Saturday, November 1, 2008

Smooth Away Unwanted Hair Without Razor Or Cream

When it comes to unwanted hair, well, we don't want it. Period. Underarm hair. Leg hair. Bikini line hair. Facial hair. And so on.

But what we do want, is to remove the hair as quickly and as easily as we can. Don't you wish you could just 'smooth away' the hair?!

Shaving is a pain in the you-know-what! We can't help but think of Deana Carter's country song a few years ago----"Did I Shave My Legs For This?"

There's a new way. We saw it on TV, and yeah, we want to buy it. It's called Smooth Away. And you don't need a razor, or smelly cream, or hot wax, to remove unwanted hair.

All you need is a pad that buffs away the hair. Smooth Away consists of a pad that is covered with super fine crystals. Just rub it in a circular motion across your legs, for instance, and watch hair disappear.

Yes. Poof, and hair is gone!!! From under your arms, your chin, your teeny moustache, you bikini line, your legs, arm hair, etc. That's what the TV commercial claims. It's painless, cheap, and leaves your skin smooth and soft, and exfoliated.

Smooth Away is a painless and safe hair removal system. There is no component of Smooth Away that can nick or cut your skin or cause any pain.

And all for under $15, plus a small shipping charge. Total: under $22.

In fact, for $14.99, you receive an extra set of Smooth Away, to give to a friend. Or your man. He can get rid of a hairy chest, with just a few swipes of this chick's mitt.

Each set includes:
1 Large Smooth Away™
1 Small Smooth Away
4 Large Smooth Away™ Replacement Pads
4 Small Smooth Away™ Replacement Pads

For more information, visit:

Go ahead and laugh, but we are going to try this new system of 'shaving our legs.' We're kind of tired of all the old methods.


Anonymous said...

Wow, this is interesting. How does it rub away your hair but not your skin? You must report your findings, brave beauty reporter!

Anonymous said...

Ha ha..I don't get it, either. Somehow, it is exfoliating your skin, but how it clips the hair off, is another mystery. There is a money back guarantee. Maybe I'll splurge for Christmas. It claims to be gentle, er, but that's what they said about the Epilady thing a number of years ago. I had bought one. It was painful and I sent it back.
Thanks for dropping by.

Anonymous said...

I just ordered this today and really excited. I have been reading blogs on this product and women from Europe say it works great. They also tried it live on the "View" and Whoopie says she uses it all the time, just make sure your legs are really dry. However, I do wonder if I could have just bought some sand paper for $.39 at the local hardware store instead ;)

Will let you know how it goes. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

I saw a commercial on a TV and got interested... Still I am from Europe and have never heard about it :) regardless I hope it works!

Anonymous said...

Ouch! I just used this system and it is basically SANDPAPER! It is difficult to use at first, and I must have gotten a little rough because now I have red bumps all over and they hurt just like razor burn! Maybe even more...anyway I don't personally like this product but I guess it is up to you to decide...

Anonymous said...

I LOVE THIS PRODUCT!!! It's really easy to do. Tip: Don't push too hard...go in one circular direction 6 times then go other direction 6 times and keep doing it until your hair is gone. LOVE IT!!!! Bought every female I know one for Christmas.