Monday, March 23, 2009

Only Anti-Aging Wrinkle Remover Pen We Know Of

Think of ROC's Complete Lift Eye Pen, as a quick and instant eye job, minus the cosmetic surgery costs and lengthy recovery time.

This cute little number by the ROC skin care experts, is the first and only anti-aging wrinkle remover pen we know of.

ROC Complete Lift Eye Pen is a must-have for your cosmetic bag or pocket, or after a very late night. For $18.99 at drugstores, you can get rid of the tired, droopy lids and undereye puffiness. Say hello to a more wide-awake and youthful set of eyes!

And it's so simple to use. Just think back to Kelly Ripa and the ads she did for the Tide to Go Instant Stain Remover Pen. A handy, little pen. Just rub on the stain, and poof----it was gone.

It's a similar process with the portable wrinkle removing pen by ROC. Just a few twists of the ROC pen, and the gel comes out, ready to smooth across the eyelid and eye contour.

"Ensure your skin is free of make up and impurities. After moisturizing, apply the pen directly to eyelids and under eyes. Acts as a good base to apply make-up. you may feel a slight tingling or tautening sensation, which reflects the product's activity. Turn the base of the pen by 8 clicks to obtain the optimal quantity of gel for each eye, to apply on eyelid and eye contour. Use once a day."

The ROC Complete Lift Eye Pen gives you younger-looking and significantly lifted eyes within 20 minutes with its unique protient technology, stimulating micro-tightening.

Here are the active ingredients:

T.H.P.E., contracts the skin cells, retightening and firming the facial contour to give measurable results in just eight weeks
Ruscogenin to eliminate toxins and reduce water retention
Wheat polymers to tighten skin
Optical molecules to diffuse light for a visible smoothing effect
Caremelt for a cooling effect

For more information, visit the ROC website at

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Lisa Rinna's Stay Skinny Body Beautiful Tips

No. We aren't going there. We are refraining from talking about Lisa Rinna's more than generous lips and her recent regret about having too much juvederm filler injected into her cheeks.

Instead, we are focusing on lovely Lisa Rinna's youthful body. She's 45 with two kids and look at her! She is a fitness fanatic.

Lisa Rinna is an active mom, running a children's clothing boutique BelleGray, and acting here and there. Most recently, she co-hosted the Academy Awards show for TV Guide.

And how could we forget Lisa's appearances on ABC's Dancing with the Stars reality show.

Dancing has become a large part of Lisa Rinna's fitness regimen. Just check out her workout DVD, Lisa Rinna Dance Body Beautiful: Jive Jump, Ballroom Bump.

Dancing gives Lisa Rinna amazing muscle tone and a slimmer silhouette.

She also maintains her skinny body beautiful by following a strict diet. This is what Lisa Rinna said in a recent article(

"I recommend the clean food diet which is no processed foods. Only natural food like fresh veggies, whole grains, fresh fruit, lean meat, no hormone chicken. Lots of water and green tea."

And here's a wonderful stay skinny body beautiful snack tip by Lisa Rinna:

"A sliced Fuji apple with 2 Tablespoons of reduced-fat peanut butter. I like the tart-sweet flavor of apples, and the protein in the peanut butter curbs my appetite."

Way to go, Lisa Rinna. And she's not done exercising yet:

"I do see future DVD’s I'm a workout-aholic from long ago and I've done every workout known to man. So I'd like to do a yoga-based DVD, a step aerobics one… maybe Pilates, body sculpting…the possibilities are endless I think!!"

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Changing Eye Color With Contact Lenses At 1800Color

Many people we know wear contact lenses. We even had a girlfriend who changed her eye color several times during the week. We believe her natural color was brown. Some days she would show up at work with blue eyes. Other days, green.

And nowadays, men and women do just that....transform their look with cosmetic contact lenses.

It's a gigantic business---colored contact lenses, that is. Just check out The folks there, have more than 3 million contact lenses in stock at their warehouse. Major brands like Acuvue. Ciba. Permalens. And tons more.

Discount contact lenses online. And at $29.95 a pair, you can really change your look in an instant.

Who wouldn't want to try on a new pair of 'eyes?' Maybe turquoise colored lenses. Or honey. Or royal blue. Or some stunning special effects lenses.

And you don't have to wear glasses to get a pair. You can change your natural eye color, just for the sheer beauty of it.

Sometimes, the best beauty fix is the instant change. And with cosmetic contact lenses, you're transforming your appearance in a big way. People remember a person's eye color. Why not give it a try.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Get Your Shoe Dazzle Freak On With Kim Kardashian

Raven-haired Kim Kardashian always looks red carpet beautiful. Her makeup and hair look perfect. Even her curve-hugging fashion.

And those shoes!! Kim Kardashian wears the sexiest styles around--sky-high stilettos!! And now you can get your shoe freak on, too!

