Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Heard Of The Wonder Bra---Now Meet TheWonderBar Beauty Soap!

It almost looks yummy enough to a bar of chocolate.

But this unassuming little bar is a beauty soap. And it's one of Spring 2013's new  skin care products debuting on the market.

Say HELLO to TheWonderBar!  Build up a lather and watch your face transform. Okay....maybe not that quickly. It's not a magic bar of soap but it has been developed to improve your complexion in a major way.

It's all about the pH level. According to the website, which is still, unfortunately in its very skeletal stages, the pH level of most soaps come in at a 9 - 11.
TheWonderBar boasts a pH level near 5.65, which the company says equals normal/healthy skin.

This beauty soap is designed to EXFOLIATE. Here is the TheWonderBar secret:

"As it unclogs pores and restores your skin’s pH balance to its correct 5.65, you’ll find it leaves your skin smooth, clean and healthy looking.

"When TheWonderbar exfoliates, the healthy cells accept the natural Wonderbar moisturizers. These come from unique algae, Chlorey’nahre. They leave the skin softer, smoother, and with a healthy glow."

So far, we could only find the product selling here at Amazon.

The great news---the beauty bar is on SALE for $25, marked down from $44.

Does it work?

We're not sure, but it claims to do 3 wonderful things:
Plus...Harper's Bazaar magazine has named cleansing bar one of its 9 Secrets for Spring.

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Anonymous said...

Just read at that the bar of 'wonder' soap is SO TINY like the kind you see in a hotel shower.Dont think its' worth $25 for that size.Save your money ladies!!