Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Asian Massage With Ceramic Spoon Creates Firmer, Slimmer Face?

There are so-ooooo many beauty treatments out there. Some are old, maybe even ancient and some are new. Whether most of them really work, is another thing.

We are fascinated by YouTube's many beauty gurus who teach + inspire many of us to be a more attractive + healthier you.

Today, we came across the YouTube sensation, Wengie, a famous Chinese beauty blogger from Australia. And Wengie was demonstrating a popular beauty ritual that many Asian women perform weekly to force their faces into the Asian ideal of the V-shape + slimmer jaw.

This is done WITHOUT plastic surgery or dermatological enhancement. All you need is an Asian ceramic spoon + some facial oil or gel + 10 minutes of time.

All the action is done with a FIRM upwards motion. Asian women believe this facial massage is effective at DRAINING toxins and fluid retention from the face.

Here's Wengie demonstrating the facial massage.

Wengie's YouTube video does an EXCELLENT job at explaining  each step.

Now, the million dollar question........

Does facial massage with an Asian ceramic spoon really slim and firm the face?

Hmmm. Probably NOT. But then again, we have NOT tried the popular Asian treatment yet.

Maybe some of you do this beauty ritual. And if so, we would like to know if it's helped or not helped you.

If something as cheap + simple as a ceramic spoon can FIRM the face, then count us in.

Just sayin.....


Anonymous said...

I've heard about this Asian technqiue but not buying it. It can't hurt the face, maybe gives a temporary mini-facelift to the jaw and cheeks??

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