Saturday, April 2, 2016

New Hair Serum Frizz Buster Sold Out Everywhere But Here

Consider the fantastical unicorn in all its glory galloping freely across the universe......

Look at her silky mane caressed by the gentle breezes...... Now, let's talk about a new hair styling product that delivers INSTANT results, but like the beguiling, mysterious unicorn, is almost impossible to hunt down at the moment, because others have stolen it away.

It's called A Beautiful Life Unicorn's Mane Smoothing Serum($16). It's the perfect frizz tamer. Just add a couple of drops to your palms and smooth over dry, frizzy areas....and like magic, your hair rejuvenates with lots of shine and control.

The weird thing, is that the product appears to be SOLD OUT at retail locations just about EVERYWHERE, but we have found some bottles here at, the company's own website.

We have NOT tried this styling aid yet, but fans rave about Unicorn's Mane having a wonderful fruity scent and excellent hair repair action.

Believe, in the power of the unicorn, ladies. Believe.

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