Friday, July 29, 2016

On-Trend: Really Bold In Your Face Lipstick In Colors Beyond The Rainbow

The BOLD + the BEAUTIFUL is MORE than a popular TV soap opera.

When it comes to beauty, vivid lipsticks are so-ooooo HOT at the moment.

If you're UNDER age 40, we say, Go for it!

These bold + beautiful lipsticks are true head-turners in colors that go BEYOND the rainbow.

We believe the giant cosmetics brands like the Maybellines are now making bad girl makeup a mainstream thing.

It was the genius of  Lime Crime makeup founder Doe Deere, who 1st introduced the masses to her incredible vivid color palettes, in bizarro shades, such as this one below:

CEMENT (on sale now, $16, at

Then celebrities like Lipuita Nyong'o started introducing these bold colors while walking the famous red carpet.

And now, Maybelline is DUPING the beauty trend with their OWN line of LOADED BOLDS lipsticks in 20 colors that also stretch the color spectrum. .

Here's their take on it, in Sapphire,  $7.49.

So, this it the HOT look for lips.....Blue, Cement, Squash, Green, Yellow, Purple.

Time to get your FREAK on, ladies.

Have FUN!

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