, more powerful cream this fall 2010.

It's called Advanced Night Repair Eye Synchronized Complex . And Estee Lauder is selling this new, super advanced eye cream for $59 in a small brown .5 oz. bottle.

We've talked about the eye area many times here before, at BeautyTipToday.com. And the facts spell out the reasons:

1. Skin is much thinner.
2. Skin is much drier.
3. Skin is more delicate.
4. Age quickly shows around the eyes.

Don't expect an eye cream, even as powerful as the Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Complex to erase your fine lines and wrinkles, but what an eye cream can do is soften the lines and protect the skin from further damage in the future.

Estee Lauder's new eye cream is more like a serum-gel than a typical eye cream. It feels so silky to the touch. And the cosmetics giant claims their new product is able to give you back more youthful-looking eyes.

And here is how the eye complex works:
"Because skin around your eyes is about 4X thinner than anywhere else on your face, it's more vulnerable to environmental damage.It is also where you'll see the signs of aging to be the most exaggerated.Our exclusive Chronolux™ Technology helps skin optimize its natural repair processes to reduce the look of the fine lines and wrinkles that can appear first around your eyes."

Ingredients include these:
"Hyaluronic acid helps skin lock in moisture and strengthen its protective moisture barrier.
Powerful anti-oxidants help neutralize environmentally generated free radicals before they can cause future damage.
Plus, high levels of soothing anti-irritants and targeted technologies help reduce the look of dark circles, puffiness and crepiness for brighter, smoother skin around the eyes."

The new Advanced Night Repair Eye Synchronized Complex is already available at the Estee Lauder website.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Even Toenails Need TLC With Buff And Shine Block

You've been rockin' that red hot nail polish on your beautiful, little toes all summer long. And that's a good thing, except when you go to remove your last pedi and find some, well, dull, yellow-tinged toenails left behind.

Nasty! Someone had to say it. So let's take a look at what's doing with your toenails.

First of all, whether it's fingernails or toenails, we all need to sand or buff away the top nail layers, to reveal a healthy, shiny surface. Too many colored nail polishes and lacquers can do quite a number to the nail plate.

As you can all tell when you got to clip them, toenails are thicker than fingernails. And they are also more porous than fingernails. So that means, that when you get a pedicure your toenails will more readily absorb the pigment in nail polish. And that can leave behind an unattractive yellow stain. So, toenails need a little TLC between the polishes and the lack of attention our 'little piggies' get on a daily basis.

We have a found a super, inexpensive, little beauty product that anyone can use to buff up their toenails and fingernails during these brutal summer days. It's called ASP Miracle Buff & Shine Block by All Season ($2.29, at Sally Beauty Supply stores.

The ASP Miracle Buff & Shine Block is simple to use. It's a 2-sided block. Use the grey side first to buff the nail plate, using a back and forth motion. Remove any oil. Next, use the white side until the nail comes up to a high gloss shine. And the high gloss, long-lasting shine doesn't need oils or a topcoat.

This buff and shine product also helps smooth away ridges and bumpy nails.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Blondes Say Bye-Bye To Brassiness With Clairol Shimmer Lights Shampoo

Perfect blonde highlights. Just like model Gisele Bundchen.

Well, maybe you used to have soft, buttery highlights. But then summer came along, and the very hot sun changed all that.

Now you're dealing with unattractive brassiness. Yuck....that orange-y tone that spoils all those subtley-placed strands that were once shiny and blonde. You can blame it on the damaging sun's rays. That is what ruins pigments in the hair.

What you really need is Clairol's Professional Shimmer Lights Shampoo for blonde & silver hair ($7.99, at beauty stores like Sally's).

By the way, Clairol's Professional Shimmer Lights Shampoo is purple-tinted. And this is what the product can do for you:

A protein-enriched color enhancing shampoo.
Tones down brassiness on blonde / gray hair.
Shampoos away yellow. Refreshes faded highlighted hair.
Maintains and refreshes cool, ash-toned haircolor.
Leaves hair shiny without residue

Why not say bye-bye to brassiness in a very gentle way.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Boots Botanics Clay Mask Sucks Out Summertime Skin Problems

Clay mask. Every woman should have a tube or jar in her beautiful skin repertoire, especially during the hot, searing days of summer. And today, we are looking at Boots Botanics Conditioning Clay Mask. And you can pick up it up at Target for $8.99.

