Friday, September 9, 2016

Want Longer More Beautiful Hair? Then Try Cutting Hair By The Moon!

Take a good look at this colorful LUNAR chart, because it might just be able to HELP you GROW LONGER, THICKER, STRONGER, HEALTHIER + MORE BEAUTIFUL HAIR by a SIMPLE calendar + time-line of the MOON'S cycle:

I know it sounds totally bizarre, but consider the Old Farmer's Almanac and how the popular, longtime publication ALWAYS prints up their Gardening by the Moon Calendar, because those dates are based on the phase + position of the Moon and indicate the best times to GROW crops, turn the sod, sow the grains, etc.

The SAME growth principle applies to HAIR, if we believe a legend in the business, Anthony Morrocco, who tended to the gorgeous heads of Jackie Onassis, Mia Farrow and many others back in the day.

He claims that you need to follow 5 hair goals. He explains the details here at his website, the MorroccoMethod.

Goals for Cutting Hair by the Moon-----

The 5 hair goals with corresponding dates to choose from:

Lengthen: Shocks and excites your hair growth patterns, causing your hair to grow two to three times faster than normal.

Thicken: Promotes the activation of new growth cycles in your bulb and hair follicles that thicken the follicle.

Strengthen: Enables roots, follicles, and bulbs to increase and strengthen your growth patterns, producing stronger and more resilient hair.

Root Work: Shocks the entire growth cycle, aiding your hair and scalp in all aspects of hair growth and scalp improvement, this should be a base in your cutting routine.

Beautify: Improves and evens the texture and sheen of hair as well as enhances and refines waves and/or curls.

We're blown away by this. Anyone else?


Luanne said...

WOW! My hair is so fried from bleaching this summer. I'm going to bring this post and lunar cycle to my hairdresser to show her. Thanks! XOXO---Luanne

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