Monday, August 13, 2012

Dark Spots Got You Freakin' Out? Do Fade Creams Really Work?

Summertime seems to bring out those annoying dark spots and patches in all of us.

Some women find that their armpit skin is darker than the rest of their body. Or how about the knees (our newly discovered dark spot), chest, hands, face, and so on.

Can we actually fix this common beauty problem?

Yes, says Jeanine Downie, a New Jersey dermatologist. She tells Cosmopolitan magazine that it's the friction that eventually leads to inflammation, which in turn, causes brown or grayish patches under the pits or on the knees, or elbows.

Just simple, daily things like "shaving and rubbing against rough fabrics (like winter wools) create friction," suggests Dr. Downie.

Your best beauty solution?

Oh, yes. The fade creams. That's where the much-talked-about hydroquinone ingredient always comes up in conversation.

Cosmo mag lists Ambi Fade Cream as a good one. Plus, it's easily found at your neighborhood drugstore at a very cheap price ($5.59, at

The 'magic' ingredient in Ambi Skincare Fade Cream is the 2% hydroquinone. This chemical helps to speed up skin lightening. But the stuff can also be highly irritating to skin, so you must always proceed cautiously when using hydroquinone. And there are some fears about the possible development of cancer after very prolonged usage.

However, hydroquinone is also found in prescription-based fade creams which are given the thumbs up by most derms. So, most professional skin care experts would argue that the chemical is SAFE and effective in lifting dark skin.

With Ambi's fade cream, you get a choice. The company offers 2 types of fade cream: One for normal skin, and the other, for oily skin. Gotta love that!

To learn more about Ambi Fade Cream, click here.


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