Why a clay mask? Very simple.....A clay mask can suck out the skin's impurities, like, oiliness, blackheads, blemishes, and other toxins that are stored in the epidermis.

And because Boots Botanics mask is a green clay, it's even more amazing at attacking the poisons in our skin.

According to what we 'un-masked,' so to speak, green clay or bentonite clay is one of the best types for a radiant complexion. We found this interesting nugget from wellsphere.com.

"Green Clay. The most absorbing of the Clays. Green Clay is generally used as a Face Mask for tissue repair, drawing toxins from the skin and to normalise excessive secretions of oil or sweat. Applied as a Face or Body Mask, facial clay masks cleanse, exfoliate, smoothe and soften the skin. Green clay is especially good at drawing toxins out.".

As you can see from the photo above (we found several pics on Google), when the Boots Botanics clay mask is done sucking out impurities, it will turn light green, after about 10 minutes. Merely rinse off with warm water, and enjoy softer, healthier-looking skin.

We heard about Boots Botanics Conditioning Clay Mask from a dermatologist on television last night, who recommended the Boots beauty product to suck out summertime skin problems.

We believe it, because green clay masks have always served us well. We can't wait to try this one.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Back To School Scramble For Denim: How About Just $15 A Pair

Denim is hot. Hotter than ever! And now, there's of course, the back to school scramble for denim.

We told you about Jessica Simpson's new line of jeans. And those are super sexy, too.

But what if you're on a tight budget and still need a few pairs heading back to college? How about just $15 a pair?!

No...this denim is not damaged or used in any way. The junior brands are well-known and loved: Paris Blues. Tyte. Revolt. YMI. Dollhouse. XOXO. Bisou d'Eve. Hot Kiss. Mudd. And many more.

It's all available at the 15dollarstore. Oh yeah.....every item is priced at just $15.

We found this pair--PARIS BLUES Zip Detail Skinny Jeans
Style No. LEY28960
Paris Blues skinny jeans feature decorative zip details on the front and back pockets. These five-pocket jeans have a whisker-wash across the lap and fit snug though the hips and down the skinny-fit legs. Inseam measures approximately 32.5”. *78% Cotton, 21% Polyester, 1% Spandex*Machine wash cold, tumble dry low
Price: $15.00. Retails for $72.00

But you better hurry! The sizes left here for the Paris Blues are only available in 1, 3, 5, and 7.

Don't worry. There are tons of denim to choose from. And hopefully, the folks at 15dollarstore.com will re-fill the merchandise.

The only downside.....and it's a major one......Be sure you know your exact size in denim jeans, because there is no return policy. Ouch.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Sexy Sofia Vergara Plastic Surgery-Free? Makes Fun At Madonna's Face

Botox. Fillers. And plastic surgery. These cosmetic enhancements have been bouncing around the Hollywood headlines this week. Actresses accusing other actresses and celebrities of succumbing to the knife and/or too much Botox. And some, like Desperate Housewives star Teri Hatcher, posting Face Book photos without makeup, just to prove that she hasn't had any of that cosmetic stuff done recently.

What's going on??!!

The latest cat fight that has emerged, is the dopey one between sexy and younger Sofia Vergara of ABC's hit show Modern Family and Madonna. Actually, the iconic singer has not responded yet.

In case you might have missed this one.......the Colombian bombshell, at 38, gave an interview to Esquire Magazine, one in which the cat claws came out, and quite razor-sharp, we might add:

"L.A. is crazy. The women all look the same now," the Emmy nominee, 38, tells Esquiremagazine. "That thing with the cheeks. Like Madonna. Who do they think they're fooling? It doesn't make them look young. You end up looking like a freak." Sofia Vergara admits she may one day tweak her eyes. She also once considered a breast reduction, but her mom talked her out of it by telling her, "God is going to punish you if you cut them."

