Saturday, May 14, 2016

Miley Cyrus + Kristen Stewart Over-Bleach Hair With Tell-Tale Roots

Bleached hair can look so sexy + high glam.......when done properly.

But when you're messing around with peroxide, it will get you in the end.

Just ask Miley Cyrus + Kristen Stewart,  who both admit, they have messed up their hair. Although, both stars used another word to describe their hot mess.

Take a look here. Miley wants to CHOP OFF all her hair, because she damaged it all by herself, by going bottle blonde from the drugstore.

We advise Miley to get to her salon ASAP, and let a pro deal with it.

Dyeing it a DARKER shade can COVER the problem and start healing her hair.

Remember, ladies:It's ALWAYS easier to go darker, than lighter, when it comes to hair color.

Kristen Stewart took her badly bleached hair to Cannes and said she didn't care that she was messing with her crowning glory. She likes the look:

"I just did like five movies over a two-year period, and I think it's a very good decision for me right now to stop acting in movies for just a moment, and I've never really done that, I've never changed my appearance," she tells People.

There you have it. When you're young + free like Miley + Kristen, you can experiment with bad makeup + hair,  and everyone cuts you a break.


ddl said...

I LUV it...Very sexy on both!

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