Friday, January 30, 2009

No Room Left: What Containers Do You Store Your Makeup In?

This is a big problem for us. How about you?

Simply speaking---there is no room left. So, what containers do your store your makeup in?!

No, this is not our supply of Estee Lauder makeup (we wish).

Maybe you have a small apartment in the city, and there is a limited amount of space. Or maybe your husband has little room left on the dresser because of all your beauty stuff. Could it be you are just not organized and you can't always locate your fav MAC makeup?

We have heard horror stories from some of our girlfriends on where they store their beauty products:

under the bed in a box
in makeup bags under the bathroom sink cabinet
in an old cigar box in the drawer
crammed into the one bathroom cabinet
in the car glovebox
here, there, and everywhere

And then there are the lucky gals who have armoires to nicely and neatly store their beauty stuff in. Or beautiful, covered seagrass baskets to tuck away their cosmetics. How about spacious vanity tables. A separate bathroom from him. In a big, walk-in closet with lots of little shelves to organize makeup.

Trying to keep your face and body clean, along with makeup supplies and makeup removers, and skin care treatments, and so on, we are all running out of space!!

We'll be honest. We have some small wicker and rattan baskets we toss our beauty stuff in. And even an old, wooden jewelry box. And in some milk glass bowls. And then try to jam some beauty treatments in the closet inside more wicker containers. In the narrow bathroom closet. Folks, it can be a nightmare.

And now in the the new year, we promise to take inventory of our beauty stuff. We swear we will throw out beautiful things we never use, are past the expiration date, etc. And we are going to find some new containers to store our makeup in.

How about you? For some great container tips, visit: for tons of containers.


MCStark said...

inside cosmetic bags-
in the house
in the car
in the closet
in the hallway
in my desk at work
Be smart-store extras in various places

Anonymous said...

very funny, J.Tania.I'm in a dorm room at NYC.Try that on for size. NO ROOM. Period.