Sunday, May 8, 2016

Make Mine Matcha: DIY Green Tea Mask For Radiant Complexion

We are so into Japanese matcha tea.

Wish we liked drinking TEA, but since we do not, we LOVE applying it to our face + neck, once or twice a week.

It is AMAZING for your complexion. It delivers smooth, soft skin and TIGHTENS everything up.

The healthy tea draws out impurities and cleanses your pores perfectly.

Plus, it's so-ooooo simple to make.

All you need is a high quality, preferably STONE GROUND green tea powder. We found this popular brand at Amazon for $18,

A bit pricey, but you can make plenty of facial masks with this amount, because you only need very little.

Then, your next ingredient is water. That's it.

We found a super YouTube tutorial that shows you the steps. Click it here.

The matcha green tea mask should sit on your skin until it DRIES completely, about 20 minutes. Then take a wash cloth dipped in warm water to gently remove.

Your complexion will appear almost PORE-LESS.

GREAT stuff for a big night out, or when you want to show off your best complexion.  And it's ideal for ALL skin types.


Anonymous said...

I ordered it and did my first mask last night!!! Seem very pleased so far....How often should you do the mask..........I was thinking, once a week?

J. Tania Stylianos said...

I've done it three or four times a week. Whatever your complexion can take is fine.