Saturday, October 15, 2016

Findation: Cool Website That Finds Your Perfect Foundation Match In Another Brand

If you wear makeup, then you realize how very important a great foundation is for your complexion.

The ideal base will offer protection from the elements, balance to your skin tone, coverage for imperfections, and so forth.

It's hard enough trying to find the perfect foundation that enhances your complexion + bone structure, and when you do choose the perfect foundation, you want it to be available forever.

But unfortunately, sometimes beauty brands discontinue favorite makeup, change the formula, etc.

Now, what?

Thanks to an Australian website called Findation, the company does EXACTLY that. They FIND your favorite foundation shade in ANOTHER brand.

For example, I have worn Revlon's ColorStay foundation in NUDE for combo/oily skin for so-oooo long now. And guess what?

Revlon has RUINED the makeup now, by INCREASING the SPF from 6 to 15.

It's TOO thick a texture + makes my skin OILY now. I knew the brand had MESSED with a really good thing.
Look at the original bottle with the SPF 6, below:

If I insert that brand into Findation's HUGE database, the company will IMMEDIATELY list for me other brands with the SAME nude shade.

I have NOT tried those DUPES yet, but it's wonderful for a girl to have makeup options, right?