Sofia Vergara better pray the gossip rags don't find some before plastic surgery photos of her. There are rumors that Sofia's ample breasts were not the ones she was born with. And her upper lip looks thinner in some old commercial shots of her.

Meantime.....Madonna turns 52 next Monday. And yes, the singer has been talked about quite a lot these days, for the cosmetic surgery and fillers she supposedly has had.

The British call the look of too much fillers like Restylane, Juvederm, Collagen, Sculptra, and so on, pillow face, because of the over-inflated look these injections can create.

"A little filler goes a long way, according to injectables specialist Dr. Michael Prager:"The main problem arises," says Dr. Prager, "when celebrities don't just try to restore lost volume, but create a wholly new and artificial face. When I use filler, I'm not aiming to create something that wasn't there before. This is one of the biggest mistakes that can be made. Nor am I trying to create carbon copy or cookie cutter faces that all look the same."

Some people think Madonna has gone too far trying to re-capture the fountain of youth. But we think Sofia Vergara should be careful not to drop big names, because in Hollywood where just about every celebrity has gone under the knife or felt the sting of needles every few months, it could come back to bite Sofia in a major way.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Teri Hatcher Bare Face On Face Book To Show No Botox No Surgery

Teri Hatcher.

Hmmm. Would you say that she really is desperate, so to speak?!

Two days ago, the star of television's Desperate Housewives sat in her bathroom, makeup-free and turned the camera on herself, posting a bare-faced Teri Hatcher to the world, on her Face Book page. And two days later, we are still confused. But to Teri, what she did was a no-brainer.

Why? It was simple. The 45-year-old actress says she's tired of being accused of succumbing to Botox, plastic surgery, and/or implants. So, Teri Hatcher posted an album of self-portraits on Face Book to show women, especially, that she does have a few wrinkles, fine lines, and dark circles.

And this is a bit of what she wrote in FB:

...."Out of the bath getting ready for bed. Thought about all those damn critics of my face. Love it or hate it, my face that is, no surgery, no implants, no matter what "they" say. Decided I'd shoot myself in to reveal some truths about "beauty" and hope it makes you all easier on yourself.
Did I every toy with fillers or Botox over the years? yes. Tell me does this look Botoxed to you?

Yes I am alone in my bathroom naked in a towel on behalf of women everywhere trying to make a point. Women YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL
I can be mad, or confused or sad and tired. Julia Roberts had that same vein in her forehead in Eat Pray Love. Proud of Julia for being a real woman on a real journey.
45 year old me. Just me wanting to teach that all those glam versus trash pictures of celebs are about LIGHTING. It's not makeup it's not suregery [sic] or botox its LIGHT.".

We want to applaud Teri Hatcher for going makeup-free. Truly, wearing even a little bit of makeup makes a big difference in a woman's looks. And this shows it in an honest breath.

Yes, she looks lovely at 45. Do these photos from her bathroom prove that she has never, ever had any plastic surgery? No. Period.

We cannot prove that Teri Hatcher has done anything to her striking face. But we do know, after writing beauty articles, day after day, and interviewing the pros from the beauty and cosmetic worlds, that some beauty procedures are just that.....very subtle and not easily detected, when done right.

Teri Hatcher talks about that vertical forehead vein the she says she has and actress Julia Roberts also has showing on her forehead. Hate to break it to you ladies, but sometimes, the prominence of that vein, is a result of a Botox cosmetic injection. In other words, the vein can look more noticable after Botox treatments, as one plastic surgeon explains:

"A vein appearing after Botox may just be unmasked now that the muscle has been relaxed. When a muscle has more tone, it may press on a vein keeping it from being prominent. Once the muscle is more relaxed, that vein may be able to fill up more with fluid and become more visible. As the Botox wears off, the vein will go back down. "

We will take Teri Hatcher at her word, that she has no Botox, cosmetic surgery or implants at the moment. Why she felt the need to post an album of makeup-free self-portraits to her Face Book page is puzzling. She doesn't have to explain her attractive, youthful looks to anyone. She is an actress, and we understand the brutal culture we live in, where women are made to seem disposable after age 35 and where normal aging for a woman is unheard of, especially in Hollywood.

