Wednesday, March 26, 2008

You CAN Grow Thicker Eyebrows/Lashes

Blame it on the tweezers, the waxing, or just plain genetics. If you're frustrated over your thin, scraggly eyebrows, help is on the way. Osmotics has developed a super brow/lash growth serum.

Ladies, lay those tweezers down! That's step number one. And if you have an eyebrow technician who waxes your precious brows, well, walk away. No more waxing! Let your eyebrows go.

Marie Claire Magazine has called Osmotics' FNS Nutrilash, one of its top 12 beauty breakthroughs. The all-natural formula is scientifically proven to stimulate the growth of healthy, strong eyebrows and eyelashes. One product that covers two important areas. Simply wonderful.

A totally safe and effective product, FNS, stands for 'follicle nutrient system.' It's easy to use, too. Just brush or 'paint' on brows and lashes before retiring at night.

FNS Nutrilash is a good investment at $38 for a full month's supply.

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