Saturday, November 28, 2009

Hollywood Women Still Using Frownies To Smooth Out Wrinkles

Maybe your mother or grandmother, or even great-grandmother had a box of Frownies at their vanity table.

Frownies have been around for a very long time. In fact, according to their website, these all natural wrinkle smoothers worn while you sleep, were created in 1889. And what a wonderful story:

"Frownies were created in 1889 after Margaret Kroesen discovered that her daughter Alice, a concert pianist, had developed unsightly wrinkles and frown lines. With a desire to maintain her youthful beauty and stage presence, Mrs. Kroesen created Wrinkle Eradicators (as they were first called) by employing the basic principle of fitness to the muscles of the face. At the time, there was no thought of producing them for anyone else but herself and her daughter. But Alice, after using her mother's amazing invention, was a living testimony, and it became clear that women and men everywhere could benefit from these Wrinkle Eradicators."

And as the saying goes....the rest is history.

Today's Hollywood beauties still love using Frownies in a natural way to smooth out wrinkles. Rene Russo and Rashida Jones are big fans of Frownies. And before these two modern actresses raved about the product, there were legendary screen actresses like Olivia de Havilland and Gloria Swanson ordering Frownies.

So we thought we would take a look at the company and what these curious-looking, beige little facial pads are all about.

First of all, Frownies are made of all natural ingredients: vegetable-based adhesive on unbleached paper . The pads target the areas of the face where expression lines and wrinkles like to set up house--on the forehead and between the eyes. And at the corners of the eyes and mouth.

What Frownies ($19.99, box of 144, FREE shipping) do is train the underlying facial muscles to relax, while you are asleep. And what the product eventually delivers is smooth skin and softened deep lines.

But you must wear Frownies in your nighttime routine. According to, Frownies should be worn every day for 30 days to effectively retrain the facial muscles. After the 30 day period, continue to use Frownies four or more times per week to maintain your more youthful appearance. Frownies are applied by wetting them first:
Moisten the shiny side of Frownies with Frownies Hydrator Spray or water to activate the vegetable-based adhesive.
Using two fingers of one hand, smooth your skin while pressing Frownies with the fingers of your other hand. Hold in place until pad adheres. Leave on for a minimum of three hours, but preferably overnight.
To remove, thoroughly soak pads to release adhesive.

And the company has really branched out through the decades. In addition to Frownies Facial Pads, there is also Frownies Hydrator Spray (as mentioned above), Immune Perfect Wrinkle Cream, Under Eye Treatment Patch (New!), Immune Shield Serum, and ph Balancing Complexion Wash.

We like that there is a money back gurantee and a Frownies Video Tutorial on how to use the Hollywood wrinkle smoother at their website.


CSI-fan said...

Your so right Tania. My late grammy used Frownies all the time and she looked good. But they look like too much work to me in putting them on the right way.

Anonymous said...

Frowneis are simple just do it once and you will see. the new under eye treatment patch is even easier.