Saturday, March 29, 2008

Brighten Your Smile...New By Arm & Hammer

Frustrated by those messy, teeth whitening strips? And how the strips never stay in place and make you foam at the mouth?

Well, Arm & Hammer has come to the rescue. For an easier and quicker way to get that mega-watt smile, try Arm & Hammer's Whitening Booster. It's new and won't break your wallet. Just $4.99 for a 2.5 oz. bottle. It's debuting right now on food and drugstore shelves.

Arm & Hammer's Whitening Booster is a peroxide gel and contains 2x more whitening agent than the leading white strip, when used as directed.

The steps are so simple:

1. Wet your toothbrush and apply toothpaste as you usually do.
2. Squeeze the Whitening Booster on top of your toothpaste.
3. Brush as normal.

The beauty of Arm & Hammer's Whitening Booster is its convenience, affordability, and effectiveness at whitening. Plus, it's enamel safe and not messy.

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