Maybe Teri Hatcher is just trying to survive on television. And so far, we think she is doing it well, with or without the help from a needle or scalpel.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Skechers Toning Shoes Don't Shape Beautiful Legs And Butt According To New Study

Sorry, Skechers.

The American Council on Exercise did a study, and found that toning shoes like Skechers Shape-Ups, "do not deliver the fitness or muscle toning benefits they claim."

Ouch! That means, ladies, that these odd, little shoes that make us walk harder do not 'build' us a better pair of legs or butt?! And these toning shoes do not help us lose weight?!

Well, Skechers isn't taking this one lying down. The popular shoe maker is fighting back, by claiming the study by the American Council on Exercise did not have any scientific basis. Skechers also says it would contest two new civil complaints against its Shape-Ups product line, saying the lawsuits were frivolous and targeted at extorting money from the company.

We've written before about toning shoes, like the FitFlop. And to us, the science seems pretty convincing. These shoes are purposely made to produce instability. That, in turn, signals your muscles to hold your posture. So as you take more and more steps, the body is being stimulated more and more and working more.

But maybe, Skechers has overly inflated the benefits of buying their Shape-Ups, by telling customers to, "get in shape without setting foot in a gym,". Still, there are many happy customers. We have read plenty of reviews, and a lot of women say these toning shoes give the entire leg and butt a strong work-out. And yes, women have lost weight wearing these shoes. By the way, the pair pictured above, are the Skechers Shape-Ups Xf-Accelerators ($100).

Remember the wooden-soled Dr. Scholls sandals from the 1970's? Those really gave your legs and butt a great work-out.And the Dr. Scholls company claims they are truly the original exercise or toning sandal.

We don't really care what this recent study shows. If women claim they are getting a good burn walking around in these toning shoes like Skechers Shape-Ups, then, let them keep walking. We don't see the harm in wearing these exercise shoes.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Women Still Talking About Recent Re-Touching Of Model By Ann Taylor

Re-touching. Photo-shopping. And now the popular retailer Ann Taylor is getting tons of publicity, but not the kind that mentions their beautiful clothing.

As long as the brilliant technology remains, we assume that 'designing' the so-called perfect, yet unattainable body, will continue with the images of ultra-skinny models selling clothing.

But when the gorgeous model herself, has been re-touched to appear even skinnier than she is in person, then we wonder what our culture is really trying to sell.

Website Jezebel.com recently uncovered an error admitted by the Ann Taylor shopping website, of a model having been photographed for the site, and then re-touched to appear much thinner. You can see the before & after shots(above) obtained by Jezebel.com. We think the before photo of the model shows a slender but healthy woman. The after picture shows a much tinier waist, hips, and bust, and all-over frame. We are confused with the photo-shopping and the reason for it.

And this technical glitch has been the talk-of-the-town for a number of days now. Ann Taylor got in hot water with another re-touching model incident a few months ago prior to this newest image altering.

Who cares? Well, a lot of women do. The models are skinny enough. This scary altering promotes a body image that is nearly impossible to achieve, even for an almost 6 foot tall model whose job is to maintain a very slender figure, to begin with.

The retailer told Jezebel.com that, "We agree that our re-touching has been overzealous."

We aren't picking solely on Ann Taylor. We happen to love their classic, lovely clothing. Even celebrated designer Ralph Lauren got raked over the coals several months ago, for an advertisement that depicted an extremely photo-shopped model, one who appeared to have a serious eating disorder. We are aware that re-touching or photo-shopping goes on quite a lot in the industry, for lighting purposes, and to make clothing appear more fitted and wrinkle-free. But erasing too many inches from a woman's body, makes you wonder.

