Monday, April 11, 2016

Bizarre Asian Beauty Gadgets Designed To Deliver Youth And Good Looks

No one would argue the fact that Tokyo, Japan is one of the most bustling, cosmopolitan cities around the world. The handsome, skyscraper city seems to get ahead of the trends in all facets of lifestyle, especially when it comes to Asian beauty.

We recently stumbled across the popular Tokyo online store called,

You will NOT believe some of the most bizarre + wildest beauty products the company sells, targeting Asian women and those who live here in the U.S. + U.K.

We cannot say these weird-looking products don't work, but see for yourself if you would shell out big bucks for some of these beauty gadgets.

Let's take a look, ladies:

Face Slimmer Exercise Mouthpiece

Beauty anti-aging anti-wrinkle muscle care

This is designed to LIFT sagging facial lines + muscles. All you need to devote is 3-minutes daily to achieve  slimmer, tauter facial contours..

US$ 39

Breast Gymnastics Hand Massager

Sagging bust shape reformer by Takiko Shindo

US$ 56

This curious-looking device was actually invented by a celebrity Japanese midwife, and she claims it's the ligaments clinging to your muscles that has caused the common breast collapse. Her solution is to use this 3rd hand to re-shape your bosom back to beauty
Please NO wise-cracks here.

To see more beauty products from the store, click here.


Anonymous said...

LOVE these!! Fantastic post. Great GAG GIFTS.

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