Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Have Cellulite? Even Famous Celebrities Have It.....

We were thinking today about our dear mom, who unfortunately passed away a couple of years ago.
Our mom BARELY had ANY cellulite. How could that be?!

We admit, we fall into the huge percentile of women with cellulite. At least 85% of us have this dimpled fat.

We are tall + slender and in decent shape.....and STILL, we have some, too. Not a boatload, but enough to silently cringe at.

We used to think that pro athletes did NOT have cellulite, but we were so wrong.

Check out one of the greatest tennis players in the world---Serena Williams....Yup, she has it, too.

And then there is sexy Amber Rose, who used to be an exotic dancer and works out routinely

Here she is yesterday at Trinidad Carnival.

Lastly, there is iconic model Cindy Crawford with both cellulite + stretch marks before fashion photoshopping. These are natural pics.

The point of this post is to FEEL good about your own body.

No one is perfect, not even sexy celebrities.


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