Tuesday, September 5, 2017

The BOMB Of All Lip Balm: MyChelle Dermaceuticals Debuts Lip Hints™

With all the beauty science floating around out there, by now, we all know how ESSENTIAL a daily lip balm is. MyChelle Dermaceuticals has advanced the cause.

No matter how plump, average or thin your lips are, they all contain the same delicate, thin skin tissue and structure. Our lips dry out quickly because they lack protective oil glands for hydration and also lack melanin to filter out the damaging sun's rays.

No two lip balm brands are the same. Some are cutesy in their tiny pods but don't offer anything special except for their gimmicky packaging.

MyChelle Dermaceuticals is all about healthy, clean, green beauty.

It's a brand I have come to trust, and the people who work there are accessible to the media, transparent and honestly stand behind each product they bring to the table.

Say HELLO to Lip Hints™ ---just launched by MyChelle Dermaceuticals!!

This is NOT your ordinary balm in any way. NOT sticky......NOT drying.

There are 4 Lip Hints to choose from + each one is LUXE  + MELTING:

SHEER----now available!
NUDE-----debuts mid-Oct.
BERRY----debuts mid-Oct.
PLUM-----debuts mid-Oct.

You will become OBSESSED!

Each little pot of balm is infused with a luscious + hydrating combo of:


And the flavor is refreshing SPEARMINT.

Wear them ALONE for a subtle, sheer-gloss finish or as an elegant top-coat to your lipstick.

These are HEALTHY, CLEAN lip productsworth the $12.50 tiny beauty splurge because there's a lot of great balm inside!

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