Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Maria Menounos Relies On Philips ZOOM! Pen For Brighter Smile

It seems like EVERY celebrity has the perfect smile, which equals------very white teeth.

And we happen to believe, that when that smile is a natural one, meaning one's own teeth, well, the smile is even nicer.
But maintaining a white smile is not always easy. That's why we LOVE when famous TV people give out their beauty tips. And Extra host Maria Menounos has a good one:

Maria relies on the Philips ZOOM! Whitening Pen ($24.99, at Maria has a very hectic schedule and brings this little, beauty pen on her travels, because it works:
"My smile stays white on the go with this pen even when I'm enjoying red wine," she says.

How to use the Philip ZOOM! Whitening Pen:
With just two applications per day, this proprietary formula can help you maintain your white smile. Keep your teeth white without a mess. Anytime, anywhere!

Here's what one reviewer wrote about the whitening pen:

"I am a big tea drinker and so it's important that I have something like this pen at my disposal to get at those places in between my teeth that get stained—you just can't get to those spots with white strips. This pen makes it really easy to reach the areas in between teeth and it tastes just fine. My only complaint is not being able to drink for 20 minutes after application, but that is a common instruction for whitening products, so I shouldn't complain. All in all, a great product."

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Charlize Theron's Jetsetting, Sensible, Leopard Ballet Flats

We all know that Charlize Theron is an incredible actress. And we all know that she is simply, a stunner.

Charlize would look red carpet glam in a pair of cheap sweats.

First---it's the great DNA she was blessed with. Secondly, it's her awesome sense of style, and lastly, a long, tall frame that wears clothing well.

Here's the gorgeous South African native emerging from LAX following a long flight back from Italy. Let's look at her chic, effortless ensemble:

1. dark skinny cuff jeans
2. loose, navy V-neck sweater.
3. loose white V-neck tee
4. leopard ballet flats

Okay...we usually HATE ballet flats. BUT-----after seeing Charlize Theron rockin' these shoes with such style and elegance, well, we are going to pick up a pair, too!

There are TONS of leopard ballet flats out there, ladies. Some expensive and some cheap.

Here's a cute look-a-like pair -- Claudia Ciuti Mariella from (on SALE *$161.99, free shipping).

Will you walk on the wild side in a pair of sensible leopard ballet flats?

Monday, August 5, 2013

Finally! An Eye Serum That Really Rolls Away The Bags

The eyes show us the true picture, ladies.

If you look tired, stressed, or the sun + years have damaged the delicate skin around the area, your eyes will tell the story.

Okay....the old cucumber slices might feel nice, but won't fix this common beauty problem.

That's why it's really wonderful when a highly-respected skin care company keeps developing brand new products to fight the signs of aging.

The Exuviance line by the NeoStrata company has launched an incredible weapon aimed at DEFLATING puffiness + bags:
Exuviance DePuffing Eye Serum ($72, at This is a really cool eye product with its smart triple micro-roller applicator that carefully massages the fragile skin around and under the eye. It encourages circulation + drainage, resulting in a firmer, more toned eyelid and undereye.

That's because of the clinically proven ingredients.

It's all about SMOOTHING things out. And that's what this special citrus anti-oxidant formula can do. Eyeliss + Actiflow, 2 key, blended peptides, join high-tech skin reformer-NeoGlucosamine, and caffeine, cucumber + green tea to all target eye puffiness.

You WILL look more rested + younger.

EVERY woman needs an eye care product or two. And Exuviance
has nailed those bags shut! Try it for yourself.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Is This Beautiful Body Too Ripped Or Just Right?

Gorgeous English actress, television personality and model, Gemma Atkinson, is showing the world her new, sculpted body.

Yes---the girl is RIPPED! Her arms are incredibly fit + toned.

 Look at the cut--the definition!
Now---some people LOVE this kind of muscular body on a woman, and some certainly DO NOT.

Gemma is 28-years-old and has dated a few hunky A-listers like soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo.

Gemma really works out hard, and talks about it on Twitter frequently:

"Another fab session at today. Thanks for having me! Tucking into my goodies now to help me achieve my results :)"

You can check her out here on her own Twitter page.

You can also learn more about  Gemma's fave ReflexNutrition supplements here.

Ladies + Gents----Is this too ripped, or just right?

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Pretty Miss Puerto Rico Joins RHOBH Cast In The Fall

Okay....we admit.....We LOVE watching the silly, stupid reality housewives shows on Bravo. And we adore Andy Cohen.

Meanwhile--here's the latest juicy news on the newest sexy housewife to join the cast of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.'

She's stunning, and a former Miss Puerto Rico---Joyce Giraud:
The beauty queen was photographed recently at LAX with the rest of the RHOBH cast jetting off to fabulous Puerto Rico to film the start of the new reality show season. Can't wait....
Joyce has gorgeous smile. We LOVE the high pony-tail style, red lips and faux lashes look she showed off at a red carpet event in July.

This is a makeup DO.

Perfectly done, we might add.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Rihanna Shows Off New Curly Shorter Hairstyle For August

'Still tryna get used to my hurr, so I threw on some #redlipstick,' Rihanna wrote on her Twitter page on Tuesday.

Rihanna seems to look beautiful in EVERY hairstyle she tries on. And this is her newest do for August.

What do you think?

Is it a Yes or No?

We like when celebrities chop off their hair/extensions.

It takes guts to get away from long hair. It can be like a security blanket.

When you get a good-sized haircut, you end up with:

1. Healthier + shinier hair.
2. The elimination of damaged ends.
3. Hair that has more volume and strength.

And so on.....

Here are some other snaps of the singer's newly cropped curly do.

We like seeing Rihanna back to her natural, dark roots. It fits her best.

At the moment Rhi-Rhi is taking a little R&R from the stage. She's on a 2-month break from her 'Diamonds' world tour.

The sexy superstar heads east next month for shows in Macau, Manila and Singapore.

How long before Rihanna changes up her new hairstyle?

Thursday, August 1, 2013

It's August......Time To Fight The Frizz For Smooth, Happy Hair!

It's all about the heat + humidity.....And when that's out-of-control, so is your hair.

Frizz.....Need we say more?!

It being the first day of August, we thought we would take a look at the problem and try to solve it.

Frizz happens to the best of us.'s a mess to deal with. Frizz can ruin many events, and even celebrities fight frizz ALL the time.
We all desire smooth, glossy hair. There are TONS of frizz fighting products out there.

We happen to believe that John Frieda's line offers excellent help.

Here's a classic favored by so-oooo many women:

John Frieda Frizz-Ease Hair Serum Original Formula ($9.99 , at

This is a SUPER frizz fighter + so-oooo easy-to-use:

The No. 1 selling product line for Frizzy Hair Prescribed for frizzy, permed, or color-treated hair Allure Readers choice award Contains sunscreen

Directions: After shampooing and conditioning apply to soaking wet hair (squeeze out excess moisture but do not towel dry). Take a small amount of Hair Serum into palms of hands and smooth through wet hair distributing evenly. Do not rinse out. Use more or less depending on length and thickness of hair. Style as usual.

Click here for MORE John Frieda frizz-fighting products!