Saturday, June 10, 2017

Good Kenra Volume Spray 25 Dupe Found At Sally's For Less

Kenra Volume Spray 25 is a FAB hairspray that TV anchors won't do without.

I learned about the product on YouTube where I follow Dominque Sachse, at KPRC 2, Houston's home for news.

Dominique shares tons of beauty + fashion advice.

She LOVES Kenra hairspray  to keep her beautiful mane-- a cute bob,  full of movement and style.

You can find a 10 oz. aerosol can of Kenra 25 here at beauty stores like ULTA for $18.

Read the ULTA reviews--this stuff rocks!

Now, I haven't tried Kenra Volume Spray 25 YET, but I found an amazing dupe from Sally's Beauty Supply for ONLY $9.19. Since I was already in Sally's, I bought it fast. Check it out here.

The DUPE is called GVP Volumizing Spray and also comes in a sleek silver aerosol can. It SMELLS pretty, nothing harsh or over-bearing.

This a very good VOLUMIZING hairspray. I will try the Kenra 25 next time.

The DUPE has the SAME ingredients as Kenra and supposedly smells just like Kenra.

So you decide.

I NEED a strong spray that adds BODY and stays that way.