Remember Naomi Wolf's best seller, The Beauty Myth? One woman commenting about the Ann Taylor re-touching error, left this quote from the book:

"More women have money and scope and legal recognition than we have ever had before; but in terms of how we feel about ourselves physically, we may actually be worse off than our unliberated grandmothers. . . . there is a secret "underlife" poisoning our freedom; infused with notions of beauty, it is a dark vein of self-hatred, physical obsessions, terror of aging, and dread of lost control. It is no accident that so many potentially powerful women feel this way. We are in the midst of a violent backlash against feminism that uses images of female beauty as a political weapon against women's advancement: the beauty myth."

Monday, August 9, 2010

Simple Smart Hair Tips By Celebrity Stylist Ted Gibson

Celebrity Stylist Ted Gibson. He sure knows a lot of famous and beautiful heads of hair. Women like Angelina Jolie. Anne Hathaway. Debra Messing. Eva Mendes. And of course, the heads of many models.

Ted Gibson is Manhattan style...east coast chic.

And we just stumbled onto some simple, smart Hair Tips 101 by Ted Gibson for Teen Vogue. We thought we would share them with you:

1. Don't shampoo more than 3 times a week. Washing too much strips your hair of natural oils.

2. Overnight treatments replenish your mane while you sleep. Apply product to roots, work it through to the ends, and rinse in the morning.

3. If you want to grow your hair, try taking a supplement called Biotin. I've told a lot of actresses to use this B Vitamin

And these are Ted Gibson's Must-Have beautiful hair products:

1. Icera Ceramic barrel with boar and ionic nylon bristles ($22, at Spornette-Icera. Ted says this brush "promotes shiny hair."

2. Ted Gibson's own product line
, especially, his Goodnite Serum ($99) with essential oils and botanical extracts. Ted says his Goodnite Serum is "replenishing and volumizing."

3. Ted Gibson Hair Sheet
($14.99). This one intrigues us. It's a 'revolutionary towlette application and formula' that makes hair soft and shiny. And Ted says his hair sheet "adds texture but isn't heavy."

4. Regular Steel Wire Hair Pins
. The old-fashioned kind you can pick up at any local drugstore. Ted adores these pins to "keep your hair up all night".

5. Ted Gibson's own Professional Flat Iron
($175). A wonderful accessory to create smooth hair. And as Ted reminds us all: "Always apply a heat styling product before flat-ironing, to avoid damage."

You can take a look at Ted Gibson's amazing hair products and accessories line here.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Jennifer Lopez Ready To Release 16th Celebrity Fragrance This Fall

Ah....the sweet smell of celebrity. And the savvy mega-star who knows how to capitalize on a sure thing.

Jennifer Lopez is ready to release her 16th celebrity fragrance this fall 2010, called Love and Glamour, Jennifer Lopez.

And as we've all heard by now....JLo is also reportedly ready to sit down as one of the three judges on American Idol.

It seems like she can really do it all. And if you're wondering who is wearing Ms. Lopez' fragrances, apparently, quite a lot of women. JLo's brand of scents just happen to rank as one of the highest selling celebrity fragrance lines. Her perfumes are expected to rake in an incredible $150 million this year alone.

So, what's in Love and Glamour? We've learned that the fragrance has a sexy musky vibe to it, in a lovely floral, fruity blend. Here are the fragrance notes:
Top: Italian Mandarin, Guava, Nectarine Pulp.
Middle: Jasmine Petals, Water Lily, Coconut Orchid, Orange Flower Absolute.
Bottom: Sandalwood, Amber, Musk.

Even the bottle has a unique design and meaning for the sexy Latina star, representing "a woman in an evening gown attending a glamorous red carpet event."

A bottle of Love and Glamour, Jennifer Lopez, will be available at counters by October, and will sell for $49.50 for a 1.7 oz. bottle.

In case you're wondering......here are the other popular JLo fragrances:
Miami Glow
Love at First Glow
Blue Glow
Live Luxe
Glow After Dark
Deseo Forever

Deseo for Men
Live Platinum
Sunkissed Glow
My Glow

Okay, we have listed 14 of her fragrances here. We're missing one other. And then her newest, Love and Glamour makes 16.