Kim K. is the founder and chief stylist at

The woman is very business savvy, and now with our ailing economy, Kim Kardashian has created a recessionista's shopping place for great shoes!!

And the premise is simple and smart: A budget-friendly shoe club.

Just click over to There you will take the 'Style Sensibility quiz' to determine your signature footwear look. Then for $39 a month, you can choose your favorite pair from the five pumps, booties, platforms, or flats options that ShoeDazzle’s stylists select for you.

How cool is that?! Your own personal shoe stylist.

You're getting professional advice from Hollywood's top stylists, so you know the shoes featured are going to be hip and gorgeous. And there's free shipping, ladies.

For all you shoe-obssessed lovelies, get your shoe dazzle freak on!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

New Lancome Genifique Skin Care C'est Magnifique

Discover the skin you were born to have.

We like the sound of that. And beauty giant Lancome is saying just that, about it's newest anti-aging skin care product:

Genifique ($78, 1 oz, at fine department stores).

We like to tell you about the newest beauty treatments that promise to make you look younger. Often these new products have clinical trials to back them up. And although all these topical treatments can diminish some of the damage we have received to our faces and bodies over time, anti-aging skin care products cannot take the place of a facelift. But then again, many women wouldn't want to go that cosmetic route to begin with.

So here we are again----Lancome is more than happy to crow about a wonderful new serum that hopes to 'erase' some of those crow's, and we're talking crow's feet. And other fine lines and wrinkles.

Is Genifique er, magnifique?

Some people seem to think so. Lancome says they, too, have the beauty science to back the results up:

The Genifique treatment boasts 10 years of research and 7 patents behind it. And delivers impressive results. Within a couple of weeks, testers showed nearly a 100 percent improvement in all categories. We're told that results will be published in scientific literature later in 2009.

The Lancome website describes Genifique like this:

"Today, for every woman, Lancôme creates our 1st Youth Activator - GÉNIFIQUE. Now, boost genes' activity2 and stimulate the production of youth proteins.3
See visibly younger skin in just 7 days.
1 Activate skin's youthful look."

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

StriVectin Introduces 3 More Anti-Aging Beauty Items

Here we go again.....The anti-aging specialists at Klein-Becker USA never seem to sleep. The smart people who brought us StriVectin-SD for stretch marks and smooth facial skin, have recently added 3 more beauty treatments to their anti-aging arsenal.

Do any of these StriVectin beauty items actually work?

Good question. These Klein-Becker USA beauty treatments are sold in all the right places. In other words, excellent marketing! Fine places like Sephora and Bloomingdale's, Macy's and Dillard's, and expensive spas, all successfully push the StriVectin items at their counters, and sales always seem to be brisk.

We have read review after review about StriVectin's anti-aging treatments. Some folks love the products and others claim the benefits are little, if any.

Meantime, StriVectin is sold around the globe, and there are many fans. So it wouldn't hurt to at least try a tube of their anti-aging cream.

StriVectin's 3 new anti-aging kids on the block:

1. StriVectin Instant Facial Sculpting Cream ($79). The treatment is advertised to not only "reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and crow's feet, but also accentuate your cheekbones and jaw line, as it lifts, tightens, and tones your skin."

2. StriVectin Facial Anti-Oxidant ($109). This beauty product targets aging skin by "preventing and repairing thinning skin, loss of elasticity, age spots and wrinkles such as smile lines and crow's feet. Idebenone-free."

3. StriVectin-SD for Oily Skin ($135). Just like the original StriVectin-SD, this treatment is designed for oily skin. It contains "the same benefits of the original, but now specially formulated to balance skin oil levels. The new formulation firms, hydrates, and elasticizes without leaving skin oily."

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Island Michael Kors Bermuda: Take Us Into Spring

Hey...we've had it with the snow. And yes, we still have some on the ground, slow-wwwwwly melting away. We're upper east coast.

We cannot wait for spring! And that's why we are pointing our heads and nostrils in a new direction.

Classic designer Michael Kors is transporting us to an exotic locale. And if anyone can take us there, it's Michael Kors.

We are head-over-heels-in-love with his newest fragrance:

Island Michael Kors Bermuda ($62, at fine stores everywhere).

The fragrance is inspired by the lovely pink beaches of beautiful and balmy Bermuda.

Talk about tropical glamour, this scent has it----
Fragrance type: breezy floral
Top notes: freesia, hibiscus, watery green notes, cassis
Middle notes: tiare blossoms, pink peony, passion flower
Low notes: driftwood, soft skin accord, cedarwood

Island Michael Kors Bermuda also includes in the collection, a warm tropical-scented Moisturizing Body Lotion ($28). And a nice light shade of pink Lip Gloss ($12).

We dream of breezy spring and hot summer days. And any scent with exotic freesia and hibiscus are just the ticket to a lush paradise.

Good-bye winter.