Friday, January 2, 2009

Mrs. Howard Stern Adores Sally Hansen For Stocking-Free Legs

We like Beth Ostrosky.

She's kind to animals and recently wed radio superstar Howard Stern.

Beth O. also revealed one of her favorite beauty tips. One that leaves you stocking-free all year round!!!

Everyone's heard of Sally Hansen's Airbrush Legs ($13.99, at drugstores).

Yes. Spray-on stockings, pantyhose.

We have many girlfriends who detest wearing pantyhose, even in the cold and brutal winter air of the northeast. But ladies, why not try Mrs. Howard Stern's method?

Beth Ostrosky applies Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs for an instant glow and silky smooth legs. The spray-on pantyhose comes in 4 blendable shades: light glow. medium glow. tan glow. deep glow.

The spray won't cover imperfections like spider veins completely, but the beauty product does minimize bothersome leg issues. Plus the formula is water-resistant, weightless, and moisturizing with Vitamin K.

We have used the spray in medium glow. It gives a lovely sheen with a nice shade of a light tan. The color is pretty. It isn't an orange streaky hue. The only advice we will give---spray the formula directly into your hands and apply to your legs, and take a cosmetic sponge to blend quickly. And then, don't sit on anything for about 5 minutes. Let it dry completely.

A lot of women have been complaining to Sally Hansen to fix the current nozzle on the Airbrush Legs can. It gets stuck after just a few uses, and it's sometimes hard to get the spray to, er, spray again.

Beth O. likes the Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs beauty product because the formula delivers a flawless and healthy look to legs. Also makes legs look slimmer. And consider the feeling of absolute freedom from pantyhose!!

Easy to remove with soap and water and a washcloth.

Thanks for the beauty tip, Beth O. Happy New Year!


wreckpetite said...

Ive always had skin issues since 14 yrs old, i am now 20yrs. Ive always had scars from my childhood on my legs that embarassed me and kept me from wearing what i wanted as i got older. I just recently decided to try this and im glad that i did! it covered what i wanted and gave my skin subtle color. I love this stuff. you should definitely give this a try!

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