Sunday, January 25, 2009

Let's Go Nude For Hands And Toes In Spring 2009

Alright, ladies. If you've had enough of the gray/griege/grey nail polishes of late, or the dark shades like navy blue and plum, let's go nude/neutral!!!

We're heading to the softer, flesh-toned colors for Spring 2009!! All you had to do, was take a look at the runway models, and nude nail polish was the easy favorite. Even Hollywood A-listers like sexy Eva Mendes recently posed for photos, showing off elegant, nude nails.

Pictured above, is Creative Nail Design's (CND) Cocoa nail enamel ($6). This particular shade was hot on the catwalk of popular designers like Nina Ricci.

And try out OPI's Nail Laquer in Sand in My Suit ($9). From the South Beach collection. A lovely, shimmery nude. The only frost in the set for 2009.

Or how about Essie's Eternal Optimist ($9 ). A sexy fleshy-toned creme nail shade. Another hot hue for the Spring of 2009.

Let's face it, ladies. Nudes and neutrals look gorgeous on our toes. And when you wear flesh-tones on your fingernails, the effect is one of elegance. The color also elongates and slims the hands. It's a very wealthy look. And the upkeep isn't that hard to handle.

So if you're growing weary of snow and icy, gray days, maybe you can spring ahead with all the pretty and soft looks for the new year. Remember:

Let's go nude for hands and toes in Spring 2009!!!


michelle said...

I love the new Essie collection. Bold, fun colors. I bought them all at Great site!

J. Tania said...

Thanks, Michelle.

Great beauty hunting tip. Luv!!!!