Tuesday, January 26, 2010

How To Get Rid Of White Deodorant Marks On Clothing

We've all been there, ladies. And if you own an lbd, or little black dress, then you've probably run into this problem at least once in your life.

We're talking about white deodorant marks on clothing. Those nasty white marks left behind after a simple swipe of deodorant. The marks end up under the arms of your favorite fashions. And then, try to get rid of those white deodorant marks. It's virtually impossible. And if the fabric is colored black or in a bright shade like red, good luck!

You try washing the white marks out with water, and sometimes you can ruin the fabric. You keep rubbing and rubbing away. The material dries, and still......the white deodorant marks re-surface. Why won't they disappear!

This morning, we got a bit of good news on how to get rid of those nasty white marks. Consumer correspondent Susan Koeppen of CBS's 'The Early Show,' came up with a unique idea. And it actually works, because we saw her rub out the deodorant marks, live, on television. See the proof here! TheEarlyShow.

All you need is a favorite piece of clothing with some ugly white marks ruined by deodorant and an old pair of panty hose. Yes, panty hose. Roll up the panty hose in a ball, and start rubbing away the white deodorant marks. You will be using the nylon hose like a cloth. Just keep rubing over the marks. And like magic, the nasty whiteness disappears!

You can also try a deodorant that is specifically formulated to not only battle perspiration and odor, but one that also claims to never leave behind white marks. Here's an invisible solid that works:

New Degree Ultra Clean Red Satin Deodorant. This one is 'unbeatable on white marks.' And the feminine red satin scent is lovely, made with a unique blend of floral, citrus and fruity notes for a sparkling clean, fresh scent. Top and middle notes include pineapple, watermelon, apple, pear, aqueous, bergamot, tangerine and zest, and middle and base notes include muguet, rose, peony and marigold. Yummy scent!
Degree Women Ultra Clear anti-perspirants/deodorants are available nationally at drugstores beginning January 2010 with a suggested retail price of $3.99 (2.6 oz). The product should be on most store shelves by now.

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