Sunday, November 30, 2008

Nail It By Going Gray Grey Greige For Winter 2008

In this tight economy, a small bottle of trendy nail polish, won't break your wallet. In fact, staring down at some pretty polished nails might do all of us some good. It might just put a tiny smile on your face.

Going gray, grey, er....greige???!!!

Alright, not the brightest, most upbeat color on the planet, but think of gray nail polish as Parisian chic.

The new face of manicured nails is gray---all shades. From muddy, taupey greige to shimmering dove grey to bold gunmetal gray.

The trend is so hot at the moment, that even the Los Angeles Times bothered to research the story, and did an entire piece on the new color for autumn and winter 2008!

Here's what we have learned:

Ladies, keep your nails short, neat, and trimmed, when trying these trendy shades.

And gray doesn't like every skin tone. So experiment and buy a few bottles to see what looks lovely with your hands. The wrong grey can look, well, almost corpse-like. Then again, the perfect grey can look very 'rock 'n roll.' And actress Gwyneth Paltrow recently donned gray polish to the premiere of her latest film.

OPI, one of the world's most famous nail polish makers, has given us a big winner. Even Cosmopolitan magazine has rated You Don't Know Jacques! as their Ultimate Nail Polish for 2008. (see photo of large bottle with lace background).

You Don't Know Jacques! is from OPI's La Collection de France, autumn/winter 2008. This is an elegant, very Parisian look. (about $5, at hair and nail salons everywhere, also online, and Ebay).

A gentler shade of OPI grey, called Run With It! is a lighter, more brown/grey tone (see small photo). This shade is hot all over New York City. You can pick up a bottle ($9) at

OPI has another gray, not for the faint-of-heart. It's called My Private Jet. Sounds sexy and chic. It's a strong gunmetal shade with some noticable silvery sparkles.

To get your gray on, visit

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