Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Rough Skin And No Moisturizer? Reach For Crisco Says Dr. Wu

Crisco. We know it makes a darn good pie crust. But it also makes for softer skin, according to celebrity dermatologist and beauty expert Dr. Jessica Wu.

We're not sure how the CEOs of major skin care companies we have interviewed for BeautyTipToday, would feel about tossing out their expensive creams and serums for a tub of all-vegetable shortening, but let's examine this further.

First of NOT throw away your skin care products. But let's be honest. The damage we do to our faces and bodies over a span of time, does not just occur because of too much time in the sun. Sure, tanning is responsible for many of the fine lines and wrinkles, but what you consume on a daily basis, plays a large role, too.

Dr. Jessica Wu's new book just hit store shelves. It's called, "Feed Your Face," (just $15.07, now at And the title says it all. If you eat healthier, then your skin will tell the story. And there are some simple facts Dr. Wu outlines in her book that help women deal with face and body challenges.

Dr. Wu was a guest on Good Morning America where she shared her Crisco beauty tip for softer skin:

Rough elbows, feet, knees, or hands? Don't have any moisturizer around? Reach for the familiar blue can of Crisco and rub into the rough areas of your skin.

Dr. Wu says that Crisco is all-natural, and made from soy beans, and does a super job of nourishing dry, rough skin.

Well, we have a lonely, little can of Crisco in our cupboard, and we are going to try this on our sorry feet tonight.


phoebe said...

gross. wouldnt touch that. i wonder how many a-list celebs use Crisco. Be real, people. What B.S.!

countrygyrl said...

I love Crisco! Its the only stuff that helps my itchy dry skin and occasional outbreakes of eczema on my legs in the winter!!!! I melt it and use it a a hair oil treatment to. I also custom mix my own body cream by taking a lighter heavily scented cheap lotion like Suave's naturals or baby lotion and mixing it with crisco.