Saturday, August 30, 2008

Two Breakthrough Beauty Products That Might Work For You

We have all seen the endless string of infomercials on television, promising us beautiful this and beautiful that. And more ads in magazines and newspapers and beauty catalogues that guarantee bigger breasts, thinner thighs, thick and shiny hair, etc.

Do any of these products ever work? Or is it all a line of bull?

We closely examined two beauty products that just might work for you. Toki Color for getting rid of gray hair naturally. And LushBust for a naturally fuller and firmer set of breasts. we're talking. You can count us in!!

Let's look at Toki Color first. It is distributed by Lane Labs ($70, 60 day supply, It's a dietary supplement. It comes in pill form. And the company claims to have the science to back up the effectiveness of the product. According to Lane Labs, you can avoid gray hair the natural way. This daily supplement delivers long term melanin to the hair, helping you fight off the gray.

Toki Color has a whole bunch of anti-gray ingredients in its pills---copper, vitamin C, lycopene, B12, and folic acid. What we love about the company, is that it is honest to state that these supplements will not work for every gray-haired person out there:

"Toki Color™ is a dietary supplement that supports natural hair color and is HAI™ potentiated for advanced absorption. It contains copper, pantothenic acid, vitamin B12, folic acid and vitamin C, lycopene, carotenoids and vitamin E that may support the healthy production of melanin in the hair.

Take 2 tablets daily. TOKI Color will not work for everyone. If it does it will happen slowly. If you stick with it, in time you, too, may be one of those people others envy for the glossy, healthy, natural color of their hair!"

Find us a gal out there who doesn't want a fuller bust that doesn't sag over time and after having babies. LushBust ($110, 1.5 oz.,, claims it's a breakthrough bust enhancement cream.
The company says that 89% of women "saw a significant inprovement in bust tone, size, and skin texture following one month of daily application."

So what is in LushBust??

"LUSHBUST contains sustained release microspheres, delivering Pueraria Mirifica, a natural Thai herb studied by a Nobel Prize winner at Harvard University, and our exclusively blended vitamin cocktail, to the dermis, to naturally achieve bust enhancement and rejuvenating results!
LUSHBUST is loaded with multi-peptides. Peptides have shown to enhance natural collagen production in the dermis. Proper production of collagen is an important factor in firm and healthy skin."

You simply massage the cream into your breasts 2x daily. And when you obtain results, cut back to once daily. There are several before + after photos at the LushBust website.

These two beauty items, Toki Color and LushBust, might not deliver results for everyone, but at least the products are natural ones and are safe with easy directions to follow. And both products claim to have some good science behind them.


Jugg said...

Who is the Nobel prize winner who studied Pueraria mirifica whilst at Harvard? Our company has studied this plant for 7+ years and we know of no such person.

Thomas Foley, Smith Naturals Co. Ltd, Bangkok

Anonymous said...

Hi jugg:
I'm happy you dropped by. I'm only quoting from the LushBust website.

But are you telling me, that this plant is good for the bust?

I will try and search harder and ask for the name of the Nobel winner, although I'm not sure they will give me the name, if there even is one.


Geneva said...
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Geneva said...

The name of the Nobel Laurate that studied Pueraria while at Harvard is E. J. Corey. He is also refrenced in a book called, Pueraria By Wing Ming Keung. His name commonly comes up in USA Medical Databases in searches on Pueraria.