Can you find the missing JLo fragrance?

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Need Back To College Jeans? Jessica Simpson Showing Off New Jeans Line

Jeans. We all love them, and so does celebrity favorite, Jessica Simpson.

Did you know, that the average woman owns 8 pairs of jeans?! Some of you might even own double or triple that number of jeans.

We hate to say it, but many of you are heading back to college soon, and you will need some sexy, comfortable jeans....the ones that make your butt look incredible and your legs a mile long.

Jessica Simpson just happens to have a new collection of jeans out from her popular Jessica Simpson Collection. She loves wearing her Sunset Boot Cut Jeans all over town. And there she is, pictured above, wearing the flattering style.

The curvaceous pop singer recently told our friends at StyleList.com, that she favors the bootcut jean:
I am wearing the Sunset Bootleg in this photo," Simpson remarked. "I love a good bootcut because it elongates the leg."

And for about $49 a pair, you, too, can own some Jessica Simpson jeans.
Here are just a few from her new denim collection:
The Forever Skinny.
The Kiss Me Jeggings.
And the Vintage Flare

You can check out the jeans at her shopping website.

The 30-year-old beauty seems much more at ease these days. She's got a hot new boyfriend in football star Eric Johnson. And she' s now gracing the September cover of Lucky magazine, telling People magazine this:

"I'm very happy. Right now in my life, I'm the most confident I've ever been. I can make that statement," she says.

What sweet revenge for Jessica Simpson. She took some nasty hits in the past about her weight, boyfriend struggles, and those now infamous 'Mom jeans.'. But she has turned it all around, and suddenly, Jessica has gotten the last laugh.

Friday, August 6, 2010

20% Glycolic Acid Night Cream By Vivite Repairs Sun-Damaged Skin

Vivite skin care has a superb nighttime Glycolic Acid cream that really repairs skin. It's called Vivite Night Renewal Facial Cream with 20% Glycolic Acid ($79, 2 oz. jar).

And what we really like about this line of skin care products is its lineage. In other words, the Allergan company that brought you Botox cosmetic and Latisse are also the proud makers of Vivite beauty products.

We have yahooed about the benefits of Glycolic Acid in a number of past Beauty Tip Today articles.

Why? Simply because the effective AHA, or Alpha Hydroxy Acid, is able to revive skin and bring back a smoother texture, clearer complexion, softer skin, and a softening of existing wrinkles and of sun-damaged problems like sun spots and melasma.
The beauty science can get complex, but in layman's terms, Glycolic Acid is the leader of the AHAs says Allergan:
Because of its smaller molecular size, glycolic acid is believed to be more effective for skin care than other alpha hydroxy acids
And Glycolic Acid can do all this:

• Exfoliates by thoroughly removing the uneven, “rough” layer of dead skin cells, resulting in a more compact stratum corneum (outer layer of the epidermis)
• Penetrates through the upper layer of skin to begin exfoliation from the bottom up, diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
• Increases moisture retention by binding with water and pulling it through the stratum corneum, improving skin hydration and overall skin health.

And it's easy to use, according to the Vivite people: Just apply to the face and neck, once daily, in the evening. Just remember to use very little of the Vivite Night Renewal Facial cream around the eyes, because it can be quite irritating. Use a sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or higher everyday to prevent an increase in sun sensitivity.

Products in the VIVITÉ™ line have glycolic compound concentrations of up to 20 percent, whereas most over-the-counter skin care products have only a three to 10 percent concentration. However, the physician-strength glycolic acid in VIVITÉ™ is safe for at-home use, because it undergoes Allergan’s propriety process called partial neutralization, allowing for less irritation and greater efficacy.

For more details, just click here.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Porcelana Still Around As Cheap Fade Cream That Really Works

Porcelana. The skin lightening cream has been around for years and years. And it has stood the test of time. Maybe your great-grandmother had a jar on her nightstand. Maybe you remember the old television commercials. We have now been noticing new ads for Porcelana in top fashion and beauty magazines.

