Monday, February 1, 2016

Argan Oil Youthful Serum? Catherine Zeta Jones Claims So

At 46, Catherine Zeta Jones appears ageless. And like most Hollywood lovelies, she's NOT going to give out ALL her beauty secrets......But--- Catherine is dishing on one must-have skin care miracle:

ARGAN oil.

Argan oil can be used on the face, hair + body.

The stunning Academy award winner claims her complexion is very dry, so this exotic oil helps SAVE it, along with drinking a lot of water.

Hmmmm....Catherine recently told the media, that she "saturates" her gorgeous face in the oil. argan oil as great as a face lift?

No, but as a natural product, it's a good one to lend moisture to the skin. It is chock full of Vitamin E and fatty acids.

Plus, you can apply a small amount to hair to coat strands for softness +  a silky texture. It tames frizzies.

We suggest this from MyChelle Dermaceuticals at on SALE for $11.60.

A little argan oil goes a long way.

A great, budget beauty buy, especially during the cold, dry winter months.

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