Monday, March 23, 2009

Only Anti-Aging Wrinkle Remover Pen We Know Of

Think of ROC's Complete Lift Eye Pen, as a quick and instant eye job, minus the cosmetic surgery costs and lengthy recovery time.

This cute little number by the ROC skin care experts, is the first and only anti-aging wrinkle remover pen we know of.

ROC Complete Lift Eye Pen is a must-have for your cosmetic bag or pocket, or after a very late night. For $18.99 at drugstores, you can get rid of the tired, droopy lids and undereye puffiness. Say hello to a more wide-awake and youthful set of eyes!

And it's so simple to use. Just think back to Kelly Ripa and the ads she did for the Tide to Go Instant Stain Remover Pen. A handy, little pen. Just rub on the stain, and poof----it was gone.

It's a similar process with the portable wrinkle removing pen by ROC. Just a few twists of the ROC pen, and the gel comes out, ready to smooth across the eyelid and eye contour.

"Ensure your skin is free of make up and impurities. After moisturizing, apply the pen directly to eyelids and under eyes. Acts as a good base to apply make-up. you may feel a slight tingling or tautening sensation, which reflects the product's activity. Turn the base of the pen by 8 clicks to obtain the optimal quantity of gel for each eye, to apply on eyelid and eye contour. Use once a day."

The ROC Complete Lift Eye Pen gives you younger-looking and significantly lifted eyes within 20 minutes with its unique protient technology, stimulating micro-tightening.

Here are the active ingredients:

T.H.P.E., contracts the skin cells, retightening and firming the facial contour to give measurable results in just eight weeks
Ruscogenin to eliminate toxins and reduce water retention
Wheat polymers to tighten skin
Optical molecules to diffuse light for a visible smoothing effect
Caremelt for a cooling effect

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