Friday, January 9, 2009

Spray Dirt By Jonathan Antin Locks In Texture

Greasy roots?!

No thank you.

How about that second-day style with the piecey texture? That's what you're looking for. And we've found it. Actually, a bunch of women have been raving all about Spray Dirt, the Texture Hold Hairspray by Jonathan Antin.

Jonathan is Hollywood royalty when it comes to styling hair. He has been known to tame the precious manes of Kirsten Dunst, Madonna, Tiger Woods, Kate Bosworth, the PussyCat Dolls, and so many others. Jonathan Antin also had a popular reality TV show on the Bravo network called Blow Out.

Maybe not the cheapest beauty product on the block at $29 for a 4.25 oz. bottle. But hey, it is your hair.

We found a number of wonderful hair items at Also at ULTA, Sephora, QVC, and other fine beauty shopping stores.

Women have been loving his Spray Dirt. It gives the hair lots of shape and definition, without delivering a case of the 'greasies.' The special formula gives nourishment to locks and also has UVA and UVB filters to protect strands from the sun and from color fading. More shine and less static to dry ends.

And it's easy to 'get dirty' with Jonathan Antin:

Shake well. Spray evenly onto dry hair. Work through hair, lifting layers. Can be used alone or in combination with other Dirt styling products.