Saturday, September 10, 2016

If You Wear Platinum Like Kylie, Then Use Olaplex In Between, Girl!

We happen to LIKE Kylie Jenner's brand new platinum locks. We think she wears it well.

However, we believe she looks OLDER than her 19 years. But, hey----who's counting?

We especially LOVE dark brows + blonde hair. Yes, it's usually a No-Go, but we think bold brows + platinum CAN work for some people.

Kylie debuted her new bad a** platinum shade just in time for NY Fashion Week. And her colorist is sharing details:

Priscilla Valles told PeopleStyle that they went silvery platinum and that Kylie's hair appeared to be in great condition to handle the super light locks.

Meantime, bleached hair needs lots of TLC, so CONDITONER is essential:

“I gave her Olaplex treatment that we’re going to be doing once a week just to keep it healthy. I mean from going the level that it went, it was super soft and healthy,” she says. “With styling it all the time it can dry it out, so we’re going to keep treating it.”

For the extra scoop on Kylie's silvery platinum shade, click here.