Friday, January 1, 2010

Jennifer Lopez Lets It All Hang Out In Unforgiving SkinTight Catsuit! Meow!!

Jennifer Lopez gave an incredible, high energy performance at Dick Clark's Rockin' New Year's Eve program on ABC last night.

We must give the sexy singer her props, especially for the great show she put on in lousy, cold, wet weather for the more than 750,000 New Year's revelers in New York City's Times Square.

JLo wowed the massive crowd in a skintight diamante-studded catsuit! Meow!

"Let's Get Loud!" Hear this: a poor choice in fashion for a 40-year-old mom of two, we dare to say! Yes, we are celebrating Jennifer Lopez' fine shape. And yes, she should be proud......however, that was one unforgiving piece of fabric the Bronx diva painted herself into. We thought she looked pregnant. And if she is, congratulations! That's a good thing. More likely, we just thought her belly was hanging out, and not too attractively. And you couldn't tell this was a woman with one of the sexiest rear ends around. The head-to-toe spandex made her butt look flat and sagging, and we know that isn't the case.

If you're gonna don a skintight, see-through catsuit, and perform on live TV under harsh stage lighting, you better pray your body is in the best shape it can be, because people will be watching and talking, and blogging about it the next day.

This was not Jennifer Lopez' best fashion choice. And we are disappointed. There are many ways to look extremely shapely and fit by not exposing certain soft areas like belly and butt.

It was an odd look and a desperate one at that. Even her 'Rapunzel-like' hair extensions seemed too long, as if trying to cover up an already over-exposed figure. And the muddy brown colored catsuit didn't translate well on TV.

Meow!! If we are being too harsh on the 'Louboutins' JLo, we apologize. We were disappointed, because the talented celebrity has usually hit very high marks when it comes to fashion on the red carpet. Maybe men will see the skintight catsuit in another light, as host Ryan Seacrest purred, 'That outfit has made my year!'

The beauty tip today: Even a woman as attractive and shapely as Jennifer Lopez can choose the wrong outfit. Although no skin was showing, this unforgiving, skintight, catsuit did the sexy singer no favors. Fabric and style are something we all should pay more attention to.

And on that note: Happy New Year! May we all wear it well in 2010!

To watch Jennifer Lopez' New Year's Eve performance, click here:


Anonymous said...

Simply hideous!
Sorry, Jennifer. Had to say it.

Anonymous said...

Jennifer Lopez should have known better. Many of her fans are dissapointed in such a poor choice of fashion. Just a shame for a New Years Celebration to be ruined by a poor choice, when the singing Diva could have been recieving Kodo's instead of ugly reviews. Who could even listen?

Not AfraidToSignMyName-Val said...

My girlfriends + I blame it all on husband Marc Anthony. He supposedly chooses all her fashions, makeup and jewelry. This time he must have been drunk as a skunk. WTF was she thinking????

Anonymous said...

makes j lo look like a short waisted girl with a fat butt...short girls should not wear something like a cat suit...leave it to the TALL sexy models with REAL hair not a wig that looks like dawg hair

KellyMc. said...

Esa es una chica desperada.
Hope my Jr. high Spanish is correct.LOL!!

tamray330 said...

Even 'Diddy' would turn a blind eye to you JLo.
Your not 25 anymore.
Your stomach is sticking out. Not attractive.