Friday, June 10, 2016

Beauty Buzz: Cool Peel-Off Lip Stain That Lasts 10 Hours!

We like when beauty products make it EASY for the lazy me and invent bizarre makeup items that really work.

Take They have this AMAZING PEEL-OFF Lip Stain that takes just 10 minutes on, and when you PEEL it AWAY.....You're left with lips wearing a soft popsicle pop of color.

 And the COCOON Lip Stain LASTS for 10 hours...... not bad for a $22 lip product.

We LOVE the pretty popsicle shades:

How the heck does this peel-off lip stain work?

Beauty science. Best of all----Cocoon Lip Stain is kiss-proof + water-proof.

This is how you put it on, says Cailyn Cosmetics:

1. Apply Cocoon Lip Stain with a small lip brush making sure the product is evenly distributed.
2. Wait 10 minutes, or until dry, for Cocoon Lip Stain to set.
3. Starting on the corner of the lip, slowly peel mask.

Sounds like a great product to try!

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