Does Porcelana really work? Does it effectively fade away dark spots and age spots and other minor skin imperfections like uneven skin tone?

Yes. Dermatologists say that it is a gentle skin fading cream, but it is important to remember, that Porcelana does contain 2% hydroquinone. And hydroquinone is a drug that can be incorporated into many types of creams and lotions to fade discolorations in the skin.

For years, the best and seemingly only way to get rid of uneven skin tone, or hyperpigmentation, has been through a prescription of 4% hydroquinone. Some people have been afraid of using the prescription for extended periods of time, in fear of possibly developing cancer.

But skin experts say that hydroquinone is safe at these low concentrations.

Porcelana takes time to gently fade age spots, dark spots, and hyperpigmentation. You must be patient and in the long haul, for the cream to show decent results---at least 3 months. You can pick up a small 3 oz. jar of Porcelana for less than $10 at your local drugstore. We found it for $6. And it now comes in two creams---one for nighttime, the other for daytime.

It's safe to use daily, although once a day is sufficient. It has a scent some people don't like, but it's not that bad. The Porcelana Nighttime consistency is creamy and thick. All you need to do, is apply a thin layer to the spots you want to target. And do not use Porcelana around the eyes. It can be irritating.

For less than $10, we think Porcelana is worth the purchase, and worth the patience needed. to see some good results.

Fade away, blasted spots!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Dolce & Gabbana Launch Sexy Sicilian Lace Makeup Collection For Fall 2010

Italian designers Dolce &Gabbana have done it again! Think black lace and timeless, nude makeup.

We're already excited about the lots and lots of black lace throughout the Dolce & Gabbana Fall Fashion Campaign for 2010. Madonna is featured throughout the clever, vintage-looking ads.

And D & G have created a sexy 'Sicilian Lace Makeup Collection' to beautifully enhance the delicate and classic lace fabrics dominating their autumn style. The limited edition makeup hits fine dept. stores in mid-August.

Don't look for anything bold and vibrant here. The color story is all awash in sexy nudes. Think sandy beaches and neutral tones like beige and gold. It's a barely there, quiet, sun-kissed palette.

The Dolce & Gabbana Sicilian Lace Makeup Collection for Fall 2010 includes:
1. Bronzer ($49). Beautifully imprinted with a delicate and lovely floral lace pattern.
2. 2 Lipsticks and Lip Gloss($30, apiece).
3. Nail Lacquer ($20).
4. Nude Eyeshadow Quad ($59)..

We adore this newest D & G makeup collection. It's modern and classic at the same time, and looks even more radiant with a summer tan.
For more information about Dolce & Gabbana and their look for Fall 2010, visit here.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Runways Have Spoken: Thin Skinny Belts Are In For Fall Fashion 2010

Thin is in, when it comes to belts for fall 2010!

We are certainly sweating it out in the dog days of summer right now, but.....school is fast approaching, and you might want to check out the fashion trends that are knocking on your doorstep, ladies. In a couple of months, a cozy, thick sweater might be just the thing to curl up into. That, along with a beautiful, thin belt.

The runways have spoken, and hot designers like Marc Jacobs and VPL were getting the skinny on the thin belt trend for fall 2010.

No. You don't have to spend a few thousand on a decent, trendy skinny belt. If you shop around, you will find lots and lots of thin belts in many materials and colors and textures.

We found a great one at Nine West. It's called the Skinny Patent Studded Belt ($34). It's on back-order until 10/12, but you can pre-order it now.

This really cute skinny belt comes in black only and features an adjustable length with buckle closure. Approximately 1" wide.

And that's about how skinny thin we're talking about. And inch in width or so, makes for the perfect thin belt trend.

Check out stores and designers like the GAP, Ann Taylor, Calvin Klein, Kenneth Cole, and so on. We came up with snakeskin texture, suede, metallic, animal prints, leather, rivets, grommets, and a whole lot more.

Everyone looks tailored and classy wearing a thin skinny belt. It's not an over-powering look, either. It's quite timeless. I'd say, "It's time to go shopping!"